Surrender, New York Free Download Surrender, New York - by Caleb Carr - Surrender, New York, Surrender New York Caleb Carr New York Times bestselling author of The Alienist and The Angel of Darkness returns with a contemporary edge of your seat thriller featuring Dr Trajan Jones a criminal psychologist an

  • Title: Surrender, New York
  • Author: Caleb Carr
  • ISBN: 9780812989311
  • Page: 107
  • Format: ebook

Surrender, New York

Free Download Surrender, New York - by Caleb Carr, Surrender, New York, Caleb Carr, Surrender New York Caleb Carr New York Times bestselling author of The Alienist and The Angel of Darkness returns with a contemporary edge of your seat thriller featuring Dr Trajan Jones a criminal psychologist and the world s leading expert on the life and work of one Dr Laszlo Kreizler the hero of The Alienist in whose brilliant but unconventional footsteps he follows In the smaCaleb Ca Free Download Surrender, New York - by Caleb Carr. Free Download Surrender, New York - by Caleb Carr - Surrender, New York, Surrender New York Caleb Carr New York Times bestselling author of The Alienist and The Angel of Darkness returns with a contemporary edge of your seat thriller featuring Dr Trajan Jones a criminal psychologist an

  • Free Download Surrender, New York - by Caleb Carr
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Surrender, New York
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  1. I know what you re thinking Where oh where can I possibly find pages and pages and pages of information on how to rehabilitate a captive cheetah and turn it into a house cat How will I possibly learn all there is to know about caring for, medicating, walking, and familiarizing my cheetah with my neighbors Is there possibly some writer out there who has cleverly disguised an in depth guide to cheetah care inside an epic police procedural Well wonder no cheetah fans Caleb Carr that one trick pony [...]

  2. DNF 25%, which is over 150 pages I m not going to give a rating, although I d only give one star if I rated the portion that I did manage to choke down.The language in this book is just so high falutin and obsessed with its own pomposity I understand your desire to get us out of here before your various superiors arrive Particularly if they are being accompanied by any members of the media It s also pedantic and scholarly when it least needs to be, and gives lectures on things that are immateria [...]

  3. But I LOVED The Alienist Seriously considered DNF ing this one at around 23%, but the problem is, it s a mystery Even when a mystery isn t very compelling, one really kind of wants to find out who dunnit I shouldn t have bothered continuing GIANT SPOILER view spoiler No one dunnit, really Sort of hide spoiler What a rip off.OK, this is a sequel, of sorts, to The Alienist and The Angel of Darkness However, it s contemporary, rather than being set in the 19th century It took me a bit to realize th [...]

  4. It is never a good sign when you start thinking about what you re going to read next when you are only on page 100 Carr is the author of The Alienist, which was very good He misses the mark here.

  5. Surrender, New York 2016 By Caleb Carr.Penguin Random House, 624 pages There s no reason to mince words Surrender, New York is a failed novel at least in the non proofed advance copy I read It won t happen, but Penguin ought to delay release of this book, assign a stern developmental editor, and advise author Caleb Carr to excise a few hundred pages and rework some head scratching and totally unbelievable detail It pains me to say this, because two of Carr s previous novels The Alienist 1994 and [...]

  6. Surrender, New York is an intricate and weighty book I get the sense that some negative reviewers are turned off by the complexity of Carr s writing and might be disappointed if they are comparing this story to The Alienist This is not a Laszlo Kreizler book to expect it to be is unfair , rather it is a look at how Kreizler s work can used in our modern age, an age in which television shows featuring forensics and crime scene investigations can be found on almost every channel It also explores c [...]

  7. So disappointed by the writing in this novel Caleb Carr was amazing in The Alienist I wasn t able to finish Angel of Darkness or this latest novel I felt like I was walking through quicksand, watching paint dry and watching grass grow all at the same time As the main characters entered the trailer to investigate the initial murder, it took them pages and pages just to get through the first room Reading Bag of Bones by Stephen King was much the same And then I took another breath And then I took [...]

