Magic's Price ☆ Magic's Price ↠ Mercedes Lackey - Magic's Price, Magic s Price The final chapter in Mercedes Lackey s spellbinding fantasy trilogy The Herald Mage Vanyel and his Companion Yfandes are alone responsible for saving the once peaceful kingdom of Valdemar from the

  • Title: Magic's Price
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey
  • ISBN: 9780886774264
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Ebook

Magic's Price

☆ Magic's Price ↠ Mercedes Lackey, Magic's Price, Mercedes Lackey, Magic s Price The final chapter in Mercedes Lackey s spellbinding fantasy trilogy The Herald Mage Vanyel and his Companion Yfandes are alone responsible for saving the once peaceful kingdom of Valdemar from the forces of a master who wields a dark forbidding magic And if either Vanyel or Yfandes falters both Valdemar and its Herald Mage must pay the ultimate price ☆ Magic's Price ↠ Mercedes Lackey. ☆ Magic's Price ↠ Mercedes Lackey - Magic's Price, Magic s Price The final chapter in Mercedes Lackey s spellbinding fantasy trilogy The Herald Mage Vanyel and his Companion Yfandes are alone responsible for saving the once peaceful kingdom of Valdemar from the

  • ☆ Magic's Price ↠ Mercedes Lackey
    454Mercedes Lackey
Magic's Price
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  1. Review may contain spoilers for those who have not read the first two books in the Last Herald Mage series Vanyel gets a new boyfriend Sure, there s a lot of other stuff about ruling a kingdom steward style for the ailing king and loads of heroic feats including surviving torture, defeating an entire army with several powerful mages, and dying a bloody death But mostly, Vanyel gets an awesome new boyfriend view spoiler It turns out that this new fellow is the reincarnation of the old fellow, but [...]

  2. Parts of these books I really like and then other parts make me want to either throw the book across the room, or smack Mercedes upside the head a few times.Lackey is pretty darned good at manipulating emotions when she sets her mind to it I m just as susceptible to melodrama as the next person, and probably susceptible than many and Lackey s books don t lack for that On the other hand, Lackey often doesn t seem terribly concerned with logic For instance, an especially egregious and significant [...]

  3. I had been warned I sort of knew what was going to happen I had no expectations, considering the trainwreck that was the first book But when I read the ending, I was pretty muchI mean, after pretty much everything you ve done for Valdemar, that s what you get in the end Forget about duty, responsibility, and doing what was right because you can t do otherwise As Pat Jr from Silver Linings Playbook or less said, there s enough shit we have to deal with in real life, why can t we have a happy end [...]

  4. The books are well written, I m not debating that What I am hating is the main character, Vanyel I usually tolerate goody two shoes to a great extend, but this character just want to make me barf Pretty much he sacrifices everything in order to save his kingdom, a kingdom that doesn t even like him for who he is and only care for his supermagic Frankly the ending suck, so if anyone is expecting a HEA or HFN, this series is not for you it s a tear jerker It s one thing to give up your life for th [...]

  5. Last one It s a toss up whether this one or the first is my favorite, it s so hard to pick Anyway, here we go Price is set about eight years after the end of Promise Vanyel is no longer on the front lines of the war he s been put in a or less administrative position in Haven That doesn t necessarily mean he s not working as hard The king, Randale, who has been suffering from a chronic illness for years, suddenly becomes fatally ill, and the Healers don t even know what is causing his illness, m [...]

  6. I was debating giving this book a three, because I did enjoy parts, but in the end I decided it just wasn t good enough You can read other reviews to see what s wrong with it, but, in a nutshell most of the issues in the story aren t well resolved, such as the king s illness and the idea of Stefen as a reincarnation of Tylendel, and most importantly, who the hell Leareth is there is a severe inconsistency in the difference between the deaths of the two herald mages and Savil s death which is not [...]

  7. Cheesy, tawdry, melodramatic with a hero who supposedly resembles a cross between Fabio, an elf and Gaston from the Disney Beauty The Beast I LURVED these so hard when I was a teenager, you better believe it.There s still a little voice inside, today, who says But butbutbuty protagonist Romantic storylines and heroism and GAY yay

  8. sobs I mean, I knew what would happen because it s told as a legend as history in the Heralds of Valdemar trilogy but reading it when you are in love with the main characters Yeah, that s heavy and I cried during the events in the end First of all I m so happy that Van found some happiness and love again and that this love came in the shape of Stef a Bard with the reborn soul of Lendel not that either Van or Stef knew this I m so, so, so happy for this and them.Even though it broke my heart for [...]

