Turning Payne ☆ Turning Payne Ó Chantel Seabrook - Turning Payne, Turning Payne Agent Turner Payne lion shifter has dedicated his career to bringing down the man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of metamorphs His world is turned upside down when he crosses paths with his

  • Title: Turning Payne
  • Author: Chantel Seabrook
  • ISBN: 9781523253159
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback

Turning Payne

☆ Turning Payne Ó Chantel Seabrook, Turning Payne, Chantel Seabrook, Turning Payne Agent Turner Payne lion shifter has dedicated his career to bringing down the man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of metamorphs His world is turned upside down when he crosses paths with his mortal enemy s daughter Riley and she becomes the victim of her own father s latest experiment Riley has to decide whom she can trust if anyone and Turner must go againstAgent Turner ☆ Turning Payne Ó Chantel Seabrook. ☆ Turning Payne Ó Chantel Seabrook - Turning Payne, Turning Payne Agent Turner Payne lion shifter has dedicated his career to bringing down the man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of metamorphs His world is turned upside down when he crosses paths with his

  • ☆ Turning Payne Ó Chantel Seabrook
    112Chantel Seabrook
Turning Payne
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  1. When the sexy bad boy Therian Agent goes off the reservation, ONCE AGAIN, I ll bet no one expected he would find the woman who could finally tame both the man and the lion within As always, Fate makes allowances for no man or metamorph and the object of his affection is the daughter of his arch enemy, the one he killed not too long ago Riley has just witnessed the unbelievable and she is terrified, her sister has disappeared and in her place is a huge and hairy lioness Turner to the rescue, but [...]

  2. Turner Payne, the brother of Chase Payne, is a Therian agent The Therian agency deals with metamorphs humans whose dna is altered and causes them to be able to shape shift to a Lion, Tiger, Bear, Wolf, Coyote The agency has been dealing with an outbreak of people who have changed and run amok, trying to learn what made these people change Enter Turner s mate to be and her sister The sister has shape shifted as a result of temporary dna problems that will not allow her to shift back to being a hu [...]

  3. In book 2 of this awesome series Therian Agents, we find that Chase Payne s brother Turner is still doing things that will land him in trouble with the Agency.Turner Payne is so convinced that the evil Boyd, who he was accused of being responsible for setting the fire that killed him, is still alive that he is watching his daughters residence Then one night on his way to his apartment that he has set up close to the girls, he is forced to a screeching halt when a girl in pajamas appears in his h [...]

  4. Turner Payne is a sexy man beastLiterally He s a lion shifter.Although it is believed that Turner had killed arch enemy Richard Boyd, he still doesn t believe it is true, something deep his gut tells him that Richard still lives He may be obsessed, but he still stalks the apartment of Richard Boyd.He s driving down the road when he nearly runs over a woman in the street, a woman he recognizes as Boyd s daughter Riley, whose is visibly shaken after a lot of convincing he manages to get her back t [...]

  5. I love this one just as much I love the first book.Who doesn t love an Alpha male lion shifter and Turner is HOT And he falls hard for the daughter of his enemy.I love the storyline and it is very well paced.

  6. This is one of the Best paranormal Book series I ve ever read Once you start to read this you won t want to stop I can t wait to read the next one

  7. Chasing GhostsTurner Payne knows that the ghost he s been chasing is alive, he just has to prove it The question is, what happens when there are multiple ghosts Riley Boyd, the daughter of Turner s ghost, just found a lion where her sister used to be What How does that even happen This very well written story is filled with twists, turns and a whole lot of steam There is an instant connection between Turner Riley that only gets stronger, the time they spend together Can Riley trust Turner to he [...]

  8. What a book Kindle unlimited purchaseOk I know I ve said it beforebut I have to say it again Lionshifters are my favorite This book did not disappoint loved it from cover to cover the plot cliffhanger continues in this book with Riley and Turner fight the evil forces working against themis book has a HEA but the plot continues into book 3 And that is where I m headedlol I recommend this book to anyone that loves Shifter books I do recommend you start with book 1 in the series Book 3 here I come. [...]

  9. 5 Stars Title Turning PayneA Therian Agents Romance Author Chantel SeabrookReviewer Stephanie Jordan Paranormal LionShifter HotSteamySex Wow I was sucked right in, from beginning to end Of course I had no intention of putting it down either, who needs food, this book just never stops, I loved it Do I recommend this book ahhhh h ll Yes Turner Payne is a Lion Shifter, working at the Therian Agency A lot of things were happening, not just one or two cases either Humans were just turning into animal [...]

  10. This is the second book in the series of The Therian Agents This is Turners story and oh my, what a story it is The agency is still dealing with humans spontaneously shifting into animals and are stuck this way So far, the agency has no answers or any leads and are putting all of their resources into this problem They need to help the humans stuck in animal form but they also have to stop humans knowing about metamorphs.Turner is still getting himself into trouble with the agencyand his older br [...]

  11. Turner Payne is an agent for the Therian agency that deals with metamorphs or shape shifters Metamorphs are humans whose DNA has an altered gene allowing them to shape shift, the Therian Agency is dealing with humans that are spontaneously changing into an animal and are unable to change back The agency was able to determine that those spontaneously changing have a recessive gene from a distant relative that was a metamorph Riley wakes one morning to find a lion in her sister Kiera s bed, and he [...]

  12. So, I had been waiting for this book for a while I fell in love with Turner in the previous book een though he was just the brother of the MC Now he is the MC and I love him even .Turner has a vendetta to settle It s a need for revenge that has so far affected every area of his life Like his brother Chase, he is an agent for the therian agency but he is on thin ice Chase has had to bail him out times than he could count Now, someone is creating shifters and it isn t right Turner has an idea who [...]

