Time of the Twins Unlimited Time of the Twins - by Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman - Time of the Twins, Time of the Twins The first title in the second Dragonlance novel trilogy is now being released for the first time ever in a trade hardcover edition Featuring the stunning art and design that graced the cover of the pa

  • Title: Time of the Twins
  • Author: Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman
  • ISBN: 9780786931583
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Hardcover

Time of the Twins

Unlimited Time of the Twins - by Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman, Time of the Twins, Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman, Time of the Twins The first title in the second Dragonlance novel trilogy is now being released for the first time ever in a trade hardcover edition Featuring the stunning art and design that graced the cover of the paperback edition this new version is a follow up to the release of the Dragonlance novels Chronicles trilogy in hardcover in It also continues the planned release of alThe first Unlimited Time of the Twins - by Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman. Unlimited Time of the Twins - by Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman - Time of the Twins, Time of the Twins The first title in the second Dragonlance novel trilogy is now being released for the first time ever in a trade hardcover edition Featuring the stunning art and design that graced the cover of the pa

  • Unlimited Time of the Twins - by Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman
    133Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman
Time of the Twins
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  1. It is such a quiet thing, to fall But far terrible is to admit it That line is unfortunately not from this book, nor even from this universe However, in addition to being a favourite of mine, it describes this book perfectly.The War of the Lance is over The Queen of Darkness and her Dragon Highlords have been defeated against all odds But Krynn is devastated by the conflict, and new dangers lurk in the shadows In solitude in the Tower of High Sorcery, a familiar wizard is setting his master pla [...]

  2. This was the first book I read when I started my new bus train commute But, this was not the first Dragonlance book I ve ever read It was the tenth Dragonlance is a gigantic moneymaking franchise that runs off the insatiable appetites of geeks, among which I count myself It s almost besides the point for me to review the book at all, because it s so niche Either you get it or you don t But, shoot, I ll give it a try.The original Dragonlance trilogy which I read in high school was about a group o [...]

  3. I love this book despite the fact that about half of it is steeped in serious suckiness The fact is, at least for me, that the excellent bits in Time of the Twins are far excellent than the excellent bits in the three Dragonlance books that preceded this one and those books had some excellent bits , making Time of the Twins a favourite of mine.Sucky Bits Sucky This story hinges on the corruption of the Kingpriest of Istar The Kingpriest arrogantly and weakly calls on the gods to come down as pe [...]

  4. It s actually kind of surprising that these books exist, at least in their current form.The original Dragonlance Chronicles was the trilogy that launched a thousand other DD tie in novels a wildly successful story in which the Forces of Evil were pitted against a half elf, a dwarf, a Hobbitkender, a knight, a plainsman and a cleric Oh, yes, and a fighter and his sickly twin brother mage And there were epic journeys and dangers and setbacks, and a few tragic deaths, but in the end the aforementio [...]

  5. M zrak Destan serisinde karakterlerin yolculuklar n , yolculuk s ras ndaki arkada l klar n ve muhabbetlerini olduk a seviyordum Bu kitapta ne yaz k ki bu yok, ama hik ye a s ndan kritik bir olay anlat yor Ayr ca hik ye daha ok kapal ve ayn mekanlarda ge sede s r kleyicili inden bir ey kaybetmiyor.

  6. I gave this book a 4, but I m actually calling it a 4.5 because I absolutely devoured it Fantasy books like this are my guilty pleasure, mainly because I feel like I should be spending my time reading classics and whatnot, but I had a blast diving back into the Dragonlance universe I read some of the books when I was younger, and I m ready to read some I started with the Legends trilogy because, well angsty brothers are my weakness I remember loving Caramon and Raistlin and their complex relati [...]

  7. Book itself is worth 4 stars, but i really do not like the way author thinks that it is logical and normal to do heavy time travelling in this DD series For fantasy there should not be limits, but it just seems desperate, also execution in that kind of meld must be extra fine and here it is not.

