Life Swap Life Swap Best Read || [Carol E. Wyer] - Life Swap, Life Swap Take a chance on a new life and maybe you ll find your happy ever after Because true love is always worth the risk Handsome prince beautiful house fabulous job Polly has none of these All she has to

  • Title: Life Swap
  • Author: Carol E. Wyer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Life Swap

Life Swap Best Read || [Carol E. Wyer], Life Swap, Carol E. Wyer, Life Swap Take a chance on a new life and maybe you ll find your happy ever after Because true love is always worth the risk Handsome prince beautiful house fabulous job Polly has none of these All she has to her name is a string of failed relationships and she s up to her ears in debt She sees herself as a hopeless case and would do anything to change her luck Simon is apprTake a chance on a ne Life Swap Best Read || [Carol E. Wyer]. Life Swap Best Read || [Carol E. Wyer] - Life Swap, Life Swap Take a chance on a new life and maybe you ll find your happy ever after Because true love is always worth the risk Handsome prince beautiful house fabulous job Polly has none of these All she has to

  • Life Swap Best Read || [Carol E. Wyer]
    265Carol E. Wyer
Life Swap
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  1. Life SwapCarol WyerReceived from NetgalleyThey always say the grass is greener on the other side, but is it really LIFE SWAP gives two people the chance to exchange their lives for something totally different than what they are living at the moment Polly and Simon are both having problems in their relationships, jobs, and life in general so when the opportunity comes up to swap their lives, neither one of them can say no There is a lot of background covered in the beginning of the book and the l [...]

  2. Thanks to netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC in exchange for an honest review Hm, this book has been a whole lot different from what I expected a positive and negative way, unfortunately.At the beginning I really struggled to settle into the story It took really long until something happened There was way too much info dropping and background information to the characters For me it didn t help connecting with or understanding the characters, I just found it very repetative The flashbacks to th [...]

  3. First of all, I d like to thank Carol Wyer and the fabulous Bookouture for providing me with a review copy of Life Swap When the cover of Life Swap was revealed over on Twitter, I absolutely loved it and couldn t wait to dive into the book itself.I ll begin my review by saying that Life Swap by Carol Wyer wasn t really what I expected it to be I was pleasantly surprised by the turn of events within this novel and thought it was fabulously and fantastically fun It was fresh, inventive and I m sur [...]

  4. A funny, witty, feel good story that I absolutely loved So many twists and turns and filled with countless laugh out loud moments This is a book to savor and enjoy Loved it from beginning to end Heart warming and relatable Loved both Simon and Polly and all the huge cast of characters Carol Wyer is a wonderful author and I cannot wait to read of her books.

  5. 45 StarsHas your life ever been going so badly, that you wished you could swap places with someone Well when Simon and Polly s lives are going downhill they both agree to swap places with their chosen person, and the results are hilarious The first part of the book is the set up, which gives us the vital background to Polly and Simon s situations It is filled with flashbacks and gives you a good idea as to why they are both unhappy I found initially I was sympathising with Polly s story far tha [...]

  6. Life Swap is another inspiring, addicting novel by the uplifting, funny, talented Carol E Wyer I gravitated to her books ever since spending some time on her blog and then reading Grumpies On Board We all need a feel good fix and I found that in this author She knows how to put a positive spin on just about everything and does it with charm and grace.Life Swap was a nice addition to her previous books Her language is inviting and her writing style has a bit of an edge with an uncanny sense of hu [...]

  7. I ve always enjoyed films where people swap bodies, like Freaky Friday or 13 Going on 30, but I ve never read a book where this happens This was a lot better than any of those body swap films it was a real treat and it s going to be really hard to review without giving anything away.Polly and Simon are both unhappy with their lives Polly is an unlucky in love shopaholic who is being sued for money she doesn t have and Simon has just lost his job and dreads going home to tell his wife They both w [...]

