The Darkest Road [PDF] The Darkest Road | by ↠ Guy Gavriel Kay - The Darkest Road, The Darkest Road And so the time of prophecy has come at last the final days for those who dwell in Fionavar first of all worlds Even as the Unraveller s armies march to battle even as his rain of death unleashes p

  • Title: The Darkest Road
  • Author: Guy Gavriel Kay
  • ISBN: 9780451451804
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Ebook

The Darkest Road

[PDF] The Darkest Road | by ↠ Guy Gavriel Kay, The Darkest Road, Guy Gavriel Kay, The Darkest Road And so the time of prophecy has come at last the final days for those who dwell in Fionavar first of all worlds Even as the Unraveller s armies march to battle even as his rain of death unleashes plague upon the lands the ancient of powers to aid in their stuggle [PDF] The Darkest Road | by ↠ Guy Gavriel Kay. [PDF] The Darkest Road | by ↠ Guy Gavriel Kay - The Darkest Road, The Darkest Road And so the time of prophecy has come at last the final days for those who dwell in Fionavar first of all worlds Even as the Unraveller s armies march to battle even as his rain of death unleashes p

  • [PDF] The Darkest Road | by ↠ Guy Gavriel Kay
    153Guy Gavriel Kay
The Darkest Road
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  1. SPOILERS AHEAD, SO MANY SPOILERSThe concluding volume of Fionavar Tapestry is a perfect fantasy novel Happily stripped of the awkward, stilted real world situations and dialogue that occasionally marred the preceding novels, The Darkest Road takes place entirely in Fionavar and is all the stronger because of it The narrative is simple the characters all engage in a series of final meetings, battles, and individual confrontations that were carefully set up in books 1 and 2 The world is saved, of [...]

  2. For most of this book, indeed for most of this series, I felt a big 2 star rating was at hand A well thought out world and often beautiful writing caught my interest, but the meandering and frankly boring plot of it all took me out of the story and left me flat.Then And thenI got to about the 75% point of this third and final volume It gotting I mean, I found myself slowing down to absorb the words instead of skimming through rapidly towards the end The end I wanted just to say I d completed thi [...]

  3. All the roads are dark Only at the end is there a hope of light.The Darkest Road is the third and last book of the Fionavar Tapestry, in which the approaching battle again Rakoth Maugrim and his monstrous lieutenants looms like a shadow over the kingdoms of Fionavar.I hate the fact that I just couldn t enjoy this book, and unfortunately it s my own fault The series lost me in the second volume, with some developments I didn t like and and overall decrease in quality from the first book, and that [...]

  4. From the darkness of what I have done to you there shall be light, or I shall die trying to make it so Truth to be told, I expected a road to perdition While I didn t perish, The Darkest Road does not offer deliverance It is a suboptimal finale to a trilogy that started great but deteriorated with each consecutive instalment The plot is so dense and complex that at this point I am not even trying to summarise it the brief summary at the beginning of the book is really helpful In most general ter [...]

  5. 6.0 stars On my list of All Time Favorite novels This is the newest edition to my list of all time favorite novels and the entire trilogy has earned a place on my list as one of the best fantasy trilogies of ALL TIME see my review of the entire series under The Fionavar Tapestry for a detailed review What I am about to say may be deemed sacrilege amount fantasy readers but the truth is, from the stanpoint of emotion evoking and lyrical, poetic prose combined with epic, larger than life, no grey [...]

  6. 4 A buddy read with the Kay Squad at FBR Because he is a master at what he does All the roads are dark Only at the end is there a hope of light And at the end it is all about the choices we make as a free thinking individuals Yes there are circumstances, there are good and bad influences, there are G ds and Demons, curves and constructions on our paths, loss, love, loss, joy, loss, rebirth and so on the world keeps going, as one of my favorite singers Reba says, I guess the world doesn t stop f [...]

  7. This suddenly got way too Power Rangers for me No one was a bigger fan of the Darien story at the beginning of the last book or Jennifer s story Both than this girl, but, man, when it turned out that he had view spoiler laser eyes hide spoiler That was a bummer I mean, you might say, no, no view spoiler his eyes just turn red hide spoiler , or whatever, but I think you re wrong I mean, this book even made me like the other books a little less It was the Phantom Menace to Wandering Fire s Empire [...]

  8. A fitting end to a great trilogy We can often solve big problems by stepping out of the accepted patterns in our lives Jennifer resists the Unraveller by bearing his child and by setting that child free to choose his own destiny This resistance begins in the first volume and culminates in the third.In my opinion, Fionavar is the Platonic ideal of our world it contains all the ideas that are available for religion, myth, and literature Paul on the Summer Tree becomes Odin Kevin, when he sacrifice [...]

  9. I will now attempt to review the trilogy.It s a fantasy tour de force, pulling together so many strands from differing mythologies and interweaving them with a fresh imagining of a world in which magic coexists with entirely human struggles and frailties.I have read all three books many times, but I still find something new each time And I still cry like a baby.

  10. I m sad, I didn t like this I thought the first book was such a magical experience that I probably expected way too much from the sequels, but I didn t enjoy the Arthurian legends Kay introduced in book two and ended up mostly skimming book three I m still going to read Guy Gavriel Kay s other books because I love his prose, love his writing and think he s a fantastic author.

  11. The first book in this series was simply brilliant The series went downhill from there In the first book, the sorrow of tragic events was creatively expressed almost poetically, and through the characters actions In this book the author took the tack that if you repeat the fact that a character is feeling sad frequently enough, it will have emotional impact That doesn t really work Basically, what had been deep, tragically flawed, and emotion inducing characters were turned into whiny, shallow, [...]

