Twilight Falling [PDF] Twilight Falling | by ☆ Paul S. Kemp - Twilight Falling, Twilight Falling Erevis Cale simple butler or much much The shadows grow long on the mean streets of Selgaunt and the sun sets on one man s service to Sembia s merchant lords The day s end finds Erevis Cale serving a

  • Title: Twilight Falling
  • Author: Paul S. Kemp
  • ISBN: 9780786929986
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Kindle

Twilight Falling

[PDF] Twilight Falling | by ☆ Paul S. Kemp, Twilight Falling, Paul S. Kemp, Twilight Falling Erevis Cale simple butler or much much The shadows grow long on the mean streets of Selgaunt and the sun sets on one man s service to Sembia s merchant lords The day s end finds Erevis Cale serving a new master one who is beyond the petty accumulation of wealth After all what is gold to one who trades in souls [PDF] Twilight Falling | by ☆ Paul S. Kemp. [PDF] Twilight Falling | by ☆ Paul S. Kemp - Twilight Falling, Twilight Falling Erevis Cale simple butler or much much The shadows grow long on the mean streets of Selgaunt and the sun sets on one man s service to Sembia s merchant lords The day s end finds Erevis Cale serving a

  • [PDF] Twilight Falling | by ☆ Paul S. Kemp
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Twilight Falling
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  1. 3.0 5If you think this is a 5 star book, you ve been reading the wrong fantasy books perhaps the wrong books in general.Set your standards higher, please.I understand rating books is subjective With each book one finishes a person can t help but compare it to their personal reading history I m sure your total number of books conquered is different from mine, as is the genre composition of those books Many Goodreaders rating Twilight Falling read HEAVILY DD Forgotten Realms novels or niche, obscu [...]

  2. Twilight Falling by Paul S Kemp This is the first book in The Erevis Cale trilogy The second book is, Dawn of Midnight, and the final book is Midnight s Mask However, the first appearance of many of these characters are found in the Sembia Gateway to the Realms series There is a short story in Halls of Stormweather anthology entitled Resurrection and the second book in the series entitled Shadow s Witness Then after this trilogy, the story continues in The Twilight War trilogy Shadowbred, Shadow [...]

  3. rantingdragon review oTwilight Falling is the second novel by American fantasy author and lawyer Paul S Kemp It is the first book of The Erevis Cale trilogy, centered on the character Kemp introduced in the excellent group series writing project Sembia, and set in the Forgotten Realms fantasy setting.Take a setting and make it your ownI ve been a Forgotten Realms reader pretty much since I was able to read I d estimate I ve probably read about 70% of all Forgotten Realms fiction that exists, and [...]

  4. This is the first of a series of books written by Mr Kemp that I would really call the best fictional fantasy series I have read in a long time The realism that the characters experience in this magical world ruled by corrupt politicians and two faced gods is so in sync with the laws of reality, it feels like you are right there with Erevis Cale during every assassination and Slaad killing Sure, there s magic and swords and the occasional dragon, but just because there is that element of fantasy [...]

  5. I enjoyed it once I got past the authors assumption that I had read the earlier series that these characters apparently showed up in I have read quite a few Forgotten Realms novels by by no means have I read all of them and while I am going back and catching up on a few characters in preparation for the Sundering story line later this year I am not going to dedicate that much of my time to it The book is fast paced and interesting and gives a look at a type of priest in the Realms that isn t any [...]

  6. I never expected to enjoy this book this much to think I ve been putting off reading this trilogy I ll get started on the next one pretty soon.Erevis Cale, the subject of this trilogy, is a butler assassin I didn t realise that it actually follows one of the books in the 7 book Sembia trilogy and I almost wanted to stop reading Glad I didn t I would say there s little lost from not reading the Shadow s Witness even though it makes numerous references to it It never does it in a puzzling, exclusi [...]

  7. This is an amazing book For me to give it 5 stars just means I cannot find any negative points to it Some may argue that the character Magadon was rushed out While I would ve liked for the author to introduce him earlier, that s just because I like psionicists so much In fact, introducing him so late, made me look on the book with eager eyes, to what is to come next As such, here is where I think this book excells The story captivating due not only to the characters but to the plots within plot [...]

