Hero's Song Free Download Hero's Song - by Edith Pattou - Hero's Song, Hero s Song Collun has always been happiest working in his garden But his peaceful life is shattered when his sister Nessa mysteriously disappears He sets off to find her and soon realizes that he and his trave

  • Title: Hero's Song
  • Author: Edith Pattou
  • ISBN: 9780152055424
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback

Hero's Song

Free Download Hero's Song - by Edith Pattou, Hero's Song, Edith Pattou, Hero s Song Collun has always been happiest working in his garden But his peaceful life is shattered when his sister Nessa mysteriously disappears He sets off to find her and soon realizes that he and his traveling companions including the feisty young archer Breo Saight have become involved in something much larger and sinister than he had imagined Free Download Hero's Song - by Edith Pattou. Free Download Hero's Song - by Edith Pattou - Hero's Song, Hero s Song Collun has always been happiest working in his garden But his peaceful life is shattered when his sister Nessa mysteriously disappears He sets off to find her and soon realizes that he and his trave

  • Free Download Hero's Song - by Edith Pattou
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Hero's Song
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  1. This is not Edith Pattou s best work ever but you still need to read it in order to fully apreciate the next book, Fire Arrow, which is just flat out spectacular.This is the story of a boy named Collun who desperately needs to get over his cowardice in order to save his kidnapped sister from who knows what As he journy s to find her he troups up with a wizard out to help, a fenale archer with a firey disposition and a thing for revenge, an old witty friend, and a mysterious elf like fellow who d [...]

  2. Edith Pattou was written wonderful books from East to Hero s Song I kind of expected this book to become an book that I would have liked to read over and over Despite the fact it was a little run on exspecially with the main character I thought this book would be like East where there would be diferent characters thoughts in each chapter or so.

  3. Hero s Song by Edith Pattou is a Fantasy novel about a boy named Collun and his sister Collun sister who s name is Nessa, decides to visit her Aunt in a place called Temair While there, Nessa is kidnapped and Collun decides that it is his duty to go find her Before he leaves, he gets some interesting advice from his mother, Emer, and heeds it with caution and suspicion of what is really going on As Collun journeys to find his missing sister, he comes by some strange things and figures out what h [...]

  4. Well, I started Hero s Song after long last, since I read the second one first a few year s ago and enjoyed it So now that I remember little about the sequel, I picked up the first to begin anew.Yikes Hero s Song is painfully typical stuff Collun is a young boy of course living on a secluded farm naturally who doesn t enjoy fighting but would prefer to stay at home, tending his garden and being rather nondescript But there are secrets in his family that are pretty obvious to the reader, and when [...]

  5. Cullen is a farmer, the son of a blacksmith, but when news comes that his sister is missing, he sets off on a journey to rescue her Accompanied by his friend, Talisen, and several other unusual companions, he ventures forth to find the real story is stranger and convoluted than he might have guessed The creatures of Scath hunt after him, and than his sister s life is at stake.I m continuing to work my way through the backlog of great books I haven t read in at least a decade This was a favorit [...]

  6. The pinnacle of a man in any fiction book is his courage, his bravery to overcome some great evil, and slay a dragon Edith Pattou s Hero s Song is not like other fiction books, it s realistic to a degree Collun, the main character, is human, and his emotions are as well He would be perfectly fine living his life as a farmer, than have to play knight in shining armor Every page was packed full of regular, human emotions, Collun was terrified to fight his dragon, and he wasn t so sure he wanted to [...]

  7. Several years after reading East, I decided to read Edith Pattou again I liked East thought I would like these.Similar to East, Pattou bases the setting and storyline on myths However, I did not find this book very enchanting The characters were not mediocre, but close not very developed, seemingly flat Flat, just like the plot The plot was very basic and not very well organized Why was Crann even around He was just a convenient plot device the characters ended up liking All the traveling Conven [...]

  8. Hero s Song is Edith Pattou s first novel, and although she s an amateur story teller Hero s Song has a compelling story line and love able characters Collun the main character is at the beginning a coward but he s driven forward by the love for his sister who has gone missing His gang is also an interesting group Some of them are stock characters and are slightly flat, but he novel is good for a first attempt I would recommend this novel for young adults ages 12 16 As far as censorship goes Her [...]

  9. I like this book it is interesting and good and makes me feel confident in my own writing This is because it s not overly amazingly written like some other books that blow you away by how the author weaves language But that doesn t take away from the story in anyway It was still a good exciting quest It was also not exceptionally heartwrenching which was good You knew good would prevail and it does Though things feel a bit anticlimactic at times, things pick up a lot in the second half and feel [...]

  10. Eh While there were a few things I enjoyed about Hero s Song Collun s love of gardening and knowledge of herb lore, Brie, the mystery behind Collun s weird family , for the most part I found ituninteresting It s a very typical journey quest fantasy story, but not a particularly well done one The main word that comes to mind here is clumsy The dialogue is stiff, and the characters don t feel fully formed, and it seems like things fall into place too easily at times, or are just too obvious I just [...]

  11. A fun read Best written no A pleasurable fun fast journey yes What i liked best about this book was the various types of monsters we were introduced too and also the fact that the author used names and persona of several Irish Legendary Characterse kept their architypes, but did not limit their contribution in this story to just their known myth She had them act as HER characters behaving how they likely would behave based on what we think we know about them This was fun for me, having some limi [...]

  12. During his journey to rescue his sister who has been kidnapped by Bricriu, a spy for the Queen of Ghosts, Collun begins to unravel a past of mysteries that ultimately lead to him saving his home, the kingdom of Eirren Edith Pattou adopts fantasy elements likened to the that of J.R.R Tolkein as the world of Eirren is broken into various races with various abilities such as Ellyl and Morgs As the reader encounters all these elements they are transported to Eirren and develop connections to the liv [...]

