The Trespasser Unlimited The Trespasser - by Tana French - The Trespasser, The Trespasser In The Trespasser being on the Murder squad is nothing like Detective Antoinette Conway dreamed it would be Her partner Stephen Moran is the only person who seems glad she s there The rest of her wo

  • Title: The Trespasser
  • Author: Tana French
  • ISBN: 9780670026333
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover

The Trespasser

Unlimited The Trespasser - by Tana French, The Trespasser, Tana French, The Trespasser In The Trespasser being on the Murder squad is nothing like Detective Antoinette Conway dreamed it would be Her partner Stephen Moran is the only person who seems glad she s there The rest of her working life is a stream of thankless cases vicious pranks and harassment Antoinette is savagely tough but she s getting close to the breaking point Their new case looks lIn The Trespa Unlimited The Trespasser - by Tana French. Unlimited The Trespasser - by Tana French - The Trespasser, The Trespasser In The Trespasser being on the Murder squad is nothing like Detective Antoinette Conway dreamed it would be Her partner Stephen Moran is the only person who seems glad she s there The rest of her wo

  • Unlimited The Trespasser - by Tana French
    399Tana French
The Trespasser
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  1. Tana French is just fantastic.You know, I actually have very little author loyalty By that I mean I can easily dislike a book by an author I have previously loved, and vice versa a second or third chance can lead to a new favourite But at this point, I feel completely safe going into Tana French s novels I settle down to read them with such faith in the author because she is so consistently good For me, I don t have to wonder whether this one will be good, or that one will be good, because the a [...]

  2. congratulations semifinalist in best mystery thriller category 2016 my very one sided love affair with tana french continues to me, each book in this loosely connected series has been better than the one before however, The Secret Place was a little bit of a hiccup for me in terms of this oft expressed declaration it was definitely not better than Broken Harbor which might be my all time favorite the teenspeak got to me a bit and view spoiler it was the first time she decided hey, let s throw in [...]

  3. The Trespasser by Tana French is a 2016 Viking publication Sophisticated, breathlessly paced, and absolutely riveting Antoinette Conway and her partner Steve Moran are tossed a case involving a young woman named Aislinn, whose body was found after a punch to the face caused her to fall and hit her head, killing her.Initially believing they ve been assigned yet another routine case, they soon find themselves burdened with another, seasoned detective, called in to help them work the case If that [...]

  4. 5 stars I would give it 10 if I could This is, by far, Tana French s best novel She drew me in captured every ounce of me every fiber of my being and wouldn t let go till I read the very last sentence Breathless Heart in my chest Unable to concentrate on anything but this for days Work An interruption, a bother Eating As if This Consumed Me.French perfects the Irish dialect, her prose is smart and witty Clever Extremely funny I admit that I couldn t help myself here I can put on an Irish accent [...]

  5. Back to the Dublin murder squad and a second showing of Detective Antoinette Conway It seems, however, that I somehow or another neglected to read The Secret Place, so for me this was my introduction to this character Convinced the entire murder squad is out to do her in, force her out, she has a giant chip on her shoulder Her partner, seems for most of the book to be a milquetoast, happy to support and follow A young woman is found dead and the easiest solution doesn t sit well with the two par [...]

  6. When a pretty young woman winds up murdered, detectives Conway and Moran catch the case Her boyfriend looks like a slam dunk for it but why are they being rushed to book him And why does Conway think she s met the vic before Can Conway and Moran get the killer behind bars before the case eats them alive Antoinette Conway, second banana from The Secret Place takes center stage in this one Conway, the odd wo man out on the Dublin Murder Squad, trusts no one and suspects everyone From her tortured [...]

  7. What does a star rating mean Does it mean this is a work of greatness, that deserves to be read by every generation That each word is empathetically chosen, each sentence crafted, each paragraph placed with an eye to flow That through metaphor, symbolism and theme it exposes the reader to some kind of truth That it inspires a passionate response That at this moment, I loved it That it made me happy At the end of the day, it doesn t matter how many stars I give The Trespasser It wrung me out like [...]

