How to Sleep with a Movie Star Unlimited How to Sleep with a Movie Star - by Kristin Harmel - How to Sleep with a Movie Star, How to Sleep with a Movie Star When Claire lands the plum assignment of interviewing Hollywood s hottie she knows better than to mix business with pleasure yet the next morning she wakes up in his bed without her clothes The ta

  • Title: How to Sleep with a Movie Star
  • Author: Kristin Harmel
  • ISBN: 9780446694476
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback

How to Sleep with a Movie Star

Unlimited How to Sleep with a Movie Star - by Kristin Harmel, How to Sleep with a Movie Star, Kristin Harmel, How to Sleep with a Movie Star When Claire lands the plum assignment of interviewing Hollywood s hottie she knows better than to mix business with pleasure yet the next morning she wakes up in his bed without her clothes The tabloids pick up the story and she learns that not everything printed is true Unlimited How to Sleep with a Movie Star - by Kristin Harmel. Unlimited How to Sleep with a Movie Star - by Kristin Harmel - How to Sleep with a Movie Star, How to Sleep with a Movie Star When Claire lands the plum assignment of interviewing Hollywood s hottie she knows better than to mix business with pleasure yet the next morning she wakes up in his bed without her clothes The ta

  • Unlimited How to Sleep with a Movie Star - by Kristin Harmel
    294Kristin Harmel
How to Sleep with a Movie Star
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  1. The novel is so dreamy It s a too good to be true novelImagine that you are a young and sweet editor, and a number one American actor had a huge crush on youIsn t that unrealistic Well, that is what happened in the novelAnd you know, as a teenager, I have always wanted to know how it feels like to meet celebrities in person I mean, who wouldn t Maybe some people wouldn t like that, but honestly, for a teenager that s consumed by the spotlight, I really want to be like Claire But it turned out to [...]

  2. Hmm.I m not gonna say much on it.Likes 1 Claire s professionalism super liked 2 Wendy I wish I had you minus jean Michel, of course 3.Sweet shy Cole really, do I have to say anything 4 The first meeting between Claire and Cole I don t think I can keep myself from dying from embarrassment,if I ever face this situation Go Claire 5 George Clooney s advertisement I laughed straight for ten minutes half an hour intermittently 6 the writing just beautiful Dislikes 1 the way Cole s full name was mentio [...]

  3. HOW TO SLEEP WITH A MOVIE STAR has all the right ingredients to make it a modern day Cinderella story The very handsome and exceedingly nice movie star and the cute, up and coming magazine editor who meet at an interview and are immediately drawn to each other I thought that I was going to love this book when about fifty pages into it, movie star Cole Brannon and journalist Claire Riley first meet and the sparks begin to fly However, the book took a turn that I wasn t quite expecting, Claire beg [...]

  4. ok e lenceli bir kitapt Romantik komedi sevenler ka rmas n nl bir dergide edit r olan kahraman m z Hollywood un g zde bekar oyuncusuyla r portaj yapar ve daha sonra ya anan talihsizlikler ve i yerindeki rekabetinde etkisiyle ad a k dedikodular na kar r Ama film y ld z m z hi de sand gibi di er nl lere benzememektedir Haval , kibirli bir tip de ildir ve kahraman m z y ld za a k olur tabi y ld z m zda k za kar bo de ildir Tabi i yerindeki d manlar, rekabetler, eski erkek arkada gibi dertlerle u ra [...]

  5. This was a pretty good book Definitely chick lit but chick lit with substance and brains Not being an overly avid fan of chick lit my expectations from these authors are usually somewhat sub standard to the rest of the literature world Too many sappy, unwitting writers have crept into the chick lit world and lowered what seems to be the norm for what people have come to expect Chick lit tends to mean a book of just girly stuff, light reading with no brains needed When I find an author that truly [...]

  6. How to Sleep with a Movie Star by Kristin Harmel tells the story of Claire Reilly, an entertainment reporter for Mod magazine Claire is in a slump Her live in boyfriend won t have sex with her and she s just been asked to write an article about why having a one night stand is wonderful Clearly, she isn t in the best place in her life.That same week, Claire is assigned to interview Cole Brannon, Hollywood s hottest star At this point in her career, interviewing celebrities is nothing to Claire Sh [...]

  7. The good This book was a quick and easy read The main character and her best friend were awesome I love good female characters The bad Cole Brannon Not that he wasn t a nice guy, but he s absent throughout 90% of the story Claire does her interview with him Has the drunken meeting in a bar with him Has the angry conversation with him about the roses where she is a total bitch Other than those three meetings and the last one was really short , there is nothing And that all happened in a period of [...]

  8. Olamaz yaCidden y z mde kocaman bir s r tma ifadesiyle bitirdim kitab ok sevdim hikayeyi, karakterleri cad sindra ve tom d nda Cole Allah m o nas l bir yarat kt r yle.O d nceli halleri, g l msemeleri ve al akg n ll l yok mu Bitirdi beni.Ben kitaplarda dedi im dedik ald m d d k diyen erkek karakterleri severim ama Cole bi ba kayd.Claire ise ilk ba larda Tom konusunda ciddi anlamda safl k ve salakl k yapsada sonradan ok ac d m k zaHer eyde bu kadar st ste gelmezkiT m negatiflikler ve sorunlar k zc [...]

  9. How to Sleep with a Movie Star by Kristin Harmel was a lot better than I expected Claire Reilly has just caught her boyfriend in her bed with another woman Claire is heartbroken and decides to drown her sorrows at a bar There she runs into Cole Brannon, a famous and handsome movie star she had interviewed earlier that day for the entertainment magazine she works for Cole is unlike the other movie stars she s interviewed and makes sure she gets home safely and that her ex boyfriend is no longer a [...]

