The Road to Ever After [PDF] The Road to Ever After | by ✓ Moira Young - The Road to Ever After, The Road to Ever After Part Benjamin Button part Harold and Maud part Brian Selznick and part Neil Gaiman this is a unique magical story that will draw readers in and make them fall in love with both characters Davy Dav

  • Title: The Road to Ever After
  • Author: Moira Young
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  • Page: 378
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Road to Ever After

[PDF] The Road to Ever After | by ✓ Moira Young, The Road to Ever After, Moira Young, The Road to Ever After Part Benjamin Button part Harold and Maud part Brian Selznick and part Neil Gaiman this is a unique magical story that will draw readers in and make them fall in love with both characters Davy David is a thirteen year old orphan who lives in the bushes in a town ruled by a strict minister Reverend Fall A talented artist Davy loves to draw pictures of angels in thePart [PDF] The Road to Ever After | by ✓ Moira Young. [PDF] The Road to Ever After | by ✓ Moira Young - The Road to Ever After, The Road to Ever After Part Benjamin Button part Harold and Maud part Brian Selznick and part Neil Gaiman this is a unique magical story that will draw readers in and make them fall in love with both characters Davy Dav

  • [PDF] The Road to Ever After | by ✓ Moira Young
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The Road to Ever After
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  1. Well I went into this book with GREAT FEAR AND TREPIDATIONter what the author did to me in Rebel Heart I mean, don t get me wrong I LOVE THE BLOOD RED ROAD SERIES Although lowkey mad about Rebel Heart, ahem But I was really excited to find this new book by her And also really confused, becasue no one has read it I hadn t even heard of it until my library bought it Why is the world hiding this book LOOK AT THIS COVER IT S GORGEOUS I mean, minor detail that I didn t totally love the bookbuuuut THA [...]

  2. Even though this book was of a 2.5 star rating, I m rounding it up to 3 based on the fact that I liked the premise and relationship between Davy and Miss Flint so much In all honesty, this book surprised me Prior to beginning this novel, I assumed based on the cover that the story would be about a journey and friendship between a boy and a dog Yes, that is one component of the story but it actually is only a small factor After reading, I now know why only the boy and dog are seen on the cover s [...]

  3. This is the first time I ve read anything by Moira Young and I was drawn in by the beautiful cover after a recommendation from a friend.Found this to be an absolutely stunning book in both design and writing style It is the story of a 12 year old orphan who is adopted by a stray dog called George, and the pair of them set off on an adventure with the mysterious and reclusive Miss Flint, who has a plan set out and nothing will stop her.The friendship that evolves between the two of them is just t [...]

  4. This was right up my street A story of friendship and, just enough, magic It played out in my mind like an old black and white movie A touch of It s Wonderful Life, I thought this film is referenced in the book I m a sucker for a crabby older character juxtaposed with a youngster fresh but with problems of their own I love the rub of a one set of worries with another Davy Miss Flint didn t disappoint This is written at a perfect pace for me The plot moves along quickly enough , so you never loos [...]

  5. I won a copy of The Road to Ever After in a giveaway My thanks to the author, Moira Young and the publisher, Penguin Random House Canada for the opportunity It s my first time reading anything from this author and I found her style of writing is very different yet captivating.Davy David is a 13 year old homeless and an orphan boy who lives in Brownvale and he loved to draw Angels in the dirt in the early morning all around town A stray dog follows where he goes and Davy adopts him and calls him [...]

  6. It s been such a long time since I have read a book and come away unsure as to why or even if I really liked it or not Because the book is many things and tells many stories beneath the surface of the words and carries many themes within the narrative, I left with questions that I started off with and, ultimately, knew may never get answered This is not to say that Young fails to leave the story with a satisfying ending she closes it rather beautifully Instead, there is much that goes unsaid ac [...]

  7. The sun blazed its joy down The waves came and went And the seagulls soared on wings of white fire, high above them in the clear blue air.Davy David and his dog are chosen to become Miss Flint s escorts on her last journey before she moves on Their adventure is everything else but peaceful It s fun, nerve wrecking and sometimes maybe a little scary even And magical Davy is only 13 years old but he still manages to take care of this important task he s been given But what exactly is his true task [...]

  8. Started off a bit slow and suffers for quite a few issues forgotten character developments, lots of tropes , the story ended up fast paced, and fun Involving a bit of fantasy, and lots of sentimentality, I ended up enjoying it.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous Could taste the apple, feel the wind Haunting and moving, a suspenseful tale touched with magic and brimming with wonder Unforgettable

  10. The Road to Ever After was stranger than I d been expecting The book is quite short and has pictures at the start of each chapter I must confess, I was worried it wasn t YA as it looks and feels like a children s book, but I think that s its charm The main problem I had with this book was that it wasn t the Dustlands trilogy For those of you who haven t read the fantastic trilogy, they re Blood Read Road, Rebel Heart, and Raging Star I loved those books so much that whatever Young released next [...]

  11. FOR GOD S SAKE I WILL NEVER QUIT READING NEVER 1 Hey, Ma, you ll never guess, he said That book I told you about It s mine now, all mine I own it Look Along one edge of the graveyard stood a line of yew trees, bowing and bending in the wind They d been growing side by side for so long that their branches had entangled them together In one place, that entanglement had formed a hollow, a kind of den that Davy called home.2 He was near to Potter s Field He went over to his mother s little rose bush [...]

