The Lost Property Office [PDF] The Lost Property Office | by ✓ James R. Hannibal - The Lost Property Office, The Lost Property Office James R Hannibal presents a thrilling adventure through history complete with mysteries secret items codes and a touch of magic in this stunning middle grade debut Thirteen year old Jack Buckles i

  • Title: The Lost Property Office
  • Author: James R. Hannibal
  • ISBN: 9781481467094
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Hardcover

The Lost Property Office

[PDF] The Lost Property Office | by ✓ James R. Hannibal, The Lost Property Office, James R. Hannibal, The Lost Property Office James R Hannibal presents a thrilling adventure through history complete with mysteries secret items codes and a touch of magic in this stunning middle grade debut Thirteen year old Jack Buckles is great at finding things Not just a missing glove or the other sock but things normal people have long given up on ever seeing again If only he could find his father whJame [PDF] The Lost Property Office | by ✓ James R. Hannibal. [PDF] The Lost Property Office | by ✓ James R. Hannibal - The Lost Property Office, The Lost Property Office James R Hannibal presents a thrilling adventure through history complete with mysteries secret items codes and a touch of magic in this stunning middle grade debut Thirteen year old Jack Buckles i

  • [PDF] The Lost Property Office | by ✓ James R. Hannibal
    426James R. Hannibal
The Lost Property Office
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  1. Mmmm creo que tiene una buena premisa, pero no ha sabido explotarla De tanto ritmo que le ha querido dar, era imposible estar al tanto de todo lo que pasaba peligro de muerte explicaci n peligro de muerte charla random sobre el pasado de Londres peligro de muerte m s charlaO Buena ambientaci n, construcci n de un mundo secreto interesanteNTRAS Deus ex machina Literal Siempre hay a mano alg n artefacto del que curiosamente no sab amos nada hasta el momento, pero que hace justo lo que los protagon [...]

  2. Requires A Bit of Effort, But the Rewards Are Great and ManyThis is a fascinating and rewarding book for the patient and careful reader, and a pretty thrilling action adventure read for any reader Allow me to explain.I know it s awfully cheesy and lazy to compare a book to Harry Potter , but that s actually helpful here MAJOR, BUT GENERAL, PREMISE SPOILERS We have a hero, John Buckles, who is special in a hidden world of which he is unaware We have a search for a thingamabop of great power and a [...]

  3. El gabinete de los objetos perdidos es una lectura gil, entretenida y creativa Llena de historia, suspense, misterio, amistad y hasta un poco de magia, este inicio de trilog a tiene un final que te picar la curiosidad para leer la continuaci n.Rese a completa en THE BEST READ YET BLOG

  4. This review has also been posted onXpresso ReadsThis wasn t the best MG I ve read ever but it is a whole lot of fun and a quick read Kid me would have gobbled this up and had so much fun with the mystery element This book features, secret societies, alternate histories unknown to the rest of the population, and MAGIC kind of it is really just fancy science things So basically, this book is brain candy in a pretty package except for that bug on the cover, but don t mind the bug My biggest issue i [...]

  5. laura passage section 13 t Jack et le bureau secret est un tr s bon premier tome pour la s rie Section 13, m lants la perfection fantastique, aventure et histoire James R Hannibal sait instaurer une action et une tension constantes, gardant des myst res jusqu aux derni res pages qui invitent d couvrir avec plaisir la suite tr s prochainement.

  6. En realidad es un 3.5, pero que tiende m s al 4 que al 3 Tiene varios fallos, pero la lectura es amena y gil, est muy bien escrito, la historia es atrayente e intrigante y sobre todo, la construcci n del mundo de los rastreadores es total y completamente notable Si el autor evoluciona favorablemente, est podr a ser una gran saga del tipo de las de Harry Potter por la riqueza del mundo que ha creado Gracias a Dios carece de las bromas un poco sosas de personajes de la misma edad como Percy Jackso [...]

  7. Loved this The story includes a good kid with a complete family which is unusual in today youth novels The premise is a young kid that is trying to take care of his younger sister when his world goes crazy The story is contains lots of highly descriptive details and lots of historical references I think it will appeal to readers of Rick Riordan and J.K Rowling, not because it has gods or witches, but because of the well built fantastical world.

  8. Sadly me mateys, it is time to abandon ship Ye see, I got this one from a local library which of course has deadlines Despite the short length and the adequate time before the return date, I read a little over half of the novel before the book was due Now normally that would make me one grumpy Captain I just shrugged and put the book on hold again Should have been a sign Then I got the novel a second time and started readin again only to bail out.This book started out strong The story concerns J [...]

