Animal Liberation [PDF] Animal Liberation | by ì Peter Singer - Animal Liberation, Animal Liberation The Book That Started A Revolution Since its original publication in this groundbreaking work has awakened millions of concerned men and women to the shocking abuse of animals everywhere inspiri

  • Title: Animal Liberation
  • Author: Peter Singer
  • ISBN: 9780060011574
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback

Animal Liberation

[PDF] Animal Liberation | by ì Peter Singer, Animal Liberation, Peter Singer, Animal Liberation The Book That Started A Revolution Since its original publication in this groundbreaking work has awakened millions of concerned men and women to the shocking abuse of animals everywhere inspiring a worldwide movement to eliminate much of the cruel and unnecessary laboratory animal experimentation of years past In this newly revised and expanded edition authorThe Book That [PDF] Animal Liberation | by ì Peter Singer. [PDF] Animal Liberation | by ì Peter Singer - Animal Liberation, Animal Liberation The Book That Started A Revolution Since its original publication in this groundbreaking work has awakened millions of concerned men and women to the shocking abuse of animals everywhere inspiri

  • [PDF] Animal Liberation | by ì Peter Singer
    351Peter Singer
Animal Liberation
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  1. Animal Liberation is the book that started the modern animal rights movement Peter Singer, the author, is an Australian philosopher He is the Ira W DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University, and laureate professor at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics CAPPE , University of Melbourne He specializes in applied ethics, approaching ethical issues from a secular preference utilitarian perspective.In 1975, the first edition of Animal Liberation was published It has become [...]

  2. I read the bible of the animal rights movement because I wanted to get some clue as to what is being thought I should consider all views in order to change, consolidate or move on my own position.On a very simple analysis, if you are guilty about existing and using the planets resources then this book will confirm your views and help you to rationalise your thoughts.If you feel that you are part of nature and have every right to exist and survive just like every other creature then you can still [...]

  3. I write this review from a place of some bias.Sausages Rotisserie chicken Lamb chops Bratwurst Roast Beef These words marked out the evenings of my childhood We ate meat twice a day, and on holidays thrice, moving through the day from a bacon fry up to a ham sandwich to a steak with mushroom sauce A meal without meat was considered incomplete, and vegetarianism was a scorned and alien disease that infected no one among my family or friends.I was no supermarket meat eater, hiding from the realiti [...]

  4. Australian philosopher, Peter Singer, wrote Animal Liberation A New Ethics For Our Treatment of Animals over forty years ago I was still in high school and it was one of the buzz books of my generation I decided to re read it with the new additions this year because my son is a life long vegetarian, he loves animals and I wondered does it still hold up Would this younger generation still want to read it The answer is yes.The treatment of farm and lab animals are still as bad as they were forty y [...]

  5. So this book.I love this book for what it did for bringing animal rights into the semi mainstream Singer was a proper philosopher, not just a kookie hippie His importance cannot be overstated.But it wasn t a shocking or profound read for me personally, probably because it s so very influential I spend a lot of time reading about animal ethics, so nothing neither the animal abuses recounted nor the philosophical arguments against speciesism was new to me Still, I feel remiss giving it less than 5 [...]

  6. Animal Liberation is credited with launching the animal rights movement in the industrialized world when it was first published in 1975 by the then relatively unknown, Peter Singer enpedia wiki Peter_Si You can blame all of the illogical stupidity of peta PETA on this book But PETA s antics tend to blind people to any logical discussion of the real points in Animal Liberation Singer does not support the animal rights movement epitomized by PETA but holds many of the same views, referred to as sp [...]

  7. Peter Singer builds a step by step, iron clad ethical case for considering the welfare of animals as part of our ever expanding circle of moral consideration While non human animals may not be our equals in many respects, the only thing that really matters is their shared ability to experience pain and suffering Any attempt to draw a line between what makes humans worthy of consideration and non human animals not worthy of consideration fails in establishing any kind of logical distinction If we [...]

