The Human Comedy ✓ The Human Comedy ↠ William Saroyan Don Freeman Michael Farmer - The Human Comedy, The Human Comedy Members of the Macauley family find their peaceful existence in rural California greatly changed in the early months of

  • Title: The Human Comedy
  • Author: William Saroyan Don Freeman Michael Farmer
  • ISBN: 9780151423019
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover

The Human Comedy

✓ The Human Comedy ↠ William Saroyan Don Freeman Michael Farmer, The Human Comedy, William Saroyan Don Freeman Michael Farmer, The Human Comedy Members of the Macauley family find their peaceful existence in rural California greatly changed in the early months of ✓ The Human Comedy ↠ William Saroyan Don Freeman Michael Farmer. ✓ The Human Comedy ↠ William Saroyan Don Freeman Michael Farmer - The Human Comedy, The Human Comedy Members of the Macauley family find their peaceful existence in rural California greatly changed in the early months of

  • ✓ The Human Comedy ↠ William Saroyan Don Freeman Michael Farmer
    400William Saroyan Don Freeman Michael Farmer
The Human Comedy
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  1. The Human Comedy, William Saroyan 1973 1333 320 1357 262 1380 291 9644810484 247 9786004363754 20 .

  2. The place is Ithaca, a fictional small town in California s San Joaquin Valley The year is 1943 and World War II is on going The Macauley family, just like any other families, is taking the brunt of war the father is dead, the eldest son Marcus is in the war front, the mother is working in a factory, the daughter has left the school and is looking for work, the 14 y o Homer has taken the job as a telegraph messenger to help support the family including his younger brother, the 4 y o Ulysses.This [...]

  3. i have just reread this beautiful little masterpiece and fell in love with saroyan and this book all over again i am now going to pick up his short stories and marvel at those i say, do this now you can read it in a weekend short, sweet, tidy, and beautiful, it is a lovely novel which touches the heart and soul without being sappy, overly sentimental or unrealistic it takes place in the fictional ithaca which, if you note by the mention of Roeding Park or Gottschalks, is actually Fresno, Califor [...]

  4. Leyendo este libro he sentido simple y pura felicidad Hac a mucho tiempo que no ten a este sentimiento leyendo un libro Mientras lo le a me parec a estar dentro de una de esas viejas pel culas de Frank Capra Hay que tener en cuenta que La comedia humana es una novela escrita a principios de los 40, en plena Guerra Mundial, y eso se nota Lo que me ha recordado a Capra han sido los personajes, su manera de pensar y de sentir, su bondad Y es que esta novela me ha hecho reconciliarme con el g nero h [...]

  5. I like this book so much because it wonderfully portrays how life is a battle for young and old and the in between, for all of us The characters in the book are each fighting different battles, from the youngest of only four caught in a trap, losing a father, missing a brother and confused by the general state of the world around him, to an elderly telegrapher who cannot bear the consequences of war in his hometown Ithaca, San Joaquin Valley, California or for that matter the general state of th [...]

  6. Un romanzo che d speranza, che diffonde ottimismo Fa bene al cuore leggerlo, commuoversi, sorridere e piangere con i protagonisti del piccolo di pagine ma grande di umanit romanzo di Saroyan Ad Ithaca, California, ci sono belle persone, famiglie che affrontano con il sorriso sulle labbra le difficolt economiche dovute alla guerra mondiale che, nel 1942, in pieno svolgimento c il signor Spangler, direttore dell ufficio postale, che con poche buone parole blocca il ladruncolo deciso a rubare per d [...]

  7. I had been meaning to read The Human Comedy for years and finally got around to it glad I did This was Saroyan s first novel written in 1943 William Saroyan dropped out of school in the 8th grade and worked as a telegram messenger He used this experience for his main character s job and age If this book were a painting it would be a Normal Rockwell It set in a small California town in the Great Central Valley during WWII, with everyone living in a very godly manner Hi characters are than ordina [...]

  8. Yal n bir dille saroyanesque yaz lm duygu dolu, sava kar t insan ca bir roman nsanl k Komedisi.Kitab n en keyifli yerleri d rt ya ndaki tatl lar tatl s Ulysses in ba ndan ge enler ve diyaloglar yd S rf Ulysses i in bile tekrar tekrar okunabilir bu kitap Homer, Santa Clara Caddesi ndeki evde r ya g r rken, k k karde i Ulysses yata n n ba na gelmi onu dinliyordu Karanl k evde yolunu bularak annesinin odas na gitti do ruca Sarsarak uyand rd onu Annesi yatakta do rulunca, elinden tutarak hi bir ey s [...]

