A Posse of Princesses ↠ A Posse of Princesses Ä Sherwood Smith - A Posse of Princesses, A Posse of Princesses Rhis princess of a small kingdom is invited along with all the other princesses in her part of the world to the coming of age party of the Crown Prince of Vesarja which is the central and most impo

  • Title: A Posse of Princesses
  • Author: Sherwood Smith
  • ISBN: 9781611380279
  • Page: 353
  • Format: ebook

A Posse of Princesses

↠ A Posse of Princesses Ä Sherwood Smith, A Posse of Princesses, Sherwood Smith, A Posse of Princesses Rhis princess of a small kingdom is invited along with all the other princesses in her part of the world to the coming of age party of the Crown Prince of Vesarja which is the central and most important kingdom When Iardith the prettiest and most perfect of all the princesses is abducted Rhis and her friends go to the rescue What happens to Rhis and her posse has unRhis ↠ A Posse of Princesses Ä Sherwood Smith. ↠ A Posse of Princesses Ä Sherwood Smith - A Posse of Princesses, A Posse of Princesses Rhis princess of a small kingdom is invited along with all the other princesses in her part of the world to the coming of age party of the Crown Prince of Vesarja which is the central and most impo

  • ↠ A Posse of Princesses Ä Sherwood Smith
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A Posse of Princesses
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  1. Sherwood Smith s A Posse of Princesses does something that few female focused YA fantasies seem to do these days She gives us a smart heroine who isn t a passive cypher waiting for others to use her and act through her Nor is the character operating in a depressing, dystopian world against unsurmountable odds In fact although Rhis thinks she s a rebellious princess, she s actually well behaved and rather conservative.However, despite all that, she s probably one of the stronger feminist characte [...]

  2. 3.5 5 4 stars B I can t believe this book has been on Mt TBR for four years already I am glad I finally read it I don t read a lot of Young adult books but there are a few authors who do it well, especially when in the fantasy genre Sherwood Smith does it well The thing I liked most about this story was Rhis, the main female character She was 16 and the way her character was drawn reflected that Of noble birth, but not really interested in statecraft and all that rigmarole, she does her best to [...]

  3. Princess Rhis never gets to go anywhere or do anything Her only escape from dull tutoring lessons is hiding up in a tower writing ballads about well all the things she never gets to do But then Prince Lios returns to Vesarja and invites every eligible young lady to come try her hand at winning his And Rhis, at sixteen, is off for the adventure of a lifetime.Mmm This book is total self indulgence for any reader who enjoys strong willed princesses, heroes with great smiles, and an occasional trip [...]

  4. Originally reviewed on The Book Smugglers thebooksmugglers 2012 03 bPrincess Rhis of the small, craggy, but bountifully rich kingdom of Nym lives a charmed but rather boring life.Though she s intelligent, Rhis is not the heir to the throne and thus has little interest in learning all the subjects that make a queen especially not when her stuffy elder sister by marriage insists on nitpicking the flaws in Rhis s attention span and work ethic Instead, the plain young princess is far interested in [...]

  5. This was as lovely as I remembered the ebook has one or two spelling mistakes, but that s it I think it s a believable portrayal of a naive princess who hasn t found an outlet for her interests at home but has lots of potential and now finds herself at a house party which opens up the whole world to her.The growth from silent and love struck observer to mediator and confidante is believable, even though she is 16 And so the drama she gets into and her angst at having to forego seeing her love fo [...]

  6. One of my favorite things to do when I was young was go to the library I loved the crinkle of the plastic covers over the books and the smell of the pages when I opened a book and prepared to dive into its adventures for the first time I even loved the overly used part of the pages, the fingerprints and stains because those told stories to me in addition to the words that were printed on the page.One of my favorite types of stories to read were stories of princesses and adventures What little gi [...]

  7. Rating 2.5 Stars I believe I got about 100 pages into this book before giving up on it This wasn t because the writing was bad or the characters were annoying, it was simply because the novel felt far too juvenile for me Sherwood Smith s Crown Duel Series have been receiving some remarkable ratings and seems to have been marketed towards teens and adults, which is why I thought I d give one of her other novels a chance while I could However,A Posse of Princessesis a middle grade story It was cu [...]

