Heroes ☆ Heroes ✓ Robert Cormier - Heroes, Heroes Francis Joseph Cassavant is eighteen He has just returned home from the Second World War and he has no face He does have a gun and a mission to murder his childhood hero Francis lost most of his face

  • Title: Heroes
  • Author: Robert Cormier
  • ISBN: 9780440227694
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback


☆ Heroes ✓ Robert Cormier, Heroes, Robert Cormier, Heroes Francis Joseph Cassavant is eighteen He has just returned home from the Second World War and he has no face He does have a gun and a mission to murder his childhood hero Francis lost most of his face when he fell on a grenade in France He received the Silver Star for bravery but was it really an act of heroism Now having survived he is looking for a man he once adFrancis Joseph Cassavan ☆ Heroes ✓ Robert Cormier. ☆ Heroes ✓ Robert Cormier - Heroes, Heroes Francis Joseph Cassavant is eighteen He has just returned home from the Second World War and he has no face He does have a gun and a mission to murder his childhood hero Francis lost most of his face

  • ☆ Heroes ✓ Robert Cormier
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  1. This book as usual was a part of my English GCSE and I felt that it did not get the credit it deserved from the majority of my class A story of a war hero who s and his former girlfriend s childhood was seemingly destroyed by a man who he had thought to be his own hero He returns to take revenge on an act from years ago.The majority of my class had expected it to be some, kind of action packed novel that was equal parts thrilling and equal parts intense However, they did not feel that way about [...]

  2. Like many others on this website, I had to read this novel in my English Literature Class At the time, I thought it was great The synopsis made the novel sound promising, intriguing and full of potential Mostly, I was just glad it wasn t written by Shakespeare.I went into this book with expectations Francis would kill Larry LaSalle that was a given Francis continuously told himself that as soon as Larry LaSalle moved back into Frenchtown, he would shoot him And then Francis didn t He couldn t br [...]

  3. It s amazing that the heart makes no noise when it cracks.Francis Joseph Cassavant is 18 years old, and has just returned to his hometown of Monument in Massachusetts from the French trenches of World War 2 He has no face he lost most of it in the war, and covers the bandaged remains with a scarf Francis returned to Monument to find Larry LaSalle, a man loved by the community and one whom Francis deeply respected and admired, now also a war veteran and like Francis, a Silver Star hero However, F [...]

  4. This is another one of those books which my son brought home from school, apparently it is part of his GCSE English curriculum I wasn t really looking forward to it and I was thinking it was just going to be a war thiller.Francis has come home from WW2 after suffering a horrendous disfigurement He has his face covered in bandages and a scarf and goes back to the town where he grew up Where other war veterans are thinking of ways to get their lives back together, Francis has other things on his m [...]

  5. I really enjoyed this book by Cormier The dark theme that runs through the book is quite haunting.The book starts with the protagonist, Francis Cassavant describing his injuries and how his face is disfigured from injuries after returning home from the war He returns a hero, although he hides his identity as he has mission to enact a plan to the kill the man who only he knows of his evil.The story moves back to before the war when Larry Lasalle arrives in Frenchtown and is loved by everyone He h [...]

  6. A serious well written YA novel exploring the nature of heroism, set in post WW2 USA but managing to retain a timeless quality Francis Cassavant returns to Frenchtown a reluctant war veteran and suffering from serious facial wounds Unlike other veterans who are stuck in a limbo neither acknowledging their experiences nor moving on, Francis has a purpose which he hides from the community, along with his identity The truth will reveal why he volunteered to fight.The split narrative follows Francis [...]

  7. Only had one interesting chapter in the entire book and the ending was a huge anti climax Would not recommend this book because it is no where near as exciting as the blurb may suggest Mostly goes on about how embarrassed he is about his ruined face well for that he should have gone on embarrassing bodies instead of ranting on about through out the entire book.

