Death By Pumpkin Spice [PDF] Read ↠ Death By Pumpkin Spice : by Alex Erickson - Death By Pumpkin Spice, Death By Pumpkin Spice Bookstore caf owner Krissy Hancock would rather spend Halloween serving pumpkin goodies than wearing costumes with Pine Hills wealthiest at Yarborough mansion especially when the soiree shapes up to

  • Title: Death By Pumpkin Spice
  • Author: Alex Erickson
  • ISBN: 9781617737565
  • Page: 262
  • Format: ebook

Death By Pumpkin Spice

[PDF] Read ↠ Death By Pumpkin Spice : by Alex Erickson, Death By Pumpkin Spice, Alex Erickson, Death By Pumpkin Spice Bookstore caf owner Krissy Hancock would rather spend Halloween serving pumpkin goodies than wearing costumes with Pine Hills wealthiest at Yarborough mansion especially when the soiree shapes up to be trick than treat As if a run in with an old flame and a failed marriage proposal weren t enough to horrify Krissy for one night a woman is found strangled tBookstore caf own [PDF] Read ↠ Death By Pumpkin Spice : by Alex Erickson. [PDF] Read ↠ Death By Pumpkin Spice : by Alex Erickson - Death By Pumpkin Spice, Death By Pumpkin Spice Bookstore caf owner Krissy Hancock would rather spend Halloween serving pumpkin goodies than wearing costumes with Pine Hills wealthiest at Yarborough mansion especially when the soiree shapes up to

  • [PDF] Read ↠ Death By Pumpkin Spice : by Alex Erickson
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Death By Pumpkin Spice
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  1. Death by Pumpkin Spice is a 2016 Kensington publication I ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a light fall or Halloween read to feature on my blog The cover and title of this book seemed perfect for what I was in the mood for Krissy is invited by her possible love interest, Will, to a costume party, but soon after their arrival, one of the several women dressed as Marilyn Monroe is murdered After having worked with local law enforcement previously, Krissy is asked to help contain the crowd and ge [...]

  2. Krissy Hancock owns and runs Death By Coffee her and her friend Vicki s bookstore caf When the charming Will Foster invites her to a Halloween party at one of the swanky mansions in Pine Hill, she is less than enthusiastic Will is good looking and charming though, and with her failed attempt at romance with Officer Paul Dalton still fresh in her mind she finds herself saying YES What starts out as a fun evening soon turns into a murder investigation when one of the guests is found dead With the [...]

  3. Well, the title is a complete lie, totally fraudulent advertising Not one death had anything to do with pumpkin spice Hell, pumpkin spice barely played a role in the story Huge disappointment, on several levels I mean, the title is what caught my attention to begin with and then the cover the blurb was almost irrelevant I am actually, and quite severely, allergic to many spices including the ones that make up pumpkin spice It s a running joke among friends and co workers that they easily kill me [...]

  4. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Krissy Hancock and her best friend Vicki own Death By Coffee, a cafe and bookstore in one When Krissy gets invited to a swanky Halloween party at a eccentric mansion by handsome Will Foster, she isn t sure if she wants to go or not She knows she won t fit in She wavers on her answer, because Will is really nice and she hasn t had too much luck in the dating department, so she agrees to go Will is great, but she already feels ou [...]

  5. 3 stelle e mezzaQuesta serie continua a darmi sensazioni contrastanti Mentre le trame sono belle, non riesco proprio a farmi stare simpatica la protagonista Credo che continuer a leggerla solamente se, come successo fino a questo momento, trover i vari libri in offerta

  6. I really enjoyed this book I had not read any of the other in the series Did great as a standalone Any back story was summed up easily in this one.I felt like the main character should have been a cop as opposed to a coffee shop owner It read like a thriller mystery as opposed to a cozy It had a bit violence in it than what you read in a cozy I liked the book and I loved the characters The main character does some things that are improbable at times Normal peeps wouldn t act so much like a cop [...]

  7. Great Book,this is the third book in a great series of murder mysteries In this story, bookstore owner and amateur detective, Krissy Handcock is getting ready for Halloween the coffee shop area of her bookstore is full of pumpkin flavored coffee and treats town gossip, Rita, volunteers her for duty at a local kids trick or treat event at the local church Her boyfriend, Will, has tickets to the biggest party of the year It is held at a Mansion belonging to the towns former eccentric, the late How [...]