  8. I wrote out a long review and then my computer went wonky and I lost it here is the short version Great book with many flaws but overcomes those flaws with fantastic, realistic characterizations and situations The sort of book I would read to my future kids for the ending alone.

  9. This is the e book edition, which has been smoothed from the book edition, and also a new scene added near the end.

  10. Okay, so I admit this wasn t much of a challenge for me to read, since this is the kind of stuff I lap up with a spoon I mean c mon, prince and princesses, castles magic diamonds Now, wait Don t run, this isn t a cheesy version of Princess Diaries 2 although, if you must know I liked that fluff film This is an adventurous take on some prince and princess clich s.Up until now I had only read Sherwood Smith s Crown Court Duel, but that was enough to cement her into my list of favorite authors What [...]

  11. 9 10ths of this book were vastly fun Sherwood Smith has always done good female teenagers, as far as I m concerned, and speaking as someone who was of the let s go have an adventure and do stuff type girl than the oh god I m in love type girl so common in adolescent fiction I m looking at you, B S First runner up in the Miss I Couldn t Relate Pageant the girl burdened with terrible trauma who copes with it poorly common in contemporary fiction than fantasy I had a good home life and wasn t ove [...]

  12. I don t know why, but I m a sucker for books, like The Riddle Master of Hed, where the royals turn out to be normal everyday joes who know how to do their own cooking and grew up playing in the creek with the kids who grew up to be their advisers A Posse of Princesses is in the same vein, and I think that s why I liked it The teenaged princes and princesses of various vaguely medieval with magic kingdoms meet to form alliances and marriages and get to know each other, at which point they act lik [...]

  13. This book didn t flow well The first half had a sedate pace which would be fine if it felt consistent and was well thought out with good dialogue and okay mystery and court intrigue The second half of the book rushed by and felt completely disconnected Too many random and pointless events And the inciting incident mentioned in the blurb kidnapping happened halfway through the book.Random is not okay view spoiler Rhis should have remembered her sister s magic ring earlier or made it a one time an [...]

  14. Honestly, I feel that the blurb was deceiving I was expecting a story about the adventures of a posse of princesses You know, chasing after one of their own Using their own power and resources Girl power Yeah, the whole abduction thing It really wasn t that important In fact, I think the book would have been better if it was left out completely Don t get me wrong I enjoyed the book I just think the whole abduction scenario was thrown in to make this book into an action adventure story It didn t [...]

  15. Ahhhh so satisfying Finally a YA fantasy where the romance is actually believable and charming I really hate all the one glance and they knew type of YA romances that are so endemic Twilight is not the first nor the last, but it s a perfect example of what annoys me so much Or if they are going to get infatuated at first glance, at least follow it up with convincing evidence that the two people would actually get along But nooooo that would require character development and gasp character growth [...]

  16. This was a reread for me after reading Thea s review at The Book Smugglers, I was tempted into buying the revised e version with an extra chapter and had no regrets.This felt a bit like a high school story translated to a fantasy setting, with cliques, bullying, and secrets galore however, Sherwood Smith pulls it off and I loved how Rhis and girl power came to the fore And I really liked how the HEA in this book was a realistic one for a story where the main protagonists are teenagers The high f [...]

  17. Such a disappointment because I love this author Crown Court Duel were really well done and I liked the Wren trilogy as well However this just didn t cut it I think this book tried to do too many things kidnapping, forbidden magic, a love story, corrupt kingdoms, an epistolary novel, etc etc etc The first 160 pages are about Rhis and her friends attending balls and parties Then suddenly about halfway through the book, a bunch of girls dash off to rescue another girl who has been kidnapped I m no [...]

  18. 2.5 stars I would keep it at 2 stars but I ve given 2 stars to books that I ve enjoyed less so 2.5 stars it is It could have been an I liked it book had it not been for a few issues which I can t overlook with this.This is a story about a privileged yet not unkind princess known as Rhis Our protagonist comes from a good family better than most do when coming from any royal lineage and is in no way in line for the throne thus she has spent a great many years having her head up in the clouds of ro [...]