  8. I hate itI hate this bookThis book is ruining my lifeI don t want to write essays on these boring characters Just give me an F for English Rn and don t make me sit this exam super stressed crying

  9. Robert Cormier wrote I Am the Cheese, which will forever be burned in my brain as it was a question at pub trivia that I got incorrect a few months back As such, I made it a personal goal to read several of his books in the next year or two because 1 I hate getting questions wrong in pub trivia 2 His books are supposed to be twisty and well written some are required in many high school curricula and 3 Most importantly to me, they are very short I immediately put Heroes on hold at the library whe [...]

  10. This book was interesting and I thought that the characters were well introduced as we are given a lot of information for such a short book but overall it just wasn t my cup of tea.Francis signs up to become a soldier at the age of fifteen and is brutally injured when a bomb blows off his face He returns home to Frenchtown and looks back on why he decided to fight for his country Nicole his childhood sweetheart moved away from the town and he longs to find her again but it is hinted upon that so [...]

  11. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, come to think about it, perhaps I like it than Chocolate War completely changes your idea of how we think and define heroes.

  12. This book is about a 14 year old kid name francis cassavant that goes to war and loses some of his face Francis has many young adult problems like anger frustration Francis return to frenchtown after coming back from war , and he wears a scarf to cover his face because he lost almost of his face and people well not have to see the horror oh his injuries Francis goes to on to beat LaSalle in a table tennis competition and became well known Table Tennis Champion He dosen t know that Larry lets him [...]

  13. Larry LaSalle Need I say He is the coolest, most good looking kid in all of Frenchtown He s got it all Larry LaSalle is a hero to all of the kids in Frenchtown, especially Francis Joseph Cassavant Francis looked up to Larry it s a shame that he has to kill him You see, Larry raped Francis girlfriend while Francis was in WWII Francis is eighteen now and he has returned home without a face During the war, a grenade blew off Francis lips, nose, and ears His eyes and eardrums are still intact, but [...]

  14. HEROES is a story of Francis Joseph Cassavantd who enlisted early in World War II but has returned His face was, to put it lightly, blasted off You get information from him through the form of flashbacks and you discover his dark pass and why he ran and joined the army at age sixteen Francis also has one goal and that is too kill his mentor, after finding out why, you are hopping that he pulls the trigger not only on his mentor but also on his self I liked this book IT was really creative with h [...]

  15. Awesome book Full of surprises, lies, and unexpected twists I would read it over and over again countless times and would not get board of it.

  16. This books ending was seriously disappointing, at the end nothing was coming together, and I expected I had pages missing as the ending seemed to be incomplete I wouldn t recommend this book at all The time frames were all over the place, and I believe that they were always jumping around and unclear towards the story line, i wasn t a fan of the way Robert Cormier wrote the book.

  17. This book was the second of my GCSE texts Given my prior enjoyment of Of Mice and Men and my fondness for war books, I was quite looking forward to reading this, and dived eagerly into it straight away.However, after that first reading, I came away disappointed the book was not what I had expected at all.Young soldier, Francis Cassavant, has just returned to Frenchtown after World War ll horribly maimed and disfigured.With only the clothes on his back, and gun in his bag, Francis is set on his f [...]

  18. ROBERT CORMIER Investigates the nature of sin and justification They call Cormier a YA Lit genius He s a dark dark writer, and this book is probably appropriate for the 16 and older crowd But Heroes probably boasts the most redeemable characters Good read Real short every word counts.

  19. CLASS READING AUTHOR REQUIREMENTI know Cormier can be dark, but Heroes was fantastic, moving, and thought provoking, and I would read it again.The book follows Francis, a boy who decided to go off to war after seeing his childhood hero rape his girlfirend Rather than live with the shame, he decides to go to the warfront and try to die honorably Though he does his best to die, he continues to live but without a face He returns to his hometown to get revenge on his childhood hero.Yes, the book sou [...]

  20. ROBERT CORMIER REQUIRED READINGThis is the story of Francis, a young 14 year old boy who worships a town hero names Larry Lassal Larry opens up a recreation hall for youth and teaches Francis how to play ping pong and a young girl names Nicole how to dance After Lassal lets Francis win a ping pong tournament, Francis overhears him rape Nicole and Nicole rages that Francis did nothing to stop it Francis enlists in the army in order to die and throws himself on a grenade but instead of dying is di [...]

