Munich Signature ↠ Munich Signature ð Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene - Munich Signature, Munich Signature Opening in the Zion Covenant series tells the courageous and compelling stories of those who risk everything to stand against the growing tide of Nazi terrorism that is sweeping through central

  • Title: Munich Signature
  • Author: Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene
  • ISBN: 9781414301099
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback

Munich Signature

↠ Munich Signature ð Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene, Munich Signature, Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene, Munich Signature Opening in the Zion Covenant series tells the courageous and compelling stories of those who risk everything to stand against the growing tide of Nazi terrorism that is sweeping through central Europe under the dangerous and deceitful guise of Hitler s Third Reich A new study guide is included in each book ↠ Munich Signature ð Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene. ↠ Munich Signature ð Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene - Munich Signature, Munich Signature Opening in the Zion Covenant series tells the courageous and compelling stories of those who risk everything to stand against the growing tide of Nazi terrorism that is sweeping through central

  • ↠ Munich Signature ð Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene
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Munich Signature
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  1. I m working through this series for the second third time This book focuses on the fall of Czechoslovakia to the Nazis It also documents the plight of a ship containing Jewish refugees as the boat is passed from country to country, each lamenting the suffering of the people but refusing to accept the additional immigrants themselves.Still enjoying this series although it can be slow at times and perhaps some of the detail is unnecessary as it makes the books very long The history is fascinating [...]

  2. Once I was held captive by this book Elisa and the struggle of the Jewish people is clearly portrayed in this book Though it is fiction, often I forgot this as I read as I recognized many of the key events from the Holocost we incorporated into this book Brock and Bodie Thoene showed us the great struggle as the few tried to raise the alarm to Hilter s dark nature Murphy was an unforgettable character as he tried to get American s to open their eyes to the suffering and horror of the Jews, Elis [...]

  3. This was a very intense read, with some very believable, realistic, characters Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with the ending It had a rushed, let s get this book overwith kind of feel to it The ending would have provided a wonderful opportunity for some great reunions Charles with Louis, Murphy with Elisa, and Shimon with Leah, but all we get are a few lines about them at some kind of remembrance ceremony, and it s all VERY somber Even though the sinking of the Darien was a huge tragedy [...]

  4. When I was a teen, a young man told me about his parents being on a ship and traveling from country to country Everyone turned them away and they were finally made wards of the United Nations Some of the events in Munich Signature could have been their story His parents too were fleeing from Nazi controlled territories The book is part of the Zion Covenant series of historical fiction covering WWII Munich Signature relates events in the European Theatre in the late 1930 s as Hitler expanded his [...]

  5. Even though I know the history of WWII, these books put a very personal insight into what went on with the people Elisa is very cloak and dagger in this book as she is forced to be an undercover agent for the British to get her family passports to leave Praque I was brought to tears with the story of the Darien , a ship full of jewish refugees, with no port to land in They left there homes with nothing but the clothes on their back and the hope of a better future for their children It is crushin [...]

  6. I read this whole series several years ago Each book was so well written I was captivated by the characters, their stories and struggles It was this series that really peaked by love for historical fiction.

  7. I started reading The Zion Covenant series in 1994 I finished the first six books in the series about a year later, and then years later found that there were nine in the series I wanted to read the next three but knew I should reread the first six to become reacquainted with the storyline and characters But when could I do this There are so many other books to read for the first time Finally, a cou le of weeks ago, when I went to my bookshelf to decide which book I would read next, Vienna Prelu [...]

  8. This was amazing Elisa and Murphy are married and happy But, when Hitler becomes a threat to their home, Murphy sends Elisa away on a ship with a little boy named Charles Charles is unable to speak because his mouth is sewn I find this sad that Charles can t speak I hope things turn out good in the next book.

  9. I have loved all the books I have read by the Thoenes This one is no exception Sometimes it s hard to remember the impact historical events had on people who lived in that time, but the Thoenes really make history come to life This book made me think a lot about events today, too, since the world today isn t really very different from what it was like in 1938.

  10. The Jews are desperate to leave Germany but no country will take them Hitler has his sights set on Czechoslovakia and no country will stop him.We often hear the phrase, You don t know what tomorrow holds After reading this book and re living the reality that many people faced in the events leading up to World War II, all I can say is that phrase is so true One moment, everyday people like you and me were happily living their lives in pre WWII Europe, and then the next moment their world was turn [...]

  11. The book start off very well and then became dull and boring Dialogue is ascribed to Hitler, Himmler, and Churchill that are inconsistent with known historical evidence Having taught this period of history for many years I found their treatment of Thoene s treatment grating.

  12. Murphy, and also Charles being fixed, automatically makes it four stars, but I felt that the ending was rushed I mean, do we ever find out how Thomas just appeared Or how Shimon actually survived Although I assume that was a miracle

  13. The book continued the story of the Kronenberger children Charles as he sailed on the Queen Mary to New York to have his cleft palate fixed, and Louis as he traveled from Germany controlled Austria to France At the end of Prague Counterpoint, Louis was with Leah and Charles was with the Murphys Leah also traveled with Louis, met with other musicians in Paris, and continued working, still waiting for word about Shimon.Shimon is revealed as having been imprisoned, shuttled through Dachau, and then [...]

  14. I ve already been a fan of Bodie Brock Theone, and this third book in the Zion Covenant series was no disappointment for what I ve come to expect from their compelling story telling and engaging historical references The writing style is such that the chapters flow along quickly and end with suspense that keeps me up much past my bedtime turning the pages for Main characters such as the beautiful Austrian violinist Elisa Linder, who finds herself in the thick of intrigue and incognito from the [...]

