Nighty-Nightmare [PDF] Nighty-Nightmare | by á James Howe Leslie H. Morrill - Nighty-Nightmare, Nighty Nightmare An overnight camping trip Not Harold s idea of fun Too many mosquitoes ticks and cockleburs But when the Monroe family set out their faithful dog Harold was with them mostly because he remembered t

  • Title: Nighty-Nightmare
  • Author: James Howe Leslie H. Morrill
  • ISBN: 9780689817243
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback


[PDF] Nighty-Nightmare | by á James Howe Leslie H. Morrill, Nighty-Nightmare, James Howe Leslie H. Morrill, Nighty Nightmare An overnight camping trip Not Harold s idea of fun Too many mosquitoes ticks and cockleburs But when the Monroe family set out their faithful dog Harold was with them mostly because he remembered that camping could also bring s s and toasted marshmallows Howie the other family dog and Chester the cat were also included in the trip Only Chester thought the ideAn overnight camp [PDF] Nighty-Nightmare | by á James Howe Leslie H. Morrill. [PDF] Nighty-Nightmare | by á James Howe Leslie H. Morrill - Nighty-Nightmare, Nighty Nightmare An overnight camping trip Not Harold s idea of fun Too many mosquitoes ticks and cockleburs But when the Monroe family set out their faithful dog Harold was with them mostly because he remembered t

  • [PDF] Nighty-Nightmare | by á James Howe Leslie H. Morrill
    449James Howe Leslie H. Morrill
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  1. Ah Good ol Harold X and his continuing chronicles of life with neurotic Chester, punny Howie, and Bunnicula, the possible vampire rabbit This one features Chester s greatest moment of storytelling ever, as the pets are lost in the woods all night, and Chester regales them with a terrifying tale of mad science, vampirism, and dirty Hans at the dinner table Okay, the last one was Howie s joke, but it s my favorite

  2. Reviewed by Allison Fraclose for TeensReadTooMr Monroe with a bit of help from Harold, the book writing dog has gotten it into his head that an overnight camping trip is just the type of adventure the family needs So the Monroes pack up and head out into the woods, bringing along their faithful pets excepting the vampire bunny, Bunnicula, who s missed out on yet another adventure by being boarded with friends Both Harold and the excitable pup, Howie, look forward to the fun of the woods and cozy [...]

  3. Mr Monroe has decided it s time for a family adventure, so the Monroes go camping together, brining along their pets Chester, Harold and Howie When they run into a few other campers, Chester, always certain that a nightmare awaits just around the corner, starts to believe these new friends, Bud, Spud, and their pet Dawg, are up to no good When they become separated from the Monroes, the faithful pets anxiously try to get back to protect their family.There s plenty of entertaining banter here, as [...]

  4. It s always interesting revisiting children s books once you re grown While I didn t have the pleasure of reading through the whole of the Bunnicula series as a child, I did greatly enjoy the first book of it Now, reading through the rest of the series as an adult to complete it all, I m having the time of my life These are definitely great books for kids and would have only been enjoyable then than they are now Though, to be fair, reading them as an adult I can get some of the literary referen [...]

  5. Call me out as you will for having too many expectations about a series centered on a vampire bunny, I really didn t like this one Especially since he doesn t even show up in person in this one Again On rereading it tonight for the first time since I was9 I remembered not liking it even back in the day.The Monroes have brought Harold, Chester and Howie with them to their lake house and suddenly decide on a spontaneous overnight camp out They choose to camp near some Deliverance inspired brothers [...]

  6. Please be sure to read the Editor s Note in every story by James Howe as it is part of the storyo funny Great book for children and adults and for the same reasons Everything is seen from the perspective of Harold, the older dog, and you can t help but laugh and recognize the truisms of how dogs view the world, the detached outlook about children, the naivet of Howie, the younger dog, and the gullibility of Chester, the cat.

  7. My son and I read this series together at bedtime the year he was in second grade He and I took turns reading a chapter to each other Both of us would break into giggles at the antics of these characters The time we spent enjoying these books helped to establish and nurture a lifetime love of reading in my now adult child.

  8. only a book about a dog that writes, a paranoid cat, and a vampire rabbit could blend creepy with funny as all get out great for kids and people of all ages.

  9. This book was actually far entertaining than I had expected It s made for the child audience yet I could see teens and young adults who enjoy animals to be swept up into the world of Bunnicula and the wild adventures of Chester and Harold I ve been aware of the animated TV show and thought it was a unique kids show design, I haven t watched any episodes in full but I am impressed with the smooth animation style and bright color scheme The general idea of the show is a bit exaggerated from the s [...]

