Gamer Girl Free Read Gamer Girl - by Mari Mancusi - Gamer Girl, Gamer Girl After Maddy s parents divorce she s stuck starting over at a new high school Friendless and nicknamed Freak Girl Manga loving artist Maddy finds refuge in the interactive online game Fields of Fanta

  • Title: Gamer Girl
  • Author: Mari Mancusi
  • ISBN: 9780525479956
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover

Gamer Girl

Free Read Gamer Girl - by Mari Mancusi, Gamer Girl, Mari Mancusi, Gamer Girl After Maddy s parents divorce she s stuck starting over at a new high school Friendless and nicknamed Freak Girl Manga loving artist Maddy finds refuge in the interactive online game Fields of Fantasy In that virtual world she reinvents herself as Allora a gorgeous elfin alter ego and meets a true friend in Sir Leo Maddy can t hide behind Allora forever especiallyAfter Maddy s par Free Read Gamer Girl - by Mari Mancusi. Free Read Gamer Girl - by Mari Mancusi - Gamer Girl, Gamer Girl After Maddy s parents divorce she s stuck starting over at a new high school Friendless and nicknamed Freak Girl Manga loving artist Maddy finds refuge in the interactive online game Fields of Fanta

  • Free Read Gamer Girl - by Mari Mancusi
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Gamer Girl
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  1. SERIOUSLY someone stop me from picking books entirely based on their covers IT USUALLY DOES NOT END WELL.In this case, I expected a wonderful book and got a cliched story with unlikable characters.

  2. This is not a book as much as it is a collection of clich d plot devices and character stereotypes that are two dimensional than those found in after school specials.It has everything which makes a teen book amount to nothing A main character named Maddy Starr an obvious author insert for Mari Mancusi who constantly bitches about how nobody gets her, and nobody ever will, and how she s repulsed that no one at her new school is a mop headed emo boy or an Edward Cullen worshiping goth girl Rather [...]

  3. The odds of me finishing this aren t looking too good It reads like of a marketing plan than a book I imagine a bunch of suits sitting around at a marketing meeting at Dutton saying stuff like, I hear the kids are really into gaming these days Also those weird Japanese comics what are those called again Somebody should write a teen book about that crap and use the lingo and stuff Mancusi, how about you Edited to add I did finish it, and I m taking back my second star.

  4. You can read my full review by clicking here Have you ever read a unique book where no matter how hard you try, you can t seem to find anything like it Gamer Girl would have to be one of those types of books There s nothing really special in wording that Mari Mancusi uses But somehow, the plot draws me in It s different, to say the least.I read Gamer Girl about three years ago, and at that time, I was a seventh grader The cover drew me in I always judge the cover and when I finished the book, it [...]

  5. This book had the potential to be so much , a real paen to the pwn you spirit of geek girls and gamer girls everywhere of which I am one , but the author chose instead to rehash every predictable high school trope prevalent in much of today s YA fiction Not to mention create the thoroughly unlikable character of Maddy Starr, who was quite obviously Mari Mancusi another grown woman reliving her high school days what is the deal with that anyway First Meyer and now Mancusi and goddess knows who el [...]

  6. THIS BOOOK IS MY NUMBER 1 FAVORITE BOOK This book was so awesome For me i loved this book because this book talks about a girl that love japanese manga and anime and she watches the episodes and draw them, it s just like me and other people who love anime and manga This book really made me smile when i heard very familliar animes in the book For me, this book was sort of like a cinderella story,have any body heard of the movie A Cinderela Story That movie had the movie star Hilary Duff in it, an [...]

  7. No Just, no.I hate this book I just HATE it I want to throw it to the wall and burn it I forced myself to finish this book so I can get on with reading another book that I was sure would be better I HATE having to stop reading a book without finishing it I m used to reading predictable books, but this is just ridiculous No plot twist, no real conflict, it s plain and there s nothing memorable about it besides the fact that it includes manga and a MMORPG.I couldn t connect AT ALL with the main ch [...]

