The Deep ↠ The Deep ✓ Peter Benchley - The Deep, The Deep A young couple go to Bermuda on their honeymoon They dive on the reefs offshore looking for the wreck of a sunken ship What they find lures them into a strange and increasingly terrifying encounter w

  • Title: The Deep
  • Author: Peter Benchley
  • ISBN: 9780330250443
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback

The Deep

↠ The Deep ✓ Peter Benchley, The Deep, Peter Benchley, The Deep A young couple go to Bermuda on their honeymoon They dive on the reefs offshore looking for the wreck of a sunken ship What they find lures them into a strange and increasingly terrifying encounter with past and present a struggle for salvage and survival along the floor of the sea in the deep ↠ The Deep ✓ Peter Benchley. ↠ The Deep ✓ Peter Benchley - The Deep, The Deep A young couple go to Bermuda on their honeymoon They dive on the reefs offshore looking for the wreck of a sunken ship What they find lures them into a strange and increasingly terrifying encounter w

  • ↠ The Deep ✓ Peter Benchley
    462Peter Benchley
The Deep
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  1. In sea water than a few feet deep, blood is green Water filters the light from above, seeming to consume the colors of the spectrum shade by shade Red is the first to succumb, to disappear Green lasts longer But then, below 100 feet, green, too, fades away, leaving blue In the twilight depths 180, 200 feet, and beyond blood looks black I DVRed The Deep 1977 because I knew it was based on the Peter Benchley novel I ve been meaning to read the book as part of my nostalgic 1970s horror reading tou [...]

  2. I probably read this when I was 11 or 12 and I only remember two things from it the female character bending over so that her bikini covered breasts honey coloredness became visible, and the word ampules This is the kind of book you should read when you re 11 because you ll get much out of it.

  3. Life s full of chances to hurt yourself or someone else.Initially I thought this would be a horror book, maybe because of Jaws, but when I realized this was actually a sea mystery, I thought that I wouldn t like it that much I was wrong, and The Deep surprised me in many ways.Of the three main characters, there was one about whom I didn t really care David , my favorite one Gail , and a middle grounder don t remember his name In general, they were good and believable, which is what I expect on a [...]

  4. This book is about a married couple that are searching a sunken vessel off the coast of Bermuda They soon discover that this vessel was carrying drugs The local drug lord wants these drugs The couple are adamant about not supplying the local drug lord and they are fighting for their lives.I have never seen the movie that was developed from this book so this was all new for me It was a decent read What stood out about this book was the description of the dives as the characters searched the botto [...]

  5. After Jaws I was hoping for This has a plot hole you could Captain a U boat through Too bad, since the main character is well drawn, perhaps too well, since a backstory dump drags down chapter three If a crappy plot won t keep you from a sea yarn, it s a fair Audiobook DNF halfway.

  6. While it s not as much fun as Jaws, Beast, or White Shark, the Deep was some decent summer reading If you re expecting the giant killer sea creature vibe like Peter Benchley is famous for, you won t get much of that Athough there are a couple of cool scenes with a big creepy moray eel, those were my favorite parts.I liked the tropical vacation in Bermuda setting and all the scuba diving I ve never been scuba diving so it s cool to read about it The voodoo based villains were somewhat reminiscent [...]

  7. The DeepBy Peter BenchleyA Honeymooning couple is diving off the coast of Bermuda when they come across a shipwreck and a small glass vial that will forever change their lives When they return to their hotel room with the glass vial a strange man approaches them trying to buy it from them claiming the glass is rare they refuse, proclaiming they must find out what is in the vial before they are willing to sell it to anyone From there a man who doesn t even exist officially tries to hire them to f [...]

  8. At first I wasn t sure that I d like this book, but as it went on, the elaborate story got and gripping This book was really intriguing and definitely a fun one to read.

  9. Gail and David Sanders are honeymooning in Bermuda, enjoying the scuba diving They dive on a wreck near their hotel and come up with, among other things, a glass ampule filled with yellow liquid Word gets around the island quickly and the Sanders find themselves first being coaxed and then threatened for information Their only chance at surviving the local gang is working with Treece, a wreck diver who is after the Spanish treasure in the same spot.If you ve read Benchley s Jaws, you would know [...]

  10. Wonderful, gripping thriller novel Very calculated, well written, and an excellent read for those who enjoy a Caribbean backdrop with a lot of diving and treasure hunting I absolutely loved the character Romer Treece and reading about diving underwater archaeology culture I give this book my 5 stars with confidence, although the one thing I noted was that some of the dialogue was a bit fanciful at certain parts, but those lines were few and far apart and didn t take away from my enjoyment of the [...]

  11. Although not as intensely thrilling as Jaws, I enjoyed it From the storm in the beginning to touching on the history of Spanish treasure, made for an engaging read In some ways I enjoyed the book than the movie, simply because there was character development The fate of some of the characters was appropriate, as opposed to Treece popping up at the end of the film just in time for some terrible disco music I enjoyed getting to know about the moray eel as well.

  12. This was not what I was expecting I was expecting of a horror story, due to the inscription on the cover, The terrifying new novel But it isn t a horror story, it s of a thriller and it was really good

  13. Peter benchleys novels almost always include a nautical theme sharks, giant squids, boats and beaches and he knows how to keep an authentic feel and pace This book is a treasure hunt with all the twists and turns along the way Great read and another classic from mr benchey

  14. Much interesting than the boring movie made from it, but still no Jaws A solid effort worth a read, but not near as powerful.

  15. I m sure I confuse this with the movie off it very much, I do remember, however, that it was a huge disappointment after the suspense Jaws brought.

  16. Can t really explain why it is I loved this book so muchry similar to why I love the original poseidon adventure.

  17. One day you ll realize you lost the moon by counting the stars When thirty seven year old David Sanders and his twenty eight year old bride Gail, decided on a Bermuda honeymoon, they did it for the pristine white beaches, clear blue skies, and the clear waters surrounding the islands a perfect place to dive and explore its fascinating depths What they didn t bargain on was being forced into playing a deadly game with the powerful criminal elements of this warm and sunny Caribbean island paradise [...]

  18. As adventure stories go, The Deep is entertaining enough to sustain interest, but, let s face it, Benchley has a lot to live up to after Jaws, and he doesn t quite pull it off The writing isn t as good, for one thing, especially in action scenes in the second half All those he could hear and she could see sentences really start piling up there, and deaden passages that could otherwise be vivid, descriptive, and active if Benchley had put a little care into polishing them up And key scenes, esp [...]

  19. Everyone needs a quick mindless lark of a book on occasion Still, this was pretty bad, and didn t even have the benefit, as did the movie version, of Jacqueline Bissett s clinging wet tee shirt to save the day.

  20. I think I wanted to enjoy this book than I did The diving equipment and methodology is so different from today which made it interesting to read But the overall story was a little flat Treece was an interesting character, but the others weren t well enough developed to pull me in.