  8. Interesting setting for a halloween party Looking forward to where the main character and her love life turns.

  9. Right off the bat I don t like the heroine of the story Negative self esteem, no confidence or will power she is a spineless doormat As the book progresses all of a sudden she does a 180 and had spunk, but is as petulant as a 12 year old She is not a cop and says so repeatedly but stick her nose into the murder investigation and begins to act like the lead and only investigator even after being told repeatedly by the cops and other people to stop She talks about it being her investigation and sh [...]

  10. 2.5 stars Rounded I grabbed this title simply on the title who could resist a bookstore caf protagonist embroiled in a mystery And it was intriguing enough from the mystery perspective, if a little busy and all over the place in terms of the protagonist, Krissy In fact, she was almost completely without redeeming qualities as a heroine moody, self absorbed, immature and than slightly TSTL And I don t and still can t see the draw that she held over the two very nice men she was playing But, enou [...]

  11. Death by Pumpkin Spice is the third book Alex Erickson s Bookstore Cafe Mystery series The writing flows smoothly, most of the characters are down to earth, normal, relatable people, and the book is an easy read There are plenty of suspects and twists and turns to make it difficult to figure out who the killer is.Krissy Hancock and her best friend, Vickie Patterson, are the owners of a combination coffee shop and bookstore, Death by Coffee, in the quaint town of Pine Hills Will Foster, a handsom [...]

  12. Received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review of this title I had high hopes for this book I truly did The premise is right up my alley and the Halloween theme is something that I always find appealing Krissy Hancock co owns a cafe bookstore called Death by Coffee She has been in and out of failed relationships recently and is encouraged when a handsome customer Wil invites her to an exclusive yearly Halloween party at a rich local couple s estate Once at the party, a murder oc [...]

  13. I always look forward to these bookstore cafes and mystery, what s not to like only to find myself furiously angry at the heroine narrator detective Krissy The woman needs therapy She thinks that everyone thinks she s less pretty than her best friend, that if she s invited to a party, as she is in this book, nobody really wants her there, that she s somehow inferior to the wealthy doctor who wants to date her But she s only to happy to thrust herself into the middle of the murder investigation w [...]

  14. Krissy is back and she is attending the party of the year Halloween is upon the cozy little town and murder is going to be haunting Also there is the conflict of romantic interest that keep Krissy jumping around I loved the plot, each book in this series has a strong plot, and I could release to Krissy in her jumpy emotions that dominated the book It s impossible to not feel the tension with her ex and future lovers I do think that took some away from the plot but if the plot would have been the [...]

  15. I voluntarily reviewed this ARC A highly enjoyable mystery I loved that it was a locked room mystery I feel like there aren t many of those written The books are definitely best read in order I haven t read book two yet and I was slightly confused with Krissy having a history with a character I ve never met Despite that confusion, I really enjoyed it and I m curious what book four will bring.

  16. A classic locked in a haunted house who dun it Krissy is trapped by rain in a house with a killer of Marilyn Monroes and a bunch of socialites who aren t terribly concerned, but probably guilty It s enough to put anyone off costume parties altogether Little heavy on the tug of war between 2 love interests and heroine s curiosity, but hey, Halloween anything s possible

  17. I thought I would get in the Halloween spirit and although this novel is solely not based on a Halloween tale The murder happens at an exclusive Halloween party, at a ritzy home The characters were light heartened and you could easily follow along The actual murder was not easy to solve which made it that much intriguing I now need to read the beginning of the series to catch up

  18. I enjoyed reading this book However it didn t become really good until the very end.The book seems to repeat a lot as far as development in the story goes It s the same thing over and over where Krissy sneaks off to investigate a lead, then she gets caught by someone, she agrees to stay put then sneaks off and the cycle repeats itself.I wasn t a huge fan of the main character Though I did admire her commitment to solving the case, she was kind of a B% h She came off as disrespectful, manipulativ [...]

  19. Pumpkin May be Missing Some Spice Checked out via e book through my local library This is the second book that I ve read in this series having missed the first one due to its already being checked out.First, I like the authors writing style It flows smoothly, reads well, and has plenty of detail without going overboard with too much unnecessary words I enjoyed the plot, was on the right track, then thrown off a bit always a plus , then knew something was upenjoyed the twists and turns needed to [...]