  8. Sur la couverture de la nouvelle dition fran aise en poche de La Lib ration animale, de Peter Singer, il y a un cheval, un cerf et une biche, un lion, un cavalier king charles, un paon, un faisan, deux l vriers afghans, un renard, deux pigeons, une petite salamandre jaune et noire, une belette et un dr le d oiseau Le cheval et le cerf se regardent comme si ils devaient d cider de la direction o mener toute leur petite troupe putain de soci t patriarcale Tout le monde a l air de vivre en bonne ha [...]

  9. I was sitting in a doctor s office many years ago when a young woman came out of the doctor s office, looked over at me sitting in his waiting room and blared out, I just ruined by health by being a vegetarian It isn t easy being a vegetarian, it sure wasn t for her, so if anyone takes on this endeavor, I hope they are well read up on the subject This book doesn t take this into account instead he says to not worry about your health, it will be okay Then he says that he grows his own food Of cou [...]

  10. Normally I won t review nonfiction, since most of the time I don t even give them a star rating However, there a few exceptions First of all I may end up reviewing some memoirs since I consider a good memoir to be a blend of fiction and nonfiction think James Frey here, but also less sinister examples So my major exception will be this book I feel okay with reviewing this book because I do have a philosophy degree, and also because this book had a major impact on me at a fairly young age When I [...]

  11. Even after so many years, most people remains either unaware or indifferent to the horrible way we are treating animals Most people are unaware because it is difficult to see connections when you live in a city you never leave and just see a piece of red, inanimate matter wrapped in plastic that just tastes delicious.Animal liberation must have been a shocking book, a revelation to many people about the unfair use and abuse animals suffer because of our insatiable search for pleasure, our ignora [...]

  12. An intriguing and informative book I ll give it 4 stars because it s well written and makes you think, though I can t say I d bother reading it again.Modern philosopher Peter Singer argues both abstractly and with detailed, concrete examples that we are currently speciesist who must acknowledge that animals may not be our intellectual equals, but the relevant question is whether they, like we, suffer He documents how they can and do, both psychologically and physically, in animal experiments and [...]

  13. So glad to have finaly read what many consider as the Bible of Animal Rights It certaintly met my expectations and grounded, developed and solidified my views on the subject.I assumed that it would be just philosophicaly centered all the way through, with a few references here and there to shed light on what animals actualy go through behind the scenes I was pleasently surprised that he dedicated two whole chapters to describing the realities behind animal testing and factory farming.Chapter two [...]

  14. After being vegan for 1 month, I decided to read this book since it s one of the foundational work that started the modern animal welfare movement.The amount of animal torture going on in the world is so insane If you pick up this book, be ready to confront the disturbing reality we live in I found it very sad I would be pretty disgusted by myself if I allowed the torture of an animal in order to tickle my tongue with its flesh.This book shifted my opinion on the desirability of animal experimen [...]

  15. First released in 1975, Singer s book started the worldwide Animal Rights Movement This second edition explores the progress since its first release Singer is a Professor in Philosophy and Bioethics at Princeton and a Laureate Professor at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at the University of Melbourne, so it s unsurprising that Singer writes sound ethical arguments not based on emotion against the mistreatment of animals in the meat, dairy, cosmetic and medical research indus [...]

  16. Peter Singer s main argument in Animal Liberation is that humans current perception and treatment of animals is morally indefensible He defends this view from multiple angles, and concludes that animals deserve equal consideration which differs considerably from equal treatment based solely on the fact that they can feel pain, and causing unnecessary pain is immoral The current abuse of a being based solely on their species which Singer refers to as speciesism stems from similar moral inconsiste [...]

  17. For me this book is important because before I read it I was almost not sure why i was a vegetarian I held the view that animal s suffer but I did still think about meat and craved meat etc However after reading this book I ve realised how passionate I am about animal rights I now can t even ascertain the idea of eating meat and watching others eat it makes me feel quite uncomfortable I wouldn t go as far as saying it changed my life but it helped me understand a lot .The writing style is easy t [...]