  8. This is the first book I have read from this author and I look forward to reading others after enjoying this one so much It was full of humour and twists which I loved.Polly and Simon are unhappy with their lives, so when they get the opportunity to swap lives with someone they know, they jump at the chance Things are not necessarily greener on the other side though and regrets start to set in, but can they go back to their old lives The storyline wasn t what I was expecting which was great so g [...]

  9. I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.Polly and Simon are both dissatisfied with their respective lives and take up the opportunity to switch lives with someone else in order to escape their struggles.I thought, given the cover, this would tend to a light and funny read about two people out of their depth when given what they wanted Actually this book was nothing like I expected from the blurb and cover The use of the word true love being worth the risk suggested s [...]

  10. advanced preview copy given by netgalley bookouture Prepare yourself for a book that you will probably remember the day after you read it Prepare yourself for a book that will have you wondering what the fried eggs is going on Prepare yourself for a book that will leave you that puzzled to the point of being unable to put it down But importantly, prepare yourself to be transported into a story that will make you look at your own life a little bit differently.Before reading the Life Swap, I did [...]

  11. We all know the tale of Freaky Friday mom and daughter don t understand each other and through magic are each moved into the others life to live without a road map Big 13 Going on 30 A youth is now an adult bumbling through life Who doesn t love these stories Enter Life SwapThis is a book I judged by it s title and cover The cover looked whimsical and, based on the title alone, I wanted to dive in After reading the plot summary I was hooked This should be great I thought Two people who are upset [...]

  12. Most everyone has heard the age old adage the grass isn t always greener on the other side And this is exactly what the characters of Wyer s new book, Life Swap, discover.When life becomes so completely overwhelming at work, at home, with his disgruntled mother in law Simon can t see any way out It s not that he doesn t love his wife and kids, he does however, the question he finds himself asking is do they still love him Then a chance meeting with a couple of quota filling demons offers Simon e [...]

  13. This was a thoroughly enjoyable book I always like to read stories about people who think the grass is greener on the other side I used to be one of these people until I realised actually I need to make the changes to get the life I want I always connect with these types of stories for that reason and this one was no exception.Everyone feels at some point in their lives like perhaps there is to life or what if When they look back at their lives and this story captures that perfectly While ther [...]

  14. I suppose we ve all wondered at some time or another especially after yet another unaffordable bill lands on the doormat, or another long hard underpaid day at work or another tedious confrontation with belligerent teenage offspring what it would be like to trade places with that friend who made good and is now a millionaire or the client whose daily to do list consists of salon treatments, personal trainers and high end shopping I m sure a little piece of us wishes we could swap our lives for b [...]

  15. I think everyone has, at some time, dreamt of exchanging their life with its associated stresses and pressure for that of someone who seems to have everything and in this story two characters agree to do just that Both are experiencing problems in their jobs, relationships and life so the opportunity to make a deal to swap from the humdrum to a life of luxury proves to be just too much temptation for them to resist That s when the reality of their new lives kicks in with many hilarious laugh out [...]

  16. Life Swap was a witty, quirky, funny and hugely entertaining book that I didn t at first think I would enjoy as much as I did, and it was fun to be taken away from my usual gory genre for awhile.Simon and Polly are the two main characters who are so fed up with their troubled and debt ridden lives, that when given the opportunity to swap lives with someone they know, they both choose wealthy people that they believe have the perfect life Be careful what you wish for life is not always greener on [...]

  17. I love reading chick lit but often find it follows the same formula, girl boy meet, fall for each other, lots stands in their way and then a happy ending, this book wasn t like that however was something completely new refreshing I loved Polly Simon everything that happened to them I laughed so much reading this book couldn t wait to get home read it.That s all I m going to say as I don t want to spoil the book for you but what I will say is if you enjoy a fun, funny and overall excellent book t [...]

