Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul Free Read Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul - by Deborah Rodriguez - Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul, Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul The brand new novel from the author of the Top Ten Sunday Times bestseller The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul The honest entertaining and life affirming sequel to The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul featur

  • Title: Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul
  • Author: Deborah Rodriguez
  • ISBN: 9780751561463
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback

Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul

Free Read Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul - by Deborah Rodriguez, Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul, Deborah Rodriguez, Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul The brand new novel from the author of the Top Ten Sunday Times bestseller The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul The honest entertaining and life affirming sequel to The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul featuring the same loveable cast of characters from internationally bestselling author Deborah Rodriguez In a little coffee shop in war torn Kabul five very diffe Free Read Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul - by Deborah Rodriguez. Free Read Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul - by Deborah Rodriguez - Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul, Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul The brand new novel from the author of the Top Ten Sunday Times bestseller The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul The honest entertaining and life affirming sequel to The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul featur

  • Free Read Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul - by Deborah Rodriguez
    166Deborah Rodriguez
Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul
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  1. EXCERPT Layla had never been able to shed the nightmares about the men who had taken her as revenge for her sister s escape, the memories of those days before Jack had come to rescue her She had been only twelve years old then, but sometimes it seemed like only yesterday Yasmina had been gone for four months when the same big black SUV that had snatched her away from their uncle s home had returned, this time for Layla The snows had melted, the roads were clear, and the men were determined to ge [...]

  2. I read this book in a day and a half I have never been to Afghanistan and I don t have enough personal ties to the culture to make a thorough comment but there are many reviews which sum that up However I did love the characters in this book, especially Halajan for her strength and wit and bravery I also loved Joe, and I found myself wanting to know just a little bit about him I think what really made me continue on with this story is that I found myself connecting with the characters even thou [...]

  3. Oh my I am spellbound by this book.From the moment I picked up it up I could not stop thinking about it And now, having finished it, all I want to do is talk about it some .I loved this book I really did I loved the characters, the storytelling, the settings, the themes the book explores, everything I loved it all.But first, confession time I read this book without having read the prequel, The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul Do I think this mattered Nope, not one tiny bit There was enough back story [...]

  4. This was book 14 in my 20booksofsummer paperback challenge list I was utterly captivated by The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul, so was extremely delighted to find out that there was a follow up and it hasn t disappointed as I ve been captivated again by the characters and storyline.Some of the favourite characters from the first book return in this and it is fascinating to see how events have changed their attitudes and outlooks and even though a lot of the book isn t set in Kabul any, there is sti [...]

  5. In this the sequel to the Little Coffee Shop in Kabul, Sunny has moved on and now is in the US She is missing Jack desperately In this vibrantly descriptive novel, the author has recreated the Kabul world and gives historical, political and cultural information There is large focus on women, their position and their rights We get updated on the previous characters whilst being introduced to new ones, which is exciting There is emotional engagement with the universal and major themes of the book [...]

  6. I was given an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and independent review Fabulous sequel to Little Coffee Shop of Kabul So rich in narrative that I felt like I was part of the scenery The author is so descriptive that you feel you know all the characters personally The insight into life in Kabul at that time, particularly for women is insightful The snippets of historical and political facts interesting and eye opening An excellent emotional novel 5

  7. I only picked up this book because I wanted to know what happens to Yasmina and Halajan since I loved their characters very much.At first, I found it hard to read the book since the first few pages were boring, but then things started to get interesting.I think I loved this book than the prequel.First of all, I honestly can t believe that people like Faheem exist, he has a very disgusting personality and people like him just waste oxygen.I loved the change in Ahmet s personality and how he beca [...]

  8. This book was really easy to get into l was hooked on the first few pages it was really hard to put down once l started reading it I was sad to read that jack passed away and sunny was carrying around his ashes not knowing what to do with them I got a arc of this book that I won as part of a giveaway I want to read from Deborah Rodrigues I highly recommend this book to anyone this book is a awesome book and a great storyline I would tell people that you should step outside your comfort zone wit [...]

  9. Sequel to the Kabul Coffee Shop series, Return to the Little Coffee Shop Of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez gives you glimpse into the life of Sunny, Halajan, and the new generation A generation living away from Kabul, trying to adjust on the another side of the world, a world without bullets and bloodshed And not just the young ones, the grown ups now need to find a new path towards their life as well.The protagonist from the previous book, Sunny, is getting off a boat to reach a vineyard at a remot [...]

  10. I received this book for free through First Reads.Five years since the publication of her fictional debut, fans of Deoborah Rodriguez will be pleased to know they can finally get their hands on the sequel Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul In the first book The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul we are introduced to Sunny, a 38 year old American, who has set up a coffee shop in the heart of Afghanistan Now she has returned to the US, after the unfortunate death of her boyfriend, to a house on an [...]

  11. Oh how wonderful it was to re visit the vibrant cast of The Little Coffee of Kabul Deborah Rodriguez has taken us back to the heart of Afghanistan to indulge us in the worlds of our favourite characters that we met in the first instalment of this duology We follow Sunny s ventures in America who has moved on from her life in Kabul and now owns a vineyard on a peaceful island, Layla and Kat who are young teenage Afghan girls struggling to find their identity in a Western world, Yazmina who is the [...]