  10. Little black books are treats They are funny and delightful They are romantic fluff that you can read without too much effort.This book was none of those things Do not read this book I wonder how old the writer was when she wrote this Because it felt like a teenager trying to write an adult story The negatives The insta love The main male lead met the female lead and he fell for her He was an absolute tool but she liked him The highschool drama What s her name our female lead was an editor for a [...]

  11. I loved this book I had the weekend off and stayed up lateor early depending on how you look at itading Even Sunday night when I had to work the next morning I actually finished a lil before midnight I laughed out loud toward the end Sometimes I wanted to shake Claire for being so dense It would make a great movie I almost want to start reading it over again I recommend it to any woman who d ever dreamed of getting her celebrity crush.

  12. I adored this book Though it was pretty predictable for most of the book it took a definite turn a little than halfway through, which threw me good , I thought it was terrific It was a fun way to get to the know the inside of the women s magazine world not the rags and though it s obviously a fantasy, it still seemed real I ll have to read of Kristin Harmel.

  13. I really enjoyed this book A great chick lit I had taken a hiatus with chick lits and this one really entertained me I couldn t stop turning the pages and polished the book off in just about 4 hours I m off to check out other books written by Kristin Harmel.

  14. Excellent novel My first by Kristin Harmel and definitely not my last This was truly a Cinderella story, complete with the Wicked Triplets and gorgeous Prince Charming who is interested in the real woman than the plastic and fake ones of La La Land Highly recommended to all Chick Lit Fans.

  15. This book was so easy to fall in love with The main character was really lovely and I easily became friends with her It was funny, romantic and perfect I would reccomend this to all girls who love a bit of romance.

  16. Love the always dependable, always predictable chick lit Laughed out loud and put a smile on my face Lovely

  17. This is my favorite book It s a very girl meets boy and fall in love book and also a Cinderella story Loved it

  18. I found Claire s lack of self esteem to be frustrating and unrealistic The direction of the plot was obvious even though the main character remained oblivious and surprised Cole never got to see the good side of Claire, their interactions consisting of her fobbing him off and being rude I saw no reason for him to actually like her at all.I also found the use of adjectives distracting.The author can clearly write, the dialog flowed although at times was also predictable I also found the character [...]

  19. 10 Gr nde f r einen One Night Stand damit fing alles an Claire Reilly ist 26 Jahre alt und bereits Editor der Unterhaltungssparte f r das Magazin Mod in New York Das bringt nat rlich viele Neider unter den Kollegen mit sich und vor allem ihre 15 Jahre ltere Kollegin Sidra, die f r den Modebereich verantwortlich ist, hat es auf sie abgesehen Auch ihre Chefin bertrumpft sich mit schrecklichen Arbeitsauftr gen wie den Artikel ber den One Night Stand, den Claire ber Nacht aus dem rmel sch tteln soll [...]

  20. 2 5 stars.What s a chick lit story if it s not predictable It was the typical boy meets girl, girl doesn t feel confident, totally insecure, why would this drop dead gorgeous guy fall for me, be mean to the guy after he s nice to you and then don t believe anything he tells you but believe what everyone else is saying about him kind of story.Phew that was long winded.Anyway, the story was just ok I feel like if they just would ve talked to each other and not believed what everyone else was sayi [...]

  21. I don t really know what to make of this book I liked the premise, I liked Cole the romance interest and Wendy the best friend I m just not sure if I liked the main character, Claire Although, I have to admit, she did grow on me near the end of the book when she finally grew a pair.Heroines in novels seem to be either ridiculously short or freakishly tall This one fell in the ridiculously short category at five foot Can t there ever be normal height heroines I m five foot eight, which is the ave [...]

  22. No voy a mentir Esta novela la le hace casi dos a os Como se pueden dar cuenta, lo que me llam la atenci n fue el t tulo Creo que la mayor a debe imaginarse por qu O sea, qu persona con sentido com n no leer a un libro sobre como poder tener una relaci n con un famoso Imposible No en mi mundo Lo descargu y empec.Me acuerdo que lo le en una noche Nunca fui fan de los chick lit pero ste en particular me fascin El personaje masculino es alguien un poco m s secundario en este tipo de novelas, y el l [...]

  23. After a long book filled with lots of details I didn t care about, I needed something light and fluffy that I could read in a day And no better author to me at the moment then Harmel This book was perfect for that Not as good as her last book to me, mainly because the protag keeps going back to her super looser boyfriend Agh, I hate people like that Seriously, how desperate are you for love and companionship Give him the keys to the street already and shut the fuck up Anyway, Girl is a writer fo [...]

  24. This book was an easy read I enjoyed it, but it was definitely pretty typical of a chick lit book It didn t overly wow me, yet I didn t hate it The plot was definitely a bit unbelievable at times though she thinks she s an ugly duckling, yet a movie star falls for here thinks she s going to get fired, yet she gets a 10,000 raise I also thought the ending seemed a bit rushed As I was finishing the book, I felt like the book was trying to hurry up and make everyone have a happy ending and tie all [...]

  25. simply a book i enjoyed reading hilarious yet very chick since i read the book i start to think things like what if it will happen to me what would i do or how can i handle things like that i really love the part where Claire stood up for her rights even if she have to give up her work and her position Reputation is much important than a raise from her company.I still hated Tom ,Sidra, and Esella too if it wasn t for Tom this whole crap that happened to Claire won t be exciting Tom is the typic [...]