  8. In Tana French s very first book, In The Woods , one of my favorite characters was named Rob Ryan I m clear I m not alone with a special soft spot for Ryan For one thinghe was the narrator His partner was a woman named Cassie Maddox They were a great duo but what was so impressive was that Tana was so good at writing a male voice you d swear a man wrote it In her next book, The Likeness , Cassie Maddox becomes the narrator it took me several pages to get use to a female narrator after Tana was s [...]

  9. While my February binge read of Tana French has reached its end, these mysteries remain some of the best novels I have read in a long while They pull key aspects of police procedurals with a dash of Irish charm and leave the reader with a sense of completion, after a drawn out story and systematic solution Picking up a few months after The Secret Place, French turns the focus onto Detective Antoinette Conway, who came from a single parent home and whose mixed race background left her feeling out [...]

  10. 2.5 The Trespasser is an in depth story with considerable detail on police procedural while attempting to solve a murder Detective Antoinette Conway has been assigned a case along with her partner Steve, which could easily be just a domestic dispute or as Conway is hoping, a full blown serial killer on the loose something she can really sink her teeth into She has become quite paranoid lately in the department as other squad members pull mean pranks and are leaking sensitive case details she has [...]

  11. This is an excellent police procedural and, to my mind, Tana French s best book yet At its center is Detective Antoinette Conway who is new to the Dublin Murder Squad and who has gotten a very cool reception Many of her new mates actively dislike her she s subjected to continued harassment, and she s assigned a lot of crap cases.The pattern seems to be continuing one morning when she and her partner, Stephen Moran, are assigned a new case that appears to be open and shut An attractive young woma [...]

  12. All you Tana French fans out there, I m late to the party Yes, The Trespasser is my introduction to The Dublin Murder Squad Series.The Sue Grafton alphabet series is as close to a detective novel as I ve gotten Actually, you could say that The Trespasser does not fit into any genre that I usually read So, in many ways, reading it has been an adventure for me Am I glad I journeyed down a new road Yes.Ms French s plot was very well written It was like sitting in front of my TV, seeing everything t [...]

  13. More of a 3.5 star for me, and I m clearly in the minority here Another solid installment in French s Dublin Murder Squad series while it was a good read it wasn t my favorite, mainly due to my inability to connect with Antoinette Conway The mystery was well done and I would still highly recommend to fans of the series My rating might have been higher had I picked this up at a different time, and that s on me Still a huge fan and am eagerly anticipating the next in the series More thoughts to co [...]

  14. I ve enjoyed all of Tana French s previous books, and I enjoyed this one, too This book stars Antoinette Conway and her partner Steve Moran, who were previously featured in The Secret Place This time, Conway is the lead detective.A young woman is found dead in her home Evidence isn t really pointing in any particular direction Conway and Moran come up with multiple theories, and it seems like they are being pushed toward one by a third detective, Breslin, who was also assigned to the case.Conway [...]

  15. Tana French is so much at the top of her game I could rate this book six or seven stars The Trespasser is her best yet, in a career of superb books.Her ear for dialogue is pitch perfect Her protagonist is a tough, unapologetic detective to whom we could listen forever.The case illustrates loyalty, joy in job way too rare in books , suspense, the need for and danger of living inside one s head, and character trajectory scenes that sparkle in unexpected ways.The Trespasser will make readers hope t [...]

  16. Antoinette Conway had always dreamed of being on the murder squad, but she s burnt out after two years of unchallenging domestic cases and merciless harassment from her own squad mates One morning, the gaffer hands her and her partner Stephen Moran the case of twenty six year old murder victim Aislinn Murray There s outside pressure to charge the victim s boyfriend and wrap up the case quickly, but not all the pieces are fitting together It has all the attributes of a lover s spat gone wrong, bu [...]

  17. Finally Hearing so much greatness about this author, and from what I ve read so far it s easy to see why fingers X d

  18. 4.5 stars Dozens and dozens of people, they just keep coming, and every single one of their heads is crammed with stories they believe and stories they want to believe and stories someone else has made them believe The Trespasser is about the stories that we create We sometimes believe in these stories so much that they become our truths When we get wrapped up in these stories, we fail to see the cracks and dangers, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality When she was a child, Antoinette [...]

