Kill Your Friends [PDF] Read ì Kill Your Friends : by John Niven - Kill Your Friends, Kill Your Friends It s not dog eat dog around here s dog gang rapes dog then tortures him for five days before burying him alive and taking out every motherfucker the dog has ever known Meet Steven Stelfox London

  • Title: Kill Your Friends
  • Author: John Niven
  • ISBN: 9780434017997
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback

Kill Your Friends

[PDF] Read ì Kill Your Friends : by John Niven, Kill Your Friends, John Niven, Kill Your Friends It s not dog eat dog around here s dog gang rapes dog then tortures him for five days before burying him alive and taking out every motherfucker the dog has ever known Meet Steven Stelfox London New Labour is sweeping into power and Britpop is at its zenith Twenty seven year old AR man Stelfox is slashing and burning his way through the music industry a wIt s not dog eat do [PDF] Read ì Kill Your Friends : by John Niven. [PDF] Read ì Kill Your Friends : by John Niven - Kill Your Friends, Kill Your Friends It s not dog eat dog around here s dog gang rapes dog then tortures him for five days before burying him alive and taking out every motherfucker the dog has ever known Meet Steven Stelfox London

  • [PDF] Read ì Kill Your Friends : by John Niven
    449John Niven
Kill Your Friends
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  1. This book is daaaaaaark If it was any blacker you d need UV light to read it My initial impression was that it was American Psycho minus the violence Then the violence began.Whereas American Psycho parodied American corporate 80s excess to the extreme, Kill Your Friends parodies the record industry in 90s Britain Steven Stelfox is an AR man for a well known music label in 1997 s London His job is to discover hits and make the company a buttload of money He doesn t spend a lot of time doing this [...]

  2. John Niven is what would happen if Nick Hornby got into a terrible car crash and punctured the lobe where politeness lives I had a heck of a time getting into his novel Kill Your Friends, since I m not exactly fluent in vitriol It is pages and pages of a man angrily screaming British slang for cocaine in your face, spit foaming at the corners of his mouth Steven Stelfox is an AR dude negotiating the Brit pop scene in the 1990s It s a cruel, cruel place where everyone is trying to find the next b [...]

  3. Easily the winner of the funniest book of the year possibly ever.There are jokes and truths on one page of this book than in the whole of other works of fictions Its hard to describe a bit like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho going to indie discos.It tells the story of Steven Stelfox, an A and R man in the late 1990s and truely one of the most despicable charachters in fiction His deeds are bad enough but you also get his inner monologue the things he filters out are beyond belief but very [...]

  4. Soundtrack D Ream things can only get betterIt is 1997 the time of Cool Britannia and Things Can Only Get Better Tony Blair is the fresh faced Prime Minister of a Britain that is newly energised, forward looking and on the upSoundtrack Stiff Little Fingers Rough Trade Pulp Common People The Clash Death or GloryStephen Stelfox is an AR man for a London based record company It is his job to spot and nurture new bands Sadly the job is all about securing product to sell to the plebs the actual music [...]

  5. While I like satire this book by John Niven is satire so vile, degrading and sort of scabrous that it was just too much There s absolutely no nuance as it s just hammer away by Niven, scene after scene, chapter after chapter of debauched antics Too bad too as the setting, the music Q R world in Loncon circa 1997 is rife with the chances to ruffle some feathers Niven though shows he has no restraint in anything writing style, plot pacing, nothing Usually for one of these books about a man woman g [...]

  6. I was given this book and The Second Coming in a publisher s double offer, neatly wrapped up together in a cellophane wrapper I can only surmise that this is the literary equivalent of someone posting two turds in an envelope through your letter box.I gave up reading this book after 100 pages Perhaps it s because I have read so many good books recently that this one seemed awful in comparison perhaps it just is a terrible book Either way, I couldn t stand the thought of forcing myself to read an [...]

