Enchained ✓ Enchained ☆ Chris Lange - Enchained, Enchained Sometimes bad decisions lead to big mistakes Other times it s just fate As night falls on Anchor s Town Jany Reed is abducted from a parking lot by her stalker ex boyfriend Billy He leaves her trappe

  • Title: Enchained
  • Author: Chris Lange
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 396
  • Format: ebook


✓ Enchained ☆ Chris Lange, Enchained, Chris Lange, Enchained Sometimes bad decisions lead to big mistakes Other times it s just fate As night falls on Anchor s Town Jany Reed is abducted from a parking lot by her stalker ex boyfriend Billy He leaves her trapped in a strange basement locked up in chains and naked Before the night is out Jany realizes that the hazardous situation might not be what it seems And Billy might notSometimes bad decisi ✓ Enchained ☆ Chris Lange. ✓ Enchained ☆ Chris Lange - Enchained, Enchained Sometimes bad decisions lead to big mistakes Other times it s just fate As night falls on Anchor s Town Jany Reed is abducted from a parking lot by her stalker ex boyfriend Billy He leaves her trappe

  • ✓ Enchained ☆ Chris Lange
    396Chris Lange
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  1. Unrealistic, far fetched, illogical, and absurd.I don t know what to think about this book The hero was weird and creepy The heroine was stupid and weak The plot was implausible I don t even know why I did bother finishing it The only good thing about this story was the part where the hero fell for the heroine the moment he first saw her It was a very romantic moment in my opinion.Aside from that part, I m sorry to tell you that this short story didn t work for me whatsoever Even so, I couldn t [...]

  2. There s a mysterious, masked mana steamy, intense, suspensful relationshipalong with a good dose of humour and weirdness.If you enjoy regular, conventional stories or if you don t want to think outside the box , my advice don t pick up this book.

  3. OMG I really honestly truly don t know what to say about this book without my review becoming something of a twisted NC 17 version of jacked up, but oh so sensually awesome confusion See Even that statement is jacked.All I can say is that I LOVE this story But I can t for the life of me explain to you why, without spoiling something I totally fell in love with the lead male, even before all concerning him was revealed The heroine sometimes got on my nerves with her inner monologue At times what [...]

  4. I could not put this book down An intriguing story, great suspense, beautifully written I highly recommend this excellent read.

  5. If that cover doesn t scream Jason You deserve my love and my highest respect From now on, I swear that s what you ll get Kidnapped, chained and stripped naked by a masked stranger oh Jany s in trouble alright Who are you That is the question Who is this man, why is he wearing a mask and pressing why did he kidnap Jany Don t worry you ll get all the answers in this book, you just have to read it yourself because I m not spoiling anything PWhy did I read this book, well a certain woman named Ann [...]

  6. This is the first erotica I ve finished Maybe it is short but it is definetely a goodread I m looking forward for the author s other books

  7. I was apprehensive when this book was recommended to me The cover looks like a horror porn novel A brief glance at my profile highlights I m a light weight who enjoys romance novels with guaranteed HEAs But after being assured that this book was not what it seemed I trudged forward I m glad I did Enchained is intense, bizarre, and totally engrossing The novella tells the story of Jany who is kidnapped and held captive by a man in a mask This book does not read like dark erotica but rather a kidn [...]

  8. I really hated the beginning when he kidnapped her and tied her up naked in his basement That was so creepy He could have explained the situation instead of doing what he did He acted like a nutjob and I m inclined to think that all those months of torture have taken their toll.Maybe he was crazy and there wasn t any hit man Maybe he shot at her to make her belive him.Not that she acted like a normal person A normal woman would be scared witless and wouldn t want to be touched by the freek who k [...]

  9. Chris Lange is just different She s not your typical romance writer Her writing is fantasy, dream like.Dreams most of the time are kind of far fetched, urealistic, but at times they are so yummy you don t want to wake up, and this is how I can best describe Chris books They are unrealistic,but like a dream you don t want to wake up from.I ve only read 2 of her books, but I have enjoyed both very much Thanks again Anne for recommending it I loved it

  10. WOW Chris Lange s imagination and writing skill still amazes me to pieces Enchained is one unpredictable, original, engrossing and sensual read that had its grip on me until the very end I think anyone that enjoys a sensual, romantic and suspenseful read will enjoy Enchained from start to finish It all starts off with Jany walking to her car in a parking lot and successfully ignoring her stalking ex boyfriend that seems unable to let go of their past relationship and totally unwilling to move on [...]

  11. I just loved this book It was so exciting OMG I didn t know which way this would end, but I m so very happy with this end A very enjoyable book I found it very hard to put down.

  12. Loved it Chris is so good at writing a story that is different Full of supense I read this in one sitting.

  13. Enchained is the perfect example of how love can be found in the most unlikeliest places, and situations And how one should never judges a book by it s covers.I m not going into details as I don t want to spoil anything, but not only does the story contain some super hot sex scenes fans self Chris Lange certainly knows how to write fab sex but I for one didn t expect the plot to thicken in such a way.All in all, a hot short story with a fabulous twist.

  14. Hmmmm.what did I think Well, it was OK I think the first part was written purely to hook the reader, which is fine, but I m not sure how well it all fit together So other than it being a little stretch, it was good with some hot chemistry.

  15. The PREMISE was a good idea but the execution of this story was badly written and sadly lacking in depth I know high school 10th graders who have a better grasp of the written word I mean, ok, I m NOT expecting Hemingway when I pick these books but I don t expect to read entire chapters being so distracted by the poor wording that I almost miss the story much like trying to watch a tv show with the tint setting askew you get distracted by the purple trees My favorite liberally read TONS of sarca [...]

  16. This book sounded great, but just couldn t pull it off The girl is being stalked by an ex boyfriend, thinks she s been kidnapped by him but soon learns she is being held captive by a stranger who happens to have a secret room in his house with chains, handcuffs, etc We slowly learn who he is, kind of unbelievably why he is keeping her and why he wears a mask in her presence When we learn all the facts, its clear what the author was trying to accomplish but I just didn t feel the girl s transform [...]

  17. I loved it A short fun read full of twists, perfect for an afternoon on the beach or a long winter evening.