  9. 13 year old American Jack Buckle is in England with his mom and his younger sister Sadie, trying to find his missing father When his sister dashes off after a man she thinks must be her father, Jack ends up swept up into the Lost Property Office and a whirlwind adventure You re a Tracker, Jack Our hero is a reluctant but powerful 13 the 13th Buckle The unlucky generation A tracker with the ability to spark or read the past, basically, by touching objects Jack teams up together with perky, young [...]

  10. I m so glad I picked up this book at the library Fantasy isn t usually my first choice, but every now and then I have to break free from my chains I m so happy I did it with this book This book was fast paced, action packed, and filled with great characters.Also, modern fantasy I know I don t spend a whole lot of time in the fantasy genre, but it s been a long time since I ve seen something that isn t in the middle ages or its equivalent There s mysterious artifacts, awesome powers, and a whole [...]

  11. Jack isdifferent He can find things, lost things But when his sister goes missing in London, and Jack goes to find her, he finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime instead From flying clockwork beetles, to history and impossible legends made possible all thanks to the family history he never knew he had And when Jack finds out that his recently deceased dad might not be so deceased after all, wellJack is determined to find him, too.The Lost Property Office is a little bit fantasy, a little b [...]

  12. I really liked the cover to this one, and I picked it up for that reason alone The jacket blurb and author bio then piqued my interest sufficiently to read the novel.The main character, Jack, has synesthesia, a legitimate neurological condition that causes crossover in the senses Tastes are perceived as colors, and smells as feelings, etc In Jack s case it leads to sensory overload, which he must learn to control if he is to find his missing father.When he stumbles upon the Lost Property Office, [...]

  13. I love this book and look forward to the second in the series 9 12 year old me would have ranked this right up there with Inspector Gadget, and this would have added to my imaginary play where my notebook was really a hidden computer I borrowed the book, but I m feeling like I need to get my own copy First, the cover art is fantastic, and then the story is just a wonderful adventure This made me think of The Billionaire s Curse and is a great young reader adventure intrigue story There are some [...]

  14. Hoy os traigo la rese a de un libro que llama la atenci n desde las estanter as La cubierta y la contra son negras con detalles dorados tirando a bronce En ella aparece un escarabajo azul que tendr su protagonismo en la novela y lo m s chulo son las guardas el mapa de Londres con los monumentos m s caracter sticos sin olvidarnos del Gabinete de los Objetos Perdidos.Pero como siempre os decimos, a los libros no hay que juzgarles por sus apariencias, o al menos no s lo por ellas Todo comienza en u [...]

  15. Fantastic first book to a new series Steampunk and Sherlock lovers will wait impatiently with me for the next book to be published.

  16. Yet another book where the characters not talking with each other is supposed to pass for a plot Also, freckle bounce Seriously

  17. James R Hannibal has created a new genre The science fiction,fantasy, historic, detective genre No you don t need synesthesia to understand it Brilliant I couldn t put it down.

  18. I had high hopes for this one, but it turned out to be just one in the unending succession of generic fantasy adventure books The potential appeal was the historical angle the 1666 Great Fire of London is of major importance There is some attempt to connect up literary and historical figures, particularly Sherlock Holmes although he himself is never called by name, we do meet Mrs Hudson, we travel to Baker Street, and a man named Doyle is mentioned As with many books of this genre, we get a typ [...]

  19. The Lost Property Office by James R Hannibal 3.8 The Lost Property Office LPO is a fun book by James R Hannibal This is also my first book by Mr Hannibal and I will likely read .LPO reminds me a bit of The DaVinci Code in so far as the main characters spend the majority of the book running around London, following one clue to get to the next Hannibal has thrown in a bit of Fantasy to make it all original though Jack, unbeknownst to himself is a tracker Trackers have a kind of synesthesia, where [...]

  20. Very absurd characters 13 year old children do not just go on doing silly stunts without protest especially when they know it s silly Gwen, the female protagonist was a selfish brat and Jack, the main character was a pushover The 8 year old little sis behaves as if she never heard a word of advice on how to be careful in a new country, ever, from her parents Is this supposed to be a children s book

  21. Fun adventure for kids Planning on reading this to my daughter, who is a huge Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fan.

  22. Teacher friends Get this new and upcoming series for your classroom libraries Great for 4th, 5th, and 6th grades