Rising Storm ✓ Rising Storm ☆ Erin Hunter - Rising Storm, Rising Storm Fireheart s traitorous enemy Tigerclaw has been vanquished and exiled from Thunder Clan but Fireheart can t shake the feeling that he s lurking in the forest waiting for his chance to strike That s n

  • Title: Rising Storm
  • Author: Erin Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780060525637
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback

Rising Storm

✓ Rising Storm ☆ Erin Hunter, Rising Storm, Erin Hunter, Rising Storm Fireheart s traitorous enemy Tigerclaw has been vanquished and exiled from Thunder Clan but Fireheart can t shake the feeling that he s lurking in the forest waiting for his chance to strike That s not the only problem facing the young warrior in these blazing summer months as he struggles to handle sinister omens an apprentice with a shocking secret and a devastateFireheart s tra ✓ Rising Storm ☆ Erin Hunter. ✓ Rising Storm ☆ Erin Hunter - Rising Storm, Rising Storm Fireheart s traitorous enemy Tigerclaw has been vanquished and exiled from Thunder Clan but Fireheart can t shake the feeling that he s lurking in the forest waiting for his chance to strike That s n

  • ✓ Rising Storm ☆ Erin Hunter
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Rising Storm
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  1. I thought it was interesting, not as good as the other books in the series Fireheart is deputy now and he is being haunted by an old enemy that still lurks the forest, but now something is going wrong with his leader, Bluestar, she has suddenly lost her face in their ancestors But one night when the clans come together, Fireheart finds out something that could lead to the destruction of all the clans

  2. Yes, yes, I know, another five stars on a Warriors book Well, this one deserves it It picks up immediately at the end of book three Forest of Secrets , and goes through the toughest time when ThunderClan is in fear Once again, the end leaves you shocked and reaching for the next one Don t they all

  3. English review at bottom Este es un buen lugar para morir Honestamente, despu s del xito tan rotundo que Forest of Secrets tuvo en mi coraz n, Rising Storm me ha decepcionado mucho NO puedo creer que est diciendo esto sobre un libro de Warriors Cats pero, qu decepci n.Me siento bastante mal y voy a resaltar un par de cosas que NO me gustaron El hecho de que Graystripe no salga en tres cuartos del libro Es mi personaje favorito y no soporto verlo en otro clan Eso me rompe Ese aire de melancol a y [...]

  4. fireheart finds his nephew geting food from twolegs one day he gets stolen from the forest Fireheart is devistated until one day ravenpaw tells fireheart where he is fireheart will do anything to save his beloved nephew.

  5. I loved this book for the action It is full of battle and it makes you want to keep reading There are also amazing cliffhangers and plot twists.

  6. It has been several years since I have read the series, and I didn t know what I would think of them once I started re reading But since picking up the first book, I have fallen in love with the series all over again.Rising Storm is a great addition to the series, and I had forgotten how hard it was to watch as Bluestar looses herself, and everything that she has ever worked for And not to mention the devastation of that fire, but I won t go into it to avoid spoiling for anybody who has not read [...]

  7. Una nueva historia del clan del trueno y digna del clan estelar Bueno perd n si me pongo sentimental aqu pero cada libro puede conmigo de formas que no me imaginar a La historia sigue siendo gil e interesante, los personajes estan muy bien escritos todav a y logra hacer de verdad que este mundo de fantas a se siente muy vivo.Y yo que me resist a a leerlo Soy un hombre que acepta sus errores

  8. This was a great book It was so interesting, mysterious, and dramatic This book was one of the best ones of the series I think everyone should read this series.

  9. Find this review and fantastical things at The Leaning Tower of Tomes.The review So I m gradually making my way through rereading all the Warriors books Rising Storm is book 4 of the original arc, and it s definitely not as exciting as the previous three, what with Tigerclaw s evil scheming and Tigerclaw himself not being very present in this book Still, Rising Storm was a quick and entertaining read, despite focusing too much on Cloudpaw s bratty behavior and Bluestar s worsening condition.In [...]

  10. Recensione pubblicata su Cronache di BetelgeuseStavolta CuoreDiFuoco alle prese con qualche novit una gatta inizia a fargli battere forte il cuore e suo nipote pronto a cominciare l apprendistato In aggiunta, il tradimento di ArtiglioDiTigre ha dato un vello scossone all intero clan.La sua posizione di vice fa si che tutti si rivolgano a lui per l organizzazione delle battute di caccia e delle pattuglie, aggiungendo un nuovo carico di responsabilit sulle sue spalle Non sfugge per ai suoi incaric [...]

  11. Have you ever gone through a time where you lost every one you grew up with Fireheart is now a deputy of Thunder clan and has weight under his shoulders than ever.The threat from Tigerclaw has faded away, but thunder clan still fears him and he has left his mark on the clan The clan thinks Tigerclaw is not going to attack again but Fireheart is on high alert The elders are fearing for the worst as he was not announced as deputy till after moon high Bluestar is still shaken and not her former se [...]

  12. WHAT NO THIS CANT BE HAPPENING WHY I M SO ANGRY That was my first reaction to the ending of the book SPOILERS Do not read past here if you don t want to spoil the book for yourself.This book was heartbreaking, I was thoroughly enjoying it until Yellowfang wanted to help Fireheart rescue the elders and Bramblekit I knew it was going to happen as she is on the cover with the fire behind her I knew she wasn t going to live and my heart was beating so fast as I read on Then they found her alive and [...]

