Beautiful Blue World [PDF] Download ✓ Beautiful Blue World : by Suzanne LaFleur - Beautiful Blue World, Beautiful Blue World Sofarende is at war For twelve year old Mathilde it means food shortages feuding neighbors and bombings Even so as long as she and her best friend Megs are together they ll be all right But the

  • Title: Beautiful Blue World
  • Author: Suzanne LaFleur
  • ISBN: 9780735286634
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Audio CD

Beautiful Blue World

[PDF] Download ✓ Beautiful Blue World : by Suzanne LaFleur, Beautiful Blue World, Suzanne LaFleur, Beautiful Blue World Sofarende is at war For twelve year old Mathilde it means food shortages feuding neighbors and bombings Even so as long as she and her best friend Megs are together they ll be all right But the army is recruiting children and paying families well for their service If Megs takes the test Mathilde knows she will pass Megs hopes the army is the way to save her faSofarend [PDF] Download ✓ Beautiful Blue World : by Suzanne LaFleur. [PDF] Download ✓ Beautiful Blue World : by Suzanne LaFleur - Beautiful Blue World, Beautiful Blue World Sofarende is at war For twelve year old Mathilde it means food shortages feuding neighbors and bombings Even so as long as she and her best friend Megs are together they ll be all right But the

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Beautiful Blue World : by Suzanne LaFleur
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Beautiful Blue World
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  1. I have been looking for this book for forever Like seriously, I always check the teen section at my library and it is never there Well, it s never in the teen section, that is I just found it in the children s section this time and probably squealed out loud DFirst off, that cover Each time I look at it I discover , and all of the elements meant to me as I read the book 3This book has aptly been likened to The Book Thief, but since it s for a middle grade audience, it was a lot cleaner which wa [...]

  2. Why did I pick it up Something in the synopsis caught my eye, children have the power to see what adults cannot I had to know what it was plus, anything with strong relationships, especially friendships, tugs at the heartstrings and I must read it.Describe the book in 5 wordsHeart Warming Sad Beautiful Smart Emotional.Who was your favorite character, and why Mathilde, naturally She is such a strong, smart and beautiful girl Her love and dedication to her family, friends and even those she isn t [...]

  3. The cover too young too Lisbeth Zwerger really does not serve this kids Bletchley Circle ish story fantasy, but very WWII feel which is otherwise spare, taut, dark, and nicely done 12YO Mathilde and her school friends are tested in their war torn country for special skills that will serve the war effort She thinks she has no special skill, that her brilliant best friend Megs is a better choice, but Mathilde takes the test and is selected instead the only student who is She leaves her loving fami [...]

  4. When younger teen readers ask for something like The Hunger Games, I think they really want a book like this one it s a dark and twisted story about the use of young teens in wartime It s also a slender read While there aren t easy answers here, I still get this brimming sense of optimism for humanity s general direction from this book Younger readers may have some difficulty situating this book within a fantasy genre Sofarende, where our narrator, Mathilde, lives, is a made up place at war with [...]

  5. I m on the fence about this book On the one hand, it was a quick read with likable characters that gave an interesting take on how war affects everyone on both sides of the conflict On the other hand, it was quite predictable and I kept waiting for something big to happen The plot needed just a bit depth.All in all, it was an OK read and I ll read the second book to find out what happens to Mathilde.

  6. RATING 3 STARS Review Not on Blog This novel is a re imagining of a war World War II in particular I liked the writing but did not care for the story and have decided to not continue the series.

  7. REREAD UPDATE 8 1 17 Okay, so most of my original review remains the same It flowed a lot better knowing what I did about the plot However, the thematic elements are what have me scratching my head This book is supposed to make you think, but I m not entirely sure what I m supposed to be thinking about It was very vague, and that may have been intentional I m just not sure what I m supposed to be getting out of this I d love to hear other opinions and thoughts if anyone has any ORIGINAL REVIEW 9 [...]

  8. Twelve year old Mathilde loves her family And twelve year old Mathilde loves her friend Megs Their country is at war Slowly the surrounding areas are confiscated Each night the remaining people of Sofarende hide in shelters as the sound of bombs pounds their ears.Resources are scarce, and as the enemy encroaches, food is scarce each day The military has a plan They make a very complicated test that school children whose parents allow can have a chance to give their parents food and resources A [...]

  9. This was a solid five star in the beginning, easily I loved Mathilde and her family and her best friend Megs It was a little bit THE BOOK THIEF, a little bit ANNA AND THE SWALLOW MAN, with a THE BOMBS THAT BROUGHT US TOGETHER allegorical spin I actually got choked up on the train when view spoiler Mathilde passed the test and had to leave home hide spoiler And the gradual reveal of what the kids who pass the test do was really coolBut it all sort of fizzled out Maybe I ve gotten overly used to d [...]

  10. This book reminded me of Hunger Games The only difference is that this book has a setting reminiscent of WWII The book never comes out and says the actual time period but it seems to be that way I really liked it and the ending I m looking forward to the next book.Language NoneSex NoneViolence Some war violence, not much.

  11. This was up and down for me At first I was really intrigued it reads like historical fiction because the time period and war feel very much like WWII, but the lands are fictional and the testing done on children to see if they can help with the war feels very sci fi The problem is the story never really goes anywhere once Mathilde gets to the school Instead of a well rounded story to introduce a series, we get a cut off plot that never was developed In order to encourage us to read the next book [...]

