Until Harry ↠ Until Harry à L.A. Casey - Until Harry, Until Harry He was my best friend my best not really big brother and my best protector He was my best everything He was mine Coming home is hard for Lane Hard because Harry her beloved uncle has died suddenly

  • Title: Until Harry
  • Author: L.A. Casey
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  • Page: 430
  • Format: Kindle

Until Harry

↠ Until Harry à L.A. Casey, Until Harry, L.A. Casey, Until Harry He was my best friend my best not really big brother and my best protector He was my best everything He was mine Coming home is hard for Lane Hard because Harry her beloved uncle has died suddenly but also because of him Kale Kale Hunt has been her best friend since childhood But it was never that simple He was Lane s reason for leaving home and moving to New YorkHe was my best fr ↠ Until Harry à L.A. Casey. ↠ Until Harry à L.A. Casey - Until Harry, Until Harry He was my best friend my best not really big brother and my best protector He was my best everything He was mine Coming home is hard for Lane Hard because Harry her beloved uncle has died suddenly

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Until Harry
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  1. I received a complimentary ARC from the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for honest feedback That being said, I also checked the Audible edition out as a Kindle Unlimited selection and that is the version that I read listened to Right from the start, I was intrigued with Lane s story Returning to her home in England for her Uncle Harry s funeral, it is clear that there are oodles of unresolved issues between her, her family and Kale, the man who broke her heart The tension was palpable [...]

  2. Until Harry is like nothing you have ever read from L.A Casey before It is a story of love, loss and finding yourself in the darkest of times Until Harry releases on July 19th, 2016, and is now available to pre order on Below are the pre order links as well as a small excerpt from the novel and picture teasers PRE ORDER ON KINDLE USPRE ORDER ON KINDLE UKPRE ORDER ON KINDLE CAPRE ORDER ON KINDLE AUExcerpt I felt my eyes widen as his voice encircled me like a warm blanket No matter how many years [...]

  3. ARC Received via Netgalley for honest opinion To the Author This book was really well written BUT I was just not a fond of Lane So this is me not you type of review Until Harry is about Uncle Harry s demise and how his death brought the family together, and the reason why Lane returned home after six years this novel is told from Lane s POV now the most I want to say about Lanes POV she irritated me beyond words This book is written in the present with flashback to the past every second chapter [...]

  4. 3 StarsOverall Opinion This was an ok read I was in the mood for angsty, and I got it I thought it was a little OTT drama at times, because a lot of it could ve easily been fixed with a little communication I didn t love it, and I didn t hate it I had some issues with the pacing and closure see below spoilers , but it served its purpose and squeezed out a few tears for me I d say it was a just ok 3 star read.Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Lane and Kale s story They grew up together, as t [...]

  5. 4,25 Welcome home, Laney Baby stars This is my second book by L.A Casey and it was so different from Frozen but equal wonderfulThis was an emotional ride full of loss, tragedies, redemption and second chances I enjoyed it very much, but i wish it was having a little bit of explanations About many things Laney is returning back home to attend the funeral of her beloved uncle Harry and there she have to deal with her family and Kale with whom are not in good odds since the day she left England, s [...]

  6. 4.25 STARS I looked at Kale My heart was singing for him It was a daunting thought, but I positively knew in that instant, even though I didn t know exactly what real emotion was, that I d fallen wholeheartedly in love with Kale Hunt Until Harry is a story about a young woman named Lane who has been fortunate to have a constant in her life in the form of her best friend, Kale From a very young age, Kale has been there for her as her friend, brother, protector, and partner in crime As Lane reache [...]

  7. Complimentary Copy Provided by the author L.A Casey in exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE Until Harry AUTHOR L.A CaseyGENRE Contemporary Romance CHAPTERS 18RELEASE DATE July 19th 2016 MY RATING 5 STARS UNTIL HARRY This is told entirely from the female Lane heroine s POVStraight away you get caught up in the story, the world just ceases to exist And I love books that grab me from that first page read AND THEN Oh bugga me, not too far into chapter one and I ve got leaky eye syndrome alre [...]