  9. The final book of The Last Herald Mage trilogy finds Vanyel quite literally the last Herald Mage Most of the other Herald Mages have been killed in battle, and no child has manifested the Mage Gift in years As Van probes deeply into the problem, he discovers that someone is targeting anyone with the Mage Gift someone who is determined to bring Valdemar, already on the brink of losing its king, into utter chaos.In this book, we come full circle, as Vanyel finds love again and learns to trust We [...]

  10. 3.5 from me one of the big things i was missing in all three books in this series was some kind of central plot line that the books were following when i m reading a fantasy series i kinda want some deep plot in the background that the books follow slowly but surely in this last book some portions felt really rushed and some things happened that just seemed useless and not important for the story not entirely happy with how this ended and just in general how it all played out still enjoyed the b [...]

  11. 2.5hey ho i marathon read the last book of this series and tbh still won t change my opinion the plot was rlly lame, it has lots of sad gays tendencies, there was a lot of love at first sight bullshit going on, plus all character interactions felt kind of flat and repetitive it might just be me having way too high expectations for it but tbh it was kinda mediocre still not bad tho, just not terribly good either

  12. 2.5Generally a character becomes likable as a series goes on But Vanyel actually seems to get worse or at least he doesn t much change as he gets older It is one thing to see those things in a neglected, abused boy, but they become very unattractive in an adult man I think part of the problem is that there are times here when he does or says something that just seems to come completely out of the blue Instances I generally blame on author convenience view spoiler Oh, I want to kill off all the [...]

  13. I love it It is really sad, but really good at the same time Vanyel reminds me of Tylendel in his last moments The way his obsesion with revenge has taken over However, unlike Tylendel he has Fandes to set him right Also he listens to Stefen than Lendel listened to him view spoiler I think that Savil was right and that Stefen carries Tylendel s spririt because he knew about Tylendel s dying moment hide spoiler

  14. Ugh So many things wrong with this book, where to begin Magic s Price, the third and final novel in Lackey s Last Herald uMage series, takes place nine years after the events of the series second novel, Magic s Promise which, when added to the 11 year gap between the events of books 1 and 2, puts us at a convenient 20 years after the events of Magic s Pawn Price centers on the political and personal upheavals threatening or taking place in respectively Valdemar religious war may break out with a [...]

  15. The last of the Valdemar Vanyel magic in this series, and it s taken me a couple of days to digest it While reading it, I enjoyed it immensely, but it left a lot of questions hanging in thin air I liked it well enough, it was a good story, but the last half of the book felt hurried, hastily and shoddily put together, and this had me falling out of the narrative than once I feel it was not up to Ms Lackey s usual standards I have only a couple of excerpts from the whole book, which for me is tel [...]

  16. The Last Herald Mage trilogy concludes in this exciting and romantic novel, which had me both happy and sad at the same time Some will argue that this is the best novel in the trilogy For me, it was the first novel, Magic s Pawn Throughout the book Mercedes Lackey addresses all kinds love and all kinds of situations issues lovers deal with because of this powerful love And through all these, the message remains the same, and it is a message of tolerance.Karse s self proclaimed Prophet King has d [...]

  17. what a bummer of an ending omg Vanyel lived one hell of a short and miserable existenceek what I think of this trilogy it was fun and easy to read but there were really weird elements to it lol The last two books were better than the first in that it wasnt sO ANGSTY AMD DRAMATIC but nothing felt particularly cohesive this book like, changed plot halfway through, from focusing on the growing relationship between Vanyel s new boytoy and Randale s declining health to the Greatest Threat to Valdemar [...]

  18. Audiobook ReviewI am writing this review after listening to all three books in this series I m glad I waited to review because I have adjusted my ratings from 5 to 4 stars on the overall story This series is about Vanyel, a Herald Mage It starts in Book 1 when he is about 16 and ends in Book 3 in his late thirties This series was written in the 1990s, so I tried to listen to it with that filter Back then, gay themed YA books were rare and gay themed fantasy book even rarer Overall I really enjoy [...]

  19. I like this third book better than the second one in The Last Herald Mage trilogy I especially enjoy revisiting the characters and seeing Stefan struggle to build a relationship with chaste and work obsessed Vanyel I rated this one only 3 stars, though, due to the horrific rape scene at the end One of my primary complaints with Lackey s writing is her tendency to casually rape her characters and not deal with the consequences This is the kind of topic that should not be tossed in as one of the p [...]

