The Night Stalker ☆ The Night Stalker ☆ Robert Bryndza - The Night Stalker, The Night Stalker If the Night Stalker is watching you re already dead In the dead of a swelteringly hot summer s night Detective Erika Foster is called to a murder scene The victim a doctor is found suffocated in

  • Title: The Night Stalker
  • Author: Robert Bryndza
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Night Stalker

☆ The Night Stalker ☆ Robert Bryndza, The Night Stalker, Robert Bryndza, The Night Stalker If the Night Stalker is watching you re already dead In the dead of a swelteringly hot summer s night Detective Erika Foster is called to a murder scene The victim a doctor is found suffocated in bed His wrists are bound and his eyes bulging through a clear plastic bag tied tight over his head A few days later another victim is found dead in exactly the same circIf the Nigh ☆ The Night Stalker ☆ Robert Bryndza. ☆ The Night Stalker ☆ Robert Bryndza - The Night Stalker, The Night Stalker If the Night Stalker is watching you re already dead In the dead of a swelteringly hot summer s night Detective Erika Foster is called to a murder scene The victim a doctor is found suffocated in

  • ☆ The Night Stalker ☆ Robert Bryndza
    500Robert Bryndza
The Night Stalker
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  1. Just when I thought it couldn t get any better The Night Stalker, dare I say, is even better than our first introduction to character DCI Erika Foster From the first page, we re sucked in with tension that had me holding my breath OPENING SCENE An unknown killer breaks into a man s house and very methodically kills him I m talking covers all the bases drugs him, cuts the power and phone lines while crushing the cell sim card, creeps back upstairs and waits for him under cover of darkness with a [...]

  2. I m hating giving this one 3 stars really should have been a four but something bugged me I ll tell you in a few The story is back with Detective Erika Foster and her team They get a call about a dead body of a local doctor He is found by his mom, naked and with a bag over his head The brass at the station automatically want the case to go to sex crimes because it s labeled as a gay hate crime The doctor had recently separated from his wife and now has been secretly meeting with men Erika doesn [...]

  3. I received a copy of The Night Stalker by Robert Bryndza through NetGalley Thanks to Bookouture and to Robert Bryndza for the opportunity.Does lightning strike twice in the same place Yup Especially if it has to do with DCI Erika Foster in this second winning book in this series Once again, Bryndza has a gem here Robert Bryndza knows how to present his complicated, tightly wound, brooding detective She wears the complications of her unresolved grief for her dead husband like a weighty badge with [...]

  4. 5 mega stars I would like to thank Net Galley, Bookouture and Robert Bryndza for gifting me an advanced copy of The Night Stalker in exchange for an unbiased reviewBERT BRYNDZA Remember this name, readers, as Mr Bryndza is about to join the heavy hitters of the thriller genre I absolutely loved his first book of the DCI Erika Foster series, The Girl in the Ice Well, Lordy, if he didn t just elevate his game with book 2, The Night Stalker It is simply brilliant DCI Erika Foster is my favorite typ [...]

  5. This is the second book in the DCI Erika Foster Series.This series is for all fans of Karin Slaughter and Angela Marsons I loved the book The Girl In The Ice and loved this even better My GR friend Kris and I read this book as a buddy read and we are starting the third book tonight Dark Water, with our GR friend Stephanie I just love the character DCI Erika Foster I find her very impulsive, gutsy and reacts quickly She is a kick ass female Even though Kris and I were able to predict the killer, [...]

  6. Wow I think this one was even better than the first book in this series It was an absolutely wonderful and thrilling read I finished reading THE GIRL IN THE ICE on the 4th of December and knew that I had to read the second book in this series, THE NIGHT STALKER right away Think I am going to have to bump up the third book in this series, DARK WATER and read it fairly soon If The Night Stalker is watching, you re already dead Yup, creeped me out THE NIGHT STALKER is another tense, gripping and su [...]

  7. Finding a good mystery series is always cause for celebration I really enjoyed The Girl in the Ice And this, the second book in the series, is equally good Erika Foster still finds it difficult to be political with those above her I love her, because like me, she was not in the room when the Lord was handing out tact And she doesn t give up easily As Moss says you re very Charlestown Heston about it from my cold, dead hands Bryndza paints a detailed picture It s the little things that round out [...]