  13. This book for middle graders probably would have appealed greatly to me at age 11, but I could never quite get into it It felt like Hero s Song did its utmost to hit every fantasy cliche down to the cast the humble gardener, the tomboy archer, the bard, the elf, the old wizard as the mentor, the bad guys who are absolute evil without any nuances It felt like it was trying to be Lloyd Alexander s Prydain Chronicles, but without that charm and sparkle The plot is also predictable, and I think it w [...]

  14. I liked Hero s Song very much It is an easy paced, Irish fantasy, full of fairytale elements The hero, Collun, is not your ordinary young man he s gentle, wise, and though he thinking himself a coward, his courage runs deep view spoiler His band of travelers was interesting if a bit predictable Talisen the cheerful wannabe bard, Brie the girl archer who pretends and fools no one to be a boy, and Silien the haughty but rebellious fey They meet many unique characters who help or harm them along th [...]

  15. I like the world this book created, with new words and plants and creatures It was easy to get lost in it and follow the story There were surprises, some, well surprising And some less so But all good I really liked the characters and how they interacted and were developed The ending was a little sudden, but it seemed real, like the book was just a snatch of life, and it had been happening before the book began, and would continue happening after the book finished, even without someone there to [...]

  16. This is a great heroic story I really enjoyed the sense of adventure and epic journey feeling It similar to Lord of the Rings storyline, and there was similarities between the two stories Unlikely hero, a fellowship, mystical monsters, epic battle scene, etc The only thing I did not like, was the writer used made up words that were part of that world, but not ours She didn t explain them or use context where I could understand, which made me feel lost sometimes Overall I liked the book, and it w [...]

  17. So Collun, who thinks he s a coward, becomes a hero The song is by Taliesen, of course It s very much a good vs evil, children on a quest story I see glimmers of interesting things in Brie as well as Collun, but the rest of the characters are pretty flat I m hoping the thing about Collun s dad being bad is important in a later story because it feels like it was just stuck onto the side of this story.

  18. I wanted to like this book It was readable and had all the elements of a good story But the character development was lacking I never really felt any kind of sympathy or bonding with any of the characters The storyline also was not particularly fluid things happened simply by chance often than they occurred due to active participation of the characters A nice bit of fluff to while away a couple hours but not a book I m likely to reread.

  19. Edith Pattou s East is such an incredible book that I couldn t help being slightly disappointed byHero s Song It was a good story, and I enjoyed the characters, but the setting was a little tired I felt like it was basically Lord of the Rings with different names There was an equivalent for elves, orcs, even a Gandalf That being said, though, this was a fairly good book, and I will be keeping it on my shelf.

  20. This was a pure escape read for me Nothing too heavy or brain consuming It seemed to have a few Tolkienesque elements, which at times were a little annoying, but I learned to overlook it It took me a little time before I cared much about the characters, and although I did not love the book at the beginning, I did find myself enjoying it by the end I think at some point I will finish the series.

  21. I really enjoyed this book When Collin s sister Nessa dissapears while visiting a relative Collin goes on a quest to search for her Although as time goes on plot lines are reveavled and twists and turns are taken in it I loved the loyalty of the friends and Collin to his sister Along with some of the amazing places they visited Just goes to show that an old fashioned quest never goes out of fashion.

  22. I really enjoyed reading East, another of Edith Pattou s books This is the first in a series, which I plan to continue It is interesting, easy to read and clean I really like the characters in this story, especially Crann In this story, Collun learns to overcome his fears and finds the strength within to save the ones he loves.dragonflowersandbooks

  23. Of all the books I read when I was young, this one most inspired me to start writing Reading it again now, some 20 years later, I find it just as fun and exciting as I did as a kid or young adult, as they call that age now It s a classic fantasy, with good vs evil, bards, taverns, castles, unlikely heroes, giant firewurmes, girls who dress like boys in short, everything you could ever want in a book Now if only we could get Edith Pattou to write the third book in the trilogy

  24. Young adult fiction, on the younger side of young adult I liked this very linear story not a lot of plots and subplots swirling around here and I liked the characters I will probably go on to read the next book in the series There is no cliff hanger ending driving me out of my house to find the second book but I will get to it eventually.

  25. The writing wasn t quite as suspenseful or unpredictable as I would have hoped forbut it would be perfect for an eight year old or around that age Action and adventure without anything really scary I ll still gladly read books in the series, but it s not an intense kind of series where you just can t wait to get the next book aka good, but not amazing.

  26. While I liked the author s East, this dragged for me Mind you it may be the subject matter the only treatments of ancient Irish legends mythology I ve enjoyed was a very old version of Diedre of the Sorrows and some of Tom Dietz s work.I liked the character of Collun, but the story somehow felt forced I think others who like Celtic myth will enjoy it.

  27. What a rip off from the Lord of the Rings She just about mimiced the first book from the Lord of the Rings Fortunately at the end she splits off Not a great writer either.

  28. I read this book many years ago, and picked it up again recently because I remember liking it The story is fun, the evil is believable in the world setting, and the character is relatable A fun read for any age, but particularly teen to young adult.

  29. Cullon was a son of a blacksmith but mostly gardened but what will he do when his sister is kidnapped in capital will he and his friends to be find and save his sister or will they be captured as well

  30. I liked it but the writing wasn t super Clean, no swearing or sexual themes A lot of things fell into place which got a little annoying Good ideas and some dramatic parts Some likeable characters.