Vegan, Virgin, Valentine ☆ Vegan, Virgin, Valentine ò Carolyn Mackler - Vegan, Virgin, Valentine, Vegan Virgin Valentine Warmth and humor suffuse the story of Mara s senior year transformation from tense rigid perfectionist to relaxed centered graduate Funny and optimistic Kirkus ReviewsMara Valentine is in control Sh

  • Title: Vegan, Virgin, Valentine
  • Author: Carolyn Mackler
  • ISBN: 9780763626136
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback

Vegan, Virgin, Valentine

☆ Vegan, Virgin, Valentine ò Carolyn Mackler, Vegan, Virgin, Valentine, Carolyn Mackler, Vegan Virgin Valentine Warmth and humor suffuse the story of Mara s senior year transformation from tense rigid perfectionist to relaxed centered graduate Funny and optimistic Kirkus ReviewsMara Valentine is in control She s a straight A senior a vegan and her parents pride and joy She s neck and neck with her womanizing ex boyfriend for number one class ranking and plans to kic Warmth and h ☆ Vegan, Virgin, Valentine ò Carolyn Mackler. ☆ Vegan, Virgin, Valentine ò Carolyn Mackler - Vegan, Virgin, Valentine, Vegan Virgin Valentine Warmth and humor suffuse the story of Mara s senior year transformation from tense rigid perfectionist to relaxed centered graduate Funny and optimistic Kirkus ReviewsMara Valentine is in control Sh

  • ☆ Vegan, Virgin, Valentine ò Carolyn Mackler
    208Carolyn Mackler
Vegan, Virgin, Valentine
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  1. I read this because I am fascinated by the lack of adolescent literature featuring vegan vegetarian protagonists, and I have to say I was a little disappointed The story was okay nothing groundbreaking, but I was annoyed that veganism was treated as a phase that is synonymous with the need for control over one s life and a rigidity that is emotionally unhealthy I didn t hate the book, but as someone who has been veggie since the seventh grade, I felt it was just another mainstream misinterpreta [...]

  2. I have a very odd, complicated, and mixed relationship with this book I thought some things were dead on, and others not so much.Mara is on the fast track She is in tons of activities in school, she takes college classes, works and basically an all around shining star She feels like she has everything under control until she finds out maybe she doesn t want the things she thought she wanted To make things a little interesting we see V come into the picture V is her niece that s only about a yea [...]

  3. Ah, reading this book reminds me of why sometimes it s good to ignore the negative reviews Because, honestly, I only requested it for the title, which I thought was absurdly awesome as are all of Mackler s up til Guyaholic, which is pretty meh My expectations were between a rock and a hard place, shot to hell by all the low ratings on and GoodReads.But you know what, I actually enjoyed this book Very much so, in fact.So I went back through all the negatives to see what people were on about Be wa [...]

  4. I had read this once before when I was much younger and was very impressed at the age of 13 with Mara Valentine s extreme dedication to her school and upcoming college life However, reading the book now, I notice how the author glorifies the idea of Mara throwing away her future dropping out of a prestigious summer college programme, nearly not attending graduation, paying less attention to the last of her schoolwork finals just because her boss at the coffee shop she works at has become her boy [...]

  5. This was okay The whole concept of the niece who is the same age as the aunt going to live together seemed like it would be interesting but it wasn t developed very well Their relationship in general wasn t developed at all almost Mara the main character goes from hating her niece V then all of a sudden it seems like they just get a long It kind of seemed dumb the whole novel and while it did hold my interest there wasn t much to it and it wasn t that deep The ending bothered me as well She pret [...]

  6. I liked it and thought it was cute, however I prefer the author s other novel, The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things That one just has something that s really special and I gave 5 stars to This book was just good Which isn t a bad thing

  7. Somewhere in these pages is an interesting book about discovering who we are, learning how to veer off our planned path when it no longer suits our purposes, and not taking people at face value I love the idea of a spoiled, much younger child suddenly having to share her parents with a niece the same age who moves in with them for some needed stability What we have instead is a clich d YA novel that makes it abundantly clear that, if you are an overachieving high school student, you need to get [...]

