The One Day House [PDF] The One Day House | by Ú Julia Durango Bianca Diaz - The One Day House, The One Day House Wilson dreams of all the ways he can help improve his friend Gigi s house so that she ll be warm comfortable and happy One day friends and neighbors from all over come to help make Wilson s plans c

  • Title: The One Day House
  • Author: Julia Durango Bianca Diaz
  • ISBN: 9781580897099
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover

The One Day House

[PDF] The One Day House | by Ú Julia Durango Bianca Diaz, The One Day House, Julia Durango Bianca Diaz, The One Day House Wilson dreams of all the ways he can help improve his friend Gigi s house so that she ll be warm comfortable and happy One day friends and neighbors from all over come to help make Wilson s plans come true Everyone volunteers to pitch in to make Gigi s house safe clean and pretty Inspired by a friend s volunteerism author Julia Durango tells a story of community andWilson d [PDF] The One Day House | by Ú Julia Durango Bianca Diaz. [PDF] The One Day House | by Ú Julia Durango Bianca Diaz - The One Day House, The One Day House Wilson dreams of all the ways he can help improve his friend Gigi s house so that she ll be warm comfortable and happy One day friends and neighbors from all over come to help make Wilson s plans c

  • [PDF] The One Day House | by Ú Julia Durango Bianca Diaz
    188Julia Durango Bianca Diaz
The One Day House
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  1. Recently I ve been blessed, reading a good many gorgeously illustrated, heartfelt and purposeful children s picture books that make my heart sing with hope and joy Hope for all the little ones who will soon become the next generation of leaders And joy for us grandparents who get to watch it happen A young grandson, has big beautiful dreams for making life a better, brighter place for his grandmother Orange and yellow paint for her house Bold colorful flowers Tasty vegetables in a garden plot St [...]

  2. A lovely read aloud about altruism and community spirit Also a beautiful example of friendship between an elderly person and a child Vibrant mixed media art.

  3. This sweet picture book brought a tear to my eye What starts out as a wish becomes so much as young Wilson uses tenacity and heart to get what he truly wants which is not for himself but for someone else.Written by Julia Durango, illustrated by Bianca Diaz and published by Charlesbridge PB community love family

  4. A book about helping your neighbors, this would be a great book for promoting Habitat for Humanity or Doing Good Together.

  5. Many of us dream of the things that will happen or that we will do one day In this brightly colored picture book, Wilson is determined to make friends for Gigi, an elderly neighbor with whom he spends a lot of time No doubt she s heard these sorts of promises before or dreamed of making things better herself, but nothing has come of it But Wilson not only talks about what he s going to do, he takes action, even enlisting the help of others in the area as they spruce up Gigi s place One of the fe [...]

  6. Wilson wishes that one day he will be able to help Gigi in many ways He says that one day he will paint her house yellow like the sun, but Gigi assures him that he is all the sunshine she needs Wilson wants to build a fence for her yard, fix her stairs so she can climb them again, fix her piano so it can be played once He wants to create a garden for her and fix her roof There are so many things to fix and Wilson can t do them by himself Luckily though, Wilson asks for help and the community tu [...]

  7. Wilbur, a young Latino boy, teaches us that you can make a difference, no matter how old you are, by bringing together his friends and neighbors to repair the house of his elderly friend Gigi When Wilbur sees a sign on the outside window of the local caf for Building up Neighbors , he begins to tell Gigi and people in the neighborhood his plans on the changes and repairs he would like to see done to Gigi s home one day When that day comes, everyone Wilbur has shared his plans with shows up to ma [...]

  8. A young boy wants to do so much for his grandmother and not only does he wish these things, he draws a picture of them Bianca Diaz creates the illustrations in her own style, but in the boy s youthful style too The boy Wilson says, One day, I will paint your house orange and yellow like the sun Gigi, the grandmother smiled I will like that But today, you are all the sunshine I need The story continues with of Wilson s wishes and at the end, there is a big surprise.Julia Durango tells there is a [...]

  9. Lovely new picture book about a little boy who dreams of making life better for an elderly neighbor by making repairs to her home, planting a garden, and mending her piano As he shares that dream with others in their neighborhood, a cadre of helpers, caring souls with good hearts, join forces to make the dream come true.I especially liked the author s note who described the annual Labor of Love event held in LaSalle County, Illinois, that served as the inspiration for the story She refers reader [...]