  7. Good grief I m not sure that I should admit to having read this book never mind give it four stars Imagine the guys who produce Nuts sniffing several Gs of Chang with vodka Redbull chasers getting together and writing a novel, this would be it Steven Stelfox the antihero is an AR rep for a major British music label in 1997 and he ll do absolutely anything to further his cause no matter how utterly depraved it might be I was so shocked in places mainly the graphic sex scenes that I had to minimis [...]

  8. Kill Your Friends is a special breed of novel Reading it, I felt like I was looking through a particularly wide peephole into a sordid world of drugs, sex, and booze populated by soulless characters who somehow live among us Needless to say, I was hooked Steven Stelfox is an AR rep for a major British music label in 1997 His whole world revolves about doing anything be it illegal, immoral, or just plain wrong to get a hit record This novel is full of fun British slang that I find myself using mu [...]

  9. A very poorly written book that simply tried too hard to be funny and shocking, but ends up being too direct to be either A real shame that a satire on the music industry could not be a bit clever and original.

  10. I didn t know whether to laugh or cry This is without a doubt the most accurate depiction of the record industry that has been novelized Having lived it myself during the same period this was about late 90 s i had many a flashback In order to really see something you have to step away and return with clarity Although the main character in this novel, a London AR rep trying to deal with the changing climate of the industry at the beginning of the internet age, abuses himself than I ever could ha [...]

  11. In lesser hands the hateful protagonist of this novel would be unreadable Not so in Niven s capable grasp Stelfox is racist, rude, sexist, ruthlessly ambitious and wonderfully honest at least in how he sees the world That Niven allows such a fantastic bastard like Stelfox to triumph throughout the book is testament to the man s ability to make you like and even care about his horrific main character YYou laugh when you know you should not and grimace at his too accurate and too severe descriptio [...]

  12. Vile, horrendous, racist chauvinist and utterly believable protagonist Stelfox is the ultimate anti hero.This is my favourite book It is hilarious I found myself reading it slack jawed, mouth hanging open on the commute, then letting out a giggle at the most incredibly inappropriate things.Reading other reviews, some people have been offended by this book which is no surprise If you re easily offended, leave it on the shelf or try and remember that it is a work of fiction in the first person, no [...]

  13. This book is so awful, I couldn t even be bothered to finish it which I usually don t do Really, really horrible The writer cannot pull off his Bret Easton Ellis impersonation and it is, quite frankly, a book even emptier and astonishingly boring than Ellis creations.

  14. Charmless, derivative, dated rubbish It captures the worst of the late 1990s, which I suppose is an achievement of sorts, but in the style of an 18 year old who has swallowed Brett Easton Ellis whole and tried to reproduce him minus the satire and wit Don t get me wrong, I m a sucker for a misanthropic anti hero, which I suppose is why I picked this up despite the clear warning signs in the blurb What I m not so keen on is crude, joyless misogyny of the type that largely went of fashion with FHM [...]

  15. A friend gave me a loan of this a long while back but I wasn t sure about reading it I abandoned American Psycho near the end after becoming tired of the endless descriptions of designer clothing and the sexual violence, which got and gratuitous and unpleasant as the book went along Some reviewers compared Kill Your Friends to that book, so I put off starting it I can see why they are compared but I found Niven s book far engaging for a number of reasons.The main character, Steven Stelfox, is [...]

  16. It s 1997 in London and Steven Stelfox, an angry, coked up, AR guy at a major record label is trying to survive in the business With no ability to judge music, or understand where music is going he gets ahead by doing in his associates at work From setting them up to be arrested to murdering them, there are no limits to what this racist, sexist psychopath will do From everything I ve read about the music business Niven s descriptions of how it s run and the type of people working in the industry [...]

  17. I have literally just finished this book I really struggled to give it a rating It s hard to have enjoyed but hated a book so much all the way through I was completely engrossed, I couldn t put it down, I needed to know what happened next And yet I hated it all the way through I ve never loathed a character as much as I did The amount of things that were happening, the language, the views of women and the music industry, the jumping about from one thing to another made me feel lost The violence [...]

