Nation [PDF] Download ✓ Nation : by Terry Pratchett - Nation, Nation Alone on a desert island everything and everyone he knows and loves has been washed away in a storm Mau is the last surviving member of his nation He s completely alone or so he thinks until he finds

  • Title: Nation
  • Author: Terry Pratchett
  • ISBN: 9780061433016
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Hardcover


[PDF] Download ✓ Nation : by Terry Pratchett, Nation, Terry Pratchett, Nation Alone on a desert island everything and everyone he knows and loves has been washed away in a storm Mau is the last surviving member of his nation He s completely alone or so he thinks until he finds the ghost girl She has no toes wears strange lacy trousers like the grandfather bird and gives him a stick that can make fire Daphne sole survivor of the wreck of tAlone on a desert island e [PDF] Download ✓ Nation : by Terry Pratchett. [PDF] Download ✓ Nation : by Terry Pratchett - Nation, Nation Alone on a desert island everything and everyone he knows and loves has been washed away in a storm Mau is the last surviving member of his nation He s completely alone or so he thinks until he finds

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Nation : by Terry Pratchett
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  1. 2016 Re read for Sci Fi Fantasy book club.Seriously, does anyone else want to kick the Nobel Prize committee for not giving Pratchett the award I wish this novel had been around when I was a kid.older reviewPhilip Pullman is known, perhaps infamously, for His Dark Materials trilogy, which has been attacked because of Pullman s atheist beliefs as well as the endorsement of atheism that book represents Pullman isn t the only writer to have been attacked due to his view on religion, and I doubt tha [...]

  2. Dear Terry Pratchett, It is entirely unfair that every book of yours I read increases my estimation for you At some point, you will no longer be able to live up to my expectations, and on that day I am probably going to cry.Sincerely, Cait, who is thinking about getting a hermit crab tattoo.I kind of don t want to talk about the plot, because Native boy and English girl survive tsunami, build empire of survivors and create a nation of science does not convey how awesome it all is Guys, this book [...]

  3. Deciding what one reads for the quite particular milestone of the 1000th book read is quite something Whilst stats are never important in any area of life reading, playing Cricket, sex they are incredibly fun And, let s face it, 1000 is a ruddy good number The importance of reading a good book on the 1000th turn was pivotal because the past few books have been, in a word, dire.Charles Dickens was a good bet Charles Dickens is always a good bet Even when he dies and leaves a book unfinished, he s [...]

  4. Disclaimer I m about to wax poetic in a totally corny way Just warning you I am, and have been for years, of the opinion that Pratchett is the best writer there is He continually serves up pitch perfect depictions of spectacular characters who are both wonderfully inventive, and at the same time purposefully normal And in every book, hidden in the hilarity, and the side splitting satire, is a perfect pearl of truth about human nature I remember when I first found one It was the slender and yet u [...]

  5. Terry Pratchett is a weird and wonderful writer his style is completely unique There really is no other author quite like him and there will probably never be another, a true orginal His humour is so strange, but remarkably witty Some of the metaphors he uses are just plain genius This is the first Terry Pratchett book I read, and I really do need to go and read some This novel takes place on a wacky island full of strange creatures and even stranger people The island s bananas are pink, the tr [...]

  6. Young Mau is a boy living on an island he knows only as the Nation He has been sent to the Boy s Island where he must survive until he can, using only the tools of the island, build a canoe that will take him on the return voyage to the Nation By doing so, he will prove that he is a man and the village will celebrate as he sheds his boy s soul and takes on his man s soul Except, when he returns, there are no fires There are no feasts There is no one to welcome him home What is there is death, de [...]

  7. I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan but have to admit I like his adult books best His YA writings, like this one, are simpler, not as cynical and therefore not as funny Nevertheless they are still very good.Nation begins with a tsunami which wipes out the residents of many islands including the one where Mau ends up being the only survivor A variety of refugees arrive over the following days and numerous entertaining events occur Pratchett does delve quite deeply into beliefs and the existence or ot [...]

  8. This is YA so I won t give it an official review, but man is it top notch stuff Faith and desert islands Foul mouthed parrots and science It s a little like Swiss Family Robinson, a little like Casablanca, and a little like nothing I ve read before Grand great stuff.