  18. I received this e book in exchange for an honest and fair review from netgalley Wow I just finished reading this book and I m still not sure exactly what to say or think.This book is about Simon and Polly who are down on their luck horribly down on their luck Personally, if I was in either of their shoes I wouldn t know what to do Their lives are so bad they decide to swap lives with someone they know A classic case of the grass is greener on the other side mixed with demons collecting souls in [...]

  19. I received the ARC from Bookouture via Netgalley in exchange of honest reviews All opinions are mine Life Swap is basically about two person, Polly and Simon, who are both going through some issues in their life Polly is drowning in debt while Simon is in danger of losing his job, among other things When they were given chance to swap lives with other people of their own choice, they thought that it would great to live the life of people that they envied First of all, let me say that Life Swap w [...]

  20. When they felt completely overwhelmed by financial and relationship problems, Simon and Polly thought they d found the perfect solution I mean, why should they face their problems when they could simply opt out of their less than stellar lives with the help of some oh so very helpful demons They d simply leave all their troubles behind and take over somebody else s life Somebody cool and rich, who was living large, and enjoying a life of excitement and adventure Well, that was their plan, anyway [...]

  21. I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.I found this book to be well written with twists and turns that I wasn t expecting I had heard so many positive things about this book that I looked forward to reading it I jumped right in and was immediately empathizing with Simon whose life seemed to be a drain on him Polly s life was a mess but I just couldn t empathize with her right away The characters develop and build throughout the story I loved and hated the characters [...]

  22. Now, this is where I would normally give a little bit of a this is what it s about this is what I liked this is what I didn t like blah blah blah I just can t.It s so twisty and turny and full of WHAT the % that my brain just isn t functioning properly.Yeah, I loved the main characters except for when I didn t d the plot was sweet disturbing touching hilarious terrifying except for when it wasn t.I know It s like chick lit a la Christopher Moore except for when it s not Do yourself a favor and g [...]

  23. Life Swap was a highly entertainingly witty read and was pleasantly surprised by just how much i enjoyed reading it The two main characters Simon and Polly are so fed up with their lives, they both lack confidence and have very similar personalities They are both given the opportunity to swap lives with somebody that they knew and of course they both choose wealthy people that they believe are living happy, stress free lives Soon they both realise that the grass isn t always greener on the other [...]

  24. I got this book for free from Netgallery in exchange for an honest review That said, I didn t know what to expect prior to reading this The summary sounded interesting, and several other people referred to this as a Freaky Friday kind of thing It took a little for me to get into at first, I was just reading about how all these people s lives were miserable and it came off as kind of whiny Once the characters made the switch though, I was anxious to see what would happen to them and who they woul [...]

  25. Polly and Simon both have their own reasons to be fed up with their lot in life Polly is in debt and has yet to have a successful relationship Simon is middle aged, miserable and unappreciated Both are offered the opportunity to swap their life for someone else s and jump at the chance But it s not that straightforward .This is a witty and unusual story I certainly wasn t expecting what I got, there were plenty of twists, and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride Perfect if you want to read something fu [...]

  26. Thank you to Bookoutre and Netgalley for the ARC.Nothing is going right for Polly and Simon and it seems as if it is going to get worse They get the opportunity to swop their lives with someone else and this is where the fun starts I liked both characters and loved reading how they experienced living the lives of other people A funny and enjoyable read that I would recommend if you are looking for something lighthearted.

  27. The story took me on a really unexpected journey.I just wasn t expecting it to go in the direction it did Some parts made me laugh out loud.Lots of tender and emotional times too.It certainly makes you think about what you have in your life, and is it as bad as you think I really enjoyed the book, good honest and fun to read Thanks to the publishers Bookouture, and NetGalley for the copy

  28. I received an Arc of this book for an honest review So without further waiting, here is my honesty Good book The book places characters into the grass is greener on the other side roles, as they make deals with the devil s henchmen to free themselves of woes The ending was very unexpected The reader must ask Would you swap your life with someone who life appears enjoyable than yours