Small Great Things [PDF] Small Great Things | by ✓ Jodi Picoult - Small Great Things, Small Great Things Ruth Jefferson is a labor and delivery nurse at a Connecticut hospital with than twenty years experience During her shift Ruth begins a routine checkup on a newborn only to be told a few minutes lat

  • Title: Small Great Things
  • Author: Jodi Picoult
  • ISBN: 9780345544957
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover

Small Great Things

[PDF] Small Great Things | by ✓ Jodi Picoult, Small Great Things, Jodi Picoult, Small Great Things Ruth Jefferson is a labor and delivery nurse at a Connecticut hospital with than twenty years experience During her shift Ruth begins a routine checkup on a newborn only to be told a few minutes later that she s been reassigned to another patient The parents are white supremacists and don t want Ruth who is African American to touch their child The hospital coRuth Jefferson [PDF] Small Great Things | by ✓ Jodi Picoult. [PDF] Small Great Things | by ✓ Jodi Picoult - Small Great Things, Small Great Things Ruth Jefferson is a labor and delivery nurse at a Connecticut hospital with than twenty years experience During her shift Ruth begins a routine checkup on a newborn only to be told a few minutes lat

  • [PDF] Small Great Things | by ✓ Jodi Picoult
    262Jodi Picoult
Small Great Things
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  1. The State just sees a dead baby They re targeting you because they think you failed as a nurse You re wrong I shake my head in the darkness, and I say the words I ve swallowed down my whole life They re targeting me because I m Black 3 1 2 stars I have some issues with the ending, but otherwise Small Great Things is such a pageturner It s the kind of book you can easily stay up until 2am to finish even without the teething infant to help you along True, it s Racism 101 for white Americans, but I [...]

  2. I have tried to write this review several times I guess I have a lot of thoughts about this novel.My first thought is that Jodi Picoult did not write this for me I don t know what the demographic is for Ms Picoult s novels but being a book person for a long time and having been to a couple of her book readings, I think I can make a pretty accurate guess at the demographic that buys her novels So this is a novel that was written for white women and it doesn t stray far from Ms Picoult s other nov [...]

  3. My reviews can also be seen at deesradreadsandreviews.wordprI could probably write a twelve page review on everything I want to talk about from this book, everything I learned from this book However, my reviews are long as it is so I will try my best to keep it short wellorter than twelve pages.I have read every book by Jodi Picoult and they all make me think As I ve said before I always learn something too But I feel like this book is the one that hit me hardest I learned so much and from the m [...]

  4. THIS REVIEW IS SAFE TO READ NO SPOILERS There is nothing in this review which isn t already suggested in the blurb I begin with an excerpt Suddenly Roarke Matthews is standing in front of me His suit is ironed with knife edge pleats, his shoes are buffed to a high gloss He looks like a soapopera star, except his nose is a off kilter, like he broke it playing football in high school He holds out a hand to greet me Mr Bauer, he says, why don t you come with me He leads me into an even imposing of [...]

  5. 4.5 starsThis is an incredibly heavy read one that s told with brutal honesty and a lot of heart.My initial reaction after I read the final page of the story why would she choose to end things on that note After all of the hate and uncomfortable feelings throughout this story, how could things ever possibly be wrapped up in such a way Never No way I wasn t buying it Then, I read the earnest note from the author following the story and cried my eyes out I felt like Jodi Picoult had crawled inside [...]

  6. I have so much to say about how terrible this book is I hated it I hated it so much idk how I even finshed it I don t think I ve ever rolled my eyes this much while reading a book.I am a black female medical student The whole premise of this book is completely wrong There is no way any medical professional was allowing a supervisor s rule prevent them from saving a patient in an emergency We swear to do no harm and to act in the benefit of the patient This would never happen, and if it did, then [...]

  7. This is a powerful book, bold in some ways , as we have a white author bringing to us a story depicting what racism looks like and trying to tell those of us who are not black, what it feels like But anyone who has read any of Jodi Picoult s books knows that she doesn t shy away from difficult to discuss topics I don t think very often about white supremacists Maybe because there hasn t been much about them in the news on a regular basis until recently or maybe because it s so uncomfortable to a [...]