  10. Wilson promises Gigi, an elderly lady who lives in his neighborhood, that one day he will fix all of the broken things in her old house When the day finally arrives, the little boy and a small army of neighbors show up with sleeves rolled up and love in their hearts This awesome picture book is an inspiration to everyone to serve their neighbors In a world where there is so much bad news, this wonderful story reminds us the importance of being connected to each other The last page has an author [...]

  11. An inspiring story of kindness and helping your neighbor.Wilson expresses his altruistic ambition to help Gigi fix up her house to everyone he meets While Gigi seems happy as she is, she is overwhelmed when many people in their community show up and repair her house Durango s tale was inspired by a friend who helps similar events happen in their community Her debut book, Bianca Diaz successfully uses mixed media to visually tell the story, as it occurs in a very diverse neighborhood.Hopefully th [...]

  12. 1 27 2018 A lovely look at a community coming together to assist a woman in maintaining her home The illustrations are an interesting compilation of the neighborhood Wilson sitting with Gigi AND Wilson s sketches of what he ll do for Gigi and her home one day The text has a lyrical rhythm and repeated phrases that will be a pleasure to read aloud The book would make an excellent kick off to a community service project The only thing I wish this book had was a bit about the planning and organiza [...]

  13. Wilson loves his Gigi and wants so badly to be able to fix up her house so that she can enjoy her life the way she wants to He tells her his plans and he tells all of his friends how he can improve her life The community comes together to help Wilson realize his dream of improving his grandmother s house, emphasizing just how powerful the goodwill of friends and neighbors can be The collage style illustrations interspersed with children s drawings brings the story to life for readers who can eas [...]

  14. In this story, a compassionate boy wants to fix up his grandmother s house to make her day to day life better Before the story begins there is a sign for Build Up Neighbors so there is no surprise when the neighborhood comes together to help fix Gigi s house and fence The author recommends similar programs at the end Labor of Love, United Way, and Habitat for Humanity if readers know of anyone in need.

  15. This is a very sweet and enjoyable read The illustrations are wonderful, and really help add to the overall mood this story inspires There are a lot of positive messages to takeaway from this read One is the power of being in the company of those you love each day A second is how powerful the help of a community of people you love can be, and what they can accomplish in a short period of time It s difficult to not smile as you read and finish this one

  16. This is a fun read and yet it gives some ideas for community outreach to help neighbors in need Wilson is going to help Gigi paint her house but he is only a boy So he keeps promising to do it and tells many people from the community And the community of Build Up Neighbors comes together Great read to children about community service and what we can all do to help.

  17. I got a little weepy as I read this story and then read the back matter that shared the inspiration for it Oh if we could all take the time to help our neighbors and make the world a better, loving and caring place The illustrations that included what looks like kid inspired art work is absolutely precious and perfect.

  18. I liked how this story was inspired by actual events experienced by the author s writing partner and friend I also liked that even though Gigi knows her house needs repair, she appreciates what she has and feels the love and support of her grandson is than enough Bright, colorful illustrations help tell Gigi s story.

  19. A young boy wants to help repair his elderly neighbor s house but he isn t equipped to do it until many in the community come together to work together to repair her home A great picture book to pair with Seedfolks by Fleishcman Julia Durango lives in Ottawa, IL and the illustrator grew up in the Pilson area of Chicago.

  20. Perfect for teaching the meaning of community Young Wilson promises his Gigi that one day, he will fix up many parts of her home the paint, the roof, the squirrel infested chimney She brushes off his offers, only to have a surprise in store when one day becomes today This story will inspire kids to look around for ways to serve others Highly recommended.

  21. A boy dreams of making his grandmother s house better There was a disconnect in this book with the ending It just didn t compute wishing doesn t result in accomplishing dreams and I didn t like this misrepresentation.

  22. January 2018 a sweet story with a wonderful message about community and helping others, plus simple enjoyment of what life has to offer Gentle and simple enough for younger kids, while older kids could get out of discussing how we can help others.

  23. A love for a grandmother, and a community coming together As I was reading, I thought the focus of the story was the powerful mindset and perspective of the grandmother, which was truly a gift for all ages But the endwhat a smile

  24. This one was excellent I m surprised it s not getting attention Beautiful collage illustrations and a great message about helping the community.

  25. This beautiful book is a testament to what can happen when welcoming and diverse communities come together to pitch in and help their neighbors.