In the Darkroom In the Darkroom Best Read || [Susan Faludi] - In the Darkroom, In the Darkroom From the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and bestselling author of Backlash comes In the Darkroom an astonishing confrontation with the enigma of her father and the larger riddle of identity consu

  • Title: In the Darkroom
  • Author: Susan Faludi
  • ISBN: 9780805089080
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover

In the Darkroom

In the Darkroom Best Read || [Susan Faludi], In the Darkroom, Susan Faludi, In the Darkroom From the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and bestselling author of Backlash comes In the Darkroom an astonishing confrontation with the enigma of her father and the larger riddle of identity consuming our age In the summer of I set out to investigate someone I scarcely knew my father The project began with a grievance the grievance of a daughter whose parent hFrom the Pu In the Darkroom Best Read || [Susan Faludi]. In the Darkroom Best Read || [Susan Faludi] - In the Darkroom, In the Darkroom From the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and bestselling author of Backlash comes In the Darkroom an astonishing confrontation with the enigma of her father and the larger riddle of identity consu

  • In the Darkroom Best Read || [Susan Faludi]
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In the Darkroom
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  1. This was an intriguing memoir that addresses issues of identity religious, cultural, and gender Through her endeavors to reconcile her estranged relationship with her Hungarian, Jewish father who recently transitioned into a woman , the author delves into her father s past experiences during the Holocaust in Hungary In order to survive anti Semitism, persecution and deportation by the fascist Arrow Cross party and the Nazis, he became a chameleon constantly reinventing himself in far off countri [...]

  2. The last time Susan Faludi spoke to her father, he was violently assaulting a man who was dating her mother after their separation That was 27 years ago Fast forward a photo postcard arrives, soon followed by an email entitled Changes Her long estranged father has returned to Hungary, country of birth, but also the same country that forced their family into exile and murdered thousands of others who shared their religion and culture and he recently had sex reassignment surgery and is now Steffi [...]

  3. When I became aware of Susan Faludi s book about her estranged father, I placed a library reserve within minutes.For years I wondered who Susan Faludi was Backlash burst on the scene out of the blue Faludi observed, documented and explained the often blatant, sometimes nuanced and sometimes silent forces that were undermining women as they were just starting to achieve So while I chose this book to see if how her family informed her writing, I got much .Through the biography of her brave, demand [...]

  4. This is a phenomenal work of narrative investigative journalism and personal inquiry I cannot recommend it highly enough I saw a review recently that said this book might seem implausible if it had been presented as a work of fiction a novel , and all the incredible since it is true I agree with that to a point, but I also think we have to pay attention to how intelligently and eloquently Susan Faludi assembled the present story with historical research, so that it becomes something even profo [...]

  5. There is in the universe only one true divide, one real binary, life or death Either you are living or you are not Everything else is molten, malleable.After not hearing from him for several years, Susan Faludi receives an email with the subject title Changes containing photographs of her father following gender reassignment surgery in Thailand The author recalls her father as an aggressive and emotionally distant man and the news comes as something of a shock In the ensuing years, the author sp [...]

  6. Susan Faludi, American author and feminist offers us an expansive memoir biography about her relationship with her estranged father She had not seen him in 27 years when a card arrives announcing that he had become a woman Susan visits him in her native Hungary, which begins a decade long journey to understand the man who once hit her head against the floor.The result is a clever non linear telling of her father s story peppered with long sections on Hungarian history, Nazi Germany, and transsex [...]

  7. Truth is stranger than fiction You couldn t make this up.Both of those cliches apply to Susan Faludi s memoir of her father s life As a lifelong crusader for women s rights and a leading feminist writer, it must have been a supreme irony for her to discover in 2004 that the father she had had no contact with for many years was no longer Steve but was now Stefanie having undergone a sex change operation The book details her numerous subsequent trips to visit Steve Stefanie in Budapest But that is [...]

  8. Author and feminist Susan Faludi has written a memoir, In the Darkroom , about her father This is not a simple, loving memoir about a beloved father, but rather about a father who seemingly was at war with the world, including the world of his family Faludi s father, born in Budapest in 1927 as Istvan Friedman, and died in Budapest in 2015, reinvented as Stephanie Faludi It was the life between the birth and death that Susan Faludi writes about.Istvan Friedman seemed to be a man who lived a life [...]

