The Dragon Heir ☆ The Dragon Heir ↠ Cinda Williams Chima - The Dragon Heir, The Dragon Heir The covenant that was meant to keep the wizard wars at bay has been stolen and the sanctuary of Trinity must prepare for attack Seph monitors the Weirwalls while Jack and Ellen train their army of g

  • Title: The Dragon Heir
  • Author: Cinda Williams Chima
  • ISBN: 9781423110705
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Hardcover

The Dragon Heir

☆ The Dragon Heir ↠ Cinda Williams Chima, The Dragon Heir, Cinda Williams Chima, The Dragon Heir The covenant that was meant to keep the wizard wars at bay has been stolen and the sanctuary of Trinity must prepare for attack Seph monitors the Weirwalls while Jack and Ellen train their army of ghosts to face an onslaught of wizards Even Anaweir Will and Fitch are setting traps around the town s perimeter To Jason Haley it feels as though everyone but him has a roThe covenant ☆ The Dragon Heir ↠ Cinda Williams Chima. ☆ The Dragon Heir ↠ Cinda Williams Chima - The Dragon Heir, The Dragon Heir The covenant that was meant to keep the wizard wars at bay has been stolen and the sanctuary of Trinity must prepare for attack Seph monitors the Weirwalls while Jack and Ellen train their army of g

  • ☆ The Dragon Heir ↠ Cinda Williams Chima
    267Cinda Williams Chima
The Dragon Heir
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  1. 3.5 starsThis was better than I remembered, but maybe not so good that I d shove this series in anyone s face beg them to read it.Still DRAGONS I guess specifically, dragon Because there s only one heir to the Dragon.y Guild I don t know Whatever It s not important Just know that, unlike all the rest of the magical people, nobody even knew this type of person could existRPRISE This one has all of the characters from the previous two books in it, but the main focus is on Madison Jason.I think I [...]

  2. I just can t rate this book as highly as the first 2 which is a bummer as it s the conclusion The two main characters were soooooo whiny I felt like I was reading Harry Potter 5 Then it seemed like the author had to go somewhere so she just tied up the end real quick and he died and she lived and the other two lived happily ever after, the end

  3. Magic is real, and the people who use it are dicks Wizards have been engaged in a bloody battle for supremacy for generations, and they don t care who they destroy in the process In The Warrior Heir, young Jack finds out that he has magic and that the wizards plan to use him as a pawn in their latest scheme With help from the few wizard rebels, he manages to badly damage the wizards power over the other magic guilds In the second book, The Wizard Heir, the growing band of rebels continue their f [...]

  4. A great finish to the Heir Trilogy I had a few issues with some of the characters in the story SPOILERS Linda and Leander s brief stint in this book was annoying Why couldn t they come back and help in the battle Bring a few weapons from the castle s stash Could they buy a cell phone and call to check in The Trinity Weir people were in desperate need all the while Linda and Leander hang out in a castle and have basically no part in this book I was confused about the dragon lady Was she a dragon [...]

  5. Why this book didn t get 5 stars1 My 2nd favorite character dies, and nobody even seems to care.2 Linda and Leander have hardly any scenes3 The ending was rushed, like she just wanted to get it over with and didn t care about the story any and there were tons of loose ends4 We don t even find out what happens with Jack and Ellen, or get to see Linda and Leander s reactions to the war etc The last time we saw Ellen, she was dying and unconscious that any way to end a series I think not Other than [...]

  6. I enjoyed the first two books of this trilogy Ive always liked stories of the everyman finding that he s part of a powerful hidden destiny I felt the characters could have been fleshed out a bit , but they were still likable overall The 3rd book however, fell flat on its face Its almost as if the author couldnt figure out how to end it, so she just wrapped it up with a few quick paragraphs from a third person point of view Linda and Hastings, integral characters, disappear from the story part wa [...]

  7. The final book in the excellent Heir trilogy wraps up the conflict centered on the talented youths Jack, Ellen, Jason, Seph, and Madison The war between the different factions of wizards has come to a head and the discovery of a powerful weapon, the Dragonheart, has each side fighting for its control I think this volume even edged out Warrior Heir for my favorite of the three this one was so much developed and the characters matured in many ways One thing that really bugged me was the absence o [...]