  8. I enjoyed the Dragonlance Chronicles in a Tolkien lite type of way Time of the Twins, however, really stands apart from the series that preceded it This book mainly concerns the relationship between Caramon and Raistlin and the unpredictable force of Tasslehoff These three were easily my favorite characters from Chronicles, so it s a thrill to see them get so much focus New character Crysania has a well developed struggle between her clerical faith and the callings of her heart, making this a hi [...]

  9. I m glad I found a website that told me which order to read the Dragonlance books in Of course, I thought to look it up after reading The Second Generation, which takes place after the Twins trilogy, but still This first book in the trilogy is a fitting continuation of the Dragons trilogy The Dragons of Spring Dawning ends in such a darkly suggestive way, and this book picks up on that tone right away Weis and Hickman introduce new characters but bring back enough former characters to keep fans [...]

  10. I ve been a Dragonlance fan since 1988 While I ve loved most of the books, the Twins Caramon and Raistlin Majere were never my favorite characters Friends have always said that Legends is a better trilogy than Chronicles which started it all and am on my fourth reread I probably should have listened to them The first book was fantastic Raistlin a powerful mage of the black robes evil and younger of the Twins is one of the most devious characters around He doesn t let you down, in his quest for g [...]

  11. Like the Chronicles trilogy before it, this book is an oddly addictive hack job Early on, you will find out Raistlin is thinly muscled Then almost every chapter makes reference to his lean muscles She felt his lean muscles through his robes His thinly muscled form wrapped around her body She could see his lean muscles through the silk of his black robes Crysania also repeatedly smells his spell components while simultaneously noticing his thin muscles These muscles can be found under his black r [...]

  12. Time, War and Test of the Twins are, to me, the best that Weis Hickman have ever written They are to Chronicles what Lord of the Rings was to The Hobbit.The books are best read as one volume I still have my original TSR 1987 omnibus hardback edition.Each character is unique and memorable Some, though, are a bit cliche and somewhat two dimensional, but those particular roles are quite small in this trilogy The twins, Caramon and Raistlin are the main stars here, especially Raistlin Also enjoyable [...]

  13. This is a fabulous tale and if you want to read any Dragonlance series, this is it It s a tale involving going back in time which is normally fraught with difficulty in writing a sensible plot The authors do this amazingly well and this is a haunting tale Characterisation is brilliant and fantasy fans will be enthralled by the main characters Cameron and Raistlin are twins but different twins you could not get In this tale Cameron is a shadow of his former strength Drink has brought him to a so [...]

  14. RAISTLIN Imagine my glee when I learned as an overexcitable preteen girl that there was a whole trilogy of books that featured my favorite character And apparently everyone else s Oh how my girlhood trembled lol I wish I were kidding.If I went back and read these books now, I m sure I would still enjoy them despite the fact that I now see them in a different light Sure, they aren t original and they use just about every fantasy cliche there is But it s not like I knew that when I first read them [...]

  15. Dragonlance Legends is actually a good series And that s weird, because game inspired books do tend to suck big time I give most credit for complexity of Raistlin s character and for the fact that Caramon suffers from PTSD And that s just great, because too often fantasy heroes tend to be completely immune to distress and we know that human mind doesn t work that way.

  16. If you d like to read my thoughts on Time of the Twins, I talk about it on my blog writerholic.wordpress 201writerholic.wordpress 201

  17. I don t know where to begin with this book I know that I m going to love this series just as much as The Chronicle Trilogy I have become so wrapped up with these books, that I m actually bugging my friends who have read these back when they first came out, to re read the series so we can discuss them Yes, I am a Dragonlance virgin I can t believe that Camaron has changed so much in two years If I was Tika, I would have slapped some sense into him with a heavy frying pan I was so hurt to see how [...]

