Totally Joe ´ Totally Joe ↠ James Howe - Totally Joe, Totally Joe Everybody says you and Colin were kissing What That s ridiculous For heaven s sake Joe if you and Colin want to kiss you have every right to We did not kiss I told her Addie shrugged Whatever What

  • Title: Totally Joe
  • Author: James Howe
  • ISBN: 9780689839580
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback

Totally Joe

´ Totally Joe ↠ James Howe, Totally Joe, James Howe, Totally Joe Everybody says you and Colin were kissing What That s ridiculous For heaven s sake Joe if you and Colin want to kiss you have every right to We did not kiss I told her Addie shrugged Whatever What was it with my friends From the creator of The Misfits the book that inspired NATIONAL NO NAME CALLING WEEK comes the story of Joe Bunch ´ Totally Joe ↠ James Howe. ´ Totally Joe ↠ James Howe - Totally Joe, Totally Joe Everybody says you and Colin were kissing What That s ridiculous For heaven s sake Joe if you and Colin want to kiss you have every right to We did not kiss I told her Addie shrugged Whatever What

  • ´ Totally Joe ↠ James Howe
    194James Howe
Totally Joe
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  1. How this book makes me feel image error INTRODUCTIONI can not describe in words I just cannot I hold so much distaste and venom for this book that I will dissect the following conversation printed on the book jacket to, indeed, show you just one reason why I hate Joe Everybody says you and Colin were kissing What That s ridiculous For heaven s sake, Joe, if you and Colin want to kiss, you have every right to We did not kiss, I told her.Addie shrugged Whatever What was it with my friends Addie, n [...]

  2. I work with middle schoolers, and every now and then I dabble a bit in adolescent literature I have to say, I m frequently disturbed by what I find in the genre There are a lot of mass marketed young adult books filled with pain and angst There are a lot of books about drug use, alcohol, abuse, pregnancy, STDs, and all of that crap that supposedly comes along with being a teenager.I sort of understand why young adult lit can be so yucky and diactic much of the time After all, you can t ignore th [...]

  3. Joe is a quirky, very gay preteen boy at a small high school in upstate New York He s been given an assignment from his English teacher to write an alpha biography detailing his life from A Z Each chapter, written over the course of school year follows Joe in his process of coming out to his family, falling in love, breaking up, and standing up for himself I really identified with him, though at times it reminded me of my own uncomfortable life growing up in small town Ohio and not feeling right [...]

  4. This book is awesome And I found it entirely by accident I picked up a bunch of new books in my library, and recognizing the author as the Bunnicula author, grabbed this one This book is VERY different, and deals with a much needed, though sensitive, topic Joe is in 7th grade and his teacher has assigned a year long writing project an alphabiography For each letter of the alpabet, Joe has to write about himself Early in the alphabet, we learn that when Joe was little, he preferred Barbies to GI [...]

  5. Joe Bunch s 8th grade English teacher has given his students an assignment to write an alphabiography over the course of the school year With each letter of the alphabet representing a different chapter, Totally Joe tells the story of a year in the life of a gay adolescent boy Joe falls in love, has his heart broken, comes out to his family, and finds love and support among his friends and family Howe does such a wonderful job of writing in the voice of a 13 year old boy that the reader can almo [...]

  6. This book is a multicultural children s story that discusses the life of a middle school boy, Joe, who is gay I loved the title page of this book because it catches the reader s attention and is so significant to the story The book is written as a alphabiography, or like a journal that goes through each letter where he has to write about something in his life, ending each letter with a life lesson I thought that this was such a creative and interesting way to tell his story It made the book exc [...]

  7. I loved James Howe s novel THE MISFITS, where a group of middle school outsiders challenges the school s name calling habit as a student council campaign platform Until last week, though, I hadn t gotten around to reading the sequel, TOTALLY JOE This is a lighter look at what it s like to be a gay kid in middle school.Howe introduces readers to Joe Bunch through his main character s alphabiography, a series of essays he has to write about his life, with each topic starting with a different lette [...]

  8. Howe has written a book of a 12 going on thirteen year old boy, who has always exhibited rather flamboyant gay behavior and has an assignment to write an alphabiography Just the concept of having a pre teen write such a thing is outstanding This assignment leads Joe towards understanding himself, his environment, his family and his friends as he puts down on paper what occurs in his life and yes, X is for Xylophone As Joe discovers he can be gay, that he can come out, that he does not have to en [...]

  9. This is a really great teen story about a boy in 7th grade whose teacher gives the class an assignment to Write about yourself from A Zd end every chapter with a life lesson Joe worries about whether he can really write the truth about himself and his life since so much has happened to him the past few months But he gives it a try, and the result is a sweet book about a gay thirteen year old boy and the friends and foes who are in his life The life lessons he writes at the end of each chapter ar [...]

  10. Joe is assigned to write a biography in alphabetical order As he does, he reveals what life is like for an openly gay twelve year old boy Joe gets his first boyfriend, but is crushed when he breaks up with him Joe discovers his family and friends are important, and that there is no equal to being yourselves.Peter

  11. This book was awesome because it very accurately portrayed the life of a kid in middle school, who is gay, and closeted well, at least for a little while , and is very relateable I felt it could have been a bit longer, but I liked the idea of writing the book as an alphabiography.

  12. This is my all time fave book It has a lot of voice and character It is also a heart warming story that I personally love READ THIS BOOK

  13. The Mifits was a great book This is the sequel and this is so much better This book was brave, powerful, moving, funny, honest and tender The subject is being in 5th grade and being gay It s all told from the perspective of a homework assignment of journaling for a year for each letter of the alphabet This is 5th grade so the dating that goes on is about hand holding There isn t even kissing It s sweet I was so sad for this book to end I would love to know about what happens to Joe in the futur [...]

