Seeing Redd [PDF] Seeing Redd | by ✓ Frank Beddor - Seeing Redd, Seeing Redd Alyss of Wonderland s rule has only just begun and already those who prefer chaos to peace are threatening to destroy everything worth imagining Trailed by newly appointed royal bodyguard Homburg Mol

  • Title: Seeing Redd
  • Author: Frank Beddor
  • ISBN: 9780803731554
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Hardcover

Seeing Redd

[PDF] Seeing Redd | by ✓ Frank Beddor, Seeing Redd, Frank Beddor, Seeing Redd Alyss of Wonderland s rule has only just begun and already those who prefer chaos to peace are threatening to destroy everything worth imagining Trailed by newly appointed royal bodyguard Homburg Molly Alyss is doing her best to keep pace with the non stop demands of being queen while attempting to evade Molly for a few private moments with Dodge Alyss life is a challeAlyss of Wonder [PDF] Seeing Redd | by ✓ Frank Beddor. [PDF] Seeing Redd | by ✓ Frank Beddor - Seeing Redd, Seeing Redd Alyss of Wonderland s rule has only just begun and already those who prefer chaos to peace are threatening to destroy everything worth imagining Trailed by newly appointed royal bodyguard Homburg Mol

  • [PDF] Seeing Redd | by ✓ Frank Beddor
    219Frank Beddor
Seeing Redd
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  1. This is the sequel to The Looking Glass Wars Redd has been banished from Wonderland She is determined to find her way back to her world by any means necessary Alyss is the new queen who has much to learn about ruling And a new enemy is making his move King Arch of Borderlands is determined to have wonderland for himself He reeks havoc and even kidnaps Molly Once again, Frank Beddor has done am amazing job of recreating the magical realm of Wonderland All the favorites from the last book plus som [...]

  2. I liked The Looking Glass Wars enough to really want to like this sequel, as well But unfortunately, all of Beddor s flaws in book 1 are even present in Seeing Redd.In this sequel, Alyss Heart is now queen of Wonderland, but she s got her hands full King Arch in neighboring Boarderland is plotting against her and has kidnapped Homburg Molly Redd and her assassin The Cat have escaped to earth through the Crystal by means not fully explained where they re wreaking havoc and amassing an army Hatte [...]

  3. The problem with Beddor s books is that he s created a world so wonderful, so fantastic, and then he doesn t give you enough Alyss, barely a character in Looking Glass Wars, really, is not all that intriguing here She s growing into a strong queen, but we have no real sense of her as a character Redd is frankly cartoonish And many of the oft mentioned creatures of Wonderland are never described What s a gwormmy A spirit dane Anyone Anyone Despite this I still couldn t put the book down.

  4. I am not going to lie, I liked this book much better than the first Something about it was so much interesting, so indefinably plot oriented, that I just couldn t help but like it .By the way, Hatter Madigan is still the bomb.One of the reasons I think I like t so much better is because of Redd She is just such a good villain, cruel, mercilesseverything a good reader could want I find nothing enjoyable than a bad guy who thinks everything else is below them It s an odd characteristic to be su [...]

  5. I found out about this 2nd in a triology and I was very intrigued by the concept factions fighting for control of an actual Wonderland, complete with card soldiers and caterpillars, the whole works But the author just can t handle than plot driven writing Vivid descriptions of the beauty of wonderland are mixed with leaded prose that practically screams pay attention plot point I didn t even bother to finish, even after giving the 1st book in this series a shot This sequel will probably also ma [...]

  6. Ah, Alyss and Wonderland I first jumped down Beddor s rabbit hole with the Hatter M comics and shortly after that with The Looking Glass Wars I had just finished reading the original Alice stories by Carroll and had that imagery fresh in my head I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and had a lot of fun with the new and very creative interpretation of the Wonderland world and the characters and interactions found there Snippets of Beddor s writing style bugged me a little bit, but I got used to th [...]

  7. Here s an interesting twist on the Lewis Carol classic Alyss is from Wonderland and the heir to her mother s Queendom Her Aunt Red, who was banished after killing the previous Queen yes, her own mother attacks her sister s throne, and gains control for herself Alyss escapes to Earth, a crude reflection of her true home The story follows Alyss new life and trials on Earth, and the horrors that Red, Her Imperial Viciousness, rains down on Wonderlanders It s a great new look at the classic tale, wi [...]