  10. I don t know, but there s something fishy about this whole thing I think he s leading us somewhere, Harold Leading us to our doom Well, at least we ve eaten, I said The final Bunnicula book I read during my childhood, and that I m revisiting this Halloween season These books are like a familiar blanket they remind me of growing to love reading, and the warm September and October afternoons that fed my eerie tale inspired imagination This, the fourth entry in Howe s series, sees the Howard, Chest [...]

  11. In the book Nighty Nightmare by James Howe, is about three animals expecting to go a worry free camping trip The animals are Chester, the cat, Harold, and Howie, the dogs Unfortunately for them, they went the night evil spirits and odd things come out They were super excited that they wouldn t stop asking when they were there Once they got there, they started walking through the woods to finally find out that they are lost In this tale, there are a lot of mysteries and surprises great for little [...]

  12. This is a very creative Juvenile level series which holds a place in my heart It centers around a vampire bunny named Bunnicula, who sucks the juice out of vegetables The main characters are the Monroe family and their pets, and the series is told from the perspective of Harold, the family dog The premise of the first book is Chester, the family cat, trying to convince Harold that Bunnicula is a vampire and that they must save their humans from him Miss Emily

  13. My kids are all loving these books They love the antics of Chester and are amused by Howie s enthusiasm The adventures the animals go on are always very fun and a little creepy but not too much for my six year old So fun

  14. When two dogs and a cat go camping with their humans, excitement finds them Should they trust strangers they meet in the woods What if the strangers have a secret most likely to be revealed on this very night Find out what happens for yourself, but keep your nightlight near.

  15. I m not sure I read this one as a child, but just like the earlier books in the series, it was awesome to read as an adult.

  16. An excellent audiobook for Halloween Or read out loud at a Cub or Beaver camp Good clean fun with a little spook mixed in.

  17. I loved reading Bunnicula and I came across this little book in a open Free Library, so I had to read it before I replaced it back I loved it Any child would love the adventures of Harold, Chester and Howie It made remember my childhood and how things were interesting and scary because they were unknown.

  18. And the genius of the Bunnicula series continues I m not kidding, Howe is a great writer The book is a children s book but there is so much adult humor in it I absolutely love this series, have told many people about it, and when we go visit family for the summer, I intend to read it over again with my daughter and mom this time because I really think she will enjoy it.The Monroes decide to go camping and take all their pets with them Seriously, who takes a cat camping Obviously the Monroes, or [...]

  19. Maybe its because I ve now read four of these in a row, or because I didn t read this one as a kid, or because this one s just dumb, or a combination of all of those, I didn t like this one as much as the others It s like a cross between Deliverance, Dracula, Homeward Bound, and maybe some Sex and the City Howie does seem to be turning into Carrie Bradshaw in this one The Monroes and their pets are camping in the woods, where they meet two creepy yokels named Bud and Spud, and their dog Dawg Bud [...]

  20. We ve been working our way slowly through the Bunnicula series by James Howe and our girls just love them The stories are just scary enough, with endings that show that nothing was what it seemed and there was nothing to be frightened of after all This was a fun and pretty creepy tale of going camping in the woods, with odd characters, a creepy house in the middle of the woods, a scary story and poor Chester, Harold and Howie getting lost Although this wasn t our favorite story of the series so [...]

  21. OK so I am sending these books to me niece out of order, since I just gave her book 1 and this is book 4 I think an 8 year old kid will find this fun and spooky Although I am able to suspend my disbelief in many ways and for many reasons, I found myself obsessively wondering what kind of cat is invited to go camping and expected to stay within any sort of boundary I have not met a cat yet that I would treat like a dog and do that with Although I know it was necessary for the plot, since Chester [...]

  22. For the first time, Harold, Howie, and Chester are going on a trip with their masters They met Dawg and got lost in the woods By the way, they are all animals 3 dogs and a cat They are animals but they think like humans They tell scary stories while they walk through the woods and they are scared, they have nightmares, too Sometimes when people tell me scary stories, my eyes get watery and i get nightmares when i sleep I know they are make believe but i am still scared I get sweaty and i can t s [...]

  23. This is the fourth in a series of books featuring Chester the Cat, Harold the Dog, Howie the Puppy and their family, the Monroes Bunnicula the Vampire Bunny only enters the story as a bedtime story, told by Chester in an effort to lull newfound friend Dawg to sleep, so the other animals could ditch him to go back and help their family they are sure is in trouble.I love talking animals because I have always imagined my animals capable of the same skills Chester s paranoia runs rampant, Harold jus [...]

  24. I read this out loud to my daughter age 6 , and I think we both had a lot of fun I enjoy Chester s tendency to a creepy imagination, and Harold s long suffering, tongue in cheek responses to his histrionics My daughter loves Howie and his puns I think the best part was when we finished it last night, my daughter said I did a really good job with the voices, so here s a shout out to my elementary school librarian, Ms White, who read the books to my class and whose wonderful delivery I was imitati [...]