  9. For some reason, I had always avoided reading he work of William Saroyan, but for some reason I picked up a copy of The Human Comedy at the local library and read it I was enchanted by the author s vision of a small agricultural town in which the local residents are, for the most part, decent human beings who are kind to one another.At the center are the two Macauley boys, Homer and Ulysses the name of the town is Ithaca , their family and friends The father had died before the story begins, and [...]

  10. I read this in high school, back in the Seventies, and it had such a profound impact I read it every three or four year While the story develops through deceptively simple vignettes, Saroyan writes poignantly about war, family,love, social class, and death The characters are richly drawn, through their thoughts and interactions Scenes and images are so touching and vividly that they remain long after you finish the book.Just a bit of literary linking I definitely see traces of Saroyan s style in [...]

  11. All inizio lo trovavo un po stucchevole E a me lo stucchevole non dispiace C un po di Frank Capra qui.C da dire che l ho letto in uno stato psichico particolare Non era certo il momento adatto, personalmente, per una storia cos , anche se proseguendo la lettura ho iniziato ad entrare in sintonia con i personaggi e quell ingenuit di cui parlava qualcuno forse voluta, per esorcizzare quei momenti, come accennato anche nella prefazione Nella Commedia umana quindi l autore non si propone tanto di de [...]

  12. I found my grandmother s 1943 edition of this book on my dad s bookshelf I enjoyed the story of a California family during World War 2 the dad has passed away, the older brother is fighting in the war, the teenage brother delivers telegraph messages such as messages telling mothers that their sons have been killed in the war, and the 4 year old brother runs all over town unsupervised and observing lots of interesting things.There are lots of words of wisdom in this book or, as Madi would roll he [...]

  13. It s of a series of moments in the lives of the people of Ithaca, California It didn t really have a plot but it was quite intriguing, warming and heartbreaking at times The story revolves around the Macauley family, Homer is fourteen and works at the telegraph office during World War 2 It is heartbreaking when he has to deliver the messages to families that their son has died at war Marcus the older brother has gone to war He had been the man of the family since the father had died Bess is the [...]

  14. peccato sia gi stata usato per un altro romanzo, altrimenti l et dell innocenza sarebbe stato un titolo perfetto per questo libro in parte perch gran parte dei protagonisti sono davvero in un et innocente, bambini e ragazzi ancora al di fuori dei problemi della vita e vedono il mondo con occhi diversi , e in parte perch la citt di ithaca sembra immersa in un innocenza via via scalfita dagli echi della guerra attraverso gli agghiaccianti telegrammi del ministero della difesa che informano le fami [...]

  15. Un libro publicado en 1943 por un premio Pullitzer que narra las vivencias de un cartero de un peque o pueblo de EEUU encargado de notificar la muerte de soldados a sus familiares Una visi n de la guerra desde norteamerica muy diferente a la acostumbrada Muy bueno.

  16. As is often the case with reading, one book plants a big fat Wile E Coyote roadsign arrow as to where you should turn next and my arrival at The Human Comedy began in part thanks to a short story Literary Encounter in Bradbury s We ll Always Have Paris In the Bradbury tale, a wife, displeased with how her husband s personality changes with each new book he reads he becomes quite an ass, a tough guy, during The Maltese Falcon, for example decides to buy for him the books he was reading when he co [...]

  17. This is not a book I would have kept reading beyond Nancy Pearl s Rule of 50 but it s for the Heart of Spirituality book group at the library, so I slogged through it The problem is the book is terribly dated, and not in a good way.Saroyan was originally writing a movie script with the title, The Human Comedy, and based on Saroyan s youth in Fresno, but he had a disagreement with the studio and although they went on to produce a movie, he took the title and the idea and created this book, intend [...]

  18. I read this book 30 years ago and it made absolutely no impression on me whatsoever, so I thought I should read it again, in case I missed something It still makes no impression on me today, other than being very preachy and brimming with naive sentimentality I hope I remember not to read it again 30 years from now.

  19. What a great and touching read A slice of Americana during the 1940s I highly recommend this book for older children and teenagers ages 10 16 Families should read this book together The story line has no plot but is a series of vignettes in the lives of the Macauley family a widowed mother truly the heart and soul of the family the children key off of her stability , older brother Marcus serving as an American soldier in WWII , middle brother Homer a 14 year old who is discovering life and young [...]

  20. When my dad saw that i was looking for a book t o read, immediately recommended this book to me He had always been a fan of William Saroyan, so he really wanted me to read one of his books The plot is about the experiences Homer Macauley and his siblings Ulysses, Bess, and Marcus Homer is a teenage boy who got a job as a telegraph messenger As he delivers the telegraphs, he encounters pretty weighty subjects that he is perhaps too young for As he is taking on all these adult responsibilities, Ho [...]