  8. Not as good as the first, but the unique world of Beddor s Alice in Wonderland re imagining is absolutely worth a revisit Some of the writing shows up as clunky now that the novelty of Looking Glass Wars has worn off, but it is utterly readable and again, unique and interesting enough to keep me invested with the trilogy.

  9. I honestly didn t care that much for the first book in this series I read this because I m honestly just trying to power through a pile of books I ve obtained over the span of a few years, so my expectations were pretty low for this novel.Like the first installment, the writing in this book is about a middle school level think Stephanie Meyer The whole, it felt like I was reading poorly written fanfiction and there are some great, well written fanfiction out there The characters were very flat a [...]

  10. I should have known that this book would be disappointing when The Looking Glass Wars ended with such a fizzle, but I decided to give it a go anyway.Character development is nearly non existent, and where it is present it lacks the strength of realism the characters are all rather static individuals who do not stray from their very predictable behaviors.The plot feels rushed, and the danger Wonderland faces at the hands of King Arch and Redd Heart is uninspiring In fact, the war for Wonderland s [...]

  11. SoI was not too sure about the first book of this series I like the idea and concept however the writing was a little bad in some ways and was a bit off putting I read Seeing Redd in an attempt to pursue the storyline than my enjoyment of the first book I think Beddor got a little in over his head with this one The plot is as follows After the end of the first book, Redd has jumped into the Crystal Heart, so we aren t sure if she is dead or alive and plotting, meanwhile Arch the king of lands o [...]

  12. It s a decent read, the action scenes are good, but the characters and some of the shocking plot twists are a bit too cliched.

  13. The second book in Beddor s Looking Glass Wars trilogy picks up fairly closely to the end of the first book 3 lunar cycles I m guessing this means months later and Queen Alyss is doing her best to reassure the people that White Imagination is once again dominate.There is a little bit of a mislead throughout the book as well, in who s actually the source of evil and motives King Arch, briefly mentioned and shown in the first book, is a central character this time around with all his sexist views [...]

  14. In the author s Biography in the back of the book, it says that Frank Beddor is currently writing a screenplay for this series to be made into movies What wasn t mentioned is that he practically already has This book is just a movie in book form It has all the blockbuster essentials cheesy lines, ridiculously long action and battles, conflicted, attractive characters You know Dodge held his Alyss s face in his hands, wiping of her tears with his thumbs Did you lose something chops of robot s hea [...]

  15. Wow This just dove right into the politics, and seems that it s rather outlandish seeing that the settings is Wonderland.Okay, I m really not a fan of this King Arch Men, this guy is not an example to follow If you do, you ll deserve the slap in the face you are sure to get someday.The way Cat and Redd are introduced back into the story is so eerie and morbid The plot is absolutely everywhere dividing your attention here, there, and everywhere I was also feeling like there is an aspect that is s [...]

  16. This is exactly what I was afraid of I loved the first book so much The second book is just meh It was separated into 3 parts The entire first part dragged on so slowly It wasn t until the second part that things started to pick up a little This book had to do with action than it did with anything else I loved the first book because it provided the foundation and the back story of all the characters that I love so much There wasn t much character development here, so I was bored fairly often Al [...]

  17. This book could have gone one of two ways 1 it could have improved upon the issues of The Looking Glass Wars and risen to be something really spectacular, or 2 it could have deepened the issues of the first book into something really flat and empty Guess which route Seeing Redd went down The issues I had with this sequel were basically endless The plot was half baked, the characters were soulless and the writing was painfully mediocre, which led to an emotionless novel that I skim read for the l [...]

  18. Reviewed by Breanna F for TeensReadTooSEEING REDD, the second book in THE LOOKING GLASS WARS series, continues off from where the last book ended Twenty year old Alyss is now queen of Wonderland Her aunt, Redd, has disappeared into the Heart Crystal along with her sidekick, The Cat, and everything is starting to calm down But soon glass eyes start appearing out of nowhere and causing mayhem Everyone believes that Redd has somehow come back and that they re all doomed Little do they know that the [...]