  9. I suppose that after twenty five years of writing DiscWorld novels, Terry Pratchett has earned the right to do something a bit different And different is precisely what he does with his latest novel, Nation Nation is a story set in a parallel universe to ours, but it s not the world of DiscWorld Though it could someday be, I suppose, though I hope Pratchett resists the temptation to tie together all his universes Mau is a young boy, sent on a quest to become a man by his tribe Daphne is a young [...]

  10. review in English below Esta hist ria inicia se com um tsunami, que desencadeia todos os acontecimentos que se seguem.Ler este livro foi como se tamb m eu tivesse sido apanhada por esse tsunami foi completamente inesperado e seguramente ter consequ ncias duradouras, uma das quais ser a obrigatoriedade de ler mais livros de Terry Pratchett.Disfar ado de hist ria de aventuras para jovens, esta na verdade uma reflex o muito acutilante sobre o significado da vida, a import ncia das escolhas que faze [...]

  11. Don t let the cartoonish book cover fool you, as it did me this is a lovely story about two young people from totally different societies, in the nineteenth century Mau is a boy who has lived on a small island for his entire life He has just accomplished his month long rite of passage to manhood He returns to his home island on a canoe that he built, as a tsunami completely devastates his home That same tsunami throws a British ship onto the uncharted island, and Daphne is the only survivor a yo [...]

  12. I m not the world s biggest Terry Pratchett fan I ve tried getting into Diskworld on no less than 4 occasions, and have always stumbled by about book 4 BUT, the bride insisted I give NATION a shot because it s a stand alone, and hell, when the bride insists, the wise man listens.So this was a pretty great book It feels like it could have done with a tiny bit I don t know what Polish is the wrong word I don t know what the right word is But I read somewhere that the idea for NATION has been bubb [...]

  13. A great read Nation works on many levels, and although it was marketed towards a YA readership, the novel has plenty of substance to keep adult readers thinking The two main characters, an island boy just coming to adulthood and a shipwrecked Victorian girl whose father is 139th in line for the British throne, are vastly different in cultural background and life experience, but when put to the test, they find they have much in common Both Mau and Daphne are brave souls with an unquenchable thirs [...]

  14. A THOUSAND STARS Wow.I was forewarned by friends and readers I have read and loved a couple of other books by the author So it s not like I didn t know the odds this would be good but this book It blew my mind away In its epilogue, Terry Pratchett says Thinking This book contains some.And that s true this is one of the most think y books I have ever read I loved it with every fibre of my being.Nation is a book of ideas Its main theme, that of construction and creation the construction of a home, [...]

  15. This is a book that I found myself calling wonderful from the very beginning and immediately knowing it would be a favorite It s one I d recommend to nearly anyone Be sure to buy a copy when it comes out in October of 2008.This alternate history takes place in a time when the redcoats were plopping down flags on islands without asking the permission of the natives Most authors fail to give such natives equal or superior intellectual status with their European contemporaries Instead, such people [...]

  16. Terry Pratchett is very angry.At first glance, it looks like Pratchett has combined the descriptions fromSimon Winchester s Krakatoa and the Indonesian tsunami with the central question ofJared Diamond s Guns, Germs, and Steel i.e why do the Europeans have all the stuff and pacific islanders don t.But that s the surface, in this case much of the plot The deep part is a look at the process of grieving It isn t the simple seven steps Our main character Mau I kept reading it as Man at firstour ever [...]

  17. Pratchett takes on imperialism, religion, women, men and fate.He does it well, and with greater grace than I can explain without spoilers Just read it because I told you so, okay

  18. The premise is simple a devastating tidal wave brings two young people of widely disparate cultures together on a tropical island The resulting story is anything but simple packed with vast and universal themes, mixed with humor and peopled with vivid characters This has to be Pratchett s best Like all his stories, the humor and the inventive quirkiness makes for a delightful read yet this is a story that also thoughtfully explores an array of fascinating themes ranging from faith, free will, ge [...]

  19. Finalmente, consegui arranjar um par de horas seguidas para fazer o que tinha h muito vontade de fazer acabar este livro de uma assentada E que bem me soube As p ginas n o s o muitas, mas s o muito boas as suficientes para nos levar numa aventura a fazer lembrar livros juvenis como o Robinson Crusoe, ou a Ilha do Tesouro, mas apenas por fora Porque na verdade, trata se de algo muito diferente, e caracteristicamente Terry Pratchettiano tem aventura, sim, mas tem tamb m fantasia, surpreendentement [...]