  8. AVAILABLE NOW Look up at the dark sky See those stars They all belong to Small Great Things.The Small Great Things at the end is not the same Small Great Things it is at the beginning, meaning that so much is happening, so much is revealed that there s no way to read the first chapter and predict the rest of the story.Small Great Things has come a long way So has Kennedy So has Turk So has Ruth So has Edison So has the world.That s how it should be Doesn t mean though, that we re at the finish l [...]

  9. Jodi Picoult has been a best selling author for over twenty years Twenty years ago she wanted to discuss a hot button issue but did not feel like she had the platform to do so About a year ago, Picoult read where a black female nurse in Flint, Michigan had been dismissed by a white supremacist patient over skin color Feeling that the time was right to discuss race, Picoult used this court case as a basis for Small Great Things, her current best selling novel Ruth Jefferson has been a labor and d [...]

  10. Oh dear, sigh sigh I m sad I didn t like this book I so wanted to Lots of friends love Picoult, so I feel sort of like an alien, one standing at alert, with her handy but annoying Complaint Board right here front and center.The story line drew me right in A black labor and delivery nurse is accused by a white supremacist of murdering his newborn, and a very sympathetic and determined lawyer defends her All three Ruth the nurse, Turk the supremacist, and Kennedy the lawyer have their own chapter [...]

  11. every baby is born beautiful.It s what we project on them that makes them ugly.A drop of water is a tiny thing Only a twentieth of a gram It takes almost six hundred drops to make an ounce, and a hundred twenty eight ounces to make a gallon That gallon is eight pounds of weight You can feel the weight of water when you stand on the beach and try to hold your place as waves push you back It takes only six inches of moving water to take control of your car If you could stand underneath Niagara Fal [...]

  12. 4.5 StarsSmall Great Things Powerful Thought Provoking Heartbreaking Ruth Jefferson is an LD Nurse with 20 years of experience, working at a Hospital in West Haven, CT She gets along well with all of her colleagues and all of her patients love her that is until she assists Turk Bauer and his wife Brit with their new baby Davis Turk and Brit are White Supremacists and they don t want Ruth touching their baby because she is black Due to their feelings, Ruth is ordered by her supervisor not to care [...]

  13. I had a heavy heart starting this and it got that much heavier as I read As much as it was not uplifting, there were moments of beauty here that made my heart swell.This is a story about racism told from 3 perspectives A black nurse not sure what choice to make A skinhead who is sure of his choices a defense attorney who is questioning her own choices.A tough theme that still exists, sadly, in our culture It s about justice or injustice and how is this defined It s about the loss of life which i [...]

  14. This was a beast of a novel for me not in the sense that it was long, but in that it was a difficult topic I, like Picoult, think of myself as not discriminating in how I treat people, however, the issues this novel raises had me questioning that A very thought provoking novel that I think people need to read As uncomfortable as it may be, these issues need to be raised and reflected on We can all do small great things.

  15. Once again, a great read from one of my favorite authors The story felt very authentic to me and the topic, I m so glad she covered Tons of emotion I listened to this on audible and enjoyed all the narrators I ve read every one of Jodi s books and this is definitely one of my favorites Very important authors note at the end

  16. A high 4 stars I ve had mixed experiences with Jodi Picoult I ve loved some of her books, and found others to be real duds This one goes in the positive pile Picoult typically picks a social issue, creates a crisis situation and tells the story from the perspective of a few characters caught up in the crisis When her books work, it s because she is able to create powerful characters who give real dimension to the issues the books grapple with Small Great Things is one that worked for me but I ha [...]

  17. This Review is Based on an Advanced Reading Copy A woman with frizzy hair stands in front of a giant wheel On this wheel are many many social issues She glances at the wheel and smiles and then begins to spin it, waiting for her inspiration The wheel spins around and around and finally lands on Amish The woman frowns a bit and realizes that she had already covered that topic She spins the wheel again School Shooting appears in the crosshairs She frowns again and stamps her feet a bit She spins i [...]

  18. 5 Real, raw, and brilliant stars This book is one of my top Reads of 2017 I read this book last January and it still sticks with me today, really a truly powerful story Jodi Picoult definitely writes books that make you think.Not even sure where to start with this there is so much I want to say, but I don t want to ruin it for anybody The story was told from three different POVs Ruth a nurse Kennedy A lawyer and Turk The white supremacist I think the author did a good job with this, a good job o [...]