  8. I would characterize this book as just good enough It was just good enough for me to keep reading it and just good enough for me to be intrigued at how the rest of the trilogy might play out I really enjoyed the Sembia series that spawned Erevis Cale, which led me to try this trilogy Again, this wasn t a bad book, but it was pretty slow in parts and, while I m sure the author is building characters for the final two books, they seem a bit hard to read at times The one thing this book does have g [...]

  9. Twilight Falling good title is the first book in the Erevis Cale trilogy There is so much I want to talk about, especially the last 30 or so pages But, for obvious reasons I m not going to go THAT far so all I will tell is it s such a great book that leaves you wanting the chacter scheme gives the chacters flesh and blood life

  10. This was the first Forgotten Realms book I ve ever taken the time to read, and I m skeptical that there are many if any of them out there that can compare The writing, characters, and story are better than most of the things I ve read in the genre which gives me a confidence in authors writing for someone else s world that I lacked previously.

  11. I hovered between 3 and 4 stars with this one I ll be generous and give it 4 Part of the problem also might have been due to the mediocre narration of the audiobook I think the synopsis is poor and doesn t seem to hardly fit the book This is a DD based adventure where a party of three adventurer types have to go up against a group of baddies Some of the writing seemed so utterly dry and the beginning, while at some points seemed to expect the reader to know all about this character, had awful in [...]

  12. This is pretty good for a Forgotten Realms novel That isn t high praise, but it was entertaining enough that I ll be reading the next book in the trilogy rather than abandoning it as the bland, derivative trash with overpowered magic and amateurish plotting that is the majority of FR books I have tried to read.This trilogy plunges us into the shady underworld of the Forgotten Realms with assassin priest turned butler though that doesn t last long Erevis Cale as our protagonist Once we clean up s [...]

  13. gave this book greater than 4 stars With that kind of rating, I opened this book eagerly waiting to be regaled by a new world or some kind of crazy plot or a different magic system or, or something that would at least make me nod in understanding why this book was rated so highly Instead I opened the book to 400 pages of disappointment.I had a lot of major problems with this book The in medias res , the telling not showing, the nature of the characters, the character dynamics, the lack of cohere [...]

  14. To bolo dobr plne sa mi vr tili vzpomienky na m jho halflong trieda v Neverwinter nights Celu kni ku som si verne ivo predstavoval na monitore po ta a Erevis Cale je b val zabijak, ktor zanechal remesla a robil majordoma v achtickom s dle O jeho minulosti neviem takmer ni , iba e sl i temn mu bohovi maske Zhodou okolnost jeho zosnul p n vlastn ist artefakt, po ktorom priahne odpadky m g Vraggen a jeho pomocn ci Erevis sa dost va do v ru udalost spolu s Rozklanom, s periacim zabijakom, a b val m [...]

  15. Started out pretty meh, the implication of a previous love story made me roll my eyes so hard Thankfully it pretty much dropped after it was first explored As a person who plays DnD it was fun to read the written form of clerics and guess at what the creatures that were mentioned might be Very fun quick read

  16. I quite enjoyed it One thing about listening to it as an audiobook is I chuckled every time I heard the phrase which was often Jack asked

  17. Erevis Cale is a butler in the service of the Uskevren family, a merchant house of Selgaunt He is also a skilled assassin and a secret priest of Mask, the god of rogues, whom Cale has an ambiguous relationship with When the Uskevren estate of Stormweather is attacked by assailants using powerful sorcery, Cale sets out to track them down He is aided by his old friend, the halfling Jak Fleet, and an old enemy, the Zhentarim assassin Drasek Riven, who seems to have also been granted Mask s favourIt [...]

  18. Short Version I highly recommend this book to any fan of the Fantasy genre that is looking for a tight action packed story The characters are well crafted and feel real The combat is well written and avoids becoming boring or over used The only real knock I can give the story is that there are a number of scenes where characters indicate events from a previous series without going into much depth about what happened It s done well enough though that you can figure out the key points.Detailed Ver [...]

