Bright Smoke, Cold Fire [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Bright Smoke, Cold Fire : by Rosamund Hodge - Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, Bright Smoke Cold Fire When the mysterious fog of the Ruining crept over the world the living died and the dead rose Only the walled city of Viyara was left untouched The heirs of the city s most powerful and warring famil

  • Title: Bright Smoke, Cold Fire
  • Author: Rosamund Hodge
  • ISBN: 9780062369413
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Hardcover

Bright Smoke, Cold Fire

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Bright Smoke, Cold Fire : by Rosamund Hodge, Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, Rosamund Hodge, Bright Smoke Cold Fire When the mysterious fog of the Ruining crept over the world the living died and the dead rose Only the walled city of Viyara was left untouched The heirs of the city s most powerful and warring families Mahyanai Romeo and Juliet Catresou share a love deeper than duty honor even life itself But the magic laid on Juliet at birth compels her to punish the enemies of herWhe [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Bright Smoke, Cold Fire : by Rosamund Hodge. [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Bright Smoke, Cold Fire : by Rosamund Hodge - Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, Bright Smoke Cold Fire When the mysterious fog of the Ruining crept over the world the living died and the dead rose Only the walled city of Viyara was left untouched The heirs of the city s most powerful and warring famil

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Bright Smoke, Cold Fire : by Rosamund Hodge
    463Rosamund Hodge
Bright Smoke, Cold Fire
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  1. This breaks my heart.Hodge is the author of two of my favourite YA novels Cruel Beauty and Crimson Bound but try as I might, I could not get into this book And it would be better titled Romeo and Juliet and Zombies.It s not because Romeo and Juliet is an epic emofest of the instalove variety I was still excited to see what Hodge would do with this story, and Caine s Prince of Shadows also inspired by RJ is one of my favourite retellings I was also feeling positive because the author has a tenden [...]

  2. Sabriel, in case you haven t read it yet, was an awesome book Romeo and Juliet, not so much Still, I had high hopes, given that it s Rosamund Hodgeever, this book was a disappointment Which is such a shame, because this book had necromancy and zombies ZOMBIES The Ruining was than the white fog that killed every person it touched It had changed the nature of death Even here in Viyara, behind the walls, the dead would rise again within two days, mindless and hungry for the living.The setting was [...]

  3. We hosted the official cover reveal for Rosamund Hodge s new book this morning Look at the pretty It s a dark romantic fantasy inspired by Romeo and Julietbut with necromancers Incidentally, if you re not a fan of RJ, note that the author says she thought it was dumb when she first read it as well, hah Her take on it is pretty interesting, and this story begins towards the end of the play Rosamund is on the blog today telling us about how the story came to be, PLUS we re giving away two early A [...]

  4. When I first read the synopsis for this, it sounded like a Paris Romeo and Runajo Juliet gay bi lesbian Shakespearean extravaganza I was so on board I am so on board for gay retellings of anything ANYTHING But then I saw the word friendship and I was like

  5. DNF 158 pages 35% I m sorry but I just couldn t get through this book It was just so dull, boring, and everything was all over the place It was just so bad that I actually dreaded the times where I had to force myself to pick up this book to try and get through it.When I read that this was going to be a Romeo and Juliet retelling, I was absolutely ecstatic I ve came across star crossed lovers in a few YA books but never one that was dubbed as an RJ retelling Naturally, I needed to get my hands o [...]


  7. Three stars might not seem like a very high rating for a Rosamund Hodge book from me considering I absolutely loved her previous books I didn t hate Bright Smoke, Cold Fire but I can t help but feel slightly disappointed It fell somewhere in the middle between good and bad for me.Starting the book I was very confused because the world in it, though it was pretty brilliant, was quite a lot to take in And it took me a while at least 40 50% in the book to really got what was going on And I was also [...]

  8. An ARC of this title was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review My thoughts are my own This review can also be found at The Starry Eyed Revue.Unlike a lot of people, Romeo Juliet has never been my favorite of Shakespeare s plays I go for the brutal, cunning Macbeth I just don t get how overly romanticized RJ is when Romeo was infatuated with the fair Rosaline one day, only to find himself in love with Juliet the next Fickle I may be at times, but that just rubbed me the wron [...]

  9. I almost want to round my rating of 2.5 stars up to 3 because of the amazing worldbuilding Rosamund Hodge is absolutely brilliant at weaving complex worlds full of mythology history and adding a dark tone.That being said, I liked the writing in Crimson Bound and the story in Cruel Beauty This book was definitely not a quick light read like it took some serious effort to get through both because I was a little bored and because of everything that was happening in the story Her writing style in t [...]

  10. Meeeeeehhhhhhhh Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Bright Smoke, Cold Fire by Rosamund HodgeBook One of the Bright Smoke, Cold Fire seriesPublisher Balzer BrayPublication Date September 27, 2016Rating 3 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from When the mysterious fog of the Ruining crept over the world, the living died and the dead rose Only the walled city of Viyara was left untouched.The heirs of the city s most powerful and warring families, Mahyanai Romeo and Juliet Catresou s [...]

  11. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss He was her world, and now she is going to destroy him This was an interesting YA fantasy story, with characters named Romeo and Juliet.Romeo and Juliet were very different characters to what I expected For a start, Juliet wasn t even named Juliet, she was The Juliet her families executioner and thought of as property than as a daughter She was pretty kick ass though, and I real [...]

  12. Sadly, this is what is left in me after finishing this book Bright nothing, cold disappointment In spite of all the negative reviews I ve seen, I still had this sliver of hope that no, it can t be true, it s Rosamund Hodge, she can t let you down Nastassja Alas, she did I don t know what to say about this book the cover is beautiful That is probably it I can t say this book was a big cliche or that the characters annoyed me or the plot was stupid none of these things are true The truth is way t [...]