  12. I read this series once a year for a few years in a row when I was much younger high school and into early college I d spend a whole weekend just reading about Fionavar I would become so immersed in the books that I wouldn t dream when I slept a rarity and that I would resent any human interference in my reading and immersion The books moved me and made me weep every time I read them.Between then and now at least 10 years have passed in which I have read little fantasy, my tastes have shifted in [...]

  13. Alrighty then That was sort of tragic Thank God there were enough joyful moments included to help balance out the sorrowful ones, otherwise I might have jumped off a bridge after finishing this But wait, no, I m not complaining That s a good thing Not jumping off of a bridge, that would pretty much suck The amazing scope of emotions that this book pushed me through that s the good thing That Kay could write something so poignant and yet still hopeful and beautiful That s talent right there.I don [...]

  14. This review is from my reread of this series in 2015 16.As I said in reviews for the earlier books of this series, it s very hard for me to be objective about these books They were formative works for me and as a result I reread them regularly every decade or so Fortunately, I don t feel I have to with this one By this point in the trilogy all the clumsiness associated with the portal fantasy aspect and the extended exposition elements is long gone Most of the effort here is to resolve the setup [...]

  15. Best book in the series but holy hetero allonormativity, especially at the end Also I still don t understand the inclusion of the Arthurian elements.

  16. No matter how many times I read them, these books still make me cry, and , they still have me reading late into the night, breathless and stunned I know what s going to happen, but that doesn t take any of the poignancy out of it Of the three books, this is the strongest the best prose, the best action, the best images, the best in all the characters He draws everything together do well, and puts the readers hearts through a blender without caring how much they re undoubtedly cursing him I seem [...]

  17. I shouldn t read books like this at work I knew I would cry reading it I always do My coworkers think I m demented Oops I hadn t read this in over twenty years While I ve always loved the other two books but this one is my favourite The dialogue is better, the plotting is better The characters are richer and deeper The darkest road is the lonely journey taken by Darien to meet his father It is heartbreaking to read His utter loneliness and uncertainty, after all he is only a child really even th [...]

  18. Come siete arrivati a scoprire l esistenza di questa trilogia Ve l ha consigliata qualcuno, oppure ne avete letto da qualche parte o semplicemente siete stati attirati dal fatto che si tratta di letteratura fantasy e di prima qualit , visto e considerato l autore Qualunque sia il caso mi permetto di fornire un avvertenza per la lettura leggete Fionavar, leggete questi tre libri tutti d un fiato, non datevi il tempo di cercare trama, chiarimenti o spoiler su internet o da chi l ha gi letto Immerg [...]

  19. Kay mi je najdra i pisac, tu nema nikakve dvojbe I potpuno mi je drago to nisam po eo s tapiserijom, nisam siguran koliko bi mi se njegov opus svi ao da je tu bio po etak.Tre i nastavak serijala, kao i prethodna dva, ima iste problem ima dosadne momente preko kojih je te ko pre i Ali oni momenti koji su vrhunski su toliko dobri da zastaje dah, osje ao sam se kao da sam tamo recimo dio s patuljcima.Bio sam blizu pet zvjezdica, ali kako sam prethodnima dao etiri, odlu io sam i ovo, mogao bih re i [...]

  20. Per arrivare all alba non c altra via che la notte Ebbe la visione del lupo e del ragazzo che si passavano vicini nell oscurit del bosco prima che sorgesse la luna, che si passavano cos vicini e non lo sapevano, non lo avrebbero mai saputo Oppure s C era una parte dell anima che si tendeva, in qualche modo, verso possibilit mancate per un soffio, futuri che non sarebbero mai stati, a causa di una distanza cos piccola in una foresta, di notte Esistono libri, dentro casa mia, che hanno preso polve [...]

  21. Wow Even in this early 1986 effort, Kay came through with a original and satisfying story The original part was noteworthy because, as he did in many novels since, the basic elements of his story were drawn from real history and mythology Real mythology Some authors, from Tolkien on, created whole worlds with new from the ground up histories and mythologies Kay took existing ones British, in this case to re cast for his story The series as a whole featured an great deal of self sacrifice and red [...]

  22. ltimo volume da Tape aria de Fionavar, este o livro onde culmina a viagem de cinco jovens por um mundo paralelo, recheado de magia e seres inimagin veis, onde as lendas ganham vida e os mitos caminham ao nosso lado para a derradeira batalha contra o Mal, num cen rio pico que habitou o imagin rio de gera es de leitores.Fantasia em estado bruto, sonhos no seu estado mais puro, o que podemos encontrar nesta trilogia que ap s tantos anos ainda conquista f s pelo mundo afora atrav s de her is de espa [...]

  23. The final book of the Fionavar Tapestry is, unsurprisingly, the longest After the long build up of the first two books, the war finally really gets underway It s still very Lord of the Rings, with all the races joining up and wars and a lone person making his way into the heart of darkness, etc In another way, it s completely not like Lord of the Rings at all For one thing, not everyone lives Boromir aside, most of the main characters in Lord of the Rings survive Not so with Fionavar Guy Gavriel [...]

  24. Ah Slow exhale The end of the trilogy, and the final confrontation of light against dark.Two contradictory reactions here on the one hand, that was wrenching and beautiful, with intricate, soaring language to carry me through great bravery and tragedy And I was, at one point, leaking tears as I walked down the street today Hint do not read the last quarter of this book in audio while going about the public portions of your day On the other hand, there is something in this book that runs counter [...]

  25. And I m done This is going to be a really, really short review First things first, fuck you author On to some interesting stuff, the Darkest Road is actually a dark road for absolution, sacrifice and anything that is in the light Goodness knows I wept like a 2yo throughout this book, I had goosebumps, laughed and was drunk on euphoria, tch tch d on a few choices and I ve lived my life in Fionavar with these characters If you re expecting a great final battle between the forces of evil and light [...]