  14. I absolutely loved this book I was looking for books that would appeal for a student of mine with LGBTQ issues I wish I had this book when I was younger Comic and poignant at the same time, this book examines gay issues that face young men in a realistic way through the voice of a main character who totally captures the gay experience as a middle school student if you were supported by your family Perfect for middle school.

  15. Joe was always my favourite big shock there so I was super excited, and I loved this I might have to buy a copy.

  16. Jessica Anderson, Response 2 Joe was assigned to create an alpha biography by his seventh grade English teacher He has to connect each letter of the alphabet to his life and then write about it He realizes that this task might be a little harder than expected Between dealing with a new crush, bullying at school, and just being a seventh grader Joe realizes how crazy his life is Joe uses his alpha biography to express his emotions, when talking about them becomes too hard With the endless support [...]

  17. Quick read it in four hours quick , fun, and has a big heart.Though Totally Joe suffered from some underdeveloped characters, other had some surprising depth Joe was extremely stereotypical, and I felt it went a little overboard with the flamboyant gay teen, but after reading an interview with the author I understood what he was trying to do Let s take the most stereotyped character, the one everyone knows about, and stick you in their head Yes, Joe likes girly things He likes clothes, cooking, [...]

  18. Joe s assignment is to write an alphabiography each chapter begins with the letter of the alphabet and in his biography, Joe describes his recent past, present, and near future of coming out Although Joe is young, thirteen, the first person narration really doesn t give it away unless he specifically refers to his birthday Joe is dealing with the requisite popular boy who wants to be his boyfriend, but only when it s behind closed doors because he isn t confident Joe realizes he s got a great fa [...]

  19. There s no such thing as a wasted wish Joe Bunch, Totally Joe , P 21 A day can start out ordinary and end up being in the top ten Joe Bunch, Totally Joe , P 184 I would give this four and a half stars, and for weeks I considered giving it five I m still considering it This book is somewhat difficult for me to review, as I disagreed with a lot of it personally Still, I loved this story It contains exceptionally funny material and empathetically heartbreaking moments that resonated as deep down wi [...]

  20. My book club raised the question that our title character might be overly stereotyped, and I welcome insight from others who have read this Personally, I think that part of the point of the book is that Joe is trying to be himself One other character does sort of accuse him of being a stereotype, so I think that Howe acknowledges this.Mostly, I think the point is that there are lots of books for athletes, lots of books for kids with divorced parents, lots of books for nerds, lots of books for po [...]

  21. Joe is 12 His teacher has assigned his class an alphabiography each kid has to write about their lives using the 26 letters of the alphabet to inspire each entry Joe is gay His friends and family know it before he does and in the course of his alphabiography he offically realizes this, comes out, and starts to make positive change in his school.I enjoyed this as a portrayal of a relatively normal gay kid who has a relatively easy experience coming out In some ways I think we need stories which [...]

  22. this book is about a gay kid joe and he is a weird child he plays with dolls a.k.a barbies and he enjoys it and he has a big crush on some high school popular boy named colin and he likes joe to but joe doesnt know that after a party they both hook up and begin to date but everyone makes fun of them because they feel weird that a no body is going out with colin the joc after some time a rumor goes around that them 2 were kissing but it was not true they were bugging out and getting really angery [...]

  23. A fun read A bit too sweet perhaps It seemed like the author asked himself, How can I improve somebody s self esteem today I ll write a book But there are times in life when a boost in confidence is just what is needed I can easily picture a kid needing the feel good be yourself message this book offers Some people have complained about the stereotypical portrayal of a gay kid in the character of Joe, but I have known kids just like him They need to read about someone like them What they do not [...]

  24. I thought this book was at best meh reasons1 STEREOTYPES to quote my friend Kat LIKETOTALLYHOMO yeah no spaces 2 WRITING I m sorry but I can t read something written like this it makes me think of math 3 THAT SMILEY FACE THING just a pet peeve4 So how about extra credit really NO TEACHERS GIVE EXTRA CREDIT FOR USING BIG WORDS

  25. A sweet, funny book I feel like I would have appreciated it were I in the target age group this book was written for Not amazing, but lovely.

  26. Synopsis Meet Joe Bunch Lovable misfit and celebrity wannabe from Paintbrush Falls, New York Like his longtime best friends Addie, Skeezie, and Bobby, Joe s been called names all his life So when he s given the assignment to write his alphabiography the story of his life from A to Z Joe has his doubts This whole thing could be serious ammunition for bullying if it falls into the wrong hands.But Joe discovers there s to the assignment and his life than meets the eye Especially when he gets to th [...]

  27. Totally Joe is a very cute story about Joe, who s gay and knows who he is and what he wants in a way He s thirteen and still so awesomely clueless, which is great He ends up together with Colin as boyfriends, but mind you that these are kids and there s no hanky panky Just cuteness and wondering about life and what it means to like the same gender The book handles the bullying well and the tone is light in a good way, so Totally Joe is heartwarming and feelgood to boot Joe s family and friends a [...]

  28. Totally Joe was such a significant book I loved the way how the author set the book up in chronological order This book taught me so many life lessons The most important lesson I learned was that it s okay to be different You don t have to look or do things the same way as anybody else Also, James Howe is such an amazing person to look up to In my opinion, he has a very interesting life in a good way and doesn t care what others think Totally Joe was a book about a kid who discovered throughout [...]

  29. I read this book after reading The Misfits because of how much I enjoyed that book, and this one is good, but I think after reading The Misfits my expectations were slightly higher and I felt that this one does not live up to the expectations of the first one Don t get me wrong though I still enjoyed it and i do believe its worth reading but the originals are always better One thing i can say is that this book really makes you feel something Something that is hard to put into words I would say t [...]