  13. Journeys end in lovers meeting Every wise man s son doth know Do yourself a favor and only read the first chapter Close the book Make up your own ending The first chapter of Bright Smoke, Cold Fire is everything it should have been Juliet going into the catacombs to meet Romeo with rage in her heart Vowing to kill him for murdering her cousin Murderess Juliet But after the prologue, it descends into your typical Hodge novel It s becoming increasingly obvious that the author follows a formula Ret [...]

  14. It breaks my heart to rate it this low Maybe 2.5 stars I was sold at Rosamund s name on the cover, but then the synopsis mentioned Romeo Juliet and I was in love Sadly, my infatuation didn t last.The relationship between Juliet and Runajo was the intriguing I didn t care for Paris at all and of course only wanted scene of Romeo and Juliet together The various before scenes are what kept me reading.I struggled hard with this book The world building is interesting and quite intricate, but none of [...]

  15. 3.5 likeThis wasn t a bad book in my opinion The story entertained me and the ending left me enough interested that I will read the second book when it comes out to tie up the loose ends of the first book which there were a lot of loose ends.

  16. What we ve all come to love, trust, and even respect about Hodge s writing is her ability to weave a familiar tale, put a beautifully dark twist on it and make it all her own and her latest release is no exception to her brilliance.Wonderfully told with twists around ever bend including the very fact that this tale is not told from Juliet and her Romeo s point of view but instead from Paris and Runajo, our hero and heroine of the story Don t get me wrong, Juliet and Romeo play a very big part in [...]

  17. I ve never read anything so cheerful in my life.There was a lot of BLOOD and DEATH and BLOODY DEATH Pretty sure that 80% of the book was a variation of DEAD, DEATH, DIE, DIED with BLOOD somewhere in between I lost count of the number of times I read those words in one page On droned the protagonist we re all already dead We re all going to die Death is everywhere Death does not bargain I m dead You re dead They re dead Bloody death Death and blood There is no point in life Let s just die DIE, LO [...]

  18. DNF 60%God, I love this author Her imagination astounds mebut my brain just couldn t keep up with this one The fantasy world being developed in the first installment of this Romeo and Juliet retelling is so very complex Blink and you re lost and I got lost times than I m willing to admit Just going to put it down for now

  19. 14.8.16 squints at cover So where are the stairs exactly Sometime a long time agoEVERY SINGLE THING I read by this author blew me away SO HELL YES DO I WANT THIS Oh, and it also has a title now And I love the contradictions it presents The title does have a very Rosamund Hodge esque feel to it NEED THE COVER There better be staircases P

  20. SPOILER FREE REVIEWThis book does many things right, except in the wrong order, and that can break the experience But first, let s talk about the plot, and boy it s a doozy Romeo and Juliet live in a city where zombies roam the perimeter There is a force field protecting the walls, but it s failing for some reason Two other characters, Paris and Runajo, are working against the clock to solve the walking dead problem, eventually teaming up with Romeo and Juliet when the lovers aren t too busy suc [...]

  21. 2.5 5 STARSthis is a very, very loose retelling of romeo and juliet and i don t even know how to tell you the plot because i don t really know there s clans, sort of, and necromancy and a world where the dead don t stay dead the good, the bad while i LOVED rosamund hodge s cruel beauty, and enjoyed crimson bound, but i just couldn t really get into or wrap my head around BSCF there was SO much world building that was just sort of tossed out there and either left unexplained or explained repetiti [...]

  22. DNF 34%I am not someone who can DNF books usually In fact, I have the worst habit of not only forcing myself to finish everything I read but also forcing myself to finish off the entire series no matter how long it may be Call it optimism Call it stupidity Blame it on my Slytheriny impulse to see the challenge in it and be unable to back down Whatever it is, it makes DNFing next to impossible It was only when I realised that the I forced myself to read this, the I found myself procrastinating [...]

  23. I really wanted to like this one I did.A romeo and Juliet re telling where Romeo is moody and emotional just like I thought he would be and Juliet is fierce and a littleaumatized.Bute rest of this world is different There are castles and factions and some village area where there are fights with the leader being called a Cat It s odd and hard to get into I just didn t find myself drawn into the story or liking any of the characters.

  24. 3.5What a crazy unique book Rosamund Hodge is a must read author for me She always writes twisted and imaginative stories Bright Smoke, Cold Fire is inspired by Romeo and Juliet, but it is definitely its own thing.I would say this is Hodge s darkest book yet, and I m totally okay with that In fact, that s something I love about it I mean, c mon, there s necromancers, magic, human sacrifices, and vengeance Swoon.Seriously, though, it can be pretty brutal in this world I found the whole mythology [...]

  25. 2.5 starsI absolutely loved Cruel Beauty and I really enjoyed Crimson Bound so I was super excited for Bright Smoke, Cold Fire The synopsis sounded amazing and I love the cover so much However, this book just wasn t what I was expecting This book is very complex Too complex, maybe I had a hard time following the story and I felt like nothing made sense I would reread parts two or three times but it just wasn t making sense to me I felt lost for most of the book and I wasn t able to fully enjoy i [...]

  26. Read of my reviews at Cornerfolds Initial reaction Before Bright Smoke, Cold Fire I was probably one of Rosamund Hodge s biggest fans I loved Cruel Beauty and Crimson Bound so much that this book was one of my most anticipated releases of 2016 and I made it my mission to get a copy as soon as possible I was so excited for her newest retelling, this time Romeo and Juliet She has done such an incredible job in the past with her standalone retellings Her creative take on each story is amazing and [...]