Mrs. Spitzer's Garden [PDF] Mrs. Spitzer's Garden | by ↠ Edith Pattou Tricia Tusa - Mrs. Spitzer's Garden, Mrs Spitzer s Garden Mrs Spitzer is a wise teacher who knows many things She knows about gardens She knows about children She knows how similar they are and how both will flourish if tended lovingly There are many remark

  • Title: Mrs. Spitzer's Garden
  • Author: Edith Pattou Tricia Tusa
  • ISBN: 9780152058029
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover

Mrs. Spitzer's Garden

[PDF] Mrs. Spitzer's Garden | by ↠ Edith Pattou Tricia Tusa, Mrs. Spitzer's Garden, Edith Pattou Tricia Tusa, Mrs Spitzer s Garden Mrs Spitzer is a wise teacher who knows many things She knows about gardens She knows about children She knows how similar they are and how both will flourish if tended lovingly There are many remarkable teachers like Mrs Spitzer in the world and Edith Pattou s simple moving story along with Tricia Tusa s inspired whimsical illustrations celebrate all they do yeaMrs Spit [PDF] Mrs. Spitzer's Garden | by ↠ Edith Pattou Tricia Tusa. [PDF] Mrs. Spitzer's Garden | by ↠ Edith Pattou Tricia Tusa - Mrs. Spitzer's Garden, Mrs Spitzer s Garden Mrs Spitzer is a wise teacher who knows many things She knows about gardens She knows about children She knows how similar they are and how both will flourish if tended lovingly There are many remark

  • [PDF] Mrs. Spitzer's Garden | by ↠ Edith Pattou Tricia Tusa
    364Edith Pattou Tricia Tusa
Mrs. Spitzer's Garden
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  1. How I love Mrs Spitzer s Garden Illustrated by the amazing Tricia Tusa, Mrs Spitzer s Garden is a must have for classrooms around the world Not to mention a great end of school year gift for a teacher or anyone taking care of a child or children Children will appreciate the understanding Mrs Spitzer has towards her students and seedlings as they grow and evolve through the year at their own pace The faces of the flowers are whimsical and enchanting A beautiful, unique book.

  2. Category Grades K 3, Book 8This book is a great read aloud to use for students on the first day of school, or even on the last day of school The book is about Mrs Spitzer, who is a teacher Every year her principal walks down to her room and gives her a packet of seeds She plants the seeds and takes care of the plants all year Some of the plants grow quickly, others take their time All the flowers are an analogy for students in a teacher s classroom and how she takes care of her students all year [...]

  3. At the end of summer, Mr Merrick, the principal, walks down the hall to Mrs Spitzer s room and gives her a packet of seeds np Every year, Mrs Spitzer is given her packet of seeds and others wait on to see her work her magic Will she able to tend to her garden no matter the circumstances There are a number of reasons why this book deserves 5 stars At first glance, it seems like a good fit for introducing seasons to children which it is However, its real value is that it is a great fit for any per [...]

  4. Beautiful book about teaching It was first recommended to me by a mentor teacher thanks Maria Walther , and then my first grader brought it home as her library pick she absolutely loved the story, especially as she realized that the seeds were really students We talked about how everyone learns in their own way at their own pace and how different kids need different things from their teacher We must have read it a dozen times that week It would make a great gift for an elementary teacher.

  5. Mrs Spitzer s Garden is a great book for teachers This book talks about a teacher that sees a resemblance between her students and the plants in a garden Different plants in a garden grow at different paces, some grow in almost any setting, others need care and attention The teacher in the book tends to all of her plants and cares for them just like she does her students She recognizes that they are all unique I think this is a great book and it could be read to a class, helping students unders [...]

  6. I get it The flower seeds are her students, and blah, blah, blah It s just not written very well, and is a bit clunky.The illustrations are nice, but a bit messy.It s an OK story, but there are others out there that take this message and make it shine This story doesn t shine, it just sort of sits there like a lost crayon under the teacher s desk.

  7. This is really an adult story hidden in an illustrated picture book The book was inspired by the author as a teacher gift and, to me, that is really the audience for this story.

  8. Genre Realistic FictionGrade 2 4Unique Practices with growth mindset and allows for students to expand understanding through reading Also, many activities are available online that allow for extensions to writing.

  9. Wonderful read aloud for first or last day of school Excellent book to boost morale and read to teachers when they need inspiration.

  10. While I thought this was a pretty book, I can t understand why a publisher whose name states they are publishers for young readers would publish a book apparently meant for adult teachers I do understand the meaning of the story but then I am an adult Any child picking this up would be puzzled and likely bored Mrs Spitzer is a kindergarten teacher and we see her classroom and get a tour of what s there As she walks out the door after our tour which is short since it is just one room , the male p [...]