  13. Turning Payne is a terrific follow up to the first book in the series, Chasing Payne This book can be read standalone but you will get so much out of it if you read Chasing Payne first Lion shifter Turner Payne is driven and obsessed and he is on the very edge of losing everything he has worked for because of it This book is filled with twists and surprises not the least of which is finding out that the fates have decreed that his mate is the daughter of his mortal enemy Will she accept him if [...]

  14. In Love with the Enemy s Daughter This is an exciting and suspenseful series The characters are amazing So far this is my favorite book in this series I just love bad boy Turner Turner is a Lion shifter who works for the Therian council as an agent Turner has been in trouble with the council when he was accused of killing a mad scientist named Richard Boyd Only Turner does not believe Boyd is dead Now the council has a big case it seems someone has been morphing into animals Making them a shifte [...]

  15. This is the 2nd book about the Therian Agents with the Payne brothers This is Turners s story, but Chase Lora from book one are here as well Turner is obsessed with the mad scientist who everyone but him believes is dead He s been stalking the man s daughters for years Which puts him right where he can help Riley when trouble comes to her her younger sisters door I loved this book There were mysteries, puzzles, intrigue, twists turns, suspicion, unexpected deaths, betrayals, kidnappings, and sur [...]

  16. As good as book one is, this standalone addition to the series is even better Turner, the Therian Agent Chase s younger brother book one , has never let go of the idea that the psychotic genetic research scientist Professor Richard Boyd survived the fire Therian Affairs believes killed him And now that humans are spontaneously shifting into animals, unable to shift back, Turner is even convinced Boyd is involved Since Boyd s supposed death, Turner has been keeping tabs on Boyd s two daughters, [...]

  17. Payne Payne and pain Great read about two who shouldn t meet and shouldn t love The saga continues with the rising numbers of people turning into animals and there being no rescue or cure in sight A fast paced read with a few toe curling interludes make this a fun and good read The story line is strong with strong Alpha shifters curling the toes of innocent humans Turner is sprung but is his heart safe with the human daughter of his number one enemy He is the only one that believes the man pres [...]

  18. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review This is the second book in this series I was taken by surprise with this one I liked that the characters were two people who didn t really know each other that well and who actually, on a certain level, hated each other I liked that they had to work to overcome those obstacles standing in their way and that it was not a quick solution overall, like some books show us I am definitely looking forward to seeing works from this author in the futu [...]

  19. Loved loved loved Amazingly written to where you just fall in love with turner Payne This is the first series I ve started to read by this author and let me say Wow I don t like to give any spoilers but if you love shifters,romance, action,intense sexual alpha male bad ass shifter, and just a great story line that keeps you hooked, then you will love this series, I recommend you start with book one I ended up staying up late reading the entire book in a day I just couldnt put down yeah I was tir [...]

  20. After reading Chasing Payne, I was excited to receive an ARC of the next instalment Turning Payne While I wanted to read it, I had my doubts that screw up Turner could live up to the swoon worthy Chase from book 1.Boy was I wrong Move over, Chase, your little brother is hot, sexy, really really hot did I mention that and yeah, I kinda love him I love that these stories are quick, entertaining reads They re fleshed out enough to have depth, but still compact enough to keep me entertained.Read it [...]

  21. This was the first novel I have read by Chantel Seabrook and it most definitely will not be the last Turning Payne was a real page turner I read this novel in record time to find out the end to the story I loved the vulnerability of the main characters and the twists and turns this story takes This is a complete novel with an ongoing story line full of suspense and intrigue The love scenes are hot too Do yourself a favour and pick up this book today, I can guarantee you won t be disappointed.

  22. I found this an absolutely entertaining follow up to the characters I met in Chasing Payne The entire series can be read as stand alone but there is a fluidity that runs through them if read in order In fact, I may have even enjoyed this story slightly Just as much as I am sure it has nothing to do with Turner being a bad boy The child of my enemy always makes for one heck of a union, does it not

  23. Great story Lots of alpha tendencies and damn, Turner was hot This book had everything Lots of secrets, deceit and plot twists that kept me turning pages Turner was definitely one of my favorite heroes He did everything in his power for Riley, including sacrificing himself to help those she loved He was so selfless and I loved him Great read.

  24. Great addition to the series Payne knows that Boyd an evil man who tortures and kills innocent shifters is still alive But if that is true there is trouble coming And now he is drawn to the evil man s daughter She is another innocent that doesn t know what her father has done Will the past and secrets destroy is chance with his possible mate

  25. book 2 in series picks up from first book Turner is a screw up so his brother believes who can t let go of the past Riley is the daughter of man believed to be turning humans into shifters Action packed,sexual tension, page turner

  26. Turning Payne was a great, fast paced read The chemistry between Turner and Riley was intense and hot Loved the concept of animorphs as another sub species The author has a wonderful voice and hits the mark every time Can t wait to read the next one in the series

  27. ReviewWow can.t wait till spring.I m so looking forward to book there You stories are great.drawing me into a different shifter worldlooking forward to spring in ways than one.

  28. Turning PayneI started to suspect his mom was alive when Marcus started rambling It could only be the her that he was talking about I hope they catch her and glad they got their happening ending.

  29. Sexy ShiftersOverall, this is a fast paced, quick, steamy read Turner and Riley are well matched which is very helpful considering all the obstacles they face Their love for each other rings true despite the mating claim.