  8. Copy furnished by Net Galley in exchange for a review.Creeping through the shadows of the night, cloaked in the black swoopings of darkness, a night stalker is growing strong, thriving Pray that you are not being watched as the names are methodically ticked off the list DCI Erika Foster, on the second anniversary of her husband s death, is given a gift It s a double edged sword, though The gift is that of distraction from the suffocating sadness for her, but it is one very dead Dr Gregory Munro [...]

  9. I had really loved Robert s first in this series but have to say I think he has gone one up with this second instalment A truly fantastic and exciting serial killer chiller God I love a good serial killer Weird I know Robert is a welcome new name into this genre and I am eager for book three The plot is gritty and well paced and it doesn t take you long to be drawn in and well and truly hooked on the book DCI Erika Foster is on top form, if not better form I mean she has career experience now r [...]

  10. Oh, Mr Bryndza I am in love with DCI Erika Foster and your wonderful, flawed characters and suspenseful, exciting plots Your writing has me reading past my bedtime and checking all my doors and windows The Girl In The Ice was great and you somehow were able to surpass it in The Night Stalker which is DCI Foster s second outing.The very first chapter raised my blood pressure Don t we all worry about the shadows in our room or under our beds The Night Stalker has a list and is ready to eliminate e [...]

  11. Robert Bryndza brings DCI Erika Foster back for another thrilling story that will send chills down the reader s spine When the body of a prominent doctor is found in his own home, DCI Foster and her team arrive to investigate Sprawled out naked and with a bag firmly affixed around his head, Dr Gregory Munro appears to be living a secret life, supported by significant amounts of Flunitrazepam Rohypnol in his blood and gay pornography in his bedside table Could the doctor have a lover who took thi [...]

  12. This is the second book in the DCI Erika Foster series by Robert Bryndza I was fortunate to have his first novel in this series recommended to me and what read that was, so when I was given the opportunity to read the second book it was a no brainer I couldn t wait to read it and to be honest I am been a bit mean only giving it a four star rating.DCI Erika Foster is an excellent character to build a series around, she is a strong, intelligent woman who takes no prisoners There are some other ver [...]

  13. This book proved to be an excellent follow up to The Girl In The Ice The mystery is well told and the story races along making it hard to put the book down The main character annoys me a little as she rushes around doing her own thing usually quite contrary to normal police procedure then she wonders why she does not get promoted but I am firmly on her boss s side over that one A good story nevertheless with an intriguing serial killer, several murders performed in rather unusual ways and a sati [...]

  14. Thank you to the publishers, the author and to Net Galley for an ARC copy.DCI Erika Foster Returns of Blockbuster hit, a gripping, tense and powerful book.If The Night Stalker is watching, you re already dead In the dead of a swelteringly hot summer s night, Detective Erika Foster is called to a murder scene The victim, a doctor, is found suffocated in bed His wrists are bound and his eyes bulging through a clear plastic bag tied tight over his head.A few days later, another victim is found dead [...]

  15. Oh Bookouture I think you are my absolute favourite publishers Always a great read A great second instalment in the adventures of Erika Foster I really enjoyed the girl in the ice, and am happy that there are a few to get through in this series.Erika and her delightful team are back solving murders and catching serial killers When a doctor is found dead in his bedroom, naked, and with a plastic bag over his head, it s up to them to piece the clues together and find the killer.Great series, howe [...]

  16. I would like to thank Net Galley, Bookouture and Robert Bryndza for providing me with an advanced copy of THE NIGHT STALKER in exchange for an unbiased reviewE NIGHT STALKER DCI Erika Foster 2 a serial killer thriller that in my opinion even surpasses his first book in the series, The Girl in the Ice This is one author to keep on the radar, because he is soaring to the top and much future success This is one of the best books I have read in 2016 I have decided not to recap the story line, as I d [...]

  17. DCI Erika Foster is back and just as strong as ever This is the second installment of what I hope to be a long continuing series featuring DCI Erika Foster and her wonderful team of misfits I saw this lovingly While I can t rate this as captivating as book 1 was for me, it certainly had me turning the pages, wondering what was going to happen next.I really enjoy Bryndza s writing style He is strong in character development, but my favorite piece is how he is able to weave a story and lead the re [...]

  18. 5 Gripping StarsA local GP doctor is found murdered, naked At first it has all the hallmarks of a sexual motive killing but DCI Erika Foster the investigating officer thinks not Then another body is found are they connected and if so by what DCI Foster must work non stop to find the killer before they strike again but without any real clues she is running out of time Did you watch from here Erika said softly to herself How long were you here You re not going to get away with this I m coming for [...]