  8. Review to come if I can ever get over my distaste for Kale to bother writing it but I did NOT like Kale He didn t deserve her He loved another woman and chose that woman over Lane Over over, for years This was definitely about unrequited love on Lane s part for years Kale was a weak coward who never fought for Laney.After 5 starring Aideen I had high hopes for this love story but it was a complete utter fail for me I looked forward to this author s loyal faithful and crazy in love for their woma [...]

  9. In the interest of full disclosure, I m gonna tell how and why I was able to read this book even though previous books from this author the ones I read, obviously , failed to impress me It s kinda embarrassing but I thought I was requesting a book by Elle Casey It was a mistake, okay I must have been drunk or half asleep when I requested this on Netgalley because I totally thought I was requesting a book by another author After I realized my mistake, I still went and read it I mean, I already ha [...]

  10. This book is full of everything that made me fall in love with Kale and Lane to begin with It shows flashes back to them as they were growing up and facets of their lives that made the couple and the individuals Perfect people these are not, by a long shot, which is why they are so close to my heart already I can identify with them in so very many ways, all of them, not just the heroine If love a good romantic story with depth and intense feelings, this book is for you ARC kindly provided via Ne [...]

  11. I m going to be repetitive as usual when it comes to this Friends lovers, from a very young age, is something I adore in this case, Kale is 9 Lane is 6 So, without a doubt I loved it.Oh, It s meee Kale was best friends with Lane even though she had older brothers it was she that he hung with and protected She was only 6 and crushin on him big time Is that possible At that age I didn t pay attention to boys, it s cute ish To each his own I suppose.No one was to hurt Lane in any way otherwise they [...]

  12. Until Harry by L.A CaseyL.A Casey has written a one of the best books I have read this year This book is a must read, Until Harry is heart breaking, traumatic, cry your eyes out kind of book and have to say it is truly an amazing story The writing is suburb and you won t be able to put this book down unless your wiping your tears away First thing to do before you start reading Until Harry is get your Kleenex ready This is a story about a young girl Lane and her best friend Kale, growing up toget [...]

  13. I really can t believe that this book has an over 4 rating.This book is a walking cliche, with added drama angst for the shake of just adding angst, boring talks, and no depth I d really love to read something that I haven t read before, but if I do, I d really like at least for it to be beautifully written.My review can t be spoiler free, so here it is view spoiler 1 OW pregnancy For years the H was in an on and off relationship with another woman You can t got dating someone for 6,10 or years [...]

  14. 4 starsA sweet, emotional angsty read Two soulmates who meet again after 6 years after heaps of heartbreak and sadness Main characters had an intense connection and i loved the supportive family members Overall a worth your time read.

  15. Tissue alert I think I cried for a large part of this book but it was too good to put down Lane and Kale have a very long friendship that is filled with love and riddled with trouble and pain All young men could take a page out of his book with her growing up and all girls should always have someone like him to stand for them Eventually though life gets too hard and in the way since one is older than the other and their lives as most do move in different directions Lane has fallen madly in love [...]

  16. Until Harry was a beautiful story that was masterfully put together Raw, intense, and poetic, L.A Casey weaved a heartfelt tale that has embedded itself into my heart forever My only wish is that I could read it again, but for the first time so I can go on the emotional ride Casey takes us on I ve read and been devoured by every single one of Casey s books, but this story it s a personal favorite I m grateful Casey wrote Until Harry and put so much heart and soul into telling it.

  17. I actually cried whilst reading this book but not because of Lane I think it was the general circumstance of unrequited love.I m not sure if it was the helplessness of the situation which left me reeling or Lane s feelings which were able to convey the sheer intensity of pain she was feeling Books like this are angsty, and often don t leave me with enough retribution Retribution is important Kale was a coward who belittled Lane s self worth He was unworthy of being titled the love of her life Th [...]

  18. I received an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.I am a HUGE LA Casey fan and this book proves exactly why I am Her Slater brother series is one of my favourites of all time and I was so excited to read this standalone This book made me ugly cry so hard it broke me and put me back together again Lane has been through so much and has had a lot of loss in her life Kale is the man she loves who she gave up due to circumstances at the time and who has also been through a g [...]

