Samara's Peril [PDF] Samara's Peril | by ✓ Jaye L. Knight - Samara's Peril, Samara s Peril When news arrives that Emperor Daican has been in contact with his chief war strategist it signals potential doom for the country of Samara Determined to intervene the resistance in Landale headed

  • Title: Samara's Peril
  • Author: Jaye L. Knight
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Samara's Peril

[PDF] Samara's Peril | by ✓ Jaye L. Knight, Samara's Peril, Jaye L. Knight, Samara s Peril When news arrives that Emperor Daican has been in contact with his chief war strategist it signals potential doom for the country of Samara Determined to intervene the resistance in Landale headed by Lady Anne embark on a covert mission in hopes of unearthing further information However a shocking discovery leads to complications no one could have foreseen Armed wiWhen news arr [PDF] Samara's Peril | by ✓ Jaye L. Knight. [PDF] Samara's Peril | by ✓ Jaye L. Knight - Samara's Peril, Samara s Peril When news arrives that Emperor Daican has been in contact with his chief war strategist it signals potential doom for the country of Samara Determined to intervene the resistance in Landale headed

  • [PDF] Samara's Peril | by ✓ Jaye L. Knight
    151Jaye L. Knight
Samara's Peril
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  1. A brilliant edition to the ILYON CHRONICLES by Jaye L Knight, Samara s Peril sweeps us back into the land of Ilyon and to our favorite characters, Jace, Kyrin, Kaden, Trask, Anne, and the rest As the third book in the series, I found it very well done and was delighted that it delved significantly deeper into the story, exploring backstories and having special and pivotal moments come about This book is incredible I beta read it in January, and advanced read it in April, and loved it both times [...]

  2. A big problem I have with Christian fiction today is lack of reason for faith.In many worlds, God is just there There is no reason to believe in Him, it is just assumed to be truth, with no proof Additionally, problems seem to always tie up neatly, with a little bow for decoration.As much as I like happy go lucky stories, they re so often shallow That s what bothers me about Christian fiction, and I believe it s a major turnoff to potential readers non believability.Not so with Samara s Peril.I [...]

  3. It s the Ilyon Chronicles Of course I spent most of this book as a puddle of fangirl mushiness The beginning of this book was my favorite I loved seeing the whole Altair clan together Minus one important character sniff I still can t read that part in The King s Scrolls without bawling I guessed the big reveal in the beginning of this book before it happened, but that didn t stop me from squealing and walking around with a dazed grin on my face for hours afterwards.There are some darker themes i [...]

  4. Well THAT WAS AWESOME This book is seriously good I m not sure if I liked it better than King s Scrolls, or if King s Scrolls is still my favorite but either way, it was pretty darn impressive It really was What I liked Jace s character arc HOLY SMOKING FRENCH TOAST This is what they call epic, people I don t want to say anything about it because spoilers, but IT WAS EPIC OKAY I love, love, love Jace and everything he goes through in this book is all kinds of wonderful and horrible and glorious [...]

  5. I don t know if I can convey to you how great this book, this series, is It is absolutely amazing I have loved every moment of reading this book, and I can not wait to see how this story progresses.Finding out that Daican is planning something big against the country Samara, a group from the resistance led by Lady Anne goes on a undercover mission to get specific information There they discover something shocking that complicates things But with the gathered information, they hope to head out t [...]

  6. This is a stunning third book in the Ilyon Chronicles series and Christian fantasy fiction at its best Set in the midst of an adventure story with riveting plots twists and characters you really care about is the redemption story told in a powerful unforgettable way At the heart of this series is the character Jace, who is despised by society because he is half ryrik a monster and a slave who hooks up with followers of El m who are suffering persecution because of their beliefs The trauma of his [...]

  7. So were to startTHIS BOOK IS AMAZING If you haven t read this series go pick it up and start reading I read this book like really fast it was so good I was so glad to get back into Ilyon, and read about Jace, Kyrin, and Kaden and all the other amazing characters With a few new ones D Epic battles, dangerous missions,and scary encounters, this book is just packed with awesomeness The ending wasn t very satisfying for me so i m over her dying waiting for Exiles Flails then falls over dead view sp [...]

  8. I think this is my favorite out of the Ilyon Chronicles so far This book really goes into Jace s struggles It was well written and kept me turning the pages I was quite pleased with the ending although I wasn t quite sure what spiritual message the author intended to portray in the end I won t say any because it would contain spoilers I would not recommend this book for younger kids because of some difficult topics and scary scenes In my opinion the author did handle them well and did not get [...]

  9. 3.5 starsSamara s Peril, the third volume of The Ilyon Chronicles, continues the story of the Resistance and their attempts to keep the emperor and his armies at bay.Though I thoroughly enjoyed the prequel and first two volumes in the series, I didn t love this story quite as much There was a plot twist in the first half of the book that was very well done view spoiler LIKE JACE S MOTHER OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS WHO IN GALLIFREY SAW THAT COMING hide spoiler , but I did feel that there was too muc [...]

  10. Ilyon Have I talked about my love of Ilyon before Jaye has just released the third volume of her exciting series, so of course I signed up to review And let me say up front If you re not reading this series, what are you doing with your life The book begins with a ceremony based on the Jewish holidays, the Day of Atonement and Passover and with a return of Jace s insecurity over his soul It doesn t help that one of the newcomers to their settlement lost his wife in a ryrik attack, and sees Jace [...]

