Cursor's Fury Cursor's Fury Best Read || [Jim Butcher] - Cursor's Fury, Cursor s Fury The power hungry High Lord of Kalare has launched a rebellion against the aging First Lord Gaius Sextus who with the loyal forces of Alera must fight beside the unlikeliest of allies the equally con

  • Title: Cursor's Fury
  • Author: Jim Butcher
  • ISBN: 9780441014347
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Hardcover

Cursor's Fury

Cursor's Fury Best Read || [Jim Butcher], Cursor's Fury, Jim Butcher, Cursor s Fury The power hungry High Lord of Kalare has launched a rebellion against the aging First Lord Gaius Sextus who with the loyal forces of Alera must fight beside the unlikeliest of allies the equally contentious High Lord of Aquitaine Meanwhile young Tavi of Calderon joins a newly formed legion under an assumed name even as the ruthless Kalare unites with the Canim bestiaThe power hun Cursor's Fury Best Read || [Jim Butcher]. Cursor's Fury Best Read || [Jim Butcher] - Cursor's Fury, Cursor s Fury The power hungry High Lord of Kalare has launched a rebellion against the aging First Lord Gaius Sextus who with the loyal forces of Alera must fight beside the unlikeliest of allies the equally con

  • Cursor's Fury Best Read || [Jim Butcher]
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Cursor's Fury
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  1. This series just keeps getting better and better THAT TWIST I never saw that spoilery thing coming, and I m betting neither did most of you But kudos, if you didOk, it starts out with the stars turning red and something scary getting loose in the cloudsAll the characters we love are back, along with all the ones we love to hate rubs hands together with glee The story switches mostly between the these main groups of characters Tavi and his friends on a spoilery mission from Gaius as Legionaries, [...]

  2. 4.5 stars The Codex Alera is shaping up to becoming one of my favorite fantasy series It s already responsible for one of my favorite books I ve ever read Academ s Fury and I d be hard pressed to tell you why Cursor s Fury doesn t deserve a spot of honor right next to it It focused on the legionary aspect of the story, which brought along with it an excellent mix of battle scenes, intrigue, and character development I loved absolutely everything about it I ve been stingy with solid 5 star ratin [...]

  3. The First Lord of Alera does not get any younger I am stating obvious, am I not He also does not have any male heir or female for that matter No wonder that everybody and their brother want his job, yesterday Several high ranking people actually have the means to get it To neutralize the danger from the most likely contender High Lord Kalare , The First Lord forces him to act early hoping his lack of preparation would allow for an easy victory He severely underestimated Kalare s strength and amb [...]

  4. By far the best of the first three books in the series I think the biggest change was Tavi stopped whining and in the first two novels the author kept insisting Tavi was smart but his clueless actions said otherwise The action was also much faster All of the other characters have been interesting and compelling all along and continue to be so It s just hard when the focal character isn t Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  5. Executive Summary To me this is where the series really starts to shine Mr Butcher established the world and the key players in the last 2 books, and now he gets down the business of telling the story.Audio book I didn t like Ms Reading too much at the start Her male voices bothered me By this book however, I couldn t imagine anyone else reading this There is a scene where random legionaries are calling out and Ms Reading does different voices for all of them I think she s also flushed out the v [...]

  6. I have yet to actually like any of the books in the Codex Alera Why do I keep reading them, you ask Good question I guess at some point I couldn t tear my eyes away from the train wreck and I love a good groan as well as the next bloke At this point I m in gaped mouthed awe at how angry these books make me, and I just have to know if they continue to be so bad Prepare for maximum bitchiness view spoiler I ll begin with the title Once you figure out the naming scheme for the Codex Alera books, wh [...]

  7. THAT ENDING.Ok, so, I loved this book so much This was my favorite installment, I loved everything about it Tavi, the Canim, Tavi, the military setting, Tavi, the new characters, TAVI and basically everything else.I enjoyed all the flashbacks, I think they are very well done and also necessary to the story Araris is now a much relatable character and I got to know Septimus, my new obsession.But let s talk about the very best Tavi Oh God I love you At the beginning of FoC I liked you and I thoug [...]

  8. Another 5 for sure on this book in the series I m not sure whether I liked it as much as the second book but I do know that I loved it.I loved that this book takes place years after the last book and that gives the characters to grow up a bit As in the other books in the series, there are constant twists and turns The characters are so real and the villians again show to be in a very grey zone I love how Gaius is supposed to be the good guy but the story is always bringing up evidence that he co [...]

  9. Wonderful Best so far Good integration of magic, strategy, and Roman engineering Tavi s character takes shape and some new relationships develop, along with the old favorites Max, Kitai, Ehren, Amara, Bernard, etc We learn about Fade s role in his birth, and see of the wolf like Canum warriors and ritualist sorcerers.But Butcher goes overboard with wolfish grins and inserts a bit too much on the sexy Amara Bernard ship.I don t buy into the reformed character Redemption isn t so cheap.

  10. Wow.The first half of this book was much like the first two in the series really enjoyable, but lacking something that really made it fantastic After the halfway point, things really started to pick up, making this the best of the series so far A 5 star read in comparison to the first two and a 5 star read on its own.Excuse me while I go start the fourth book immediately.

  11. This is the third book in the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher This is fantasy in the way that only Jim Butcher can do This book was a solid 4 stars for me The ending was 5 stars I loved the ending I like the characters They are endearing Even the token romance between Tavi and Katai is kind of sweet, but in a good way I like that they are still their own character without the constant mooning over each other and plus, she was funny There was actually way to this story than romance There were [...]

