Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief [PDF] Download ✓ Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief : by James M. McPherson - Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief, Tried by War Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief Tried by War Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief by McPherson James M

  • Title: Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief
  • Author: James M. McPherson
  • ISBN: 9781594201912
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Hardcover

Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief

[PDF] Download ✓ Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief : by James M. McPherson, Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief, James M. McPherson, Tried by War Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief Tried by War Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief by McPherson James M [PDF] Download ✓ Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief : by James M. McPherson. [PDF] Download ✓ Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief : by James M. McPherson - Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief, Tried by War Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief Tried by War Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief by McPherson James M

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief : by James M. McPherson
    499James M. McPherson
Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief
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  1. I thought this was a good companion history to Goodwin s Team of Rivals The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln Whereas that one delves into Lincoln s relationship with his fractious cabinet, McPherson s is a chronological history of Lincoln s interactions with his generals After reading this, I thought No wonder he aged so much while in office The fact that some of his generals were fiercely incompetent, thereby needlessly racheting up the casualties, had to work on the guy s mind and conscienc [...]

  2. Mr McPherson has presented a very different view of the genius that was Lincoln Now known for his emancipation proclaimation, Lincoln did not advance freeing the slaves as his first priority during his administration Instead, his driving ambition was union, and he was willing to fight to save the Union.As the civil war progressed, the President and the Union Army suffered several discouraging losses and in fact were near defeat in 1862 3 As a military tactic, Lincoln first declared slaves as spo [...]

  3. This book, well written, is authored by the eminent historian James McPherson The focus is plainly stated at the outset Page xiv In the vast literature on our sixteenth president, however, the amount of attention devoted to his role as commander in chief is disproportionately smaller than the actual percentage of time he spent on that task Lincoln s own military experience was slender, his 1832 service in the militia However, as McPherson puts it Page 5 , he was .a hands on commander in chief t [...]

  4. bestpresidentialbios 2014 Tried by War Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief is James McPherson s 2008 biography focused on Lincoln s role as the nation s chief military strategist and tactician during the Civil War McPherson is a historian, Professor Emeritus of History at Princeton University and a prolific author His most notable work is Battle Cry of Freedom the standard one volume history of the Civil War for which he received a Pulitzer Prize in 1989.In the book s preface, McPherson assert [...]

  5. Disappointing the book offers far too much linear, chronological narrative, and far too little thematic analysis of Lincoln s performance, his decisionmaking, and his evolution as a wartime commander in chief This is an adequate work of introductory popular history, but there is little here of any value to anyone who is even glancingly familiar with Lincoln s presidency or the conduct of the Union war effort On the plus side, the book does offer a surprisingly sympathetic, though still devastati [...]

  6. Both Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War have seen countless books devoted to them, from general biographies or histories to entire books focused on single speeches by Lincoln or single battles of the war So, the idea of a book narrowly focused on Abraham Lincoln in his role as Commander in Chief is a good one, with a great deal of potential to take a unique view of Lincoln and the war Unfortunately, in James M McPherson s 2008 volume Tried by War Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief, he doesn t [...]

  7. Billed as one of the few Lincoln studies to focus on the 16th President as Commander in Chief, the book really offers little new information I had hoped to learn much about what shaped Lincoln s military thinking For example, his trips to the Library of Congress to study strategy and tactics are legendary But what did he study Who were his confidants and mentors How did he develop the suggested strategies he gave to his generals, especially early in the war, and how might we evaluate those stra [...]

  8. Enjoyed this than I thought I might I ve always been interested in Lincoln even before the recent Obama related surge but never been much of a Civil War buff The book gave a great chronological sketch of the various leadership styles and strengths not just of Lincoln but other important players Discussions include McLellan, Grant, Lee and other well know historical generals and other principals Highly recommended for those intersted in seeing the various sides of Lincoln i.e not just the princi [...]

  9. If your own life does not offer frustrations to irritate you beyond reason, you can read this account of what Lincoln had to endure with his generals during the Civil War, most notably George McClellan.McClellan didn t seem too interested in engaging the army of which he had command, but he was so popular with his troops that Lincoln feared mutiny if he dismissed McClellan McClellan also had overwhelming and enthusiastic support among Democrats Therefore, Lincoln decided he had better put up wit [...]

  10. I really enjoyed this book I consider myself a student of the American Civil War, but by no means an expert I read widely on a variety of topics, but on occasion, I devote one or two books a year to the Civil War Ken Burns who most know as the creative force behind many excellent documentary films, including The Civil War once said of the Civil War I am passionately interested in how my Country works, and if you want to know about this thing called the United States of America, you have to know [...]

  11. A great, readable book on Lincoln as commander in chief I really felt for him as he tried to get general after general to actually fight this war and get it over and done with In particular, the mystery of McClellan and how long Lincoln put up with him becomes a little understandable in this book He was charismatic and likeable and he was hard to replace even if there had been a decent, available general because his soldiers adored him But I suspect that without knowing McClellan first hand, it [...]

  12. This book was a little bit difficult to get through at times, but I learned a ton I felt like I was in a history class again in college Unlike many other Lincoln books, this book focuses solely on his Civil Wars years I had no idea that he almost wasn t reelected in 1864 or had to read books about military strategy so that he could help his generals fight a better war Lincoln had to fire so many generals before he finally stopped with General Grant with less than a year left in the war I didn t [...]