  18. S mange stjerner fordi jeg liker b ker som utfordrer fastgrodde tankem nstre med velfunderte argumenter Dette er alts en slik bok.Boken starter med fortelle om artsisme eller speciesism p engelsk , som er praksisen verdsette noen h yere bare fordi de er av samme art som deg Singer argumenterer for at artsgrensen er en kunstig grense, og at dyrs smerte og lidelse ikke er av noen mindre verdi enn menneskers smerte og lidelse So far so good.Videre forteller Singer om hvordan dyr lider av forsknings [...]

  19. I m not ready to become vegan Or even a vegetarian I m also not green Not because I don t agree with the research, or because i don t agree with the fact that the food industry encourages animal cruelty, but simply because I m lazy.The paragraph that summarized it for me was this What else is it that should trace the insuperable line Is it the faculty of reason, or perhaps the faculty of discourse But a full grown horse or dog is beyond comparison a rational, as well as a conversable animal, t [...]

  20. This classic makes its case in excruciating and stomach turning detail, which of course is its intent Piling on the data may be persuasive than the mere logic behind the argument for veganism Essentially, that s the conclusion the book comes to, and I have to say I am convinced Whether I can put the conclusion into practice is another story.

  21. This is an animal rights classic, and although there are so many animal rights books now, this is still worth a read It s been a very infuential book to many and hasn t lost much of its impact over time.

  22. will be talking about this book on my channel soon but in short, it was amazing, intelligent, and life changing.

  23. Singer articulates the value of his field succinctly towards the end of this brilliant book Philosophy ought to question the basic assumptions of the age Thinking through, critically and carefully, what most of us take for granted is, I believe, the chief task of philosophy, and the task makes philosophy a worthwhile activity I ve been a vegetarian for 3 years after being shocked by learning the process and cruelty involved in meat getting to my plate That said, I hadn t fully considered the int [...]

  24. Should be mandatory reading, especially for bacon tho , it s natural and plants have feelings too people, even if you don t go vegetarian, opening your eyes and informing yourself by getting different points of views presented, can only help you in the long run really.I highlighted so much in this book, but a few favorites were It s odd how humans, who normally consider themselves so far above other animals, will, if it seems to support their dietary preferences, use an argument that implies tha [...]

  25. For all of the horrors contained in this book, it really was a wonderful read Singer is clear in his arguments It s bold but thoughtful there were many instances where I had to pause and ponder over a particular passage I ve been a pescatarian for close to 4 months so my own views on animal suffering were already trending in the right direction, but I really think this book beat the speciesist out of me.

  26. For someone who doesn t need to be convinced of why animal rights and vegetarianism are important, this book would still motivate and energise to take action, and crystallise the logic For someone who is resistant to the idea, it offers some solid arguments for why you should change your mind It s a bit drawn out but has distinct sections which are all worth going through.

  27. Primarily a work of philosophy, Animal Liberation discusses human attitudes toward nonhumans that is, animals through examining our institutional and habitual treatment of them and uses to which we put them This project obviously entails a discussion of animals as food and, specifically, of our industrialized farming culture, though Peter Singer also chronicles the history of human attitudes toward nonhumans and the ways in which animals are used in medical, military and product testing It expl [...]

  28. I listen to this book because it was a classic and probably contributed in ordinately to the attention that the Animal liberation movement has received since the book was first published in 1975 The author Peter Singer is a philosopher so this book is somewhat unique in presenting the issues from a philosophical point of view.The book has been updated several times and the audible addition was just created in 2015 But I think the book still suffers somewhat from being out of date But I am glad I [...]

  29. I decided to not eat meat for ethical reasons last summer My decision stemmed in part from compassion for animals, in part from severe concern for the environment, and in part from an intense desire to restrict my diet for the sake of discipline that is, in an Aristotelian effort to cultivate virtue In other words, I was not moved by any particular ethical theory, book, or documentary, and when people asked me why I refused to eat meat, I consistently offered a variety of answers dependent on my [...]