  20. Vaaanyeeeeeel.This last book in Vanyel s trilogy finally brings us his lifemate, Bard Stefen, who is wonderful He s supposedly the reincarnation of Tylendel, but who cares, he s awesome all on his own.And the story comes full circle, as Vanyel goes through something very like the situation that was Tylendel s undoing in the first book It s painful to read, especially since you know what s coming, but Vanyel manages to avoid going down the same revenge driven path as Tylendel interestingly enough [...]

  21. I told you I would never leave you when I Chose youI knew what our bond would come to then, when I first Chose you and I don t regret my choice I love you, and I am proud to stand beside you There is not a single moment together that I would take back I am legitimately so conflicted about this book I figure that any book that can make me cry that ending, like of course I was bawling should get I high rating, but I have some issues with it that are kind of preventing that.I found that I could wra [...]

  22. Skimming through some other reviews I passed one that called this book Cheesy, tawdry, melodramatic I completely agree, but I actually reveled in those facts while the other reviewer gave it two stars P It s definitely over the top and has some logic defying moments, but I find myself quite invested in Valdemar I was a little torn on my rating and I think 4 stars is rounding up for me because there was a resurgence of the plot point that bothered me in the Vows Honor books I ve read so far, whic [...]

  23. This is my favorite book in the Last Herald Mage trilogy That said, I kind of hate this trilogy, so it s not saying much Vanyel finally quit whining in this book One thing I will say is that Lackey does a great job at showing Van s growth and maturation over the course of the story I didn t think Van would ever suck it up, buttercup, and quit whining all the time This book reads like an after school special in so many places Van and Withen s reconciliation, for example, was so cheesy I had to go [...]

  24. Hello, hello there are spoilers all over this review Consider yourself warned.I really wish there was set up in the previous book for Vanyel and Stefen s relationship and that Stefan was just a tad older but that s just me It felt tacked on, rushed and just placed there to make the ending of a gut punch Fuck that ending by the way, and it s casual deployment of gang rape on Vanyel What a horrendously lazy way to inject ineffectual drama in an already stuffed last 1 4 of the book If the big bad [...]

  25. I love this book, but when I say that I mean I like the first third of the book The rest of it gets increasingly and unrelentingly awful Having read the whole thing when I m thinking clearly I just stop the romantic part at Forst Reach.If you want to be super depressed and find yourself actively disliking the hero, go ahead and finish it Otherwise pretend the whole thing is a short story and end it when Stef and Vanyel get together I like to pretend that from there they have a series of adventu [...]

  26. I didn t like the ending at all because you just knew he was going to die, if you had read the earlier books You knew that as he approached the pass to hold off Master Dark, he was going to die and there was no suspense whatsoever I think the ending would have been meaningful had I not figured out what was going to happen.And I didn t really like the whole idea of Stefen being Tylendel s reborn spirit It seems a little farfetched, I guess Well, not really farfetched it just seemed too convienie [...]

  27. Loved this book Absoloutely loved it the entire series, actually, but this oneI knew HOW he was going to die, I knew WHEN he was going to die, I knew WHERE he was going to die and I still almost cried Poor Stef Actually, I was closer to crying when Yfandes s tail was hacked off For some reason, I really love the Companions.I did have a bit of a problem with the way he died any RPer knows that the Final Strike is incredibly cliche though, usually, the Final Strike leaves the user alive this did n [...]

  28. Another addition to my readinghistory Continuing the Mercedes Lackey lurv fest with the Last Herald Mage trilogy OMG, so much goodness in Vanyel s history Beautiful Vanyel sigh He wasn t the first gay hero I read, I m pretty sure, because I wasn t surprised at all by his sexuality But I d also had friends who d come out as gay by then, so Vanyel s journey from not fitting in to finding his first lover felt familiar to me I loved this story so much, even for its tragedy Vanyel s arc from vain, po [...]

  29. This is my favourite book in the series, but there s one small problem.What does Mercedes Lackey have against Vanyel He s such a nice guy, but he s got so many problems, it s not even funny He gets a love in the first book, and all of those who read it know what happened and how much he had to suffer as a result Then, fast forward to this book.But, at least there s a bit of happiness to look forward to for Vanyel.But it doesn t last.