  8. I didn t like this book The plot was way too predictable she ends up with Chad, which we knew would happen the moment she first meets him, even though he is a Hater And it isn t hard to figure out who Sir Leo is , and the main character was annoying She cared too much about clothes she has a problem with people not wearing goth clothes according to her, everyone who wears Abercrombie is a zombie, this may be true in many cases, but come on, let s try to be a bit open minded Clothing doesn t mak [...]

  9. REVAMP OF AN OLD REVIEW Let s be honest This book is pretty much a big, fat, destructive insult to the female gamers who have played video games in their lifetime and enjoyed them Yes, the book itself is full of overused cliches, insanely one dimensional stereotypes, and a plot that has been used countless times in FanFiction, but the one thing that ticked me the most was that this was supposed to be about a female who plays video games She could have represented the 43% of the Gamer community Y [...]

  10. I m actually between a 2 and 3 star Though I thought this might be a great book because I play online games and I am into manga, I felt unhappy Okay, I got it, I wasn t able to really put the book down, but still, it wasn t real.What I mean by this is that, she s bullied Yes, you ve seen many bullied in your highschool days, but that much Every single day I think the author, Mari Mancusi, is fantasizing Well, I can t be talking because I have not gone through highschool, but I know it s not that [...]

  11. Maddy s parents have recently divorced and her mom has moved Maddy and her younger sister from the big city of Boston, to a small rural town Maddy and her old friends from Boston describe most of the teens in the area as Aberzombies, preppy kids that dress in polo shirts, play football, and aren t really aware of most of Maddy s interests Maddy loves manga, anime, and is a gifted artist, but is quickly deemed as freak girl by one of the most popular boys at her school It doesn t help that her gr [...]

  12. The only thing worse than a stereotyped otaku gamer heroine is one that reads like she was written by a wannabe otaku gamer I think this book has done damage to the image of the manga reading cosplayer nerd community than good.

  13. Gabby WatsonBook Review 211 2 11Gamer Girl A Twist on Reality Life sucks Well at least Maddy Starr thinks it does But you can t blame her her parents just got divorced and because of that, Maddy, her sister, and her mom are stuck living in her grandma s unicorn museum She s getting mercilessly bullied by Billy Henderson and the Haters, and it doesn t help that she s in love with Billy s right hand man Things start to look up on Maddy s 16th birthday Her dad sends her a computer game called Field [...]

  14. This book is somewhat cliche, but I actually really enjoyed it This is like book candy for me than it being super inspirational or really deep, it s just a casual story to enjoy that has a little bit of romance If you feel like just tuning out the world for a little while, then you can try this book It s a pretty quick and easy read.

  15. His name is CHAD MURRAY Like, in recognition of Chad Michael Murray, the One Tree Hill star What a terrible, terrible coincidence Just, come on as soon as he cheated on betrayed Sophia Bush, he s been kicked off my LIKE list to the very bottom Besides, I ll always remember him as squinty eyed boy Gamer Girl GG reminded me too much of A Cinderella Story ACS So typically clich d that it made me want to bang my head against the wall Then moan in agony 1 Pathetic protagonist who s constantly ridicul [...]

  16. Okay I get that this is purely fictional and yet, I expected scenarios to be possible and not so far fetched when it comes to realistic fiction One of the elephantine ginormous plotholes is something I wouldn t spoil Never mind, here it is view spoiler tell me now, what are the odds that you will meet your crush purely out of coincidence on an online game Yes, you transfer to a new school then you start playing a game where you become best best friends almost virtual online dating with him Uh, n [...]

  17. Gamer Girl, by Mari Mancusi, is about a 15 year old girl, named Maddy, and that she gets a game from her dad for her birthday Her mother and father split up, and Maddy and her sister, and mom, have to live at their grandma s house Maddy has to leave her old friends behind for what her mother and father s relationship had ended She has to go to a whole different school, in order to make new friends and enemies So the game that Maddy got for her birthday is named, Fields of Fantasy, and she gets h [...]

  18. 3.5 starsThis was cute but BOY was it predictable Right from the start, I could have told you exactly how the story would go to a T It also reads quite young and dramatic, with a child of a recent divorce going around hating the world for being so unfair and whatever That s not necessarily unrealistic, and as someone who also went through a divorce and also had a shit time in high school because of it, I can kind of relate But it did feel quite juvenile and Disney Channel esque Maybe my cringe r [...]