  20. The pleasing aroma of fresh baked pumpkin cookies filled the room as I removed the pan from the oven.Krissy and Vicki are co owners of Death By Coffee, a bookstore caf Both are invited to an exclusive Halloween party that becomes a crime scene Krissy is escorted by potential boyfriend, Will although she still has feelings for police officer, Paul The party is held during what some townspeople call The Storm of the Century Paul calls on Krissy to help him with the investigation until reinforcemen [...]

  21. Death by Pumpkin Spice by Alex Erickson is the third book in Bookstore Caf Mystery series Krissy Hancock is invited to the exclusive Yarborough Halloween Party by Dr William Foster Krissy purchases her costume at the local Halloween pop up store for a fancy, exclusive party Krissy goes as Sherlock Holmes and Will is Phantom of the Opera The Yarborough driveway is steep and under construction just gravel It is difficult for the cars to get up the driveway due to the pouring rain The Yarborough ho [...]

  22. I literally judged this book based on the cover The minute I saw the title I knew I was going to be reading it I love everything pumpkin spiced, so it made me laugh to think it would be the cause of someone s death Boy, was I disappointed when I finished the book and realized that nowhere within the book did anyone die of pumpkin spice The title is so misleading The book, however, is a murder at Halloween costume party held in a swanky mansion All the suspects end up trapped in the house for alm [...]

  23. I ve got to quit picking up this series I get seduced by the cover art and promise of a fun mystery with cats and coffee and then get walloped with clich d writing, stereotypical characters the self absorbed wives, the deluded ex , and a self deprecating heroine that doesn t need a man but is still infantalized by her pouting and other behavioursd who actually has to vocalize that she doesn t need a man This time I realized that what I d really like to read from Erickson is a book about a gay de [...]

  24. This is the third book in this series Krissy Hancock is co owner of a coffee shop book store with her best friend, Vicki Krissy has the unique ability to find dead bodies and loves to investigate on her own, without the permission of the local police department In this story, she is invited to a Halloween costume party by a local wealthy doctor, Will While there, she discovers Paul Dalton, a police officer she went on one date with, has also been invited When a woman s body is discovered, Paul a [...]

  25. I admit to picking this up because it is a cozy mystery, had a cat on the cover, and the phrase pumpkin spice This is part of a series and you definitely need to read the others to really get what is going on Unlike other cozies I have read, this book didn t really give a back story or even summarize what had already happened The only pumpkins in this book is the room where someone is murdered And no, she is not murdered with a pumpkin Apart from being unbelievable, this book just didn t grab me [...]

  26. I had no idea this was part of a series I picked it up because it was October, I love Pumpkin Spice, the synopsis sounded good I am SO GLAD I did It is SUCH a good book The characters are colorful, rich, vibrant The heroine, Krissy Hancock, is so relatable I especially loved how the author let s you know certain details or characters are from previous stories without completely ruining those stories for you I m excited to go back read those read the new release coming out in 2017 I ve found a ne [...]

  27. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Charming with nice characters and a murder mystery set within the confines of a mansion where everyone is a suspect until they prove their innocence This is a light cozy with amateur sleuth Krissy Hancock on the case to help the cops do their job I m not sure if I ll want to continue with this series since it s supposed to be a Bookstore Caf mystery and very little has been mentioned about the store This was stil [...]

  28. A Halloween themed classic cozy mystery with a locked room twist I hadn t read any other books in the series and felt like I missed nothing all the classic tropes are there cat, best friend, small business, two guys, small town gossip, check check check Krissy, Paul the policeman, and all the friends and suspects are stuck at a party together for just a little bit too long, but otherwise an enjoyable read.

  29. Reading this was like watching an episode of Scooby Doo It was exactly what I expected and nothing Completely unrealistic, silly fluff And that s fine by me It was definitely cute and fun, but I don t see this being my go to gene too often Maybe just occasionally when I m looking for something cute for a specific holiday.

  30. Death by Pumpkin Spice, a Bookstore Cafe Mystery, is the perfect cozy mystery Set in a small town the cafe bookstore is owned by two best friends Krissy Hancock run the cafe side and has a tendency to become involved in murder investigations You need to read it to see what trouble Krissy gets herself into Highly recommend