  8. This was a pretty underwhelming conclusion to the initial trilogy More than predictable and quite unsatisfactory My edition was 499 pages long and everything is resolved in the last 30 pages or so and it s not even a good conclusion Besides the overall plot, I wouldn t say this is a sequel to the first two books Some characters don t feel like the characters from the previous two books I was not happy with this and I m sure as hell won t be picking the next two books that came out after this one [...]

  9. Things have come to a head between the wizards and the other Weir those who have the Weirstones that give them special powers In the previous installment novel, The Wizard Heir, the Weir attempted to draft a new Covenant, but the peace process was a mockery, and the Covenant was stolen In an effort to discover its whereabouts, Jason, a young, good wizard sneaks into Raven s Ghyll He doesn t find the Covenant, but he does find the Dragonheart an opal and a source of great power as well as some ot [...]

  10. 3.5 Stars rounded upThe Dragon Heir is much a story about Madison and Jason who played roles in the Wizard Heir This is the third book in a series that will be five books long I have read both of Cinda Williams Chima s series and while I prefer The Seven Realms Series this one is also a solid fantasy series The characters are full of flaws, making good decisions and bad Sometimes I think the pacing of the story tends to drag a bit throughout and then all the action ends up being at the end There [...]

  11. Alright Here we are I assume that if you ve gotten this far, you ve read and enjoyed the previous two Good for you We finally have something in common I feel like I know you already, nameless reader.The Dragon Heir is the third and final installment of the Heir Trilogy For those among you who do not understand the meaning of the word trilogy means I really have mixed feelings about this one hence the four star rating.The book starts strong, and moves along nicely, weaving together seemingly unre [...]

  12. 3.25 Alright heres the thing.The first half of this story was not the best was very slow and the main POVs were very annoying and whiny At the end of Wizard Heir, my favorite character in this whole series was Jason In this book he turns into this whiny, attention seeking ass He did improve but it took him a majority of the book and he still never compared to the Jason in the previous book Also, Madison was just generally annoying idk why honestly SEPH was the shining light in this story he beco [...]

  13. I waited quite a while for this one I loved how the reader gets to see the story from every main character s pov CWC really knows how to keep the action moving.The only thing that didn t quite meet my expectations was the conclusion It was a little cliche, and I was disappointed that Madison gained all that power though it worked I couldn t really tell if she d become a wizard or something different entirely, but I thought being an elicitor was plenty without piling on MORE abilities aside from [...]

  14. Overall great writing The story was entertaining but throughout I never really connected with the protagonists and the characters was curious about were overlooked and or view spoiler killed off hide spoiler I see there are two books in the series but right now still on the read what you have drive I won t be continuing with this.

  15. I was very disappointed in this book and the author Ms Chima made it feel like she had a very tight deadline that she needed to make and so she didn t spend the time or the effort on this book that she spent on the previous two I had high hopes for her trilogy but this last book ruined it SPOILERS AHEAD.Firstly, the two main characters were not very lovable this time around Madison s entire storyline seemed fairly pointless All of the drama and the tension was set up because Madison was acting l [...]

  16. A huge disappointment Writing was choppy and jumped all over the place Spent too much time writing about stuff that would end up being insignificant later and not enough time building up other stuff that turned out to be really important Thank goodness I only got this from the library instead of buying it Because this one sucked so bad I may not buy the first two which were pretty good It was that bad.Specific things that bothered me Devereaux D Orsay being killed This is a 14 year old CHILD Tru [...]

  17. Independent reading projectThe Dragon HeirIn The Warrior Heir trilogy written by Cinda Williams China the lives of Jack Swift, Seph McCauley, Madison Moss and Jason Haley are connected through life events that were struck in motion the day Jack realized he was a warrior The 5 magical guilds were sorcerers, seers, warriors, enchanters and wizards They were all gifted people who were born with Weirstones, a crystalline source of power that sits behind the heart In the beginning of the trilogy Jack [...]