  19. Lane and Kale had grown up together they were best friends Lane had always loved Kale and as she grew older those feelings increased they didn t diminish She thinks that Kale would never see her as than his best friend, she hates seeing him with the girls he dates But when Kale gets Drew pregnant Lane knows she can t stay and watch him play happy families with another girl so she moves and tries to make a new life in New York leaving everything that s dear to her behind in England For six long [...]

  20. 5 Laney baby stars,I heard him say three words that would haunt my dreams every night for the next six years Goodbye Laney baby A childhood love, a friend s to lovers story that will stomp on your heart one minute then sooth it with the beautiful words from L.A Casey the next Until Harry is Lane s heartfelt journey from childhood to the present.Returning home after six years for a funeral Lane is forced to relive the pain the Hurts that she desperately ran from six years ago and realises you can [...]

  21. The author s storyline and style of of writing was really good but wasn t my cup of tea Maybe you ll feel differently.happy reading, enjoy

  22. 3.5 Second Chance Stars He was always yours He just didn t know it Synopsis From the blurb Kale Hunt has been her best friend since childhood But it was never that simple He was Lane s reason for leaving home and moving to New York Seeing him with someone else, in love with someone else, shouldn t have hurt But it did It really, really did So she upped sticks and left, started a new life and cut herself off from her past.But now she s back and all the feelings are right there As if she had never [...]

  23. I didn t like heroine one bit She was an emotional wreck and made her family members life miserable too Hero was also hard to like and understand His lack of courage and indecision of what he wants made situation worse I was almost DNF it but because of l do it a lot and wanted to see how resolve their issues It wasn t get better, l don t think l ll try another book of this author.

  24. Until Harry I didn t realize how much often I d let a book bend and even break my character rules of conduct, folks The writing in this story was so engaging though I simply couldn t walk away I feel a little dazed and confused right now, because I can honestly say I never would have read this book if I knew the full story upfront But it was like L.A Casey had me by the back of the shirt and said, You re coming with mew I was dragged right onto that plane with Lane as she returned to England to [...]

  25. I have only read one book by this author before and I have enjoyed her books The only thing I don t like about her stories is they are only in first person with the females side Until Harry is 100% drama and told only from the female heroine s side Lane heroine and Kale hero grew up together and there families were super close They were best friends and well Lane fell in love and Kale fell in something I don t really want to spoil too much there Suffice to say they have a very intense and compli [...]

  26. A Love Story that is so emotionally intense it will shatter your heart into a million pieces only to be put back together by the end of it, you will be overwhelmedFirst and foremost before you dive into this book ensure that you have a box of tissues on hand LA Casey has simply left me so speechless with this book that I have spent almost an entire day thinking of what I can say that will do this book justice This is a story of Lane and Kale Their love, their loss, their struggles, their journey [...]

  27. This is what I felt reading this book Honestly everyone in the book got on my nerves there was so much unnecessary drama when it didn t have to happen and the love the hero and heroine had for each other I did not believe it for one minute and when they finally got together it was in the last chapter so I couldn t even invest in themAlso the brother Lochlan What the hell is that dude on steroids or something every time he was mention the guy was screaming and getting mad he really needed a slap [...]

  28. This wasn t what I thought it was going to beIt s a good book, and if you like angsty stories or already a fan of Casey then I think you ll like it Unfortunately ansty isn t my thing Either are flashback stories I thought that this book was set in present time where the two main characters were trying to find their way back together Eh, nope I also can t stand OW OM that are in picture a lot of the time This is a lot of negatives for a book I rated 3 stars I want to be fair and honest and the ne [...]

  29. 4.5 Stars This book was very emotional I think I cried about every other chapter Until Harry was beautifully written and tugs on your heartstrings The love story between Lane and Kale from childhood to adulthood was powerful There were so many missed chances it s hard not to feel the loss when they stood in each other s own way This is a really great story and I highly recommend it if you want one of those deep down love stories that has to fight its way to the surface Just have tissues readyC p [...]