  13. in this series, warriors by Erin hunter is mainly about a kitty pet joining a clan Previously on the third book Tiger claw, Thunder clan s deputy almost killed Blue star, their leader in order to gain power and the gift of nine lives Fortunately Fire Heart, the kittypet saved Blue star and kicked Tiger Claw out of the clan into the wild Blue star was furious In the fourth book Rising Storm Blue star was still mad and upset about trusting Tiger Claw and that he will betray his own clan for himse [...]

  14. The horrible traitorous enemy tigerclaw has been vanished from the thunderclan but he hasn t given up yet, as he plans to kill his former leader, but bluestar can t get over her former deputy s trait and the fact that she had to exile her once trusted deputy, she losses her mind in thinking that all the members of her clan as a traitor She also blames other clans for things, Now fireheart has to guide and help bluestar in the time of hardship and danger There is fire rising in the forest and wit [...]

  15. This book was great I loved the part when Tigerclaw came and he was fighting Fireheart I want to know, why did Cloudpaw keep leaving if he didn t want to And also, why does Tigerclaw want to be leader if no one likes him After Fireheart defeats Tigerclaw, he is banned by Bluestar, and he is never to set foot on Thunder clan A short while after that, Fireheat gets his new apprentice Cloudpaw, his nephew Fireheart soon realizes that Cloudpaw is goin to a two leg house human and eats kitty pet food [...]

  16. This book is very interesting Fireheart has become deputy of Thunderclan after driveing out the fourmer deputy Tigerclaw Bluestripe becomes very sick meantly and starts not honoring Starclan Fireheart also finds that Cloudpaw is going to Twoleg nests to get food One day when he is doing that the Twolegs capture him and take him away Fireheart has to worry about many things like Greystripe and Silverstrim Also Tigerclaw is out in the forest wateing for the chance to hurt Fireheart some how If its [...]

  17. Well another great book but I can t help notice that it only started picking up at the end I think this book was a recovery of Tigerclaw s treachery, especially for Bluestar who lost faith in StarClan when she saw Yellowfang s dead body This book was also the beginning of a new dark and terrible start not terrible as in the book is bad Also, I love Firestar but I can t help notice that Whitestorm acts like a deputy too If I can remember rightly, Firestar does appoint him when he becomes leader i [...]

  18. Although Tigerstar, the wicked ambitious cat has been exiled in ThunderClan, Fireheart still can t shake of the feeling that Tigerstar still lurks around in these forests Tigerstar could pounce anywhere Not only is Fireheart worried about Tigerstar, but he has to deal with such a disobedient apprentice He keeps a hidden secret only he knows about With random omens and secrets lying in the forest waiting to be discovered, Fireheart must only have one chance to save his clan and the other three cl [...]

  19. Once Tigerclaw s true nature is revealed, Bluestar goes kinda nuts, thinking that every cat in her Clan is going to betray her, even loyal Whitestorm, eventually Fireheart is trying hard to help Bluestar, but train Cloudpaw while keeping lookout for Tigerclaw Runningwind meets a sad fate when the evil deputy s band of rogues attack a ThunderClan patrol Whitethroat, a ShadowClan warrior is killed when he runs onto the Thunderpath.Then disaster strikes when a fire hits the forest As the Clan heads [...]

  20. Intense, that is what I saw in this book It seemed that around every corner a cliff hanger was waiting How about when Fireheart was rescuing Cloudpaw along with Sandstorm and Ravenpaw and a Windclan patrol attacked them Or maybe when Tigerclaw and his rogues attacked Fireheart in the forest shadows The biggest cliff hange was at the end when Tigerclaw appears as leader of Shadowclan at the gathering Although, this book doess posses a good deal of emotion especially the scene in the fire when Fir [...]

  21. TO WHICH READERS IT MAY CONCERN I am now finished with this marvelous book Warriors Rising Storm It is quite fantastic and I encourage any one who is reading this message to pick it up and open it before their eyes I warn you though, don t even think about doing so without having first read the 3 books before it I also think you should know that it is a lot different than the others and can hold you in a tight anticipating grip for a very long time

  22. I think this book is really exciting because I like this series Warrior series because it is about cats and I love cats This book is mainly about a hot summer and everything is getting dry and is starting to become a fire hazard These books have a perspective of a cat named Fireheart who lives in ThunderClan I would recommend this book to others because I truly love this series and to read again and again FYI This is my second time reading this series that should tell you how good it is.

  23. El libro anterior me hab a dejado impactada pero este le dijo qu tate que ah te voy Que final tan inesperado y que avalancha de emociones me hizo sentir Vemos desarrollo en los personajes, en sus relaciones y trabajos Todos y cada uno se vuelven una parte importante para el desarrollo de la historia yo lo vuelve m s dif cil aun conforme las p ginas pasan.

  24. The story continues with new and interesting twist to the tale.This book is a interesting and easy read for a cat lover The intriguing tale of fire heart growing up as a responsible caring adult cat will catch any child s imagination.

  25. Fourth book of the first Warriors series Bluestar is having a hard time getting over Tigerclaw s betrayal Fireheart is learning to be deputy but he is thwarted by Bluestar s lack of presence in the clan He is also having problems with Cloudpaw When tragedy strikes Fireheart must lead his clan to safety while dealing with rogues.I am enjoying this series My niece got me into it and refuses to answer any questions You ll just have to read to find out, she tells me I like Thunder Clan I also enjoy [...]

  26. Another book finished very quickly But once I start, I really cannot put them down Especially this series.I really have nothing I can say, for fear of spilling the beans so I will just say that if you have any affection for cats, you will enjoy this series, be you young or just young at heart I highly recommend them Can t wait to get the next book in the series Only 2 left to go D