The Last Herald-Mage The Last Herald-Mage Best Download || [Mercedes Lackey Dawn Wilson] - The Last Herald-Mage, The Last Herald Mage The Last Herald Mage contains Magic s Pawn Magic s Promise and Magic s Price

  • Title: The Last Herald-Mage
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey Dawn Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780739422953
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover

The Last Herald-Mage

The Last Herald-Mage Best Download || [Mercedes Lackey Dawn Wilson], The Last Herald-Mage, Mercedes Lackey Dawn Wilson, The Last Herald Mage The Last Herald Mage contains Magic s Pawn Magic s Promise and Magic s Price The Last Herald-Mage Best Download || [Mercedes Lackey Dawn Wilson]. The Last Herald-Mage Best Download || [Mercedes Lackey Dawn Wilson] - The Last Herald-Mage, The Last Herald Mage The Last Herald Mage contains Magic s Pawn Magic s Promise and Magic s Price

  • The Last Herald-Mage Best Download || [Mercedes Lackey Dawn Wilson]
    316Mercedes Lackey Dawn Wilson
The Last Herald-Mage
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  1. this trilogy was so good it made me cry and also prompted me to read every Mercedes Lackey book I could get my hands on.

  2. I was extremely impressed with this series While it is the typical fantasy storyline of young boy discovers powers becomes great hero, the emotional and psychological complexity of the individual characters makes this series truly unique This series is also the best of Lackey s work that I have read so far, and definitely has of an adult feel than the other books of hers that I have read The main protagonist s story is so interesting that I wish that the author would return to his life and writ [...]

  3. This series is angst ridden, broody, very gay, and to my 15 year old self nearly perfect It isn t a great literary work, but it went along way toward convincing me that I wasn t the only one in the world who had feelings like that and that compared to the characters in this book, my life wasn t all that messed up.

  4. First, I really do feel like a traitor because ever since I discovered these books in high school, I have loved them LOVED THEM I used to weep through the second half of Magic s Pawn I had to replace the original trilogy because the covers were coming off and you couldn t read the spine Now, while I enjoyed my latest reread I wonder how many times I ve actually read them , I was tripped up by the overly simplistic language, and the inconsistencies that I met like old friends as I read but this t [...]

  5. When we talk about writers that are good story tellers but not necessarily good, well, writers, Lackey is always top of the list I am very well aware of her many, many technical faults, but that doesn t mean I don t have a shelf and a half of her books.I ve read all the books that follow this, so there was a certainck of tension, although it was nice to have some of the holes filled in And it says something that even while I m mentally picking the book apart I still couldn t put it down Her char [...]

  6. These are my favorite of Lackey s books, her most moving and heartfelt It famously has a gay protagonist, rare even in speculative fiction, even in these days Gay characters aren t unusual, especially now, but gay protagonists still are Those themes are important in this book and trilogy, and I think it explores it in ways that are thought provoking and stayed with me as a young woman Back then in 1989 when this came out, before Buffy and Will and Grace, I can remember very few positive depictio [...]

  7. Magic s Pawn 1.3.2017 A good, solid, standard Valdemar story Powerful 3.5 starsMagic s Promise 2.3.2017Incredible character development Fascinating, convoluted complication of politics and magic 4 starsMagic s Price 2 3.3.2017 sobbing in a heap I knew how this would end it s a Valdemar legend mentioned in future stories but I m still bawling my eyes out, devastated heartbroken 5 starsIncredible trilogy Powerful Complex Wonderful The character development, relationships, values, choices Wow.

  8. The Last Herald Mage Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey is a compilation of three books that tell the story of Herald Mage Vanyel, originally published separately as Magic s Pawn , Magic s Promise , and Magic s Price This m m fantasy collection starts with Magic s Pawn that introduces Vanyel Ashkevron and details his harsh upbringing and eventual relocation to stay with his aunt, Herald Mage Savil, where he learns to follow his heart and allows him to discover his own worth Meeting the extremely talente [...]

  9. I love this series The first book was something I bought years ago on a whim I wanted to try something new and had never read Mercedes Lackey before and the cover looked interesting All I can say is I m glad I did, years later, I still read this series at least once a year or pick through it to find my favorite parts.I am in love with Vanyel Ashkevron He s a handsome and polite with manners and talent and awesome magic, but because of all of these things he never feels accepted by others And a l [...]

  10. Omnibus volume, so I m going to review it in parts as I finish them Magic s Pawn I still don t like teenagers that much, but there s a substantial difference between whiny teenagers and genuinely tragic ones, and Vanyel s definitely the latter There s a certain amount of don t do that, dumbass going on, but it s all pretty solidly supported by the character development and hangs together quite well It s a book of its time, in regards to the gay issues, but certainly on the right side of its time [...]

  11. In Magic s Pawn, we find young Vanyel not fitting anywhere with his family Lord Withen Askveron wants to make a man out young Vanyel thru weapons master Jervis Vanyel is injured in a sparring match with Jervis breaking Vanyel s right arm Weeks go by asyoung Vanyel is healing while avoiding the weapons master s lessons Lord Withen announces that Vanyel will be going to Haven to live withh his Aunt Savil Everyone at Forst Reach is relieved to see young Vanyel leave Arriving in Haven, Vanyel receiv [...]