  11. I ve been waiting a long time for this SO HAVE I RAYAD, SO HAVE I KADLFKJSDFKJA LKDFJ EXILES CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH My review Uh Kaden I ask, tightening my grip around his waist Yeah he glances over his shoulder at me as we soar upward Isn t Exis flying just a little too high Kaden grins one of his famous grins flying a little too high for you maybe But this is normal for us He frowns when he sees my pale face I can take her down some if you want No No, that s okay thank you Last time he had ta [...]

  12. Samara s PerilGenre Christian Fiction, Fantasy.Age Range 14 for violenceFavorite Quote It s as if you are trying to hide yourself from Him, believing you re too broken and lost for Him to love Oh, Jace, that just isn t true He does love you Series Third book in the Ilyon Chronicles.Stars 5 out 5 This will be a very gushy review You ve been warned When I pick up a book, the main thing I m looking for is great characters, which is what draws me in And that s exactly what Jaye L Knight gives us The [...]

  13. Jace is tired of always struggling His crippling nightmares are back and they leave him fighting for sleep, fighting for peace, fighting his growing love for Kyrin, and desperately longing for the eternal security he can t believe is his to claim His pain is not the only difficulty facing the small resistance camp After a long winter, Emperor Daican is eager to continue his mission for power Innocent lives are in danger, and Elom s people the inhabitants of Samara are his next target.I loved thi [...]

  14. Still not under 3 stars, but I have to say I didn t like this installment as much at the first couple of books Oddly for a book that features war, I felt like there was really very little action in this story Disclaimer I m not very emotional In my childhood, I recognized that I didn t relish books that were about people s lives and how they feel about them Unfortunately for me, a good portion of this book was just that.Things I Liked Dragon combat There was a lot of it when we finally got aroun [...]

  15. Recommended for Ages 14 to AdultRating PG 13 for violence and references to rape one woman was attacked by a ryrik in the past and a young man tries to drag off a young woman He is prevented from doing anything, but later accuses another of the same act All very well handled Samara s Peril Book three of the amazing Ilyon Chronicles Each book in Ilyon just gets better I loved this book, every bit of it It s intense and heartbreaking, but has such happy moments as well There were parts where my wh [...]

  16. I was so elated to get to read this book, I had been anxiously awaiting it for a long time now, but on top of all that my sister was one of the beta readers making it the time seem even longer But it was worth the wait The plot was wonderfully orchestrated and there was definite middle book feeling to it not a bad thing Resistance and The King s Scrolls both felt like the beginning chapters, but I felt like this was a good transition over to the middle of the series Beside that, this book belong [...]

  17. I wasn t sure what to expect going into this book I knew it was going to focus a lot on Jace and his struggles, and honestly, I didn t want an entire book of him refusing to cooperate P And then I knew that there was going to be a redemption Christ arc and I m always kind of hesitant about those because sometimes it s done well and others well Anyway I shouldn t have worried I really enjoyed this installment There was some major plot development and quite a few finally moments cough Jayrin cough [...]

  18. I have literally been composing bits of my review for Sarma s Peril on and off for two months now Which is minorly ridiculous, so I m just going to write it and hope it comes out okay and not worry if it s a perfect review or not.It is definitely my favorite book by Jaye L Knight I have read so far.I enjoyed it so much.I love every one of the good characters so much Jace, Kyrin, Kaden, Liam, Marcus 3 , Trev, Trask, Anne, HOLDEN , Aaron I LOVE AARON , Rayad And of course Ronny, Michael, Meredith, [...]

  19. Guys, I DON T LIKE CHANGE CHANGE IS NOT OKAY OKAY OKAY.Well, this book had a lot of change, and character stuff, and plot twists, and the whole shebang It was aaaamazing, but, ACK.I was expecting this book to be my favorite of the series so far but it wasn t Don t get me wrong, it was AWESOME, it s just, well, I m not actually quite sure Reading reviews and ratings, it seems that people are split quite evenly about this book.So, without giving any spoilers, this book was Christian y then the ot [...]

  20. Jaye Knight never disappoints This book was even thrilling than the last three The beginning wasocking say the least Still don t think I m over that and all through it, the characters had me squealing with delight One of my favorite things about this series is how real she makes the emotions I m sure it was overwhelmingly hard to write everything that Jace felt, through the turmoil, depression, and hardship But Jaye did it, and did it very well They were not only enrapturing to read, but also r [...]

  21. I was disappointed in Jaye L Knight s writing in this book It s seems like she s not putting as much effort into it as she did in book one She has a lot of potential, and I think she could do a much better job.Although it wasn t what I was expecting, I did enjoy reading Samara s Peril.

  22. Samara s Peril is the third book in the Ilyon Chronicles I started reading this series when it first came out and they just keep getting better and better Each book is better than the last, and Samara s Peril definitely exceeded my expectations What is it that makes this book so good Well, the first point would have to be the characters If you weren t attached to the characters by the second book then you will be now, they re very expertly developed and they stay consistent and real throughout t [...]

  23. OH MY GOODNESS.This book is amazing Like, stay up until 2am good Lock my keys in the car outstanding long story about how that happened, but it did SO MUCH goes on in this little beauty.Ooooohhhhhhh, Samara s Peril The much awaited sequel to The King s Scrolls This book was absolutely incredible So many things about it were just squeals giddily Plot Storyline 5 5Absolutely fantastic I thought nothing could be better than Resistance, but obviously I was wrong.Characters 5 5The character developme [...]