  9. You couldn t make this up Faludi, a terrific writer and serious thinker on feminism, gender and masculinity learns that her long estranged and abusive father Steven is now Stefanie, a transgender woman who loves tea parties, men opening doors and being a lady generally Stefanie is living back in her native Hungary, where Susan goes to see if she can get to know her in a way she never knew her father as a man Throw in the complicated history of Jews and anti semitism in Hungary, lies, secrets and [...]

  10. The premise of an author setting out to discover the father who had abandoned her and now has gone through a gender change makes for an interesting setting But The disjointed narrative jumping around in time and lengthy historical passages left me bewildered I finished it just so I could say I did, but perhaps a distant relative or a astute editor would have made a significant improvement.

  11. Pulitzer Prize winner Susan Faludi writes her personal work yet In 2004 she receives an email that Steven Flaudi had transgendered to Stephanie, and that year she reached out to gain an understanding of the person she knew very little about, her father As Stephanie s story unfolds, I kept thinking that you simply could not make this up For Stephanie s entire life she managed to be, Zelig like, at the heart of events What a life this was were this filmed, it would be deemed too fantastic There i [...]

  12. I wanted to understand transexuality better and thought this memoir of Susan Faludi s father s transition from man to woman at 62 would be interesting as well as informative Faludi makes sure to keep us aware that her Hungarian born father speaks with an accent which is off putting than charming and endlessly describes her flapping purse, high heels and frilly aprons But she never gets near the man or the woman so neither do we The physical transition is pretty boring, the emotional imperative [...]

  13. Susan Faludi s Backlash had a fair amount of influence on my teenage self, so knowing who she is piqued my interest in regards to this book It s deeply personal and quite interesting as a memoir too The book is really about her father, an elusive and abusive man she lost touch with When Susan started trying to reestablish their relationship her father was no longer a man, but had undergone sex reassignment surgery The book explores this and I got a few insights that hadn t occurred to me before [...]

  14. An intricate, tensile structure of a book.Susan Faludi has written some of the best long form journalism of the last quarter century This is her fourth book, and the most personal Shortly after the turn of the 21st century she reconnected with her long estranged father, a Hungarian emigre and holocaust survivor who had returned to Hungary after the Fall of the Berlin Wall and was undergoing sex reassignment surgery.Over the course of the 400 pages of this book, Faludi flips back and forth throug [...]

  15. Totalism, Erick Erikson had cautioned, could set in when the search for identity becomes an insistence on a category to be made absolute, displacing psychological complexity and self awareness Instead of teasing out the component desires and conflicts and injuries that shape a personality, instead of inspecting and confronting the social and economic conditions and history that form and deform individuals lives, identity could dangle the dangerous panacea of a single global fix Could a nation su [...]

  16. A fulfilling dual memoir Susan Faludi writes about her transgender father s life and how she Faludi s father before the decision to identify publicly as a woman crafted her own persona as survival mechanism during the Holocaust It s also a history of Hungary and its cruel treatment and eradication of its Jewish citizens throughout the lead up and duration of World War II, and of the resurgence of violence spurred by homophobia and Antisemitism in the present The psychology of identity, both as m [...]

  17. I can t get beyond the transphobia in this one A big reveal is that one therapist thinks her parent is uncertain about transition, and it disturbs me there is no analysis about that Also the whole my father ten times every page is extremely jarring I know that is what Stefi decided she was to Susan and also I know it does not need to be used as often as it was I get that she has a complex and often negative relationship with her parent but to center around the gender transition is not cool Also, [...]

  18. I can t finish this book I gave it to 100 pages to pull me in and it didn t I just can t emotionally attach to this book It reads like a history on Hungary and Budapest than a story about a father and a daughter Everyone loves this book, and maybe it gets better, but I m giving up.

  19. I love Susan Faludi s other books, specifically Stiffed The Betrayal of the American Man and The Terror Dream Fear and Fantasy in Post 9 11 America so I wanted to read this before I really knew anything about it It seems almost crazy, a person known for writing long form journalistic books about gender, and who wrote one of the most engaging books I ve ever read on American masculinity in the post war period has a father she hasn t spoken to in 25 years randomly email her and announce that he ha [...]

