The Judas Strain Unlimited The Judas Strain - by James Rollins - The Judas Strain, The Judas Strain New York Times bestselling author James Rollins returns with a terrifying story of an ancient menace reborn to plague the modern world and of an impossible hope that lies hidden in the most shocking p

  • Title: The Judas Strain
  • Author: James Rollins
  • ISBN: 9780060763893
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Hardcover

The Judas Strain

Unlimited The Judas Strain - by James Rollins, The Judas Strain, James Rollins, The Judas Strain New York Times bestselling author James Rollins returns with a terrifying story of an ancient menace reborn to plague the modern world and of an impossible hope that lies hidden in the most shocking place imaginable within the language of angels ju das strain n A scientific term for an organism that drives an entire species to extinction From the depths of the INew York Times bes Unlimited The Judas Strain - by James Rollins. Unlimited The Judas Strain - by James Rollins - The Judas Strain, The Judas Strain New York Times bestselling author James Rollins returns with a terrifying story of an ancient menace reborn to plague the modern world and of an impossible hope that lies hidden in the most shocking p

  • Unlimited The Judas Strain - by James Rollins
    175James Rollins
The Judas Strain
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  1. The Sigma Force is back in action see Map of Bones A deadly microbe has turned parts of the ocean into a toxic, flesh eating monster What the hell is going on Gray Pierce and the other fun folks of the Sigma Force team up with the evil Seichan to try to keep their nemesis, the Guild, from using this biological threat as a new form of bio weapon The action takes place with Grey and Seichan in one group and Lisa Cummings and Monk in the other, focused in the Indonesian Islands, where this threat t [...]

  2. AN ANCIENT, PANDEMIC CAUSING, VIRUS whose origin and cure is linked to the ANGKOR WAT and the mysterious return voyage of MARCO POLO from the court of KUBLAI KHANp, it looks like another job for SIGMA FORCE.The SIGMA Force is one of the truly delicious concepts to be introduced into the popcorn eating, page turning, actiony, spy guy, thrill o rama genre PhD toting scientific brainiacs with Navy Seal kill skills and James Bond spy craft minus babes and booze damn SIGMA is a covert ops team workin [...]

  3. I m a little bit embarrassed to give this book a 4, but there you go It s a guilty pleasure, I guess, because the book is kind of ridiculous in a testosterone fueled Indiana Jones meets Mission Impossible kind of way If this tells you anything, I nearly downgraded it to a 3 because of the cannibals Yes, cannibals I was about 60 pages into the book before I realized that it was part of a series Some of you know that reading a series out of order is one of my BIGGEST PET PEEVES EVER, so I think it [...]

  4. James Rollins novels generally remind me of some weird combination of Michael Crichton, Dan Brown, and Tom Clancy none of whom are among my favorite authors Rollins is, though I love the combination of myth legend, science, and intrigue The Judas Strain starts with a viral outbreak, follows Marco Polo to Cambodia via an ancient manuscript , and has the SIGMA team tracking terrorists on three continents If that sounds far fetched, it s only because you haven t read it Rollins nearly always leaves [...]

  5. Marco Polo s 2 year journey in 1292 from China is described in this novel It is mysteriously eerie and puzzling but also intriguing and compelling He starts out with 14 ships and over 600 warriors, only to be wiped out by a mysterious plague that wipes out all but 18 men including himself, and a betrothed princess bound for Persia There is talk of angels and a map , cannibals and pirates This secret must be kept hidden at all costs but what is it Christmas Island centuries laterA husband and wif [...]

  6. I truly hate being in this position A friend here on with whom I usually agree recommended that I try Rollins Now admittedly this is not the first in the series and I don t often start a series in the middle, but I was looking for an audio that I could listen to as I was busy with mindless tasks I m straining not to make a joke here I wish I could say I liked this book, I wanted to, but I just don t didn t I was relieved to reach the end To give credit where credits duee reader had his problems [...]

  7. This is the third book in the Sigma Force series that I ve read and absolutely loved James Rollins writing is historically accurate and amazingly detailed It s one of those books that draws you in from the first horrific chapter and keeps you turning pages as fast as your fingers and eyes allow Of course there are multiple things going on a historical trail and a scientific trail which ultimately converges with dire consequences I particularly liked the inclusion of Kowalski, an ex military man [...]

  8. A friend recommended James Rollins to me as I like books by Dan Brown, and Steve Barry I have read a couple of his books so far and am in complete agreement with my friend I find that the books start off in a very exciting way and hold my attention throughout In this book, The Judas Strain, I am learning about Marco Polo and the mystery surrounding his 24 year voyage that took him to the palaces of Kublai Khan in China I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a historical thriller [...]

  9. After finishing The Judas Strain, I remain a HUGE James Rollins fan I think Map of Bones and Sandstorm are my favorite books in the Sigma Force series, but really, they are all superb adventures, and The Judas Strain is no exception.After reading 4 books in the series, I m completely invested in these characters I have images of them in my head I know and love or hate their personalities I root for their success and worry at their failures and ultimately, I want them to save the world I think th [...]