  12. LaFleur has written a wonderful book that makes you want to build a world where we can all be at home What a gift

  13. I d say this is closer to being a 3.5 stars But yeah, this middle grade read is lovely It tells the story of a girl named Mathilde, who lives in a country at war and how that changes the trajectory of her life forever The only reason I couldn t rate this higher was because there was a surprising lack of depth in quite a few aspects of this story Still, it is rather enjoyable on the whole.

  14. In a country at war, even children are not safe Sofarende is being bombed, including the town where 12 year old Mathilde lives There isn t enough food, the sirens sound often, and then there is the destruction and people dying Mathilde does have her best friend Megs who lives only a few doors away Now the government has started recruiting children into service It offers families a chance to have enough food and enough money to survive The children have to pass a test Mathilde knows that if Megs [...]

  15. An achingly beautiful depiction of an anonymous war Mathilde lives in country torn apart by war One day they are notified that children can take a test to serve as soldiers She is one of the ones selected and has no idea why She comes to realize that with war there are always shades of color and not everything is black white This book is so well written, thought proking and a great way of building empathy I would highly recommend P S Reading the reviews people seem to expect a sequel I say Not e [...]

  16. Beautiful Blue World is a story of young Mathilde while Sofarende is at war Her family does not have much to eat, and aerials often appear in the searchlights An opportunity for Mathilde s safety is offered If Mathilde passes an exam, she will be in charge of the army, who will do anything they can do to protect her Or so they say Her family will get lots of money, along with weekly pays, and she is a promised a university education later on It could save her, but could kill her.Mathilde knows s [...]

  17. SUCH an interesting premise Despite the lack of animal characters, this reminded me a lot of Pax and I think that readers who enjoyed that one and weren t bothered by the lack of specificity with the time location of the war will be deeply moved by this one, as I was My only complaint is the ending which felt too abrupt to me, but it most definitely left me eager for the sequel

  18. Lovely, thoughtful readI read this aloud to my nine year old daughter We laughed and cried I was nervous the theme of war would be too much for her, but she handled it well I love the theme of seeing the world through someone else s perspective We can t wait for the sequel

  19. Let s pretend I finished this book It really doesn t matter This is dystopian lite and since the protagonist is 12, one could assume it s aimed at kids Though she s a remarkably well spoken 6th grader Maybe a good pick for the middle grade set, but meh for moi.

  20. The country of Sofarende has been at war with the imperialistic Tyssia for a long time For the families of best friends Mathilde Joss and Megs Swiller, both 12, that means little food, little sleep, and the nightly bombs dropped from airplanes, destroying their city, Lykellig, and their country Then, a notice is given out at school that all children 12 and over are eligible to sit for an examination that would allow them be become part of an Adolescent Army Just what the Adolescent Army does is [...]

  21. In Beautiful Blue World an imaginative but dark depiction of war, twelve year old Mathilde Josse lives in Lykkelig where the conflict between Sofarende and Tyssia is eating up everything food, sleep, homes and fathers and where destruction and death reign supreme Clinging to her friendship with Megs and fearing for the safety and well being of those she loves, when a poster appears signing up children 12 14 to take an aptitude test for a secret military project she agrees knowing the money could [...]

  22. This was the world I was building Where people didn t think only of the people they loved, but of the others, too Mathilde Joss and best friend Megs live in Sofarende Which means they are subjected to aerial bombings at night by their enemies, Tyssia and Erobern Food is scarce Many of the men, including Megs father, have gone off to war One day, an announcement goes up Children ages 12 14 Serve your country now Sign up for the Adolescent Army Aptitude Test at your school Megs is all about taking [...]

  23. This is an unusual sort of book that really toes the line between feeling like fantasy and historical fiction It s obviously not historical fiction because it takes place in an imaginary world during a made up war, but it reads like historical fiction than anything else Mathilde s family is suffering like the rest of their country while at war, scrounging for money and food and wondering if they will make it through the night When the army starts recruiting children as young as 12 to serve is a [...]

  24. In this timely book, twelve year old Mathilde Joss performs well on a special examination at her school and is chosen to serve her country, Sofarende While she expects to join the Army and fight, that isn t what happens at all, and she finds herself in a think tank for children who are incredibly gifted in some way Mathilde is sure that she has none of the abilities those around her possess, but she does have others and is incredibly empathetic As she settles in to the routine in the academy, sh [...]

  25. I picked this up because I really l really liked Love, Aubrey and thought I d try the author s newest book plus, pretty cover I didn t read what it was about and so this whole thing was such an interesting surprise to me not like Love Aubrey A very fast one day read and pulled me in right from the start I found myself making comparisons to first one book and then another Was it like Number the STars Was it like Bletchley Circle Yes, this is what I came back to most Thinking about the women of Bl [...]

  26. 5 for this surprise hit In a fictional land during an unspecified time, war is on Men are sent to combat, bombings are a daily occurrence, and a special test is offered to the older children at twelve year old Mathilde s school The catch If selected, you are obligated to leave your family to take on a role in the war Mathilde is sure she won t make it, but her friend Meg just might Meg is an incredibly gifted student who Mathilde believes can ace the test When, surprisingly, Mathilde is the only [...]

  27. My feelings about this are somewhat complicated It s Jfic than YA, and it has lovely characters who care about each other and are trying to be good people and do what s right in wartime Bute message seems to be that the authorities know what they re doing, that your government cares about you and should be trusted, and that the good guy country always acts unilaterally as good guys There are lots of WWII parallels but also simplifications in this fictional world, but there are some kind of Isra [...]