  15. I CAN T BELIEVE THE DARIEN SANK After all that, it just sank during the hurricane and everyone died arghhhhh That SUCKED Well, not everyone, Shimon got out alive but all the Rosenfelts and Captain Burton and Tuck and all the other 700 plus, nope.I know it s realistic but sometimes you just want a happy ending, dammit Also the ending of the book seemed way rushed Like suddenly Elisa, Murphy, Leah, Shimon, Charles and Louis are all together but how And where How long did that take What happened W [...]

  16. This book continues along the World War II drama of how Hitler continued to manipulate European leaders into agreeing or viewing his plan as ideal They could either try to stop him and be punished, or stay out of his plans, and instead Hitler would continue to punish the Jews This was perfectly illustrated as the story unfolds with Shimon on a boat headed for refuge, but no country will take the 800 jews on board Mostly for fear of getting in the way of Hitler s anger and afraid of succumbing to [...]

  17. A few brief thoughts I LOVE this book series But it takes so long to get into I wish that the author would pick up the pace sooner But near the end of the book I am reading feverishly in my attempts to find out what happens I loved the ending, well except for the part where view spoiler the Darien sinks WHY hide spoiler view spoiler And Shimon and Leah are reunited I ve been waiting forever for this to happen hide spoiler Anyway, this book was great I just want to mention that I loved the part d [...]

  18. As Usual when I Finish Books that are written by Brock and Bodie Thoene, I feel like I lost my best friend Munich signature is a story of people during WWII Persecuted by Hitler and his Nazi minions This is also a story of weak Politicians Who did nothing and gave Hitler free clearance to occupy Austria and Czechoslovakia with the excuse of Keeping the peace You deal with the devil and you get burned This is mainly about a German Jewish Family that was forced to leave Germany, Austria staying on [...]

  19. Munich Signature was another incredible book by the Theone s The suspense was always there and I absolutely loved how the book followed so many story lines This book taught me so much and gave me a much deeper understanding of how awful World War II was and justwow Such a terrible time in history yet there were some extremely courageous people who stood up for what was right This book is not for the faint of heart and had a bit of bloodshed and killing My mom skipped a few very graphic parts, bu [...]

  20. 3 of the series Still fascinating, emotional, and gripping.First was Berlin, then Austria, then Czechoslovakia.d onto Europe part of Hitler s success was the it won t happen here attitude, and the as long as we re alright, we need not be a part of their disputes These allowed Hitler to march into many of these places with hardly a shot fired Men that knew better, that knuckled under to this mad man The rounding up of non Aryan races really didn t make riveting news in America s newspapers thanks [...]

  21. The third novel in the Zion Convenant series, I found Munich Signature just as engaging and painful to read as the first two This book highlights in particular the desperate Jewish refugees who leave Germany by ship in the late 1930s with no destination No country will open their doors to them and they are stuck floating in international waters The authors make vivid the impotence felt by the people who care and the apathy and cynicism of the people in power There are some hints of this being a [...]

  22. This is the third book in the series and I ve read all three I LOVED the first two bookse author does a great job of writing and I feel I ve learned so much about the time leading up to WWII I also feel invested in the characters Although it s a continuing story she does a good job of wrapping up the story and giving a satisfying ending Having said that, I did not love this book Well, let me rephrase thatI really enjoyed it up until the ending It felt rushed and frankly I was angry about its con [...]

  23. The thing that impressed me the most about this book is the Thoene s ability to weave in the stories of other characters while still telling the compelling stories of the original characters That ability helps them extend their series far beyond what they would otherwise reach if they centered on the lives of just a few main characters.While there are aspects of this book that stretch the limit of suspension of disbelief aka things working out uncannily though not perfectly for almost all of the [...]

  24. I liked this one better than the last and I m still enjoying the history lessons surrounding WWII I feel like Elisa is finally coming into herself finally I did not like that some of the Jewish characters were converted to Christianity Not because I don t believe this may have happened during this tumultuous time but because the authors Christian authors didn t explain or explore any of their conversion other than the fact it happened This is a huge life change that would affect characters frie [...]

  25. This story seems to be designed to make you think that it all could have been prevented if only certain people had made the right decisions People are made to look like bad guys because they made the wrong decisions But since then other people have made the opposite decisions and rushed into wars and are now also being made to look like bad guys because what they suspected turned out to be not true I don t know the answers and I can t answer to the motivations of the decision makers, but I do kn [...]

  26. This book was almost as good as the first one Like the others in the series, this one had a lot of emotion and lots of detail However, I do wish John and Elisa could be together It always seems like something happens There were a few parts at the end that came together out of nowhere, but the book was already long anyways The story of the Darien was sooo sad It raises important questions about immigration that we still have to answer today Louis and Charles practically disappeared in the last t [...]

  27. This wasn t the best in the series probably why I set it aside for a couple of months , what with unrealistic situations for many of the characters and quite a few unlikely coincidences, but it tells the story of politics and evil in a time that is immensely chilling The story of the coffin ship, Darien, in particular, is particularly cutting, as it mimics so much of what is seen in current world politics of ignoring the plight of those in need.As the final line states, I was a stranger, and ye [...]

  28. Horrid, Depressing, Miserable I hated this book, especially after pushing my way through the entire thing only to get to a horrifying ending This book was given to me and I hope I never have to read anything like it again It was one depressing page after another with no light in sight The ONLY good thing about it was that it was well written That at least made it tolerable until I could finish it.