  10. Sumatra, a o 1293Marco Polo, su padre y su t o Los Polo fueron los primeros en hacer el viaje a China, a su regreso a Venecia contaban con una flota de 14 nav os y 600 hombres En su viaje de regreso, una extra a enfermedad se extendi entre los viajeros y Los Polo se vieron obligados a quemar los nav os y a los enfermos, pues una vez contra da la enfermedad, todos los que la tienen, empiezan a presentar comportamientos err ticos, extra as m culas en sus cuerpos, etc Por eso Los Polo se juraron no [...]

  11. The fourth in the Sigma Force adventure series Two scientist soldier members of Sigma Force, Monk Kokkalis and Lisa Cummings, investigate a strange disease outbreak near Christmas Island that turns people into enraged murderers before killing them Meanwhile, Sigma s commander, Gray Pierce, sees a member of the nefarious Guild show up injured on his parents doorstep bearing a strange obelisk The two incidents are of course related, not only to each other but to Marco Polo s mysterious journey cen [...]

  12. Nemohla bych autorovy fantaskn p b hy st po d, ale jednou za as je to fakt j zda Tolik fakt , tolik fikce, tolik akce a v echno propojen Brzy si nejsp p e tu dal d l.

  13. ista adrenalinska poslastica U ivala sam od prve do zadnje stranice knjige ije itanje je trajalo ukupno 3 dana ak sam ju itala do pola 2 u no i jer je bila toliko napeta i eljela sam saznati to e biti na kraju to mi se nije jako dugo dogodilo.Kod Rollinsa mi se svi a to prou i sve injenice vezane za temu i onda na osnovu njih osmisli svoju pri u Glavni likovi, Gray, Monk, Lisa, Painter, su mi svi dragi od samog po etka serijala Radnja je stalno napeta, akcija, puca ina, eksplozije, iznenadni pre [...]

  14. This was a book I had been wanting to read for a while now, after having first come across it at the bookstore and being intrigued by the book jacket Now that I have read and completed it, I have to say that I truly enjoyed The Judas Strain , it kept me entertained from start to finish Perhaps the most memorable part of the book for me, which will probably stay with me the longest was one of the quotes at the beginning of the book as cited from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention s [...]

  15. This was definitely an intriguing adventure for the Sigma forces, starting with the mysterious motive behind the murder of an Egyptian curator for an even mysterious object with links to one of the most bizarre historical mysteries we know of The journey of Marco Polo and his father Niccolo and his uncle Masseo However, there are parts of the journey that remain a total mystery to us all This adventure looks into what may have happened as well as a secret chapter of Marco s journey and what hap [...]

  16. Another really fun read from James Rollins It brought back a number of characters from the last couple novels and didn t incorporate too many new ones which was fun Being about a violent, highly contagious disease made for a lot of nasty, skin crawling, stomach churning moments The usual complaints are in effect here flat character relationships but they re getting a little better for me, now that Ive read these characters a number of times , unnatural dialogue I get a little annoyed when, with [...]

  17. 4.9 STARSWhere can I apply to become apart of the Sigma team and can I please request Gray as my team captain This series just gets better and better Rollins has created a cast of characters that grow and develop from book to book They re kick ass agents but they re not infallible They regularly get themselves kidnapped, get themselves shot, engage civilians to do the hard work, make mistakes and get involved in all manner of romantic entanglements but hey, that s what I love about them.The Juda [...]

  18. Full of Action and stunning characters I have read just about every book written by James Rollins and in my opinion The Judas Strain is right up there at the top It s a stunning and education portrait of those nasty bugs in the world of biological science In the The Judas Strain , the fourth novel in the Sigma Force series I thought Mr Collins writing style captured the true effects of a loose deadly bacteria that is killing all life in the waters of Christmas Island The story is full of action [...]

  19. This thriller, in the Sigma Files , is probably the closest thing to anything written by Michael Crichton James Rollins has compressed so many intriguing ideas and facts onto the matrix of our imagination and a very real fear , that this novel simply couldn t be rushed I had to read it piece by piece, trying to absorb the many threads of the narrative My only grudge in this respect is that the narrative didn t have any humour at all Hence, one star was dropped Otherwise, this is really as good a [...]

  20. couldn t fulfill my expectation amazing but not that outstanding.if it would be an anonymous book except sigma, I should give it 5 star But from rollins, I was expecting a far extraordinary, outstanding thriller hope the last oracle will satisfy me in which way I wanna be satisfied with Rollins s books.

  21. I ve read a lot of books by James Rollins and loved all of them, but this one is my less favorite, it was still very good but not as much as his other books.

  22. Publishers Weekly and the American Library Association touted fabulous breakneck speed and intrigue that I found fascinating, and they weren t wrong It might be a book to capture you, as far as the story line and characters are concerned.The story behind Marco Polo was spot on From what I know of his return from China, Rollins did not deviate from historical record The science was fascinating, and certainly believable Rollins does have a background in veterinary medicine, which bears a striking [...]

  23. I typically enjoy the works of Mr Rollins, although most of the times I find them a little too far stretched This one is no exception to the rule however, I did find it a tad too shallow and way too naturalistic to my taste.We have to give Rollins credit for his tremendous imagination He comes up with ideas, plots and developments that keep surprising me even after having read all his previous works Every time the basic plot is intruiging, and so is the Marco Polo trail in this book He taps into [...]