Holding Up the Universe [PDF] Holding Up the Universe | by ô Jennifer Niven - Holding Up the Universe, Holding Up the Universe Everyone thinks they know Libby Strout the girl once dubbed America s Fattest Teen But no one s taken the time to look past her weight to get to know who she really is Following her mom s death she

  • Title: Holding Up the Universe
  • Author: Jennifer Niven
  • ISBN: 9780385755924
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Hardcover

Holding Up the Universe

[PDF] Holding Up the Universe | by ô Jennifer Niven, Holding Up the Universe, Jennifer Niven, Holding Up the Universe Everyone thinks they know Libby Strout the girl once dubbed America s Fattest Teen But no one s taken the time to look past her weight to get to know who she really is Following her mom s death she s been picking up the pieces in the privacy of her home dealing with her heartbroken father and her own grief Now Libby s ready for high school for new friends for lEveryon [PDF] Holding Up the Universe | by ô Jennifer Niven. [PDF] Holding Up the Universe | by ô Jennifer Niven - Holding Up the Universe, Holding Up the Universe Everyone thinks they know Libby Strout the girl once dubbed America s Fattest Teen But no one s taken the time to look past her weight to get to know who she really is Following her mom s death she

  • [PDF] Holding Up the Universe | by ô Jennifer Niven
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Holding Up the Universe
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  1. Maybe no boy will love me or want to touch me ever, even in a dark room, even after an apocalypse when all the skinny girls have been wiped off the earth by some horrible plague Maybe one day I can be thinner than I am now and have a boyfriend who loves me, but I ll still be a liar I was going to give this book two stars because, honestly, it started well It was compelling and didn t seem as offensive as the blurb had been, but the I think about it, the that doesn t seem to be enough of an exc [...]

  2. 05 05 2016 WE HAVE A COVER 3 UPDATE My reaction to everyone saying this book is offensive.At first I wasn t going to say anything but then the comments and review updates on here and Twitter started to really hit a nerve with me So HERE WE GO To everyone saying that this book synopsis is offensive, how about we stop and take a moment to consider the fact that A Maybe she didn t write the synopsis B Maybe it s how the character feels about herself C Maybe, just maybe this is someone s story who w [...]

  3. Welcome to the internet in the year 2016 Where a simple book blurb broke the internet for a few days A teenage girl who was rescued from her house because her weight kept her a prisoner Then through in a statement about how she is returning to high school aka.e real world after being homeschooled I KNOW Let s all run and one star and bash the book Not And all you guys thought I was the biggest bully on here didn t you Because I had for once stopped to think about what the book meant.d it made me [...]

  4. You know I don t care what anyone thinks, I just loved the hell out of this book I happy cried so many times in this book And there will probably be some SPOILERS I don t know, my feels right now are out of control This review is going to be all over the place because I m crazy and that s just the way it is I love Libby so much In this book she has so much courage Even when she was low and things hurt her, she had courage like no one I know Those hateful, horrible kids said some of the most horr [...]

  5. TIME FOR THE ROASTI read All the Bright Places last year and ended up dnfing it because I had huge problems with basically every aspect of it I m actually really proud of myself for finishing this even though I did skim read the last 25% of it Honestly, when this book first came out I saw the authors name and instantly avoided this book However, after seeing a lot of people give it 5 stars despite all of the problematic aspects I had seen I decided to pick this book up for the roast.Honestly, yo [...]

  6. This was equal parts special and frustrating for me But definitely emphasis on the special There were moments when my Vulcan soul FAILED ME COMPLETELY and I turned into a mush of squishy feels FEEEEEEEELS I think Jennifer Niven is a WIZARD OF FEELS STABBING and I love her for it Omg I did love this book I did But there were several things that made me pout in a puddle but I ll get to them in a moment PATIENCE, GRASSHOPPER.Also this is not as devastating as All the Bright Places hahhaahha THANK [...]

  7. REREAD I fell in love with this book allll over again I adore Libby I adore what she stands for I love what this book stands for The hope it instills How personal it is to the author and how appreciative I am that she shared her story with us I m rooting for this book I m rooting for myself I m rooting for all the readers who have ever felt less than As Libby would say about herself, I am magic , and so, as are you Initial review I m sure a lot of you will remember the ton of backlash this book [...]

