Tales of the Peculiar Unlimited Tales of the Peculiar - by Ransom Riggs Andrew Davidson - Tales of the Peculiar, Tales of the Peculiar Before Miss Peregrine gave them a home the story of peculiars was written in the Tales Wealthy cannibals who dine on the discarded limbs of peculiars A fork tongued princess The origins of the first

  • Title: Tales of the Peculiar
  • Author: Ransom Riggs Andrew Davidson
  • ISBN: 9780399538537
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Hardcover

Tales of the Peculiar

Unlimited Tales of the Peculiar - by Ransom Riggs Andrew Davidson, Tales of the Peculiar, Ransom Riggs Andrew Davidson, Tales of the Peculiar Before Miss Peregrine gave them a home the story of peculiars was written in the Tales Wealthy cannibals who dine on the discarded limbs of peculiars A fork tongued princess The origins of the first ymbryne These are but a few of the truly brilliant stories in Tales of the Peculiar known to hide information about the peculiar world first introduced by Ransom Riggs inBefore M Unlimited Tales of the Peculiar - by Ransom Riggs Andrew Davidson. Unlimited Tales of the Peculiar - by Ransom Riggs Andrew Davidson - Tales of the Peculiar, Tales of the Peculiar Before Miss Peregrine gave them a home the story of peculiars was written in the Tales Wealthy cannibals who dine on the discarded limbs of peculiars A fork tongued princess The origins of the first

  • Unlimited Tales of the Peculiar - by Ransom Riggs Andrew Davidson
    135Ransom Riggs Andrew Davidson
Tales of the Peculiar
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  1. Tales of the Peculiar is a collection of 10 short stories featuring the peculiars most beloved folklore I have yet to read the peculiar trilogy by Ransom Riggs, but since I absolutely loved his Talking Pictures, I decided to give this one a go And it was one of the best decisions I made today Passed down from generation to generation since time immemorial, each story is part history, part fairy tale, and part moral lesson aimed at young peculiars These tales hail from various parts of the globe, [...]

  2. Well, this was utterly delightful Tricky cannibals, a ball of nightmares that follows you around, and many strange and wonderful inhabitants This short but rich book is written with masterful style, and manages to make its characters endearing without being maudlin and without trying too hard for sentimentality and quirkiness And it s funny In a very sly, deadpan way, particularly in the first story which cleverly implies the origins of the phrase an arm and a leg I just might have to read Miss [...]

  3. The first ymbryne wasn t a woman who could turn herself into a bird, but a bird who could turn herself into a woman.When I heard the news about this book, my heart was floating away As everyone knows that I am a die hard fan of Ransom Riggs because his works always excite and inspire me in the whimsical way I loved his writing style and cherish his ideas even though I don t know where they come from In this book, we ll see the tales with the original vibes and gruesome twists Tales of the Peculi [...]

  4. There are some really good stories in this book and some others that I didn t care for too much The first one I loved and it was just so gruesome and funny You don t find that every day It s about these peculiars that lived in Swampmuck They made their living out of getting swamp grasses to take to the a town They were very poor and lived the best they could And they had a peculiar way about them They could regrow limbs So who is it that wanders in to their little part of the world one day canni [...]

  5. The newest addition in the wonderful universe of the Peculiar Children and their surroundings, created by Ransom Riggs, is every bit as interesting and special as Miss Peregrine s Trilogy No It s even better You won t find our familiar Peculiars in this collection, what we see is their ancestors struggle to cope with their talents and with the cruel ways society used to ostracize them Our guide back in time is our beloved Millard The Splendid Cannibals Cannibals are creepy and nightmarish Someti [...]

  6. Surprisingly Strong, Deep, Meaningful short story with many layersOf Acceptance, and Prejudice rejectionOf the hardness of finding friendsAnd the complicated relation between Fathers Sonswith Kafkaian AtmosphereOf Dreams NightmaresOf selling oneself, of greed and living on credit , of capitalism, banking, even silencing a revolution All very beautifully illustrated, told in fairy tale way but deeper with touch of horror, peculiarity t with hope and meaningful moralsA real must read even if you d [...]

  7. I am generally not a fan of tie in novels but Riggs converts me Throughout the Peculiar Children series, they refer to this storybook There weren t as many stories as I expected only 10 As with the original series, the powers are inventive, the plot is quirky and the stories are fun.The Splendid Cannibal A population of peculiars can regrow limbs at will A group of hungry cannibals move in next door and are willing to pay Soon comes a story of greed and loss though not on the side you d think Th [...]

  8. Tales of the Peculiar are written by former Miss Peregrine s ward, Millard Nullings With the help of Mr Riggs, Millard invited us to read the peculiar tales about the peculiar times and people, starting with wealthy cannibals and finishing with a lonely giant All the tales had some spices of macabre and funny twists, peculiar history and of course a moral at the end.I liked them, but they weren t mind blowing or amazing to squeal It was great to read some back stories about the events and charac [...]