  18. Dragons of Autumn Twilight was amazing, and somehow this book managed to be even better I loved the dialogues and the refined, archaic ish writing style, I find it perfect for the epic fantasy genre The little cameos and the humorous parts were also really enjoyable The plot was even interesting than that of Dragons of Autumn Twilight, I guess mostly because it involved less main characters rather than a whole bunch of them, including some I personally never grew to care about This time, the ma [...]

  19. This will be my same review for all 7 books in the original double trilogy plus the 7th add on years later.There are few DD novelizations out there that are really worth reading Only two series have I loved, and the original 6 became 7 Dragonlance novels are one of those great series Gord the Rogue is the other.At first when I read this, I was a bit put off because the Krynn world did not agree with DD The gods had different names Bahamut Paladine, Tiamut Takhesis and the race of Halflings were [...]

  20. Since this book stands out for the way it offers insights in its very interesting characters, I will focus this review on them.The titular twins Caramon and Raistlin stole my heart in the original trilogy Caramon, brave, good, honest and completely devoted to his twin brother Raistlin, bitter, brilliant, evil on first sight but oddly but convincingly compessionate at key moments they are fascinating This book hints at ways to see their complex relationship that makes these characters even wellr [...]

  21. Continuing my re read of the Dragonlance novels that I loved as a teenager I remember liking Chronicles than Legends Legends, in same ways, is a character driven, internal story rather than a grand adventure I probably liked the grand adventure as a kid.I m not sure how I feel about the first book in the series In some ways the writing is better than that in chronicles the authors have now written 4 books and you can see them improving as craftsmen but at the same time, there are some tropes [...]

  22. DragonLance Chronicles and Legends are two trilogies that hold a really special place in my heart So much so that I can t really divvy them up into separate reviews I don t even think I could give an objective review of the books But if I know this if I ve had to replace a book from over reading, that s amazing I ve had to replace these 6 books so many times that I keep spare copies around just in case True story.Chronicles Trilogy Dragons of Autumn Twilight Dragons of Winter Night Dragons of Sp [...]

  23. Seriyi ge okudu um i in pi man m Pi manl m n en b y k nedeni ise seriyi tekrardan basan yay nevinin thaki olmas Senelerdir onlarca kitap okudum ama bu kadar yaz m hatas olan bir ba ka kitaba hatta seriye rastlamad m Bir yay nevi b yle nemli bir seriyi yay nlarken hi mi zenmez, akl m alm yor Yine de yaz m hatalar n g rmezden gelerek bitirmeye al yorum her kitab , ba ar yorum da Efsaneler serisi, ilgimi fazlas yla eken Raistlin odakl bir seri oldu u i in ba lang hikayesinin devam ulan bu kitab sol [...]

  24. Another great read from the Dragonlance series I do sometimes have a slight problem with time travel stories, which being of a logical turn of mind I find a bit confusing However because I was so involved in the book, I was able to let myself glide over the bits I didn t quite follow without disrupting the narrative too much.I m immediately into the second book in this section of the series as I now have to know what happens next

  25. Small Review My two favourite characters are on this book Raistlin and Tassheloff Caramon and Crysania are in it too Interesting tale about the mind of Raistlin and the quest to rule the Abyss overthrowing Takhisis This was the tale of Finstandituls and Raistlin travelled back in time to fulfilled it Interesting tale.

  26. The Dragonlance series was a love of mine as a young teenager They are one of the main reasons that I love fantasy so much today These are the perfect young adult fantasy novels that are very well geared towards boysI loved them

  27. Much better then the entire first trilogy This book made wading through those previous books worth it The characters of Raistlin, Caramon and Tasselhof are much developed here and the story is incredibly compelling.

  28. This is the first of the Dragon Lance Legends trilogy in the Dragon Lance Saga series of books It is about the twins Caramon and Raistlin and their adventure through time as Raistlin tries to gain the knowledge of the greatest magic user of all time Fistandantilus.

  29. Read this a long time ago and I remembered that I really liked it But that s before I was exposed to the likes to Feist, Jordan and now Sanderson And yep, I was one of those fangirls who like Raistlin over Caramon.