  12. A wonderful sequel to the much loved Little Coffee Shop of Kabul It would have been easy for Rodriguez to simply return to Kabul and carry on with the rich tapestry of life in the city, but with the former coffee shop owner Sunny now back in the US with her beloved Jack, the story splits between the two countries and is all the richer for it.This is a tale of contrasts America vs Afghanistan, free society vs life under the Taliban, life on a peaceful island near Seattle vs life under constant th [...]

  13. Amazing read I always love the first book, The little coffee shopp of Kabul, and have been rereading for several time Equally amazing is the latest book, the return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul, the sequel to the first book talking about the reverse culture shock when Sunny return to America After spending 6 years in Kabul, the middle east war zone, after losing her friend Issabell to the suicide bombing, and losing the love of her life, Sunny is finally back in America, but her heart and [...]

  14. This is the story of six women three of them live in Kabul, Afghanistan and the other three live in the Pacific Northwest of America They are all friends who are linked from the previous story The Little Coffee Shop Of Kabul where they met This is a few years down the track with some of the characters now living in different parts of the world The woman range from young to elderly and each have their own views of the Afgan religion, values and culture I found it really interesting the younger ge [...]

  15. Couldn t have asked for a better sequel to The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul It was great to revisit the lovable characters from the previous book, whilst also being introduced to new characters who soon became just as captivating and enchanting as the others From life in Kabul to life on an island in America, Deborah still kept the connection between Sunny and the others very much alive throughout and it was interesting to see how life was so different for Sunny in America, where she had freedom [...]

  16. Really enjoyed this book that is a reminder of life in Kabul for Sunny The whole host of characters were reintroduced without too much of a recap but enough to refresh memories after a while Interesting stories about love and loss are intertwined and there are new, fresh characters to meet and enjoy The characters are brought to life and the episodes were vivid and contributed to the storyline.If I had one criticism it would be that there wasn t enough about Kabul Although the little coffeehouse [...]

  17. A few years after the end of the last set of stories and life has changed for all the women associated with the coffee shop Sunny is in the Pacific North West, grieving at the loss of Jack, meanwhile in Kabul there is a focus on the rights of women Following a devastating attack the coffee shop needs to refocus and in America Sunny needs a new direction.This book ploughs the groove forged in the original and therefore, knowing what to expect, I found it a enjoyable read Again there are really d [...]

  18. I was looking forward to this book I really enjoyed the first one The characters were all so engaging colourful and interesting in their own unique way I felt like I lost my group of girlfriends when the book finished I was left wondering what happened to them all Well, I finally got to catch up with them again And all of my speculating and dreaming of what happened to them all was answered Well done Rodriguez Beautifully written again All I wanted to do was curl up with this book, my only criti [...]

  19. This book is about the difficulty of moving on even when we know we have to, whether its from a relationship, a job, a painful background or a place we have lived in and loved like former Kabul coffee shop owner, Sunny Deborah Rodriguez captures the two steps forward, one step backward emotional process of giving up the past in the personal journeys of each of the key characters Her message seems to be that it is only when we allow negative past experiences to strengthen us instead of disabling [...]

  20. I absolutely loved this book I have read The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul and was a huge fan so I was super excited to read this book I will admit, at the start, my memory of the characters was a little foggy so I was desperately trying to remember who was who and how certain things happened, as I read of this book I began to remember from the last In saying this, even if you have not read the first book you will still love this book This book has stories of love, loss, friendships and culture [...]

  21. This is a return to characters from The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul such as Sunny and Halajan Sunny spends most of the book in America finding out what to do with her life and making new friends without Jack The book deals with themes of culture clashes and conflicts between modern and old fashioned values I really enjoyed this book and it was a great sequel to the first book I recommend this to all interested in culture clashes and conflicts.

  22. Well crafted, original story once again, Deborah is my favourite author Layla and Kat s relationship makes the reader aware of differences in communities this I enjoyed a lot I want to know about Kat This book includes recipes that sound so yummy that I am tempted to try one or two very soon I can t wait to see what Deborah writes next her passion for equality and diversity really does speak in both of the books Highly recommend

  23. Rodriguez transports you back into the lives of Sunny and all those she left behind in Kabul It is like being reacquainted with old friends The book is an easy,charming read combining the lives of friends across the world It balances all the characters well and made me want of each I was surprised when I got to the end so absorbed I was in the world of Sunny and her friends.

  24. Although I had not read the prequel to this book, I soon got drawn into the tale and became familiar with the characters Despite several shocking incidents, the overall feeling of the book was optimistic Thanks to a win, I had the opportunity to enjoy this heartwarming story and experience the writing of a new to me author.

  25. I thought this story was slightly better than the first in this series.The characters seemed developed.I was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher Little, Brown Book Group in return for an honest unbiased review.

  26. I remember loving the first book but I actually don t remember it very well Essentially read this as a stand alone book Took some time to get into but I definitely teared up a couple of times towards the end.

  27. I m currently reading The LIttle Coffee Shop of Kabul, which I m enjoying Next up will be The Return