  9. Como muchos saben, El Hogar de Miss Peregrine para Ni os Peculiares no es uno de esos libros que me haya encantado por el contrario, me pareci un poco lento y no me pude conectar muy bien con la historia Precisamente por esa raz n, ten a un poco de miedo o, m s bien, pereza de leer los Cuentos Extra os para Ni os Peculiares Pensaba que me iba a encontrar con un estilo similar, muy pausado y sin elementos que me engancharan completamente a la historia pero me equivoqu.Los Cuentos Extra os para Ni [...]

  10. So please enjoy these Tales before a crackling fire on a chilly night, ideally, You can find this review and all of my other reviews at Novel Descent Thanks for the support This was a really fast and easy read for me I read it within one sitting and when I was done, I wanted I d say that is a pretty good sign.Tales of the Peculiaris a collection of short stories folk tales centered around peculiar people At the time of reading this, I have only read the first book in Ransom Riggs series, it app [...]

  11. I love the design of the book It must be the most beautiful book I own Also, the stories were very whimsical and fantastical, and they gave so much background and history to the Peculiar world It felt like being a child all over again and reading a story book full of fairy tales.

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  13. This collection of peculiar tales was absolutely stunning I loved each of these stories for different reasons I thoroughly enjoyed delving into the folklore and fairytales of peculiardom, it provided great insight into certain stories that were only glanced over in the trilogy Each story was incredibly entertaining in its own way and it was great to have one final foray into the world of peculiars All in all, I absolutely loved this collection of tales and I wish there were

  14. Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs is a collection of short stories that acts as a companion piece to the Miss Peregrine s Peculiar Children series As you may know from that series, the character Millard Nullings is a scholar on peculiar history and these short stories here are presented as the best of the best of his collection of peculiar stories The production of this audiobook is excellent and it s narrated by Simon Callow, Bruce Mann, and Garrick Hagon I loved that Millard makes an appea [...]

  15. This is a collection of tales the Peculiar Children from Ransom Riggs trilogy have grown up with They are basically a mixture of fairy tales, horror stories, and elements from the books.For all those who have read the story of Jacob and his friends, this book supposedly has been written by Millard since the stories helped him and the others and because they are part of their identity In general, all the stories have some great bottom lines and morale, not only relevant to the trilogy Naturally, [...]

  16. A great supplemental read to the Peregrine series Some short stories are better than others, in my humble opinion, but they all give you sort of a history and background of peculiardom based in their folklore If you know me and my reading taste, I shouldn t enjoy this series as much as I do I generally do not like YA, nor do I like fantasy But I loved these books Perhaps it s the historical elements, vintage photography in the series, not this book and peculiarity Looking forward to seeing the m [...]

  17. 3.5 stars Better than the main series, there was imagination and depth in the short stories than there was in the entirety of the Miss Peregrine trilogy Then again any story is bound to better when there s an absence of a flat whiny main character and a bland romance.

  18. I swear if Riggs had included stories like this in his trilogy I would have ended up liking the series a lot better We get to read about tales that are put together by one of the characters we read about in Miss Peregrine s series Tales of the Peculiar is supposedly written by a former Miss Peregrine ward, Millard Nullings I don t know if you all know about him But he was the character that was invisible I would suggest reading the series before this book since there is not that great of an int [...]

  19. 3.5 star rating overall, rounded up to four for Tales of the Peculiar is a collection of short stories, from Ransom Riggs, the author of the Miss Peregrine s series In Tales , we are introduced to some of Riggs imaginative creatures, and learn the background of some of the peculiars that we know from his full length novels This novel is very short, with each tale being told of course by another peculiar by the name of Millard Nullings Through Nulling s narration, we hear about the origin of the [...]

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  21. Probably some of you are wondering why I ve spent my time reading Tales of the Peculiar when I still haven t read the Miss Peregrine s Peculiar Children trilogy Well, I ll probably read it next year, but, since I m gonna watch Tim Burton s movie at the theater next week, I wanted to have some context alive in my mind Besides, this book was too gorgeous to ignore and not to buy I m serious when I say that this is the most beautiful book I own Everything in it is amazing and the editing project wa [...]

  22. Well that was utterly peculiarly fantastic My first book of Ransom Riggs and I m definitely SO excited to read Miss Peregrine s Home for Peculiar Children These short stories filled me with so much awe and I just loved them all

  23. This is collection short stories featuring parables of peculiars It s about peculiar s history and their survival written and edited by Millard Nullings the invisible boy , former ward of Miss peregrine s home for peculiar children.Stories I liked most were The Splendid cannibals, The Fork Tongued Princess, The Woman who Befriended Ghost, The Girl who could Tame Nightmares.All stories were fascinating I liked the morals behind stories and Millard s notes in few of them.

  24. RESE A EN LEEE AELA D Me encant esta antolog a Los cuentos son geniales, un poco perturbadores y retorcidos pero con final feliz, como todo buen cuento de hadas.Me dej con muchas ganas de leer la trilog a.

  25. Highly enjoyed these short stories fairytales I thought they were set up great and had some thoughful messages behind them Great addition to the series