  13. In Tried By War, James McPherson focuses on Lincoln s role as commander in chief and the military decisions he made throughout the war This book gives an overall picture of how the war progressed and covers some of the major battles in very broad brush strokes It explains how Lincoln took a very active role in the strategic planning of the major campaigns during much of the war due to the incompetence of many of his generals If you already have a good understanding of the Civil War, this book ma [...]

  14. It s really interesting to hear Lincoln s administration described from this standpoint I think the author is right that many other works either focus on the political aspects of the administration, or focus on the army and key battles But I don t think I ve ever come across a book that takes such a high level view of the strategy involved in fighting the civil war and how active Lincoln himself had to be in administering the war Definitely gained some new insights into both Lincoln and the war [...]

  15. My husband Jeremy picked this book for me I learned a ton about the Civil War and particularly Lincoln s role as commander in chief McPherson s writing style is very easy to read for those of us who aren t historians His ideas were clear and concise, and I often found myself saying, Hey, I didn t know that I m sure Jeremy will be excited that I have of a base knowledge about his field SBC book your DH picked for you

  16. I liked parts of this, especially the incorporation of Lincoln s relationship with his Welles, his Secretary of the Navy However, I found this book lacking in insights I haven t read elsewhere.

  17. Written by the leading popular authority on the Civil War, this is a concise study of Lincoln as military commander This is not a military history, but a easy to understand study in civil military relations It is easy enough for the uninitiated, but also helpful to fans who want to understand why Lincoln put up with the incompetents as long as he did.

  18. Another biography of Abraham Lincoln but with an emphasis on his leadership and his role as commander in chief of the military McPherson rightly points out that keeping his generals in line and in running the war was how Lincoln spent most of his time, and thus our scholarship of Lincoln should also focus there too.

  19. Abraham Lincoln as military strategist and Commander in Chief I can t believe that I was fascinated by military strategy but the story of Lincoln s military expertise is skillfully told by McPherson and my respect for this remarkable President continues to grow

  20. James M McPherson is the preeminent Civil War historian and in this book, Tried By War, he explores Lincoln s prowess as Commander in Chief during his presidency and the war It s a little discussed aspect of Lincoln s presidency and, as McPherson shows, it was fraught with defeats, triumphs and consternation along the way Lincoln set the precedent for what a president s war powers constituted The book begins at the beginning of the war and closes at Appomattox While the main thrust of the book i [...]

  21. A nicely paced narrative that frames familiar aspects and chronology of the American Civil War in a new jeweler s loop By magnifying Lincoln s martial decisions in the frame of that loop, McPherson pours new wine into old bottles Lincoln s active mind fills the center of the loop and we come to view the actions of the war domestic politics, foreign politics, military strategy, military tactics, war powers, and the end of slavery through that focused eye Even while contextualizing events and fles [...]

  22. A fantastic history of the political, policy, and strategic context of Lincoln s leadership of the Civil War It is remarkable how quickly he learned strategy and campaigning and how intuitively he applied that knowledge His seeming grasp of the military instrument was throughout thorough and nuanced than any military commander s grasp of the political Lincoln s studious diligence and his relentless pursuit of the right war aims and campaign objectives offer perhaps the best American argument fo [...]

  23. Abraham Lincoln was quite an amazing man and President Every time I study his Presidency, just amazed at the wisdom And a great reason to study history, b c his opponents comments are much like today, hyperbolic and with hindsight, quite ridiculous The lesson to learn is to let time pass before we really know whether a president s decisions work was useful or not This era is a great one to study, being as divisive as it was A lot of things to keep in mind during current events, but we re doomed [...]

  24. For years I ve been reading various tiles in the mosaic, without seeing the entire pattern Finally I understand the Civil War With this book as a basis, I can now return to studying specific battles, generals, etc with the assurance that I have a grasp of the whole conflict This book is indispensable

  25. This is one of the most amazing books I have read The way each War event Lincoln s response to it has been described by the Author is amazing This is my first book related to American Civil War but surely this has increased my curiosity to know about it If you wish to get a glimpse of why Lincoln is considered a Legend in American History this is the book to read.

  26. Not a great piece of research I found the pages full of assertions and statements without much cogent explication I don t know if the publisher could be at fault, but when I read a popular book on a particular part of history, I d like to see keen argument concerning the falsifiability of the hypothesis set out in the volume This is a light and pleasant read.

  27. This is like the narration of a four year long chess game.There are interesting bits mixed with boring bits, with lots of Lincoln kept giving his generals great advice, and his generals kept ignoring him in between.

  28. Exhaustive description of the civil war But lacks good summaries so it s easy to get lost in detail Most interesting is learning the generals characters and especially Lincoln s gifts.Well worth reading.

  29. Top notch as always from James McPherson The book does what it says on the tin does it very well giving the reader a very analysis of the role of Lincoln as Commander In Chief.

  30. Troppo breve e sul finire corre troppo Per questo l ottimo saggio dovrebbe perdere una stella.Lincoln grande polemologo insieme al resto e tutto il libro vibra del suo carisma.Bella lettura.