  8. 4 stars Holding Up the Universe was an interesting and moving read with complex characters and a unique storyline I listened the the audio version of this book and once I hit play, I didn t want to stop When I read All the Bright Places earlier this year, I had the same feeling of being hooked I m happy to report the author was able to pull this off not once, but twice Our story centers around Libby Strout and Jack Masselin Libby is formally America s Fattest Teen She s spent a lot of her young [...]

  9. I know what you re thinking if you hate it so much and it s such a burden, just lose the weight, and then that job will go away But I m comfortable where I am I may lose weight I may not But why should what I weigh affect other people I mean unless I m sitting on them, who cares To be honest, I was not a fan of All the Bright Places and I wouldn t have been this curious about Holding Up the Universe had it not been for the controversy that erupted long before its release But the the issue grew [...]

  10. I don t usually rate before reading but I am doing it here If others who haven t read it can give it a 1 based on a synopsis, then I feel free to rate it a 5 5 before reading.I have a few questions 1 Why are people getting annoyed and commenting that a skinny author shouldn t be writing about a fat person Are we saying that authors should only write about what they are No white authors writing about anything other than a white character then George R.R Martin please stop publishing, you ve neve [...]

  11. Espa ol EnglishLa historia est narrada desde los puntos de vista de Libby y Jack.Libby hace varios a os y siendo una ni a sufri una p rdida muy grande en su vida, lo que la llev a comer para llenar el vac o de su coraz n Lleg a ser La chica m s gorda de Am rica y despu s de muchas terapias y de varios a os estudiando desde la casa vuelve a la escuela Tendr que probar muchas veces que es mucho m s que su peso.Jack desde hace a os sufre una terrible condici n que lo obliga a estar todo el tiempo e [...]

  12. Really enjoyable read from Jennifer It touched your feels completely differently way compared to All the bright places.I really enjoyed the characters in this book, completely filled with diversity.This is an important lesson to teens, be tolerable and don t follow the crowds.

  13. There are many things that irritate me about this book, but irritate is a strong word compared to how I feel, because honestly, I just feel so INDIFFERENT towards everything and everyone And that s probably why this tragedy happened If you re looking for the problem tic aspects of this book, idk it didn t really find it to be offensive Personally, I LOVED all the bright places, like it killed me with the ending and I felt so sad inside but I also loved it But this book was kinda a let down, poor [...]

  14. EDIT 4 AHH love the cover It s minimalistic but aesthetic and I can imagine how nice it will look in real life EDIT 3 Well, they changed the synopsis And I actually like it much better It has me much excited now Yay EDIT 2 Okay, I can t stand it any I m writing another edit So many really popular reviewers that have thousands of people following them have written such terrible things about how offensive the synopsis sounds and how this book was ever even written by a skinny person First of all, [...]

  15. i received an advance copy of this book from the author.let me begin by saying i wrote my first review of this book nearly 6 months ago i have been anticipating this book since i finished all the bright places in march of last year i have been waiting for this copy to show up on my front porch, eagerly, for a month atbp was one of my favorite reads of last year and the book that got me into reading, the book that fills the first posts of my bookstagram account my expectations were high despite b [...]

  16. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum 3.5 Stars Remember this YOU ARE WANTED Big, small, short, pretty, plain, friendly, shy Don t let anyone tell you otherwise, not even yourself.Especially not yourself So this is the super offensive book that no one wanted to read due to a reference in the blurb about how the main character was so fat she had to be removed from her house with a crane Have none of y all ever seen My 600 Pound Life This wasn t fat shaming, it was spot on accurate You see, Libb [...]

  17. I wanted to feel emotions like I did in All The Bright Places I was sooooo in the mood for a All in the Bright Places repeat type experience that the disappointment that I wasn t going to have my desire filled, only added to my already blue mood I ve been in this week It s not the author fault I ve read a couple of other books about Prosopagnosia not having the ability to recognize faces of familiar people One was a non fiction book The other was a fiction mystery thriller story The structure of [...]