  19. Listening to the audiobook on this one and really enjoying the man s voice who is doing the reading They added in lots of effects for the different characters which is fun, and makes it really easy to distinguish who is speaking Well this book was certainly not as good as the first book It wasn t bad, just a bit disappointing The entire time I was reading I was like what are these people thinking Why can t they just talk to one another, be a bit honest If they would they would have so many less [...]

  20. Sorry to say, this book was far less interesting than the last one I know, right, what happened The pacing was actually slower I guess Maybe I was just less interested In the last book, I was rushing to the end because I wanted Alyss to be reunited with Dodge Friends In this book, Alyss was just kind of depressing, and her relationship with Dodge was of a.tition Sort of I ll think of a better word later, but they pretty much sucked romance out of the whole thing To be honest, I don t even remem [...]

  21. Solo odio saber que su continuaci n Arch enemy no existe en espa ol Simplemente no pueden cometer la maldad de traducir los dos primeros y dejar el tercero de lado Qui n hace eso Bueno, despues de desahogarme, puedo decirles que me encanta este retelling, sobre todo por la madurez que Frank Beddor le entrega a la historia del Alicia en el pa s de las Maravillas y tambi n por lo bien que est introducido este mundo de fantas a en el mundo real, incluso haciendo que Lewis Carroll haga unas aparicio [...]

  22. You know how you watch a movie and it s pretty great so then the sequel comes out and it bites the big one That s exactly what this book was for me I didn t exactly love the first book, The Looking Glass Wars, but it was a fun read whereas the sequel was not It felt exactly like a segue into another book but the thing is, there IS NO OTHER BOOK TO SEGUE INTO YET It s mostly just Alyss developing as a character, and sci fi tech speak This is the thing too, the book isn t all that long to begin w [...]

  23. Seeing Redd is the second book of the trilogy After jumping into the crystal, Wonderland hoped for peace but awaiting them was perhaps yet another tragedy New things appear to and fro and leave many bewildered at the facts seemingly to be lies Citizens who experienced the attack by Redd are still frightened and Alyss, the new queen, holds many responsibilities that trail behind her Without her kind mother to guide her, she was in no doubt, troubled.The other monarchies conspire in order to take [...]

  24. This second book in the series was harder to get through than the first I felt like there was a lot going on, maybe too much in the beginning As it progressed through the end I got into and really wanted to know what was going to happen I think the cover of this novel is a great version of Redd I like how Beddor changed everything to be out there and grown up, modern These books are definitely for teens and adults to read, as they will understand it better I did like that Hatter has feelings [...]

  25. what really happened to redd i don t think that that was the end of redd why is arch trying to take over wonderland who is controlling the glass eyes is redd working with arch if not how did arch get the glass eyes hah i knew that redd wasn t dead i think that redd is where the liddels are that is really coincidental that redd met another wonderlander in england redd is trying to amass an army of humans, i don t think it ll work where is molly she hasn t came back from borderland i hope that ha [...]

  26. This is the second book in The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor I m always nervous about the second book in a trilogy because it always seems to be the weakest link of all of them Usually it is just a book full of story build up so that the author has something huge to end it with in the last book This wasn t the case with this one Beddor does a fantastic job of making this a fun to read part of the overall story.The characters progress along very well from the first book and through this one [...]

  27. I liked this installment in the Looking Glass Wars Trilogy much than the first Although it did not have great transition from it s predecessor In reality the first book could stand on it s own and I don t think this trilogy was ever meant to be but none the less I loved this book Frank Beddor has many flaws in his writing but what really draws the reader in is his great use of vocabulary He uses strong words without over doing it Such as Queendom, Milliner, Astacans, and Onu Some are made up wo [...]

  28. Just as easily readable if not so, practically read this one in one sitting , inventive, and original as the first The return of Redd, while inevitable and obvious, is intriguing and a tad bit disturbing, which is why i loved it The only thing i would knock it for is its focus on politics so than part one Not to an extent where you have to memorize warring nations and factions and leaders, but it is a highly realized universe And well, thinking about it, how could i say negative things about t [...]

  29. This book was extremely engaging It picks up right where the first book left off, with Alyss as the new queen of Wonderland surrounded by those characters we have grown to love from the last book And she needs them all as she is facing intrigue from a number of sides King Arch of Boarderland has a few things up his sleeve and the upstart Diamonds clan are willing to help him every step of the way Redd makes her return to Wonderland and adds her army to the fray Hatter spends most of the book on [...]