  19. This is a book that I would read once, but never again.I m not going to lie I did not enjoy this book as much as I wanted myself to The main character was a girl that I could easily aspire to become her life could possibly be an exact duplicate of mine, however, the difference was that her life was too easy.This book did not do what I wished it would to me emotionally In most books I enjoyed, there were times when I could emotionally connect with the main character, and we would seem to form som [...]

  20. I m a little torn with my impressions of Gamer Girl Let me first start off by saying that the premise did appeal to me because I was very much into games, manga, and anime when I was around the protagonist s age matter in point I still am, but I don t have as much of the time to place to it now as I used to So when I read the premise, I thought it was an excellent subject to write a book about and eagerly awaited reading it I lucked out finding it at my local library which I just checked out ear [...]

  21. Maddy s life couldn t get much worse Her parents split and now she s stuck in a small town and at a new school Most of the time, she retreats into her manga art, but when she gets into the Fields of Fantasy online computer game, she knows she s found the one place she can be herself In the game world, Maddy can be the beautiful and magical Allora and have a virtually perfect life And she even finds a little romance But can Maddy escape her real life problems altogether, or will she have to find [...]

  22. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooMaddy Starr s world has come to an end Her parents just divorced, and now she s living with her mother and her 8 year old sister in the unicorn infested house of her grandmother Yikes Could it possibly get any worse Yep, it can get worse.On her first day at her new high school, Maddy is humiliated As she s about to leave for school, her grandmother declares she will not allow her granddaughter to go to school looking like a dead prostitut [...]

  23. I thought that this was a cute book that explores the dynamics between Maddy and her newly divorced family and having to now go to a new school, in a new city and facing up to the mean people she encounters But her father buys her an online game called Fields of Fantasy and she starts playing it hoping to connect to her absent father, but instead starts to play with a boy her age, called Sir Leo I liked how the book touches on a lot of the feelings that you get when you have to go to someplace n [...]

  24. This book is so amazing I can relate myself to this charcter When I first started reading it, I was like, wow this so amazing Maddy watches animes I watch and draw pictures to I like this book because it also inspires people not to give up and to take a stand for what you belive in I also like how Maddy used the game to escape from her real world where Maddy met nicer people than at her school When Maddy made her manga club, people came then she expected I felt sorry when the bully took her dra [...]

  25. I loved this sooo much It gave me so much nostalgia This is about girl having a really rough time at school and then her dad gives her an online videogame for her birthday She meets someone to quest with in there and it takes off from there I met my husband in a mmorpg, Everquest 2 This brought me back to then The author was authentic to the mmo experience down to fetch quests and dying in awkward places There is also a mention on anime and manga in there like full metal alchemist and.hack It wa [...]

  26. I read this book once upon a time, back when I was young and naive I really communicated with the main character back then, now so long ago Now that I have returned to the book with all the things I have learned and experienced, to be very frank, this book sucks.The cover is cute, and the chapters begin with cute emoticons of the mc That s cute Howevere plot is too predictable, the main character annoys me deeply she also contradicts herself at select parts , and it is just one long ramble about [...]

  27. I should have known by the title that this book was terrible No self respecting gamer would label themselves a gamer girl Not only is it slightly offensive to categorize yourself as something separate and thus pushing the cultural idea that male is default , but anyone who does label themselves that is clearly not a gamer If you play games and are you are a girl, you are simply a gamer Stop trying to segregate us I m all for female empowerment but we can do that without tagging already establish [...]

  28. I came across this while looking for read alikes for Maki Murakami s Gamerz Heaven Although I decided it wasn t a good read alike, the manga and gaming aspects of the book appealed to me Also, I was blinded by the cover art If I ever hear that Elise Trinh, the cover artist, has illustrated a graphic novel, I ll be sure to give it a try Unfortunately, Gamer Girl s cover turned out to be way better than the actual book despite Allora s wonky right arm, which I just noticed she s the elf on the bot [...]