  11. I m a retired first grade teacher My last year of teaching, I used Mrs Spitzer s Garden as the theme of my classroom The children were welcomed by my classroom door saying Welcome To Mrs Elstad s Garden The book is about a teacher who is given a pack of seeds at the beginning of the year by her principal It s a story of how Mrs Spritzer plants and nurtures her little seeds all year long A darling story and my classroom looked awesome as a beautiful little garden Children, parents and I loved it [...]

  12. I liked this story than Julia Julia also enjoyed hearing it but I think she missed the connection between the flowers and the students She s also young enough that that s to be understood so I do understand I d like to read it again when she s a little older since what she missed is such a major aspect of the story in my opinion I m thinking of giving it to her preschool teacher as a present this year I think it d be perfect The illustrator, Tricia Tusa, did a great job and I think these illust [...]

  13. Mrs Spitzer is a very special teacher She understands that children and plants need to be watched over and cared for in order for them flourish She also understands that some grow like wildflowers and some require extra attention All teachers can benefit from Mrs Spitzer s wisdom.Tusa s water color illustrations bring Mrs Spitzer s garden and classroom to life with their brightness, attention to detail, and play on size Great book

  14. I enjoyed Ms Pattou s fantasy novel, East, so I checked out her picture book It s an interesting and sweet concept, comparing teaching children to growing flowers The illustrations are whimsical and a tad funky My problem was that I didn t get the concept by reading the story I thought Mrs Spritzer was actually gardening, and wondered where the kids were Doh I thought it should ex been clearer.

  15. In this beautifully illustrated story, Ms Pattou creates a solid metaphor between nurturing a class and growing a garden Children will relate to the vivid garden imagery as well as the school setting and gentle words This would be an excellent book to use as an introduction or basis for nature lessons in the classroom, and may inspire green thumbs in all of us

  16. I liked that things come and go and are cared for in between, like flowers in a garden It s not mentioned that this is also like students in a classroomd so not all would make that connection As a garden book s just okay Text is pretty darn small to read and the words weren t as tight as they could have been.

  17. Xander s teacher gave each student in the class this book I just read it to him tonight and he liked it Right away he said to me that each plant in the story is a child in the class That is the major point to this teacher s story which is taking care of the students is like taking care of a garden.

  18. She knows that different plants need different things And that each plant has its own shape What a fantastic analogy for the teaching profession It would make a gift book to give to people going into the teaching profession It would also make a great read aloud at a staff meeting at the beginning of the year.

  19. Cute book about Mrs Spitzer, who is a teacher, plants seeds and grows her garden every summer The principal gives her the seeds before school gets out She talks about how the different varieties of flowers there are and how you need to take care of your garden so it will grow The garden is a metaphor for her students A great way to start the school year by reading this book.

  20. This book is great for showing the process of how plants grow Throughout the book, it shows step by step of how to take care of a plant I like how it features a teacher being the one to plant things I would read this at the beginning of the school year This book would be great to read before planting plants as a class.

  21. Mrs Spitzer s cultivates a vibrant, eccentric garden each year, nurturing her flowers with patience, care and flexibility These flowers grow at their own pace, displaying their unique blooms just as children in our schools develop differently It is the teacher s role, just a Mrs Spitzer does, to create a safe space that honors childrens strengths and weaknesses.

  22. A fun end or beginning of the year read aloud to talk about how everyone is different but a teacher still loves them This is a must have for any teacher It reminds us all how special each and everyone of our students is and no matter what we need to do everything we can to help them succeed and to love them the way they need to be loved.

  23. A sweet story about a teacher who receives seeds from her principal at the end of each summer She proceeds to plant the seeds and take care of them until they bloom at the beginning of summer I had the kids identify the metaphor and the theme They liked it

  24. This is a descriptive story about Mrs Spitzer s garden The book describes all the work that she has to do to grow her garden Perfect for the beginning of school because it compares flowers to children.

  25. This book has a very good use of personification when it comes to the garden Mrs Spitzer is a school teacher who gardens on her off time The colors come alive and her garden is nothing short of magical This would be a good kindergarten read.

  26. While I am not sure if my kindergarteners would understand the metaphor in the book, I think that older students could understand how students are like seeds and teachers are the gardeners I liked how my classmate read the book both at the beginning and end of the school year.

  27. Coworker request it and since we didn t have it, I said I d pick it up at the public library for her She asked if I d read it and tell her what I thought It s a sweet little thing of a book that entirely matches the person who requested it.

  28. This was a cute little book about a Teacher and her garden The garden represents her little children that she ll teach each year It was a cute book and we ll written My son really liked the pictures His favorite was a snail wearing a hat and a butterfly wearing a scarf Very cute.