  19. The Trespasser is the sixth novel by Tana French and the sixth in her vivid, beguiling and compulsively thrilling Dublin Murder Squad series, which follows a contemporary Irish homicide investigation from the point of view a detective who played a supporting role in the previous book Published in October 2016, this is the first novel whose publication date I ve anticipated, reserving the first hold at my favorite library and racing over to pick it up like a zombie eyed Black Friday shopper cravi [...]

  20. This novel in the Tana French series about Irish murder detective Antoinette Conway is universally loved and considered among her best in a long line of terrific mystery novels Why There is little action in this novel It is a novel of psychologies and pathologies.The writing brings us deeply into the internal politics of a murder squad and expresses the difficulty of a woman operating in a rough environment hung with grisly soul destroying murders The male camaraderie inside the squad means that [...]

  21. This is the 6th book in the Dublin Murder Squad series by author Tana French but they can honestly be read as stand alone s and in any order.I have already read the previous 5 books in the series and thoroughly enjoyed them so it was no real surprise that yet again I was in awe of Tana French I knew very early on that I was going to like this book, the characters are exceptionally developed and the plot expertly paced, feeding you glimpses of the truth and than a few red herrings.This novel fea [...]

  22. Grand.Readers of mysteries and observers of crimes and interviews have witnessed some brilliant interviews between a detective prosecutor cross examiner and a suspect over the course of time The classic example is the confrontation between Raskolnikov and Porfiry in Dostoyevsky s Crime and Punishment The witness stand drama between Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men also comes to mind There have been several 60 Minutes interviews also that have captured an audience and caused everyo [...]

  23. While i ve enjoyed a few of Tana French s books before, I hadn t been blown away till I read this one It is just so beautifully crafted that it must be considered part of the new, literary crime fiction hitting the market right now The first time you meet Antoinette Conway, you might doubt this She s how do I put it real Not afraid to speak her mind A little bit of an attitude, maybe But endlessly interesting and someone you want to work with to find out whodunnit, as a reader at least French g [...]

  24. Another great book for the Dublin Murder Squad series The Trespasser is the 6th book in this series and I was captivated from the start The murder case, the characters and overall feel of this book had me sucked in from the beginning.The main detective characters of Antoinette Conway and Stephen Moran were complex, unique and had their own personalities.Antoinette was a tough woman who didn t pull any punches when it came to the sexism she encountered in the Murder Detective Unit The harassment [...]

  25. I loved this book Tana French has been my go to author when I was stuck in a reading rut, and now that I ve finished the latest novel in her Dublin Murder Squad series, I m feeling a bit adrift I was so caught up in the story of Detective Antoinette Conway and her partner Stephen that I didn t want The Trespasser to end Besides the actual murder case the pair are trying to solve which had so many good twists and turns that I stayed up late to finish this book and find out what happened I loved t [...]

  26. It s almost ridiculous how easy she makes it look, writing a book this good I don t even know what to say any about her books They are all just so, so good And the way she jumps from character to character each book gives her room to play around with different structures and themes, and yet still stay within the framework of a murder mystery novel.I love murder mystery novels, but I don t love these books because of the mysteries although I don t think her style would work as well in any other g [...]

  27. I love Antoinette Conway She is a great detective and I love her attitude She is a feminist and doesn t put up with any grief from the rest of the detectives She has a temper that she fights to keep under control She s assigned the shite cases, mostly domestics And the latest case doesn t appear any different In today s world, it s easy to think women are accepted in any job they want But as Antoinette has found out, there s a difference between being able to get a job and being accepted Other t [...]

  28. Tana French, I love everything you do 5 magnificent stars, this may be my favorite of hers yet From the get go, the setting and the mood are in evidence This author s descriptive writing is unsurpassed, in my opinion I wanted to provide some sample quotes here, but to illustrate the full impact of her pages would require several long paragraphs And I don t think my words alone can do this book justice.Antoinette Conway is the only woman on the Murder Squad and still somewhat of a rookie besides, [...]

  29. I love Tana French I love her Dublin Murder Squad series Her latest, The Trespasser, might just be my favorite although there s fierce competition for that spot Antoinette Conway is the only woman on the Murder Squad and no one s making her life easy The other detectives, in fact, are doing everything they can to push her off the squad And they re close to succeeding Conway is not an easy person her father left before she was born and she and her mother have made their own way, despite many hard [...]