Necropolis Free Read Necropolis - by Anthony Horowitz - Necropolis, Necropolis Hong Kong has been taken over by the Old Ones and has become Necropolis City of the Dead Once in there is no way out Evil has been unleashed on the world and only five children with special powers c

  • Title: Necropolis
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
  • ISBN: 1844286223
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback


Free Read Necropolis - by Anthony Horowitz, Necropolis, Anthony Horowitz, Necropolis Hong Kong has been taken over by the Old Ones and has become Necropolis City of the Dead Once in there is no way out Evil has been unleashed on the world and only five children with special powers can save it Matt and the other three desperately need to find Scar the final Gatekeeper who has been trapped in Hong Kong where puddles of water turn into puddles ofHong Kong has been tak Free Read Necropolis - by Anthony Horowitz. Free Read Necropolis - by Anthony Horowitz - Necropolis, Necropolis Hong Kong has been taken over by the Old Ones and has become Necropolis City of the Dead Once in there is no way out Evil has been unleashed on the world and only five children with special powers c

  • Free Read Necropolis - by Anthony Horowitz
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  1. Necropolis The Gatekeepers, 4 , Anthony HorowitzNecropolis is a fantasy novel by British writer Anthony Horowitz It is the fourth novel in his The Power of Five series The book is set in London, Peru, Miami, Ukraine, Macau and Hong Kong The book was released in the United Kingdom and Australia on 30 October 2008 It is a rewrite of the corresponding Day of the Dragon, released 1989 in Horowitz s Pentagram series A marked difference between original is evidenced by a lead character, Matt, being re [...]

  2. nthony Horowitz has given us tons tons of classics, and The Power Of Five show absolutely no signs of a weakest link Ravens Gate was a great starter for the series, introducing Matt Freeman as the lead character he is an orphan who seems to have special powers, and is sent to a sinister village in England where he finds a plot that seems to involve him He also finds the Nexus, which is an organisation paranoid with keeping him safe Along with Richard, a journalist who helps him remain alive Evil [...]

  3. 4.25 The door opened and Audrey Cheng came in She was wearing a tight jersey that showed off the shape of her body round and lumpy That ending Wow.This book started off quite slowly I think With most sequels, there s usually a casual introduction of about 50 pages or so which just refreshes where the story is at between the two installments In this novel, I feel like that introduction stage lasted almost 200 pages Despite how that sounds, by no means did I think it was a boring first half of the [...]

  4. Alright I thought this was brilliant, conceptually that is I appreciate that this is a YA book so I won t pick on the flawed storytelling aspects I ll just say that this is Horowitz s second attempt at writing the series 1st attempt in the 80s under the name Pentagram and as such he has plenty of time to mull an ending for the series Or so I hope The book is a bit of a joke, they chase Scarlett around the world and at the end they re all separated again I wouldn t mind except this means they ll [...]

  5. This series is called The Gatekeepers in the US and Power of Five in the UK It s kind of an odd series When the first book came out, I really enjoyed it and the second one Then, the third book took awhile to come out When I read it, I didn t really enjoy it, so I kind of forgot about the series Then, just recently I saw the 4th book had come out there are going to be five , so I decided to give the series another try I reread the first three and just finshed the fourth one, and found that I real [...]

  6. 15 year old Scarlett Adams goes through a portal in a London church, ending up in a monastery in the Ukraine, thereby revealing herself to the Old Ones, who want to capture the five Gatekeepers After thwarting an attack in Peru, the other Gatekeepers divide, with Matt and Scott heading to London, where they just miss Scarlett, who is called to Hong Kong by her father, who works for Nightrise Corp Hong Kong is being poisoned by the Old Ones, and Scarlett is captured Matt and Scott have to earn th [...]

  7. It seems that as the Gatekeepers series continues to ASCEND, the Alex Rider novels must continue to DESCEND.Necropolis is an all around fast paced book teeming with action and adventure However, one must really wonder at its conclusion how much was accomplished over the course of the book.Anthony Horrowitz continues the Gatekeepers journey with the tale of Scarlett Adams, an adopted Chinese girl raised in England.Horrowitz does a tremendous job describing the gruesome and altogether horrifying t [...]

  8. I loved this book I didn t give it five stars because I did find myself skimming a few of the longer descriptions of the cities and such Overall I found this to be a very good continuation of the series It focuses mainly on the girl, but brings in all the other characters from the other books I do wish they d spent a little time developing her powers, but I assume they will be doing that in the final book I enjoyed the quick pace with action in most chapters The problem I have with most teen fi [...]