  18. Ah, this book What a sweet love story.First, the diversity The heroine, Libby, is fat though she used to be fatter and Jack is Black and has a condition that makes him unable to recognize anyone, even friends or the people he loves I hope you re not shocked by my blunt description of Libby If you are, I suggest you do not read this book, because it talks about weight extensively, and Libby is indeed overweight Although, while this affects her life, she is happy with the fat she lost and is a tru [...]

  19. I m between 3.5 and 4 stars on this one.Don t go into reading Jennifer Niven s new novel, Holding Up the Universe, thinking this is going to be identical to the phenomenal All the Bright Places which made my list of the best books I read last year , in tone or the emotional power of its subject matter I don t say this to denigrate Niven s new book in any way I think with this book she set out to tell a different and personal story, yet one with slightly universal themes You know how it s easy [...]

  20. Disappointment and I have become very acquainted over these past few months and I d just like it to go away for one second so I can go back to blindly loving books again I ve been wanting to read Holding Up the Universe since forever, despite all the pROblemATIc things I heard about it I thought it genuinely would be a good book and instead yikesARACTERS The main problem with this book is that the characters are developed SOLELY by the things that makes them different Libby is the fat girl Jack [...]

  21. just gonna say my opinion, how is the author being offensive towards overweight people we ALL know overweight people can often be picked on for their size, and if anything the author could just be showing how highschoolers can be horrible and judgemental, and the protagonist is beat down by it, but gets back up and goes back to face old tormentors which i think is a great way to tell people who deal with bullying that IT CAN GET BETTER, it may take time, but it can happen if you get the right he [...]

  22. So glad that the fifteen year old me didn t read this then I would ve been all like oh I m fat but my life won t get better until I find a hot guy lol I see no point in the whole story.

  23. Actual Rating 3.5 5 Jabby Stars I want you to know I m rooting for you It s interesting that how little time 1 2 days I spent devouring 84% of the book but I had a hard time 3 days swallowing the last 16% Although it s not entirely a negative sign, it s indeed something worth discussing about for me.Libby Strout is a girl who never stopped eating for 3 years after her mother died accidentally when she was 10 and she got the reputation of America s Fattest Teen before she was cut out from her hou [...]

  24. 4 stars Dear friend, You are not a freak You are wanted You are necessary You are the only you there is Don t be afraid to leave the castle It s a great big world out there Love, a fellow reader This book shocked me with how much I enjoyed it Holding Up the Universe is about Libby and Jack A couple years back Libby had gained so much weight that she needed to be rescued from her house to be saved Jack has a secret, he cannot recognize faces, not even his own The two become connected after Jack d [...]

  25. From the description, it sounded like All the Bright Places meets Bone Gap which sign me the fuck up But in practice, I couldn t get past the first 10% It seemed like Jennifer Niven spent the whole time trying to convince me these characters were interesting, rather than them actually being interesting It wasn t that the story was bad, it s just that after reading All the Bright Places I have such high regard of Jennifer Niven that I didn t want this to ruin it.Think I ll try Velva Jean Learns t [...]

  26. 3.5 stars Audiobook Enjoyable Narrators I think I need to refrain from reading listening to YA novels for a little while so with that being said I am not going to review this one.

  27. Initial reaction reading this book I don t know if I m angry at this book as much as I am just completely left exhausted and drained by this book, and not even in a fulfilling way I mean, I ve been left completely gutted by Courtney Summers and Lauren Oliver s narratives before, but in ways that made me feel like I identified with the weight of the character s struggles and situations, and to me, the characters they crafted were dimensional, well thought out, and kept me reading to see what woul [...]

  28. This book is fantastic It s real, honest, and extremely refreshing I honestly don t know why so many people who haven t even read the book are hating on it This book is about a fat girl and a boy who hides his mental illness It has characters that are so relatable and self aware And first off, fat isn t an offensive word It s a descriptive word And there s nothing wrong with it Second, I personally didn t think this book romanized mental illness That s a personal opinion but I didn t see what so [...]