  21. CATEGORIES SATISFIED REQUIRED READING I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book I was afraid it would be too dark for me, and it was quite dark, but in a way I found touching and meaningful Francis, the main character, has just returned from war, and during the war he lost most of his face to a grenade He was awarded a Silver Star for sacrificing himself to protect his comrades, but he doesn t feel like he deserves it He returns home, but doesn t tell anyone who he is and no one recognizes hi [...]

  22. Heroes by Robert Cormier is a very energetic book This is the first book that I have read By the author In my opinion it is a great reading suggestion to younger readers It provides the love and tragedy people wont hinder for through the era of WWII The fictional book soaks in the reader with suspense You read about a character who faces such adversity coming back home from the war The events that followed increasingly kept my attention further into the book Having a life changing injury Joseph [...]

  23. Cormier, Robert 1998 Heroes New York Delacorte Press 135 pages.Summary and Evaluation After three years fighting in World War II, Francis Cassavant returns home a mangled, faceless Silver Star war hero He still has one final mission though to find and eliminate the childhood hero who destroyed his life The reasons for this intense hatred are unraveled through the main character s flashbacks and examine the nature of heroism and cowardice, betrayal and revenge.I really enjoyed this book hence I g [...]

  24. This book is about a boy name Francis Cassavant, He fought in the War WorldII when he was still young The book is called HEROES because of the act of heroism Francis did when fell on a grenade to save people s life during the war francis was in love with Nicole, they met each other at the Wreck center where Larry LaSalle tought kids how to dance and play ping pong Larry was famous, good with kid and people called him the good pied piper One day Larry came back from war, there was many people wai [...]

  25. I had to read this for my GCSE in English, however i didn t expect for the novel to be this good My name is Francis Joseph Cassavant and i have just returned to Frenchtown in Monument and the war is over and i have no face Francis is a very blunt character, he tells things like it is In the vivid description of his wounds chapter 1 you can straight away tell that he isn t affected by them, yet he wants to stay anonymous so he hides his face I couldn t help but pity the character of Francis, afte [...]

  26. This is a book I was assigned as part of my GCSE literature exam and it s a very interesting story The novel makes you question if one sin wipes away everything good a person has done It is about a young man named Francis Cassavant who wants to avoid the memory of what he thinks he could have prevented to the girl he loves, so he goes of to war hoping to die In an unsuccessful attempt to take his life Francis falls on a grenade, he loses most of his face in the process, and saves many men in his [...]

  27. For those of us who have never known war, there s something chilling about the post war experience of those who have For all the bullet dodging action heroes that Hollywood produces and America consumes, we rarely get a taste for the horrors that the scarred veteran must face upon return to the home front Even when a movie does try to convey that horror, it remains a visual experience Robert Cormier s Heroes has no such problems Francis, Cormier s young protagonist, has been marred by war, and i [...]

  28. I was not expecting to like this book In fact, even about halfway through I was thinking of possible reviews and had settled on giving the book three stars I wouldn t say that it started slow, but I think Cormier throws you into the mix of already made decisions and consequences without the history and motivations behind them I am not a very patient reader, so that always bothers me a little bit But in this case, I take back all of my premature judgments, because I really appreciated this novel [...]

  29. I think that this book is a little wird at first but i soon understand it Its about a boy named francis cassavant and he joins the army hopping he would have a better chance of dieing, the reason for that was becuase one night nichole and franceis and larry were in the wreck center, and francis was told to leave becuase larry told him to go so that he and nichole could dance, nichole told francis to stay but he told her no, but stayed anyway As francis was watching he hears grouns and the sound [...]

  30. I felt the book had a pretty good plot but the book got a little slow at some times The book got a little slow in the middle because not much was happening and it was just basically flashbacks The story is based on an 18 year old kid named Francis Joseph Cassavant who fought in World War II and got mutilated when he jumped on a grenade to save a lot of men When he returns home to Frenchtown he comes to the realization that it is nothing like what he left Through out the book he has various flash [...]