  8. I loved Caleb Carr s books The Alienist and The Angel of Darkness, so I was thrilled to see that he d written another mystery Thank you, Net Galley, for your digital ARC of Surrender, New York.Unfortunately, try as I might, I had to stop reading this book Weighing in at over 600 pages, there might be a good 300 page mystery in there, but I lost the will to find it It suffers from a fatal case of BM bloat and the meanders Carr seems to have never met a tangent he didn t want to follow it takes hi [...]

  9. Thanks to NetGalley, Caleb Carr, and Random House for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.I loved The Alienist Carr s Surrender, New York is an Alienist in modern times, and it just does not flow and inspire the way Alienist did I had high hopes, and sadly this time I was disappointed This novel felt sluggish, and monotonous.

  10. What a hot load of garbage I can t help but wonder if Michael Connelly s very positive NYT book reviews had something to do with Dr Jones being the embodiment of a very particular kind of male fantasy I feel like the book s only saving grace was that the plot had good bones It was an interesting and compelling mystery Unfortunately it can t be saved by that detail alone The prioritization of telling over showing The ellipses The borderline racism and subtle misogyny This book is like a really sh [...]

  11. I truly enjoyed this book as much as I did Caleb Carr s first, the Alienist This novel is about throwaway children who commit suicide but bodies are arranged to look like they were murdered, children who have been abandoned by parents and left to fend for themselves The State of New York tries to cover it up by calling the deaths serial killer related Outcast and snubbed by NYC police, but truly feared criminologists, Drs Jones and Li, following the cases try to outthink and outflank the perpetr [...]

  12. Once again Caleb Carr brings you to his world unlike any other Flawed characters all but each aware of their flaws and face them head on That s not to say they deal with them Besides Mike and LT, Marciella, Luther, Grace, Mitch etc compliment every turn the story takes This is not a book to skim over parts for every bit is part of the total work of art

  13. A bit of a disappointment in my opinion compared to his earlier novels I had one of the perpetrators figured out early on, so reading the rest of the book was just an exercise in im patience to get to that point where the author FINALLY and EXHAUSTINGLY revealed who it was in the plot The storyline kept jumping around, too, so at times it was like finding myself in the middle of a completely different book And while a little profanity doesn t normally bother me, the excessive use of the F bomb i [...]

  14. I had a very hard time with this book I think the author has taken the prose of The Alienist and tried to force it into a contemporary backdrop The story itself was very convoluted and the extreme use of profanity did nothing but detract from the story The only character I liked was Marcianna, Trajan Jones rare African hunting dog It just didn t work for me.

  15. In a world where every other tv show seems to be about forensic science, here comes a book that talks about how faulty that science can be Or, I should say, how the science can be manipulated for the wrong purpose This book starts off well but goes downhill Carr is a detailed writer When he describes a place, you can envision it clearly And I love his initial descriptions of people You truly get a feel for who you re dealing with That said, sometimes the scenes drag on and you start thinking, en [...]

  16. I eagerly awaited Caleb Carr s new book, but have had to put it down While I love his consistently 19th century storytelling style, it is weirdly jarring with a contemporary set of characters I keep expecting time travel it s possible that happens later in the book, but I doubt it , and the plodding pace, with digressions into local history, is less atmospheric and just tangential The reason I stopped reading it, however, is that I grew so annoyed with the deep arrogance of the main character [...]

  17. A disappointmentI will confess that when I saw this book was out on Kindle I immediately rushed to buy I like the Alienist and it s sequel and I looked forward to this one What a disappointment Most of the book seems to be a third rate discussion on the horrors of forensic science combined with his theories on post ndustrial American decline At various times I found myself thinking, will you just get to the darn story He takes entirely too much time with these useless side trips I soon realized [...]

  18. Ambitious and brave I expect nothing less from a Caleb Carr novel.I highly recommend this.Read fromThe Page Walker.

  19. For those who enjoyed Caleb Carr s THE ALIENIST and THE ANGEL OF DARKNESS his latest effort is something to look forward to It takes place up in the Taconic area of New York state called Surrender, hence the title SURRENDER, NEW YORK The novel s narrator is Dr Trajan Jones, a former criminal psychologist and profiler for the NYPD, who suffers from the effects of childhood osteosarcoma that forces him to be bent over while working on his online forensic course that he teaches for SUNY Albany with [...]

