Even Now [PDF] Even Now | by ✓ Karen Kingsbury - Even Now, Even Now Sometimes hope for the future is found in the ashes of yesterday Shane Galantera man ready to put down roots after years of searching But is he making the right choice Or is there a woman somewhere wh

  • Title: Even Now
  • Author: Karen Kingsbury
  • ISBN: 9780310247531
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback

Even Now

[PDF] Even Now | by ✓ Karen Kingsbury, Even Now, Karen Kingsbury, Even Now Sometimes hope for the future is found in the ashes of yesterday Shane Galantera man ready to put down roots after years of searching But is he making the right choice Or is there a woman somewhere who even now remembers as does he those long ago days and a love that hasn t faded with time Lauren Gibbs a successful international war correspondent who gave up on haSometimes hope for the fu [PDF] Even Now | by ✓ Karen Kingsbury. [PDF] Even Now | by ✓ Karen Kingsbury - Even Now, Even Now Sometimes hope for the future is found in the ashes of yesterday Shane Galantera man ready to put down roots after years of searching But is he making the right choice Or is there a woman somewhere wh

  • [PDF] Even Now | by ✓ Karen Kingsbury
    202Karen Kingsbury
Even Now
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  1. A Emotions ranging from heartbreaking to triumphant in this lovely novel If you ve ever doubted the power of one moment, you won t after reading this Ms Kingsbury is without question the best in Christian fiction, delivering a powerful message that does not come across as preachy or ignore the realities in life No goody two shoes characters cripple her prose Real people struggle with their faith issues and come out closer to God and each other because of it.

  2. I ve been putting off writing my review on this book because I m not sure what to say Generally, I don t especially like Christian fiction This book is an example of why I don t like it The story felt contrived and forced, like the author tried to imagine everything that could possibly go wrong and made it happen I just kept feeling frustrated that the characters weren t using common sense to prevent these horrible things from happening But worse was that I felt like the author was trying to mak [...]

  3. Let me start by saying that had I known this was Christian fiction I may not have picked it up to begin with I sometimes find the religious writing a little too over the top for my liking I had a couple of issues with this story line 1.The parents of these two teenagers conspire against them by taking deliberate steps to separate them from each other One family moves across the country and the other into the suburbs and neither leaves a forwarding address My issue the author implies that had the [...]

  4. It wasn t outstandingly beautiful prose, or a praise worthy plot line, but this book made me cry And for that, I give it 5 stars There have been around, maybe 6, 7, books in my life that have had me sobbing it s not easy to get my tears going in books and this one had me wailing into the book in the middle of the night Even Now had me smiling and laughing and making some sort of sound in my throat that sounded like sobbing and choking all at once When Lauren and Shane were finally reunited, I fe [...]

  5. I feel like I m really going against the grain here by saying this book was OK since Karen Kingsbury is such a famous author However, I just wasn t caught up in this book It was very average for me In my opinion, the characters were forgettable and the development was slow There were elements of the story that were somewhat implausible I found myself thinking why on earth would she do that or how could she not know that a couple of times There were definitely some stretches I just didn t really [...]

  6. I read this because Kingsbury s books encourage my wife The theme of God s control of our lives and situations is one I am fully behind, but this now ranks as my least favorite book Mainly due to disappointment.When I read self published work, mistakes are common and expected However, this is a well known author with a respected publisher, yet the mistakes in storyline and editing seem to indicate both are interested far in the profit to be had and than in a quality story and book.A few example [...]

  7. I ve read about 75% of Karen Kingsbury s books and this was by far my least favorite I would have given it 1 star if it hadn t been for the lessons on forgiveness My first issue with this book is the fact that Shane and Lauren had no idea where the other was moving to Seriously They didn t even exchange addresses or at least the name of the town I thought that was absurd My second issue was with Lauren running away after she thought Emily died She didn t think she should stick around for a prope [...]

  8. What can I say that I haven t already said while I was reading Horrible editing, spelling mistakes nearly every page wherein a space was moved added removed, making the intended words into completely different words but still real words, albeit ones that didn t make sense in the sentence Continuity errors Contrived plot points, characters lacking common sense I was interested in the basic plot, but it could have been done SO much better Though she s quite prolific and popular, I haven t read muc [...]

  9. I fell in love with this story The characters were amazing Lauren and Shane s love for each other was flawless, even as kids They grew up without each other And their child little Emily Found them and tried to get them back together I love it Emily was adorable Her character was awesome Karen Kingsbury made a great contrast of characters Although it was in ways similar to one other book I read called The Chance But I overly enjoyed both books This book was Heartbreaking, sad, heartwarming, happy [...]

  10. Not a huge fan of Christian fiction with a few exceptions This was one of the most contrived story lines I ve ever read None of the actions made sense all of the consequences were extreme The outcome was just too neatly worked out If you re looking for an easy read where you can just skim pages while people are whining or making dumb mistakes, this is it.