  20. They didn t know why these things were funny Sometimes you laugh because you ve got no room for crying Sometimes you laugh because table manners on a beach are funny And sometimes you laugh because you re alive, when you really shouldn t be The day I began and finished this book, I received the news that Sir Terry Pratchett had died I was in school, this was my face I have read many of his books, not all of the Discworld, but I will get there All of his books I have loved or admire for one reas [...]

  21. A serious book from a comedy writer The book is targeted at young adults, but I find it appealing at any age, as long as we remember that we were kids once, or that we will have kids of our own This is the kind of story I would like to put in their hands.With a tale of catastrophe in an alternate Earth Pacific ocean and a boy meets girl on a desert island, I thought at the beginning this will go either the Blue Lagoon way or the Lord of the Flies way But sir Terry Pratchett goes his own way Whil [...]

  22. This was my first reading of a Terry Pratchett book For the first 20% or so, I struggled with his introductions to two different societies one civilized and familiar in a historical context, the other primitive and mythical religious in a pagan context I had trouble putting these pieces into a single framework, and the story seemed slow to develop Those who have read many of his works would probably not struggle as I did.At any rate, things got very interesting once the two main characters Mau a [...]

  23. This book, I have had on my to read list for some considerable years It never got a look in, as it was Pratchett, and there were so many Discworld novels to go through, that I decided not to read his other books till I had finished the main series Well, I finished Discworld, for now, so was able to read this much recommended tome.Now, I love Pratchett, I really do he is a comic philosopher beyond all others and his books are as entertaining as they are insightful and stirring Almost every book h [...]

  24. I have tried several times to read a Disc World novel from cover to cover, without any success Since many friends of mine constantly point out that I am to blame myself if I don t like Pratchett, I read this one At least I made it until the last page, but I did not like that either Fourth world meets first world in the 18th century Of course, the savages are the good ones, and they are much cleverer and developed than Her Majesty s subjects But still, you can turn the world around as often as y [...]

  25. Terry Pratchett has been my favorite author since I happened to pick up one of his Discworld books in Scotland in 1999 Since then I have read everything by Terry that I can get my hands on and suffer withdrawal when waiting for his newest work He has a one of kind, amazing mind His imagination is brilliant and unending His wit and insight to human nature are the stuff legends are made of Frankly, I could praise Terry s work endlessly and encourage everyone who hasn t picked up a Discworld novel [...]

  26. I ve never made a secret about my love of Terry Pratchett s writing In the lottery of picking a good book, choosing one with Pratchett s name on the cover dramatically increases the odds of winning.Nation is no exception.Orphaned by a giant wave on the way home from his coming of age ritual on a deserted island, Mau finds himself alone among the dead of his people, the wreckage of his village, and the flotsam left behind by the wave s receding foamcluding a trouser man canoe, stranded high above [...]

  27. Reviewed by Lynn Crow for TeensReadTooMau is away from his small island when a giant wave destroys his village, leaving him alone and unable to complete the ceremony that would have given him his man s soul It takes all his strength just to carry on, with the voices of his ancestors haunting him.Daphne finds herself the lone survivor when the ship she was traveling on crashes into Mau s island on the same wave With little to guide her but her grandmother s training for high society, she isn t su [...]

  28. Just this moment I realised that it may be time to start thinking about Terry Pratchett s legacy I ve been reading his Discworld novels since 1990 wow and I can t pretend that all of them are great books, no matter how many times they make me laugh Nation could be his legacy It captures his humor and his insight into the human spirit a very hopeful outlook that reminded me strongly of Small Gods, my favorite of his books If he can make you care about the characters in 300 pages, and he did for m [...]

  29. I really enjoyed Nation I hadn t read any other of Terry Pratchett s books before and he has a delightfully quirky sense of humour I did struggle a little through the first quarter but once I got into it it was hard to stop I loved all the confusion and the stumbling around by the main characters, and just all the ridiculousness of it I definitely want to read the Discworld books now Highly recommended