  19. I liked the first book, The Girl In The Ice, but I wonder if not this one, the sequel has a storyline that is a bit thrilling than the previous book I do love thrillers that have a ticking clock feeling over the story When killings occur and the pressure grows, and the press and public demand answers and the police are doing their best to catch the killer Well, most of them, the problem is that some policemen in this book seem to be stuck in their thinking and prefer an easy solution, even if [...]

  20. Two damaged characters One was widowed by a drug dealer s gun in a police raid gone awry The other was widowed by a heart attack, deprived of the joy of murdering the spouse who abused and traumatized The first, Erika Foster, is a London detective The latter is an emotionally unstable individual who bears the scars inflicted by a partner and wishes to punish those who fed the flames of humiliation and suffering This person becomes a serial killer known to police as the Night Stalker, which is th [...]

  21. This is a brilliant sequel to The Girl In The Ice in the DCI Erika Foster series by Robert Bryndza.DCI Erika Foster is a strong, independent, intelligent woman who is well respected by her peers She is still trying to overcome the loss of her husband in a failed police operation a few years back While she is at dinner at her friend Isaac s house, she is called at a scene of crime The victim is Gregory Munn, a local GP, who is found drugged, naked and suffocated with a clear plastic bag at home w [...]

  22. A welcome return of the haunted and complex DI Erika Foster Erika takes on a case where single men are being targeted and murdered by a serial killer As a heatwave descends on London, the heat rises on the investigation as death stalks the streets and the body count rises The killer is proving to be elusive despite the police teams efforts In a twisted tale, there are a number of red herrings Erika s team find themselves under extreme pressure and unavoidably affected by the case However, the te [...]

  23. It hasn t been too long since I was introduced to DCI Erica Foster in The Girl in The Ice series by Robert Bryndzda I missed her determination, ambition and her drive to do what it takes in hunting down the killer I love how Night Stalker gives us a deeper look and understanding into her tragic loss and the personal lives of Moss and Peterson which gave me a better connection to them I liked how we are able to see a lot inside the killer s head with Night Stalker, which caused me to feel some s [...]

  24. Detective Erika Foster has been called in to investigate the murder of a prominent doctor The doctor was found in his bed with his wrists bound and a clear plastic bag tied over his head As Erika and her team are just beginning the investigation into the first murder another victim is found killed in exactly the same manor.As the suspects start to pile up Erika and her team find themselves in a race to stop a serial killer before the body count rises The victims are all single men, with very pri [...]

  25. This is the second book in the Erika Foster series I believe it can be read as a stand alone, although I read and pretty much forgot the first book This is set 18 months after the first title In this book men are being killed in a bizarre way involving Rohyphenol and exit bags It is first thought to be sex related as the first two men are recently separated and the third is openly gay Erika doesn t believe the other police have the right suspect and thinks that there is a woman who is responsibl [...]

  26. I really enjoyed this book I think I liked it better then the first book Definitely kept me engaged and didn t want to put it down

  27. Robert Bryndza has definitely found his niche with this, the second book in the DCI Erika Foster series His writing is taut, tense and gripping He spins a good story with just enough extraneous action for it to be interesting without overpowering the main thread of the plot And the plot is excellent.DCI Erika Foster has had a tough time of it She was responsible for the deaths of her husband and four other Police Officers in a drug raid that went wrong It is something that she is still learning [...]

  28. He comes home after a long day s work, grabs a glass of wine, throws a TV dinner in the microwave and heads for the shower.The Night Stalker has been in here before He dissolves something in the man s wine and waits While he is downstairs eating his dinner and enjoying his wine, The Night Stalker is upstairs waiting.DC Erika Foster and her team are called to investigate The man, a renowned doctor, is found in bed, wrists bound and his eyes bulging through a plastic bag tied over his head.A few d [...]

  29. Well done I was fully involved in this Night Stalker serial killer mystery I am getting frustrated watching Marsh and Oakley treat Erika Foster with such disdain but no denying this is a well crafted novel I m in, hook, line and suicide bag.Bryndza holds little back in his graphic descriptions and as appalling as it occasionally is, I am compelled to read on Erika Foster may never find her HEA but with able if flawed associates and a need to find the truth in any case she is my current go to DCI [...]