  11. It is a good thing that this is not the first Kingsbury book that I have read, because if it had been, I would not have read another and that would have been a loss The constant emotional pain that the characters in Even Now endure most of it brought on by themselves for a solid eighteen years and 333 pages left me wrung out and exhausted Even when the happy ending came, I couldn t feel the joy.The experiences shared by the seven main characters were told and retold endlessly through each of the [...]

  12. Lost Love SeriesEVEN NOWThe first book, Even Now, is the story of a young woman seeking answers to her heart s deep questions A man and woman separated by lies and long years yet who have never forgotten each other With hallmark tenderness and power, Karen Kingsbury weaves a tapestry of lives, losses, love, and faith and the miracle of resurrectionEVER AFTERIn Ever After, the moving sequel to Even Now, Emily Anderson, now twenty, is attending college on a soccer scholarship when she meets the ma [...]

  13. Great Karen Kingsbury Story It starts out about two teenagers who fall in love and Lauren the main girl gets pregnant She decides to keep her baby instead of giving it up for adoption much to the dismay of her parents and her boyfriends parents Her boyfriend Shane s parents are trying everything they can to get them to change their mind They want to get married and raise the baby together because they are in love The come up with a plan and it keeps them apart Lauren has her baby and somethings [...]

  14. A young woman seeking answers to her heart s deep questions A man and woman separted by lies and long yearst who have never fogotten each other With hallmark tenderness and power, Karen Kingsbury weaves a tapestry of lives, losses, love, and faith and the miracle of resurrection Two families the Galanters and the Andersons close knit with a son and daughter who grow up together, fall in love, and make a tragic mistake which tears the two families to pieces Karen Kingsbury has written a riveting [...]

  15. First off, I read this on my Kindle There were so many typos that it just drove me crazy They were real words, but out of context, such as allow edit instead of allowed it It makes me crazy to see typos in books, there is just no excuse for that Overall, the story was ok Christian romance drama I did get a little frustrated with characters who seem to have no common sense at all Parts of the story were unbelievable to me It was a quick read, and a page turner There was a bit of the politics of t [...]

  16. I am wavering between 2 and 3 stars I listened to it as an audiobook and didn t like it s production so maybe that gives me a dim view of it The woman reading the book read painfully slow, would mess up the meaning of sentences through her inflection and used annoying baby talk at times for an apparently smart college student About the book though, it was ok I found it predictable and frustrating when people who were said to be smart were so slow to do obvious things.I do appreciate the fact tha [...]

  17. Emily Anderson was born to teenage parents who were separated by their own parents as a result of her coming into the world Emily is raised by her grandparents who have been searching for her mother, Lauren, who has been missing since Emily was just weeks old Once Emily is old enough, she begins searching, too, only her search expands to find her father, Shane, as well, whose parents moved to California to keep him away from her mother It is a story of lost love, but one I found rather predictab [...]

  18. My mom loves Karen Kingsbury and has been passing them down to me so I finally picked one up Very nice story, just lacks character detail, suspense etc Also thought very slow moving and somewhat cheesy But easy read all wraps up nice.

  19. A very well written Christian novel about a teenage pregnancy and how it affected two very affluent families The novel is written over a 19 year span what happens to the teens, the parents and the baby I enjoyed this book very much It was a little predictable, but good.

  20. Well, at the time like this I swear i hate rating system I hardly give it 4 stars, but this book is too good for me to just give it 3 stars I felt fond with the character, but the story became predictable Well, that what s happen 3.5 stars I enjoyed it,

  21. I really liked this book I hadn t read a Kingsbury book in a minute but I m glad I picked up this book I didn t have a problem with any of the characters and the plot kept me hooked from the very beginning I ll be picking up the second one soon.

  22. This is the very first book I literally loved Loved of LOVED I think teenagers and young adults will enjoy I liked it very much I always read it on my bed or something Its good to now.

  23. FamilyI love Kingsbury novels Always a joy to read about families,belief in prayer and knowing that no one is perfect.

  24. This book was amazing It made me feel at times, happy, sad, over joyed, shocked,etc Above all, I established a relationship with every single one of the characters in the book.

  25. This is the second Karen Kingsbury book I read this year The first one was good but this one was much better Not predictable so it held my interest to the end.

  26. This book was really good because it showed how 2 families were torn apart because of 2 people who did not stay pure.

  27. VERY GOOD Page turning and in the end I felt like I knew the characters especially Lauren My mother recommended this to me and I am very glad she did Can t wait to get the next book

  28. He loved her the way he always had, with singleness and a focus Even now, because no matter when she would see the ring or read the inscription on the inside of the band, it would be true Even now, when they were struggling even now, when they were not sure how to get from today to tomorrow Even now.he loved her I purchased this book a few days ago at McKays when I broke my reading challenge Honestly I m glad I got this book This is the second Karen Kingsbury I have read and I have to say the wo [...]