  12. Davy is a homeless boy who draws angels in the dirt with his brushes After a dog befriends him a picture in his favourite renaissance book appears, things start to go wrong.Then a chance meeting with an old crone opens up an escape he can t refuse.As he drives Miss Flint to her destination, mysteries follow as well as the police As his mission becomes clear can Davy help Miss Flint at the final calling What a wonderful read for those who believe anything is possible.

  13. Lovely, heart warming tale of an unlikely friendship and an eventful journey Full of fantasy and the supernatural, there are enough twists along the way to keep a reader engaged However, the ending was a little predictable which is why I have taken off a star This may just be my adult reader head though, and it certainly didn t spoil the story or disappoint me in any way.

  14. I suppose tales of unlikely friendships, orphaned protagonists, featuring endearing pets are common in young adult lit, but that did not prevent this sentimental retired teacher from shedding a few tears while reading the climax of this lovely story What I found most impressive however, was Moira Young s writing style sentence fluency, vocabulary choices rattletrap, oddments wonderfully evocative words that are accessible to kids that want to enrich their own writing In a previous review somebod [...]

  15. A charming supernatural coming of age road tale about the unlikely friendship between a sweet but tough street kid and the crotchety old recluse who browbeats him into taking a job as her driver, despite the fact that he s only 13 and doesn t know how to drive at all Based on the writing style, this book was written for the middle school audience which impresses me even that Young is matter of fact about including a lot of heavy issues in the story like homelessness and poverty, illness, death, [...]

  16. Moira Young is a Canadian born author best known for an award winning series of young adult dystopian novels An uncorrected proof copy of The Road to Ever After was given to me whilst I was in the UK last year and I have only just got around to picking it up It s an enchanting and surprising read, and not at all what I was expecting given her earlier work.The hero is a thirteen year old boy named Davy David who lives in a town under the sway of a severe and hypocritical pastor named Parson Fall [...]

  17. I received this book from.SPOILER There s a dog in this book and it doesn t die Okay, spoiler over.The Road to Ever After is a charming middle grade book featuring a orphaned artist named Davy David who likes to draw archangels in the dirt or snow early in the predawn mornings when everyone s asleep The archangels unnerve the towns people, making them plot unfriendly and violent plans for the rascal who draws them A stray dog starts following Davy around, it makes his early morning excursions th [...]

  18. Beautiful writing with memorable descriptive phrases throughout Like the wind in the story, Young blows in fascinating characters and settings Some settle and some fly away again, leaving readers to wonder or finish those stories themselves Young leaves much unsaid Like Davy in the story, readers are urged to create their own pictures of all that is happening While this could have been frustrating, I think Young pulls it off well The relationship between Miss Flint and Davy is central and solid, [...]

  19. Moira Young crafts a somewhat complicated tale of a kind, young boy and his faithful companion dog agreeing to assist a gruff, dying old lady on a quest Their trip is marked with adventure and magic I hope that the intended audience is simply drawn into the story with its fairly well developed characters and interesting plot lines I, however, struggled a bit with the layers of improbability and wonder if there are a few too many uncommon terms and fanciful language for young readers to invest in [...]

  20. A moving and thoughtful story about Davy, a young boy with an artistic flair, and Miss Flint, an elderly recluse who is desperate to get to her former home in order to die in peace The two embark on an unusual and, at times, humourous road trip, stealing cars, releasing turkeys and dodging the law, all the while developing an unspoken trust and understanding Unusual things start to happen to Miss Flint, and it her reasons for returning to her former home, and for her reclusive lifestyle, are lai [...]

  21. The Road to Ever After by Moira Young is a truly magical book that you can t put down.I loved this book which takes the reader on a journey, a life and death journey for a small boy, an old lady and a dog, who have all befriended each other to set off on a wonderful adventure that becomes complex as the story unfolds.The book would make a wonderful movie and I would recommend this book to readers of all ages.I won this book through thank you for the opportunity to read and review this wonderful [...]

  22. What a beautiful story Part Benjamin Button but without Brad Pitt , part The Sixth Sense Either way, incredibly readable and unbelievably sweet Little Davy s relationship with Miss Elizabeth Flint and the different characters they meet on the run their journey keeps this story moving at the most perfect of paces.For a quick, uncluttered and fun read, this is the book for you A Christmas story that isn t quite the nativity, traditional or obvious , you ll finish the last page with a contented sig [...]

  23. This is such a sweet story Davy David is a 13 year old orphan from a run down town, whose life takes an unexpected turn when he agrees to go on a journey with Miss Elizabeth Flinn an old lady with a bizarre plan A whole host of quirky characters, with hurdles to overcome and unusual happenings, I couldn t help but turn the pages I read this in one sitting An easy read with themes of friendship and bereavement.

  24. It took me a really long time to read this book, not because it wasn t good, I am just having difficulty getting into books lately, so I restarted it and read it along with my 9 year old daughter This did the trick and this book was a delight to read, a beautifully written story about a young orphan boy, a dog who adopts him and an adventure with an elderly lady, it is about friendship and adventure, it will make you smile.

  25. This book is intriguing I couldn t put it down Davy Davids is such a likeable character You can t help but root for him, the orphan managing on his own And then Miss Flint comes into the story An unlikely pair ends up being each other s strength The book has an interesting view of death and the process of passing from one realm to another It is so well written Yet, the audience may be small due to the subject matter.

  26. Reading it, you ll sincerely care about the characters, and eagerly keep reading to find out what s next on each of their journeys It s not just the journeys that are important, but the feelings and interactions between the characters involved Troubles earlier in life are not the end of our stories.