  20. Don t make the mistake I made and ignore all of the one star reviews of this book because you loved The Alienist Just read The Alienist again, which is a very good book that holds up well Carr must have gotten kicked in the head by an angry mule at some point in the past 25 years, because this book is TERRIBLE I m actually amazed it got published It starts off with the ostensible hero of the book railing against forensic science for several pages, which IMO is rather like having a protagonist wh [...]

  21. This may be the worst book I ever read Loved the Alienist Surrender, NY was DREADFUL Here s why 1 I actually don t believe Carr even wrote Surrender, NY I think it must have been a ghost writer to build him a late in life retirement nest egg, propelled by earlier success of Alienist It was written like a mass market throwaway the word throwaway must have appeared 200 times in the book too This book defines no effort mailing it in.2 It was written as though the teacher said you must deliver n wor [...]

  22. I had really wanted to like this book The Alienist is one of my favourite books, and the way Carr used language, context, history, and his own imagination to blend a fantastic and intriguing novel was so engaging I had hoped he would be doing the same here, in Surrender Sadly, something went awry, and this book Well, first off, I think it would have benefited from a stringent editor who could have easily cut say 100 pages out of it there are only so many times I need to hear the same complaints [...]

  23. This is my first Caleb Carr novel to read and i was very pleased except for the length of the book which in mho was unnecessary Many current socio political issues are addressed in this book from foster children, truth in politics, and government, to name a few The story is that of a multiple murders with a wonderful inside view of the forensic science involved The politics and bureaucracy that infiltrates our government and lives, with a thrown in romance that complicates some of the investigat [...]

  24. What s a good recipe for a DNF book Start with the prospect of 591 dense pages Devise an opening scene in which the most exciting thing happening is the protagonist being frightened by a rabid raccoon Write it in a turgid, clunky first person style Mix it with tin eared, unrealistic dialogue uttered by uninteresting characters Then season it with pedantic observations on the state of present day criminal forensics, and a sophomoric competition between rival observers of a pathetic, depressing cr [...]

  25. A harrowing look at the throwaway children epidemic and the psychological affects of that epidemic on the children involved, all rolled into a fascinating novel involving conspiracy, on line classes, death, suspense, and a cheetah which by the way has an absolutely beautiful moment in the book that will reduce you to tears Follow LT and Mike through a labyrinth of deceptions and political posturing as they try to unravel the mystery of 4 suspicious deaths Tautly written, with great psychological [...]

  26. I m so relieved to be finished with this book that I don t even want to spend an additional 15 mintues with it writing a review.

  27. Whether or not the reader will like this book depends on a couple of things The first is how much the reader likes Caleb Carr The second is what the reader read just prior to this book if it was something on the fluffy side, it may take some time to get used to his style of writing suffice to say it is NOT fluffy It took me approximately 100 pages to determine if I would continue, but because it was Caleb Carr, I knew to give it time and I am so glad I did It had, as usual, excellent real life c [...]

  28. This is one of the most well crafted books I have read I find myself completely enthralled in the characters and their interaction, the cheetah, and the story line I love his social commentary As a New York City girl, I love what he has to say about the current state of my old city Yes, Caleb NYC is not our city any I highly recommend this book Thank you, Caleb Carr for knocking it out of the park once again I love his language I cannot put down this book I do not find it pompous at all but abso [...]

  29. It s hard to rate this book because it inevitably invites comparison to Carr s Lazlo Kreizler novels, The Alienist and The Angel of Darkness This one simply does not compare to either of those books, despite the connections The protagonist, Dr Jones, is a Kreizler follower and has written a book about him It s entertaining and the characters are most certainly likable, but it never quite gets off the ground despite the interesting premise of throwaway kids and the powerful forces that want to su [...]