  9. Dear Anthony Horowitz,Why do you always kill me at the end of these books They are great but WHY So much blood and deathGod

  10. Most people would say that the main idea plot of a damsel in distress being saved, people having powers, and people uniting to destroy monsters used in this book and in this series is pretty cliche But in my opinion Anthony Horowitz takes these cliches and creates five books of pure genius In this series there are five kids, Matt Freeman, Pedro, Scott Tyler, Jamie Tyler, and Scarlett Adams, and their destiny is to defeat mystical monsters known as the Old Ones who ruled the earth ten thousand ye [...]

  11. This book is in the survival category.I chose this book because I was driven by the previous books in the series and how they left you in suspension after each book Also the series was at first recommended by my friend who let me borrow the book to give it a try After I started, I had to finishI really liked this book because it introduced me to horror at a mild level, it also had pure chaos that made me think and wonder how they would survive Also there was slices of mystery and it had me attac [...]

  12. The fifth member of the Gatekeepers is about to be discovered Scarlett Adams, the adopted Asian daughter of divorced British parents Scarlett s father works for Nightrise in Hong Kong, and when she is accidentally revealed to be one of the Gatekeepers, he sends for her Matt, Scott and Richard travel from Nazca in Peru to try to stop her from going there, and they are hounded by the Old Ones every step of the way The Gatekeepers powers are increasing, but Matt worries that they will never be able [...]

  13. Se ores, aqu va otra de esas lecturas eternamente aplazadas y que me he visto obligado a terminar en ingl s por culpa de que su publicaci n en Espa a ha sido interrumpida de manera fulminante Una aut ntica pena, ya que estamos ante el pen ltimo cap tulo de una saga juvenil tremendamente rompedora, absorbente e hilada de forma maravillosa que en pocas p ginas hace palidecer a las m s renombradas del g nero Intensa, brutal, despiadada, atractiva sin tener que recurrir a artificios innecesarios ni [...]

  14. This book didn t have the same feel as the others in the series I loved the first three, especially the last two, but this one didn t do it for me I didn t feel like I connected with the characters this time around I feel like the book focused too much on the plot and creating action, and not enough on the characters Scar, for exampleI liked her old self in Nightrise better than this new Scar I really didn t feel like she had any personality Even Matt and Jamie, my two favorite characters seemed [...]

  15. I feel happy for them that they found the last gatekeeper named Scarlett, but it is also quite bad for her to be living with a bunch of people that aren t even people in Hong Kong where the air is polluted and the water is poisoned They got her and then they were separated again.

  16. The fourth book in the series We see the introduction of our first Heroness Matt thought as leader he was the most pwerful of the gatekeepers But just like any woman, hell have no fury The ultimate power of the fifth gatekeeper is about to be unleashed However her path will not be easy, she is locked down in Hong Kong, soon to be Necropolis, there are eyes everywhere, she is alone, in a city so large no one cares, there is only one path This book will have you literally sitting on the edge Will [...]

  17. I started reading the Gatekeepers Power of Five series because I d tried Horowitz s Alex Rider books, finding his new series to be adult or at least YA oriented.As the series has progressed, the stories have become less about strange things happening in our normal world and about the supernatural taking over our world, so this book features a bizarro world Hong Kong with evil creatures possessing most of the population As the climax suggests the heroes are about to snatch victory from near def [...]

  18. In this book we find that Hong Kong has been taken over by the Old ones and has become Necropolis That is right the City of the Dead.Once you are in Necropolis there is no way out This sucks for our final Gatekeeper Scarlett Adams The Old ones are luring the other Gatekeepers to Necropolis by holding Scarlett hostage So now everyone is coming to save the damsel in distress Matt is back and along with the other three Gatekeeper s try to find Scarlett and they all head to Hong Kong But is Scarlett [...]

  19. My dad bought me this book without either of us knowing it was the fourth in a series I was still hooked though, because it was dark, creepy and set in Asia The heroine is likeable and the scene where Matt climbs the ladder of swords is awesomely cool I m definitely reading the next one Oh, and the edges of the book are the some colour as the cover, which helps.

  20. This one was a bit slow to start, and there was a lot of repetition for those who have not read the first three books, but once it got going I loved it Action packed, dark and yet moving at times.This authors is becoming one of my favourites now

  21. I thought it was a great book with a good plot and good characters The ending was good because it made you want the next book The plot made you want to continue reading The characters were made like you were living in the story All of this toghther made it a great book.

  22. This book 4 has a good pace to it Much better than 3 with surprise ending It involves Hong Kong and the meeting of the 5.

  23. The best book yet Lots of background, turns, twists an on the edge of your seat roller coaster ride Loved it

  24. Out of all the series this far as I haven t read the last , I found this the most violent Aside from the war in the previous book, there seemed to be many deaths The story is a bit faster paced and gripping, but that s not as much about the gore factor as it is about the girl, Scar I enjoyed her character and I think this book might be my favourite of the bunch.However, I found the writing style of this book very different to the previous books Perhaps the diary additions were to help recap but [...]