  18. I don t really lnow what I was hoping for in the last installment of this trilogy, but what I got was the same, same, same not a bad thing A teensy prologue that I to skim through I m not a big fan of prologues followed by a couple hundred pages of people waiting around for something to happen, which builds into a giant, amazing, epic scene that leaves me breathless and makes me forget about the not so exciting start of the book Unless you really have a pet peeve for slow beginnings, this is not [...]

  19. Oh, I wish they had a 2 1 2 stars ratingI m still sort of smarting from the drop on my rump letdown I got from this final installment in what is otherwise an excellent teen fantasy series It all started out intriguing, with Chima picking up a supporting character from the previous book and fleshing out his role a bit He happened to be one of my favorite characters, so I was happy about that The plot thickens, characters from all the books enter onto the playing field and history and mystery ab [...]

  20. A bit of a letdown to an otherwise decent series By this point nearly all the characters seem to be roughly the same You could describe them all as moody, rebellious, sarcastic, and a bit of an outcast None of them are very likable this way either, and you don t really get pulled in rooting for them The grand war that occurs is somewhat silly too, you have a couple hundred wizards fighting half a dozen people and the author attempts to describe it in ways that sound like a massive fight with ten [...]

  21. I was a little surprise that I took longer than usual to finish this book The book is fast pace and I didn t get into it as much as the first 2 books Maybe my mind was per occupied with work and I can t get in to the mood of reading for the past few weeks I hope to get into it.We are back with all the characters that we were being introduced from the 2 books and most of them are playing a prominent role in this book Each of them has a task to protect Trinity.As Chima s usual way of plotting the [...]

  22. I really enjoy this book even though i am only part of the way into the book I really liked how the book started and it gave the reader good background information before starting into content of the book I feel that by doing this a reader who hasn t read the first two would be able to pick this up and read it without a problem Now I don t know who your favorite character is but mine is definitely Jason From what i have read it seems like he will be one of the most influential characters in this [...]

  23. So now its come to the last book Jeez this series went by way too fast But now I m happy to finally be writing this review to close the door to this wonderful trilogy To say the least I was not disappointed by this last book.I liked the narrative of Madison I felt like she was a respectable person who puts everyone before herself She was so strong and I loved her attitude and her Southern roots.It took me awhile to really grow fond of Jason At first I felt like he didn t have the right intention [...]

  24. It s not enough to do something It s important to do the right thing Falling in love was like falling off a cliff It felt pretty much like flying until you hit the ground In this next installment of the Weir series, the conflicts between the wizards and the other guilds have come to a head as the infamous dragon stone is borrowed ahem, stolen from the Ghyll and the power structure of the guilds begins to come apart Surrounded and without many options, the young wizards and warriors ready themsel [...]

  25. Another day, another book that makes me cry This book will suck you in with its endless turns and betrayals Our protagonists are trapped and surrounded by two powerful armies But they have a secret weapon, one that could be used to save all or destroy all We also get a prophecy Four pretty boys coming Two will claim your heart in different ways Two are deceives who ll come to your door, one dark, one fair All of them have magic Death and deception fill this book While reading it I didn t know wh [...]

  26. This is really good The series get much better The first one was pretty good, but not one of my favorites The second was very good, but still not my favorites, but this one, wow I hate the ends of series, they re so depressing This is the ONLY book EVER that i actually liked what happened on the last 5 pages It was so good, and so much better than the others This is deffently a book i will remember AND i got to meet the author

  27. You can tell that this was suppose to be a concluding novel.Enjoyed the character development, though I found some of the characters irritating There were some story lines that I think needed and deserved time The ending was a little rushed and it tied up a little too neatly I m looking forward to what the next two books have in store.

  28. Personal ResponseThe Dragon Heir was a really good book and was the third book in the series I did not like how the book was written, but it became easier to read once I got into the series The book was written in a third person point of view that was confusing in the beginning The way that it was written out made it interesting, because I knew what was happening with all of the characters The book always kept me on my toes and made me want to keep on reading The book had action and also a litt [...]