  20. I wasn t enthralled by the idea of reading this book, it just looked mildly interesting on the library shelf with a story about the author s search for some reconciliation with her father who left the family when she was young and returned to his native Hungary The next communication decades later was to say he was now a woman after a sex change in Thailand So, family story and sex change of a father, may be worth a try.It was so much than I d expected Trying to understand her father was like t [...]

  21. While I enjoyed the parts of the book where the author and her father now a woman talk about the past, I found the rest of the book to read like a term paper Don t get me wrong the book had factual information that is valuable to some, but I was looking forward to learning about the relationship between the two and how Steven Faludi s past created the person he had become That being said, my own father was born in the Carpathian region and this novel really helped me to understand what he went [...]

  22. I knew this was going to be good, Faludi is a singular talent and I was keen to read her in memoir mode However, she is too much of a journalist to dwell in her own experience for too long In contemplating her father s late in life transition, Faludi necessarily examined Hungarian history her father was born a Hungarian Jew , the impact of the Holocaust, post war American society and on and on All fascinating, if occasionally a slog I sometimes wanted about her own feelings and experience, but [...]

  23. A Pulitzer Prize winning journalist documents her reactions to her Hungarian father s transition from a male to a female His bizarre personality is overwhelmingly unhinged, and I finally stopped caring about the latest revelation of his behavior Well written, but I did not finish this one there are too many other good books waiting on my nightstand.

  24. Susan Faludi is responsible for my feminist awakening at the age of 16, which is when I read Backlash for the first time After that I was awake to my surroundings and I have never looked back Before Backlash I was, of course, aware in some vague way that to be a girl was to be other As a tomboy, I didn t frequently behave in a way that was considered girly unless you count wearing bright red lipstick with athletic shorts or wearing lacy socks while playing softball and for a long time I was asha [...]

  25. After the author s parent s split up when she was a teen, she saw little of her father When she got an email from him when he was 76 years old, he had a surprise for her he had had Sexual Reassignment Surgery and was now a woman Steven Faludi was now Stefanie She wanted her daughter to come visit her While Susan was ready to find out about her father s life, she wasn t ready to forgive her for how she d treated her mother and herself, which was what her father was really after Stefi was born in [...]

  26. Ah, what to make of this book, part memoir, history, part transgender journey, part psychological and sociological examination of a life Susan Faludi took over 10 years to write this book about her difficult and identity fluid father Stefi, nee Steven It began as what she hoped would be an explanation for his difficult personality, but along the way became a journey through her family history, narrated by her father who had decided in late life to become a woman Faludi came to realize he was co [...]

  27. This is an amazing piece of work, memoir and art Faludi delves into the life of her elderly estranged father, Istv n Pista Friedman, born in Budapest on November 1, 1927 The Friedman family was extremely wealth owning real estate in Budapest, buying prominent seats at the synagogue, and residing in opulent homes with staff Istv n lived an isolated and lonely life as a child under his strict father s rules As Istv n displayed female characteristics, his strict Jewish father sent him to live with [...]

  28. What a remarkable book, on so many levels First and foremost, In the Darkroom is the renowned feminist author and reporter Susan Faludi s portrait of her father who, among the many interesting things about him, contacted her after decades of estrangement, when he was 74, to say that he had undergone a sex change operation, and was now a woman And so Faludi travels to Hungary her family s native land to visit her dad, who now goes by Stefani Turns out she s pretty insufferable, Stefani petty, ted [...]

  29. Perhaps reading this powerful memoir right after the lite Running with Scissors influenced my appreciation , but regardless, Faludi s deep, powerful, and often disturbing investigation of her father s life was compelling from beginning to end Part of that engagement comes from her subject her father was a complicated, troubled Hungarian emigre Holocaust survivor and reknown photographer , who decides late in life to surgically change from a man to a woman, Stephen to Stefani, after he is estrang [...]

  30. Had to return it to the library unfinished, which explains the four stars instead of a possible five What a fascinating story And it s all true That is, the author s part is true What her father has to say well, apparently that s ALWAYS been in question, and never so than when he tells her pretty much ANYTHING IN THIS BOOK His career was as a retoucher of photographs, augmenting their truth and he has spent his entire life augmenting his own story and the stories of those he encounters The bigg [...]