Much Ado About Anne ¾ Much Ado About Anne ñ Heather Vogel Frederick - Much Ado About Anne, Much Ado About Anne The mother daughter book club is back This year the mothers have a big surprise in store for Emma Jess Cassidy and Megan They ve invited snooty Becca Chadwick and her mother to join the book club B

  • Title: Much Ado About Anne
  • Author: Heather Vogel Frederick
  • ISBN: 9780689855665
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Hardcover

Much Ado About Anne

¾ Much Ado About Anne ñ Heather Vogel Frederick, Much Ado About Anne, Heather Vogel Frederick, Much Ado About Anne The mother daughter book club is back This year the mothers have a big surprise in store for Emma Jess Cassidy and Megan They ve invited snooty Becca Chadwick and her mother to join the book club But there are bigger problems when Jess finds out that her family may have to give up Half Moon Farm In a year filled with skating parties a disastrous mother daughter cThe mother ¾ Much Ado About Anne ñ Heather Vogel Frederick. ¾ Much Ado About Anne ñ Heather Vogel Frederick - Much Ado About Anne, Much Ado About Anne The mother daughter book club is back This year the mothers have a big surprise in store for Emma Jess Cassidy and Megan They ve invited snooty Becca Chadwick and her mother to join the book club B

  • ¾ Much Ado About Anne ñ Heather Vogel Frederick
    455Heather Vogel Frederick
Much Ado About Anne
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  1. I am quite enjoying Heather Vogel Frederick s Much Ado About Anne, and actually truth be told rather than the first instalment of the series, than The Mother Daughter Book Club and of course, that L M Montgmery s Anne of Green Gables series is being read and discussed in the sequel is and remains for me the sweet and delicious icing on the proverbial cake The issues faced and encountered by Emma, Jess, Megan and Cassidy in Much Ado About Anne are generally realistically enough conceptualised, a [...]

  2. It is year 2 of the Mother Daughter Book Club Megan, Cassidy, Jess, and Emma are now entering the seventh grade not knowing that their worlds are beginning to change It also gets flipped upside down when Becca Chadwick joins the book club making Emma s life miserable and Jess s family may have to sell half moon farm Can the girls save half moon farm and solve the problems that has been bothering them this year all while surviving book club with reading Anne of Green Gables Read this for yourself [...]

  3. This is the second book in the Mother Daughter Book Club series and continues the story of Cassidy, Jess, Emma, and Megan who are all friends despite their differences Each girl faces new challenges in their lives with humor and heartache that is typically a part of growing up One of the girls is facing the possibility of her mother remarrying one is facing the possibility of her family losing their historical farm because of taxes one is facing the fact that she is growing up and becoming inter [...]

  4. REVIEWIt s no secret that I loved the first book in The Mother Daughter Book Club series You can read my review with a perfect score to match here Now I will gush about how much I loved the next two books I enjoyed reading about Emma, Jess, Cassidy, and Megan during their seventh and eighth grade years at school With the addition of stuck up Becca, there is plenty of drama to go around.Much Ado About Anne is based on the classic Anne of Green Gables In this book, the girls are trying to save Jes [...]

  5. Easy chick lit type read I find myself really somewhat reluctantly enjoying the concept of a book about a group of girls who have formed a small book group in this case, they are reading Anne of Green Gables and their trials and tribulations Problems arise, disasters strike, and solutions must be found The characters are believable and represent a wide range of personalities.

  6. Heather Vogel Frederick continues her delightful mother daughter book club series with Much Ado About Anne This time the book club is reading the Anne of Green Gables series, and the girls are totally committed to their book club and to each other when the new reading year starts for their group There are new challenges can the moms really have invited Phoebe and Becca Chadwick into their book club without asking the girls and new events arise that test their friendship in ways they don t expect [...]

  7. I still find all the negative talk about weight and looks disturbing My own daughter is only 9, and thankfully hasn t started speaking negatively about her body or other people s yet I don t remember when those thoughts started in my own head, but I hate them, and I don t enjoy books that perpetuate them I m sure the author is just trying to make the characters relatable, but it makes me sad 2.5 starsSPOILERS BELOW I was also disturbed that Stanley would place a tracking device in Clementine s b [...]

  8. This book is as darling as the first one it s another quick read finished in about 24 hours I love the simple storylines and fun charactersis year, the mothers daughter book club reads Anne of Green Gables which I just read last year full series for AnneReadAlong2017 I loved all the references to that classic novel Again, I loved the positive messages from this book and the way the characters change and develop they aren t perfect and make plenty of mistakes But they are trying to be better and [...]

