Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 3 Free Download Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 3 - by Robin Jones Gunn - Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 3, Christy Miller Collection Vol The Christy Miller Collection Vol True Friends Starry Night Seventeen Wishes Books

  • Title: Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 3
  • Author: Robin Jones Gunn
  • ISBN: 9781590525869
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Hardcover

Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 3

Free Download Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 3 - by Robin Jones Gunn, Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 3, Robin Jones Gunn, Christy Miller Collection Vol The Christy Miller Collection Vol True Friends Starry Night Seventeen Wishes Books Free Download Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 3 - by Robin Jones Gunn. Free Download Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 3 - by Robin Jones Gunn - Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 3, Christy Miller Collection Vol The Christy Miller Collection Vol True Friends Starry Night Seventeen Wishes Books

  • Free Download Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 3 - by Robin Jones Gunn
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Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 3
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  1. This is a three books in one volume that includes books 7, 8, and 9 of the Christy Miller series I ve given a review of each story below.Book 7True FriendsChristy s new assignment in class is to write an essay about what makes a true friend This gets Christy thinking about how good of friend Katie is She becomes determined to do something special with Katie to show her how much she cares But Katie wants to go on a ski trip, and Christy is scared of skiing Still, Christy goes, but some of the oth [...]

  2. I thought this series was amazing It s a must read for teenage Christian and non Christian girls It s inspiring and a whole new perspective on things I am 13 now and have been raised a Christian my whole life I was baptized as a baby and have been going to church ever since I almost thought I understood what it meant to be a Christian This book made me realize that it s a lot than just praying before meals, doing your devotions and going to church You need to want to be a Christian and be fully [...]

  3. I do my reviews in the form of a letter, which is why they are written like this.Dear Robin Jones Gunn, Thank you for this third volume It s my least favorite of the volumes, but I still like it True Friends This book was pretty good I just wish there was Todd So, in this one Christy basically tries to be a better friend to Katie She realizes that Katie is such a good friend to her, and she wants to do better So, she ends up agreeing to go on a ski trip with Katie Together they raise money and [...]

  4. This is overall my favorite Vol in the entire collection The Christy Miller series is great for girls preteen to 19.These books are great and memorable They re like chicken soup when you re sick They re like sunshine on a cloudy day or a rainbow after the rain It s great for cheering you up on a bad day and giving you a livelier smile on a not so bad one.Every girl should read these books They re quirky, entertaining, and also something that girls can easily relate to It helped me to get through [...]

  5. I have to say that you can only rant so much about one series, because eventually it just becomes repetitive Sometimes it s harder to explain any than that I lOVE this series I t also really makes me want to know how Robin Jones Gunn has all this insight on life and people I m kind of sad about having finished volume three, though, because it means there is only one volume left I admit that I m kind of scared to read it, because I know I ll read it quickly and then it will be over I m also kin [...]

  6. Christy has two of the greatest friends ever and she is put to the test to show them how much they mean to her Her friends Katie invites her to Lake Tahoe for some snow time in the winter and Christy had other plans with some new friends she met She is caught In between new friends and her loyalty to Katie She s working now for a summer camp that Katie dragged her to do not telling her that she was going to be a camp counselor for fifth graders And at the last minute Katie bails and leaves Chirs [...]

  7. Another amazing book that Robin Jones Gunn has written I truly am inspired by how strong Christy keeps her faith and even through all the ups and the downs she will stay true to God and true to that special someone that comes in and out of her life she wants certain things through out the whole series Volume 1 3 She just has to find out that God is who she truly wants and He will set her in the right path if she just puts total trust and faith in him I might have a different perspective on these [...]

  8. these books are amayzing They truly enlight the way you veiw the world and how you make desisions in life Through a Godly perspective I strongly suggest this book to all of those readers out there who are looking for a book they cant put down In that case Christy Miller is the book for you my star rating is Robin i think you should right about christy and if she has Kids Give the crowd a little sizzle I think if you make christy miller books you will surly be happy you did Besides you are a gre [...]

  9. I loved these when I was a teen they changed my perspective on dating, christianity, and being a true God lover Heavy stuff for a 13 year old I just re read them trying to decide when to give them to my oldest niece and I definitely say the audience is for 12 15 year olds Gunn does an excellent job targeting that age with her narrative and though this may seem a little out of date the concepts are still very relatable I read them when they were still listening to tape playersey ve been updated t [...]

  10. I liked this one better than the last volume But I guess I m just waiting for the climax I m excited for the next one I love todd Coolest, most original guy ever I was never a fan of the prince charming perfect cliche male protagonist, so it s refreshing to see a guy who is just figuring out life and doing his best to break a hormonal teen girls heart along the way I liked Christy much in this volume too I don t think she had quite as many melt downs This volume felt like the first

  11. This of course like the 2 volumes before it was amazing I met Robin Jones Gunn when she came to my town to one of our local churches, she was one of the nicest people i ve ever met and my friends had told me how great these books were, i had bought the book about a year before and had yet to read it So i said, why not I always seem to learn something from these books God will always be there for you No matter what Christy and her friends are strong characters and great examples of how christian [...]

  12. I ll just say this for the whole Christy Miller series I read every book, minus the college years, about a year or two ago I don t remember the little details, but I do remember LOVING the books They were all very fast reads and contained great lessons for my faith The only thing bad about any of them is they can get a little cheesy at time, but not enough to make me put them at a 4 star rating Whole Series 4.5 stars And I do plan on eventually reading the last three books in the college volume. [...]

  13. This book was very good It is the 3rd book of a series of 4 All the books are about the obstacles Christy Miller has to go through It all starts when Christy goes to visit her Aunt and Uncle in California The next summer her family ends up moving to california The books tell about christy s best friend troubles and some difficult dicisions she has to make throughout her teenage years.These books are amazing and I recomend them to girls who like drama

  14. I finally got around to reading this series This volume has the next three books of the series, and they re good The writing is well done, the characters are interesting, and the plots are cute totally appropriate for older kids and teens I love her learning about faith and about friendships and relationships.

  15. Robin Jones Gunn knows how to connect to her target audience so well These books are absolutely fabulous and are much better than most of the shows on TV targeted to the same age group I think these books are much entertaining And even though they don t have cell phones or Twitter in the books, they are still relevant.

  16. Cjristy is learning what she can from life, and a whole lot In these three books she s juggling Todd, Rick, and all her friends combined, while learning important lessons Christy is growing up, and it isn t easy A definite must read.

  17. This series is fantastic I can never put it down I love how we see a young woman struggling with the normal things all teens deal with real friends and overcoming arguments, friends , family, and boys Although, I cannot wait for her to get through her little boy craze and just date Todd

  18. The Christy Miller series is really awesome I love reading it and finding out what happens to Christy and her friends A wonderful series about loving God and growing up Very encouraging and a must read for all young, Christian girls D

  19. Best christain books I have ever read A cute christian love story Clean, fun, and captivating I read some of these books in a single day All of my friends have loved the Christy Miller series and I STRONGLY recomend this book to any teenage girl.

  20. Christy doesnt go to prom not even with Todd, gasp and realizes how much the 1 Cor 13 verse Love is patient love is kind plays into her life Goes to camp, meets cute guy Summer fling, dont mean a thingggg.Can t remember last part Something to do with Rick, though

  21. Great for young teenagers to read, especially if you want them to understand why they should wait till marriage to have sex.

  22. Good book for young teen girls seeking a relationship with God Liked the books a lot All the books are what really happens in life so it s good to know what to do.