  19. 4.5 stars, a really admirable book, I think people should read Sherwood Smith s book, there amazing, and have character It s a shame not many people know about them.Rhis, the main character in this book, was a darling of a character the sort of person you d want to be friends with in real life All in all I really liked this story.

  20. Review from A Journey Through PagesSomething about the title and plot of this book made me not want to read it It s really quite strange, I can t explain it, but it was one of those books that kept popping up on my recommendations so I finally said screw it and checked it out from the library.I was pleasantly surprised.There are really two parts to this book, the introduction of characters and then the growing of these characters The plot expained up in the synopsis happens in the second part of [...]

  21. Genre Teen fiction fairy tale I really liked this book It is the story of the young princess Rhis age 16 who lives in an isolated mountainous kingdom When she gets invited to a party trip vacation to meet Prince Lios of a distant kingdom and many other young royalty near her age, she is very excited Rhis is of a romantic nature and upon seeing the handsome prince Lios, she immediately falls in love Fortunately, Rhis is not just romantic, but she has a number of helpful traits that lend balance [...]

  22. When Rhis, a princess of Nym, is invited to a party for the prince of a nearby kingdom, she has no expectations other than to have a good time There she meets many princesses and princes and becomes great friends with some She also meets the prince s scribe, who quickly becomes one of her best friends When one of the princesses goes missing, Rhis and three of her fellow princesses set out to save her Along the way, they all learn a lot about themselves and the world around them.I loved this book [...]

  23. 3.7This was an enjoyable read, and far preferable to some of the other silly books I ve read over the years I can t help but confess though, that I am a little disappointed My qualms 1 I found it hard to believe that some of the characters were around the age of twenty everyone felt still to be high school age, and even that felt a little ditsy at times However, I was able to feel and understand the vision the author had in mind and suspend a bit of disbelief and excuse those shortcomings.2 The [...]

  24. I liked this well enough but the ending killed any love like I had for this book, because guess what I didn t read this book to learn about how bad young marriage is, I read this book for FUN Sherwood Smith sold this book as a fun romp where a group or a Posse if you will of Princesses chase after another Princess, and what did I get A PSA that changed the stay in school don t do drugs to stay in school don t get married I don t really cuss but this says it all view spoiler hide spoiler Not to m [...]

  25. Ok this book is about a princess who is invited to the coming of age party for prince Lois There are lots of princesses invited but only one will the prince choose She learns a lot about love and friendship The story has a neat twist to it that I really enjoyed even though I find it out almost right a way it was still fun to read.I did not like the ending as well like the letter trying to speed up five years but I liked how they had to wait the five years so they would be mature It would have b [...]

  26. One of the reasons I really liked this book is that the main heroine is a strong female lead without being the cliche tomboy princess, or the prettiest in the land, or the smartest or most talented, or even the most heroic She s worlds relatable than most of my favorite leads of this genre, and I think it s a greater story for that I loved how the other characters picked up those typical princess roles, but in a tasteful and fun manner Such a great cast of characters My only disappointment was [...]

  27. I wrote a nice review of this book and the internets ate it Let this be a lesson to you all I enjoyed how the author portrayed teenage relationships She made them feel real and not really childish, but allowed the characters to make the common mistakes people do when they re young in order to show their growth.The conclusion was quite nice, though the main character seemed to act overly dramatic which had not been her tendency before in the story The letters were a great way to tie up loose ends [...]

  28. Rhis, princess of the small kingdom of Nym, is going to a party all the eligible princesses around have been invited to the coming of age party of Lios, the crown prince of Vesarja Though Rhis feels out of place and plain next to Iardith, the most beautiful of the princesses, she soon finds a circle of friends she can have fun and be herself with, and when Iardith is kidnapped, Rhis and her friends go to the rescue The idea of princesses competing for a prince could easily be clich d, but here i [...]

  29. Actual rating probably about 3.5 stars I really did not like the turn Smith gave our heroine s best friend s personality and romantic tendencies in the last two chapters It completely undermined her character and what depth she had developed over the course of the novel.Generally, the story was slow to start, had a decent climax, and an okay if odd ending I don t quite understand it given that the whole premise of the party invitation was to intro the prince to marriageable girls Overall, strong [...]