  9. I loved loved LOvED it The series is incredible I feel as though I am likely either Megan,Emma.Jess and Cassidy are just as fun.Their adventures and stories are lively and exciting I liked reading about Emma and Stewart, The hike, the fashion show and learning about Becca and how she changed I would recommend to anyone, it is such a bright enjoyable book and gurarentee you will love it

  10. This book is about a group a friends who are in 7th Grade and are part of a Mother Daughter Book Club, where they read Classic books with their mothers and do activities together Overall the book is an easy read, has many interesting characters and plot developments, and is educational This is the second book in this series by Heather Vogel Frederick, the first book is entitled The Mother Daughter Book Club The Mother Daughter Book Club In the first book they read Louisa May Alcott s Little Wome [...]

  11. Each and everyone of the girls in this book had an amazing story Emma Emma Hawthorne faces Becca Chadwick here in this book She may not had that juicy cat fight scene with Becca but atleast they called truce and help each other out What I like about her in this book is that her enemy s brother always defended her and they both end up liking each other etcetera etceteraJess Jess in this book is obviously sad that they have to give up the farm but at the end it was all good Im happy that the Delan [...]

  12. I m reading these to see how well they would work to read with my five daughters They are engaging and well written A little predictable and quaint everything seems to just wrap up so nicely But the characters develop so far through the book series I think my girls would enjoy them My only hesitation is that I m concerned that they will stray too much into just being about the crushes the four girls have on different boys There is so much to explore with the characters.I do appreciate the less [...]

  13. I like this book better than the previous one, and I especially the parts from Emma s perspective in the winter and spring sections The whole fashion show thing was fun, even if it was a little fairy tale ish Similarly, the getting lost while camping part was predictable, but enjoyably told There were still a few things I didn t like about this book, though There is some gross middle school humor very minimal, but there , and Mrs Wong is still made fun of I also noticed a few factual errors, whi [...]

  14. I am torn on this book I really liked some parts of it For all of the Anne stuff Jess and Emma naming things like Anne did, using Anne words like tragical and poetical, and all of the fun facts about Maud, I loved it I liked the relationships between the mothers and daughters, they felt very real to me How the kids interacted with each other also felt real, including how the main girls are with the boys interested in them but not boy crazy.But, I constantly confused Emma and Jess I couldn t keep [...]

  15. COUNT AS TWO BOOKS The girls are back in this hilarious sequel to The Motther Daughter Book Club Emma,Jess,Cassidy, and Megan are faced with new problems as they start seventh grade This time around though a new edition is coming to the book club, and Megan must decide to rejoin the Fab Four or stay with her club buddies Seeing all the old characters change their lives in this book was fun tosee play out Their problems last year seem miniscule compared to the ones they had to tackle last year.So [...]

  16. Much Ado About Anne is the second book to the series of The Mother Daughter Book Club This year, Becca, one of the fab three decides to join the book club Nobody is very happy about this, except for Megan, who used to be friends with Becca Later on in the book, Becca writes something mean in the school newspaper, about Megan s mother, then signs Emma s name at the bottom and tells everyone that Emma wrote it Unfortunately, Megan believed Becca and turns on Emma, Jess, and Cassidy When they make [...]

  17. In this much anticipated sequel to the Mother Daughter Book Club, Ms Frederick again follows the lives of four lively middle schoolers as the traverse the difficult pathways of friendship, school and enemies Throw in a crisis that may mean one of them has to move out of her beloved house and you ve got a wonderful story bound together by the book club that keeps them all grounded I really enjoyed this book I love the characters and rooted for all of them to succeed Ms Frederick does a brilliant [...]

  18. I think this book should win first place for worst ending ever No joke Honestly the storylin was pretty good, I actually really enjoyed it But the ending Ugh The story was like it didn t even finish Thats what I hate about books in series, it seems as if the author cuts out the ending of each book so you ll want to buy the next one in the series Well I ll give this book 4 5 stars for now But only because I really really liked the book except for the ending.

  19. 2.5 stars this one was a little bit better than the first book, though I still felt the ending was rather unbelievable I had the same issue with most of the characters having the same voice, even though there were multiple POVs I wish that the books studied had been integrated into the story Each chapter had an Anne quote relevant to the upcoming events but there was little discussion about the book All in all, I think this series was a great idea but very poorly executed.

  20. This is a really cute series I recently read Anne of Green Gables for the first time, so wanted to read this as the girls in the series read Anne in this installment The main characters are about 13 years old and have all the things going on that new teenagers do A fun read, even for an old girl like me

  21. This book was awesome I read the first one and I didn t think that the first was better than the second I greatly enjoyed it There are moments when I LOLed ANd I don t LOL at books often Ask my sister, Anna.I loved this book.

  22. I think this is a great book for girls from 10 13 I love the part when the fashion show is just ending and they finally saved Half Moon Farm It gave me butterfly s in my stomach I love the series, The Mother Daughter Book Club.

  23. It was a fantastic sequel to Mother Daughter bookclub I wish that there could be a third book to this enthralling series I could hardly put it down.

  24. The mother daughter book club continues, this time reading Ann of Green Gables This humorous story is told from the point of view of each of the four daughters.