  12. Another epic and adventurous page turner in this amazing series I m totally looking forward to see Tavi s growth and development, and his embrace of the destiny that lies ahead of him I have fallen totally in love with this series.

  13. This book is my least favorite in the Codex Alera series so far and, to be fair, it s probably mostly my own fault First of all, it s been a while since I ve read the second book in the series and due two the huge amount of characters and place names, which many adult fantasy books feature, I already forgot quite a few and it took me a while to dive into this world again Further I was a bit disappointed that all the Marat, except for Kitai, were not really present in this book because their cult [...]

  14. Solid five starts An excellent book that expands the universe and makes you keep reading I love the characters Butcher is really good at making them interesting and I end up caring about all of them, even the bad ones Fidelias is one of my favourite and I really enjoy the fact that he is not wholly good or bad but has his own moral compass The ending of the book was totally awesome and it made me start reading the fourth book immediately A highly recommended series Butcher shows once again what [...]

  15. 4.5 stars Another outstanding installment of this high quality epic fantasy series Of Butcher s two series, I think I like this series even though the Dresden books are a ton of fun The quality of the writing continues to improve, the scope of the story continues to expand and the world building is absolutely superb So far, each successive installment has been better than the previous one and I hope the trend continues Highly Recommended

  16. Good, good, good book Tavi is growing up, and his mysterious past, and why he has no furies is finally revealed Things that are really good 1 Maximus2 Maximus3 Grown up Ehren4 Kitai5 Tavi as a legionnaire captainoh wait,.5 The Freaking Canim.Finally Tavi s got some worthy adversaries and while treachery is always afoot in the Kingdom of Alera, this time, there s far open conflict Butcher continues to write really well and put his characters through legitimately believable emotional turmoil and [...]

  17. Another good addition to the series, but some of the foreshadowing was heavy handed, so 3.5 A fun, quick read This didn t appeal to me in some ways as much as the first or second because Butcher is getting a little too predictable, still it had its moments The series is definitely worth continuing No real need for a full review if you liked the first 2 books, you ll like this one I did am moving on to the 4th.Update This book in the MMP edition, is the only one to have a map, so far I m on book [...]

  18. Cursor s Fury is the third novel in the Codex Alera sequence by Jim Butcher We return to events following Tavi, orphaned child or, rather, young man by this stage as he takes up a political position within the First Aleran Legion at the request of the First Lord Gaius intends Tavi to learn the process of legion life, while trying to keep him away from the actual fighting the First Legion is newly created and going through a drilling process However, events conspire against the First Lord, when T [...]

  19. This is book number 3 in the Codex Alera series and I have really enjoyed the previous two so I was hoping to really love this one too and it did not disappoint The storyline of this book is focussed mostly on Tavi once again as the main character, but it does still include chapter snippets into the lives of the other major players Whilst the first book was mostly a set up book and the second was mostly based in Politics, this one was based mostly around warfare and battles.In this storyline we [...]

  20. This series just keeps getting better I love these characters and story line The only thing that kept it from a five star was the long drawn out battle scenes, other than that, this was pretty damn amazing.On to book four

  21. Original review hill kleerup blog 2008 01 Story GoodCharacters FairRe Readability GoodOverall GoodStory This is a return to Butcher s fantasy world, populated by apparent descendents of Ancient Rome a mystery still only brushed against , and where magic manifests as bound familiar elemental spirits, or furies Furies can not only manifest themselves as elemental creatures but also give to their controllers great power strength for Earth, speed for Air, endurance for Metal, etc Everyone in the rea [...]

  22. Wow This series has completely blown me away What I thought was a good story turned into a GREAT story and shows no signs of abating anytime soon.In Tavi, Amara, Bernard, and the countless others, Butcher has created a juggernaut like cast of characters In the first book, you like them, but in the following two, you grow to love them Tavi inspires a feeling of awe, his characters is so well crafted pun intended What begins as a major handicap showcases Tavi s courage and intelligence He defeats [...]

  23. I cant praise enough this serie.No idea why I like it so much.Other than the fact that I love every single character that appears evile, good, beasts, semi human, human eating I love how organic this serie in general and each book is there is a general plot but every book has is own plotline and sublots end everyting is done oragnically and there is no subplot or character that feels out of placeThe author doesn t need tricks like cliffhangers or deaths of beloved characters to keep the reader i [...]

  24. Getting to know the characters better here The aforementioned underlying plot comes clearly into focus and the story grows Well written and very enjoyable.I gave these short I liked them reviews when I finished these books My attention was brought back to them and I want to take a minute to recommend them and say again that I like them Being a huge Dresden fan I probably tend to give them a bit of short shrift.You can tell by the titles that Tavi s is moving through life Having gone to the Acad [...]

  25. Jim Butcher mandou muito bem nesse livro As partes do Tavi com a Primeira Allerana foram foda demais e os PoV secund rios tamb m foram timos.

  26. The stakes got dangerous and exciting with the third installment of the Codex Alera series.Cursor s Fury is full of break neck actions involving a newly formed Legion badass aerial fight a kind hearted, wall punching High Lady and a bitch, conniving one and .Personally, I think the real fun of the series has just started at this point I look forward on reading the rest of the series.Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

  27. Does Butcher jump two years between each book I m on book three now and he s jumped two years for each consecutive book I initially thought it was so Tavi could get he rocks off with the Marat, but no Any who Tavi and his GF haven t done the deed but are frisky LOL and yes, sick of hearing him whinge about her Interesting he s in the Legion, but tis about time Amara Bernard sound like they re still going hard but still no young yet Hopefully their time off soon will help like Burnard suspects I [...]