  19. This is a book I d been so very much wanted to like I m not familiar with the Forgotten Realms universe but I ve read enough fantasy to be able to grasp it, I think Plus, I ve read Kemp s Lord of the Sith and loved every bit of it The idea of a killer mercenary assassin turned butler whatever instantly appealed to me and I started the book all excited then it dragged on and on and I just couldn t get into it I gave up around 40% or so and I don t think I ll pick it up again to finish it Sad, rea [...]

  20. Originally reviewed on Otherwhere Gazette For some reason, dark heroes are very popular in literature From Robin Hood who was, honestly, a thief to Batman to Ghost Rider, people with a dark side who nonetheless try to do the right thing are all over.Twilight Falling, by Paul Kemp, introduces another dark hero, Erevis Cale He s a cleric of Mask, the god of thieves, yet he does his best to do the right thing while still doing his god s will That s not always easy, because not only is Mask a god th [...]

  21. The book I read was Twilight Falling by Paul S Kemp The story is about a man named Erevis Cale who is the butler for the ruling family in the city of Sembia He is also secretly an assassin who worships the god of shadows, Mask When the the ruler of Sembia passes away and his son takes over, an evil group of shape shifters infiltrates the house and steals a seemingly useless artifact It s a sphere carved of quartz with flecks of gems throughout Cale is then forced to recruit the help of his old f [...]

  22. Throughout my time as an avid reader, I have not known with the exception of Salvatore s characters a morally distraught although very unique and strong character From the very beginning Erevis seems to have some heavy weight on his shoulders, and it only gets heavier as the story progresses The good and bad inside a man, and the decisions he makes concerning them can really sometimes send a reader s thoughts into places they weren t expecting reflecting this man s dilemmas on their own, as is [...]

  23. Meh I like the action and the flow and movement I did feel that some of the events was to illistrate that, yes, the author knew the DD rules, but overall it was a good read BUT my biggest issue is the ending I know that this is the first of a trilogy, but the point of a trilogy is that you read a good book about a character or characters and WANT to read not have to I have already made the commitment to read the trilogy but I feel like this is going to be of an overly extended story stretched [...]

  24. Forgotten Realms books were a fun, fast paced read for me back in the late 80 s and early 90 s It was all about the action and, where it could be found, areas of character plot development Fun stuff.By the mid 1990 s I was done with the sugar rush candy buffet nature of stories churned out under the Forgotten Realms label My formerly favorite authors seemed to be mailing it in and I felt like one cannot live on fight scenes alone.Years later, I picked up Paul S Kemp s Twilight Falling on a nosta [...]

  25. Enjoyed reading this, it was pretty good, a quick read and I ve missed the high fantasy genera That said, I couldn t stop comparing it to other Forgotten Realms books I ve read and it just isn t of the same caliber.Also, I know this is a series, but the end of this book was not satisfying The author had a really cool premise, but the reader didn t get to it until page 175 and since the book is only 300 pages, the main story, was told in the last half of the book which left the ending feeling rus [...]

  26. This is an early novel for a the writer and you can tell There are nice moments which make the book acceptable, but it very much felt like an incomplete story I get it is part of a trilogy, but the story in the book should stand on it s own and this one does not have a conclusion Also, I could not invest in the hero as his rambling, angst ridden, internal monologue drains any interest in him I read this as part of a book club choice and I can t say I would recommend it The best praise I can offe [...]

  27. For those of you that usually don t read DD Forgotten Realm literature like me I just picked this up on a whim, and how glad I am Erevis Cale for me is way better then Drizzit I know to many what I just said Is sacrilege, but read it and decide for yourself Drizzit is good, but the stories are hit miss Salvatore writes probably the best fight scenes, but the rest of the story usually leaves me wanting I digress.Erevis Cale trilogy is one of the best fantasies I ve read in outside a developed uni [...]

  28. One of my guilty pleasures is reading simple FR fantasy I ve enjoyed the adventures of Drizzt for years and often been pleasantly surprised by other FR writers Reading the new FR series, The Sundering, comprised of novels written by several different writers on a specific subject matter or time period in the realms I came across Mr Kemps writing and just had to read Kemp creates an excellent atmosphere with vivid and well developed characters I would definitely recommend these books to anyone w [...]