  12. Mercedes Lackey is my favorite fiction writer When I discovered her works while pre reading one book for my then 12 year old daughter books did not have ratings I was entering an unfamiliar genre By the end of the first book in the Valdemar series I was in love I ordered a dozen and then another dozen All the books were acceptable to me for my 11 and 12 year old daughters All three of us devoured them and they gave us a common topic for dinner conversations for the next several years.I did move [...]

  13. This is a classic fantasy novel, and is another of my go to reccs for fantasy fans.This trilogy is part of the Valdemar series, Which is Mercedes Lackeys fantasy world No worries if you re not familiar with it all the info you will need is in the books THis is a book that I give major, MAJOR props as one of the first fantasy novels by an established author to feature a LGBT hero without being overly in your face or divisive about it I certainly credit it with opening doors for many readers, and [...]

  14. I just finished this entire trilogy and LOVED IT I love it so much, I started reading a library book and ended up buying a copy for myself This book is that good I ll be reading it over and over and over again This trilogy deals with several very serious issues in a straightforward way, despite all the magic in the books I highly recommend it to anyone who likes reading fantasy and gay romance That was another thing I enjoyed about this book was the straightforward way it handled the gay romance [...]

  15. I am currently reading re reading all of Mercedes Lackey s books and this one has always been my favorite I fell hoplessly in love with Vanyel and with Valdamar I felt that this time around I paid attention to some of the details and understood about the history as well I have to say that three times around now, I still cried and laughed and was infected with anxiety at different places in the story I have to say that I adored this book and know that one of these days, I will visit with them a [...]

  16. This is the quintessential trilogy of my youth Perhaps because I had some familial issues myself, I wholly identified with Vanyel and his feelings of isolation and of being an outcast It definitely expanded my world view and helped shaped my future opinions on a wide range of subjects They even helped me fight against my own ice dream held it off a few years anyway I feel I should check out her other stuff since I love these so much, but I remember trying other series of hers and just not gettin [...]

  17. This book was a 3 in 1, and it was really well written I love Mercedes Lackey, and just about everything I ve read from her So, why did I rate this one one star Because I can t say I enjoyed a book that goes through 3 long books with one main character, gets you totally attached to him, his companion and his lover, and then offs him at the very end of the third On top of what he requests of his lover, pissed me off as well.I was so upset, I refused to read any of the other Valdemar books.

  18. One of my favorite series hands down It made me fall in love with Mercedes Lackey and the land of Valdemar Vanyel s story is beautiful He is one of the most well written characters I have ever had the joy of getting to know I would recommend reading this book to anyone who is an avid book lover This book is an emotional roller coaster that I enjoy going back to again and again.

  19. An old favoriteBack when discussing homosexuality in fiction was risky, there were these books Told with a deft hand, these stories hold up amazingly well, despite the amount of self hate and shame still lingering Choice, and support for that clarity remains a hallmark of the Valdemar stories, but here is its champion Great set of stories.

  20. I just reread this trilogy for the first time since before college It was better than I remembered Brilliant writing And as much as I enjoy all of the Valdemar books, I agree with the folks who say the recent ones don t hold a candle to the first two trilogies that were written These books kept me invested in the characters for 900 pages, and still wanting .

  21. I recently loaned this one to a friend that actually knew what a Companion was She has since been losing sleep trying to read this book I just laugh and say welcome to valdmar My friend finished the book I am now EVIL HE HE

  22. I m a fan of Valdemar I know that sometimes the plots are transparent, but I really love Misty s characters Vanyel is one of my favorites I like that her happy ending is a little bittersweet And of course, I harbor a secret wish that I could be a person worthy of being Chosen.

  23. A great fantasy series good vs evil that has a gay protaganist Bigotry, love, betrayal, revengeis series helped me as a teenager to realize that the love between homosexuals is the same as love between hetersexuals, a concept not approved or even voiced around me except in derision.

  24. This is the book I reread parts of most often and I wish I could explain why I think Vanyel is the first guy I ever really had a crush on way back when I was 13 And he s gay, which explains much about my life .

  25. I must have read this a dozen times Much like Arrows of the Queen, it still leaves me a sobbing wreck.

  26. I first discovered this trilogy back in the early 90 s At the time, I was in high school, a loner, and most of my friends were adults outside of school These books all three, but to a greater degree the first and third captured my attention so well on my first reads through them that I came to fear that, like a broadcast TV show or movie in a theater, they were continuing without my attention I absolutely HATED closing these books to focus on class, and I could barely get my homework done for my [...]

  27. Someone called this a comfort read, and I think that s fair It s a series I periodically re read, and this particular time the re reading was triggered by the availability of this omnibus on Kindle, which delighted me because my paperbacks are getting worn out So The writing is good, competent ad engaging, but not the sort you read just for the joy of how words are handled, but the sort that pulls you into the story The characters are believable sometimes irritatingly so yes, I remember being th [...]