  19. Jodi Picoult is a daring, talented author who knows how to write new stuff about age old controversies She can write a male or female character with equal ease In this book, she writes about Ruth, her grown son, and Jodi Picoult writes from the point of view of the racist father I thought the clan KKK would be prominent in this book , and her white lawyer who took up her case, Kennedy.Jodi Picoult obviously believes that God is in the details She cares for each sentence so much, that, she must h [...]

  20. NOW AVAILABLEWe all have preferences Men, women have a look they are drawn to Blondes Brunettes Redheads Tall Short Blue eyes Skinny Muscular Even children, infants, long before they can understand or form words develop preferences, for people, sounds, and colors.Color, the preference for specific colors is at the heart of this novel, or specifically the intolerance for people who are a different color, or a different religion, a different lifestyle Race, discrimination, hate crimes against peo [...]

  21. Jodi Picoult is by far my most favourite author She has done it again The subject matter at times was hard to read as the story being told was very heartbreaking and disturbing but it was executed perfectly This author always makes me think and I have always learned something new from reading one of her novels The novel was told in three voices that of Ruth, Kennedy Turk All three were very strong characters which all brought life to this story.I love how Jodi Picoult finishes the storyline noth [...]

  22. OUTSTANDING This book is one of those books that is educating, jarring and inspirational Kudos to Jodi for taking on the topic of racism and opening my eyes to things I wasn t aware of I most definitely was schooled If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.

  23. The Hook Jodi Picoult has been one of my adopted authors at our local library for many years The adopted author program works like this Choose your favorite author s and agree to purchase a hardcover copy of all new titles published usually only one per year The library will purchase each title at our discounted price about 45% off, approx 15 16 per book When the book arrives at the library, we will process it and notify you that it s ready for you to pick up and read A bookplate will be placed [...]

  24. 3.5This was surely a timely and serious book I did however, find it to drone on and on, so I found myself skimming through much of the book.

  25. Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are BENJAMIN FRANKLINRuth, a black nurse, is forbidden from caring for a white supremacist s newborn An unfortunate set of circumstances leads to Ruth being left alone with the baby for a short period of time The baby goes into cardiac distress under her watch and she hesitates The infant s file strictly states that African American personnel aren t allowed to care for the baby Should she follow orders or inte [...]

  26. Six stars Jodi Picoult has written an outstanding book and shows a keen insight into race, racism and race related issues The newborn baby of a white supremacist couple dies during the care of a respected black nurse who d been told by her boss that she was not to touch the baby She is subsequently dismissed from the hospital, charged with murder and represented by rookie public defenders at a tumultuous jury trial Picoult weaves in just enough backstory to explain the motivations behind the mai [...]

  27. I left it too long post reading to write this review This is possibly a 4 star read for me It is hard to rate I listened to the audio The narrator of Ruth made this for me The voice was strong, calm and in control The hard part for me is that it is written by a white woman, telling a story of a black woman s life The author adds notes to the end of this book, and in this instance considering this is an audio book, is read by the author herself She is passionate about this book, and it is her fav [...]

  28. In Small Great Things the author, Jodi Picoult, writes about race, prejudice, compassion and justice This story made me so angry and if it can make me feel emotion like that then I loved it Some of the content is difficult to read but in order to grasp the message the author is sending you must read it all.Captivating, insightful and very well written.It is easy to see why Jodi Picoult is one of my favourite authors ReRead Nov 2017

  29. Here s the thing about racism it s systemic and institutional, but it s both perpetuated and dismantled in individual acts Most of us don t talk about racism because we don t HAVE to, and because we are afraid of offending people It s my hope that this book will be a springboard for discussion, and will give readers the tools and the vocabulary to join a conversation that this country desperately needs to have Jodi Picoult, online interview Small Great Things brings up incredibly important theme [...]

  30. I received an ARC of this book from the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you In many ways Small Great Things is a quintessential Jodi Picoult novel She uses a well known formula in her writing controversial topics, well develop characters and intense, sometimes over the top court scenes Add some humor plus a few quirky characters and she has the reader ready to tag right along and stick with the story until the end.But boy what an appropriate time to have this par [...]