  18. Someone told me an old band of mine was mentioned in this book, and it s true My old band from my distant youth does get a mention.My goodness but this is brimming with vitriol This is a fierce tumble through a year in the 1990s through the eyes of a ex AR guy who really was there in the 90 s music mania It feels mega authentic, especially if you ve lived through it because all the name checks and band references are so on the button.A bit of a tough read because the protagonist is misogynistic, [...]

  19. To be blunt, I couldn t be bothered finishing this I got half way through chapter 2 and then asked myself What am I doing here Getting no intelligible answer, I walked away I m glad i got it from a library .

  20. I feel as though I am some sort of hipster when it comes to my favorite author in that he s relatively unheard of in the States Having never met another American acquainted with his work before my meddling, I simply want to document the unlikely events that directed me to discovering John Niven.Niven is a Scottish author who has five published books on record with two scheduled to be released this year, including his first nonfiction piece about The Clash His full length debut Kill Your Friends [...]

  21. I ve read American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, and A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, so I am not unfamiliar with novels that contain a lot of violence or depravity, nor do I automatically dislike them For that matter, I have read, and greatly enjoyed, several works by Chuck Palahniuk, who is also known for works that contain elements that are difficult to stomach as a reader Despite all of this, I did not like Kill Your Friends by John Niven at all.I think my problem with this novel is tha [...]

  22. Whenever I give 3 stars to a book, it means I have no idea what to think about it The book is absolutely dismal, the darkest dark of a human Although I m not sure I can call the lead character a human I just don t want to The story tells many real dark aspects of the British music industry at the time of Spice Girls, Radiohead and Robbie Williams People working in that filed know all about it, and the book is narrated by one of them an Artist and Repertoire Manager, whose mind is bursting with v [...]

  23. As I m always on the lookout for humour, dark or light as long as it s of the intelligent kind , I fell victim to Kill Your Friends by John Niven whose novel The Second Coming I d read and enjoyed, when I saw The Times called it Cripplingly funny and other critics sang the same tune.Well, it isn t cripplingly funny It has maybe a handful funny moments, but as as a whole it is vile, degrading and all in all pretty boring Once you make it through the first two chapters, you may as well stop, becau [...]

  24. It s been a good few years since I read this book, however I remember devouring it I also remember one moment that caused me to laugh so much I had tears rolling down my face This is a very, very dark book, and not for the feint hearted It s also a brilliantly told tale of the excesses and foolishness of the British music industry during the boom years of Brit Pop I must reread it again soon.

  25. It s a typical man book.It s so cynical and evilbut I loved it.Actually on 10 pages he s talking 3 of them about sex, 3 about drugs and 4 about music and these horrible bands and his collegues And yes, there is a murderYou have to read it It s far better than Vollidiot from Tommy Jaud.

  26. Not for the faint hearted If you are easily offended, disgusted or shocked then this probably isn t the book for you It holds no punches.The protagonist Steven, an AR music talent spot approaching his 30s, is a bastard A horrible, monstrosity of a man More psychopath than sociopath, he is nonetheless irrational, violent and emotionally hysterical Yet he is cold, calculating and plans ahead, never doing something without reason.He is introduced to the reader while on a downwards trajectory and in [...]

  27. Very much in the style of Bret Easton Ellis, and American Psycho , this book is very difficult to read if you re at all sensitive I am not, but I do think the book proves that there is really no limit to the number of times an author can write both four letter c words into a book That s just plain overkill if you read the book, there is a lot of Overkill Nowhere near the eloquence of Mr Ellis, this author is just too much of everything Sorry, just didn t really like the book, but I triedI did re [...]

  28. One of my favourite books ever Super black humour, you hate probably every character but entertaining and hilarious.

  29. Don t read this.It s not a terrible book, but it s terrible.Confused I picked this book up bc it said it was incredibly dark, and it blatently told me it was a terrible book Terrible in the way that the main character sympathizes with Jeffrey Dalmer and doesn t stop doing lines of coke the entire book I mean I m not judging a line every now and then is fine really, but he was out of his mind, the majority of the time And for the record, I don t believe sympathizing with Dalmer is ever okay.There [...]