  8. What bothers me Mara is SUCH a special snowflake who thinks that she s above everyone else, especially her sister Aimee and her niece V Getting into Yale wasn t a total shocker But I m convinced that my parents brought me into this world to compensate for my older sister, Aimee, who was eighteen and skidding down a road to nowhere Aimee is now thirty five and can t stick to one decision about her career, geographic location, or sexual partner Besides, she V acquires a new bad habit in every town [...]

  9. Ah, YA So few and far between you are, but I am currently on that page of my list, so I am finding then usual This was your typical, type A personality high school senior who is headed off to Princeton why not Harvard and will enter as a second year, as she has enough AP whateverness to do that Oy Someone needs to write a book on a NORMAL person After reading this book, I totally wanted to write a book on my senior year, which while accomplished nothing, was awesome ANYWAY The girls niece who i [...]

  10. Senior Mara Valentine has got the most well put together life She got in early decision to Yale, is chairperson of numerous committees, holds down a steady job at a locally owned coffee shop, and is determined to beat her ex, Travis, in the valedictory race In short, she s all set on breaking out of Brockport, New York However, in the second half of her senior year, Mara s niece yes, niece , who calls herself V, comes to the school V is a self proclaimed slut and stoner Mara hates her, mostly on [...]

  11. It started off okay I knew what I was getting into what I started it a typical coming of age story that has some of the usual cliches about high school and growing up.But I found the main character annoying She has a complete change in character towards the end, but I have no idea why other than the fact that she just can Which didn t at all fit the book or the character I honestly didn t see any reason for it.Along with that, the romance in it felt completely forced She says early on that this [...]

  12. fabulous title so memorable , but the book was so less than I particularly had issues with the ending, mostly because there really was no ending It seemed to me like the author didn t want to go through the trouble of thinking up a valedictorian speech, so she left her character unprepared for one of the biggest moments of her life And then the reader was just left hanging, wondering what happened at graduation after the big build up Overall, after a strong start with the title, the book went sl [...]

  13. Honors Student and all around Perfect Child Mara is thrown for a loop when her niece V who is only a year younger than her moves in This book started out well I really identified with Mara, since I was also an overachiever But it kind of got lost along the way It was a quick read, but I guess I didn t like the romance aspect Or the seeming moral of If it feels good, it must be good I think that s called emotional reasoning, and psychologists will tell you to avoid it.

  14. Mara is a strict vegan She s taking college classes, she has early acceptance to Yale and she s a virgin Mara thinks her life is going just fine, until her niece V, who is only a year younger than her, moves in and everything changes V is Mara s total opposite She s loud, she s rude and having a good time is number one on her priority list Mara doesn t know how to handle her, and lately she s having trouble concentrating on anything at all She keeps dreaming about grilled cheese sandwiches, and [...]

  15. Another book about an overachiever with the path of her life planned out, merely coasting on her way to Yale Like Vanessa in Plan B, Mara s life is overset by the arrival of a relative who comes to live with her family for the new school year And like Reed, V is something of a screw up and rebel Indeed, these books are very similar though I think Plan B is marginally better for its approach to the romantic or unromantic elements of Vanessa s life.Mara isn t terribly likeable, really She s engagi [...]

  16. I had high hopes for this book As a straight A student and a wannabe vegan, I was hoping that I was finally going to find a character that I could relate to I thought she was going to find a way to have fun while still being herself I thought she was going to slowly learn how to relate to the people around her.Instead, she drops out of her summer college classes to spend time with her boyfriend, who becomes the most important thing in the world to her She finally gets the title of valedictoria [...]

  17. Mara Valentine is a parents dream child She s smart, she s involved, she s not experimenting with drugs or her sexuality, and she s Yale bound Her parents have another child who is much older then Mara and whose personality is a lot different She s the one who is always experimenting and finding herself and chasing after bums She has a daughter, too, Vivienne or V , who is a year younger than Mara When Mara s sister moves to South America to follow her latest dream and bum, V comes to live with [...]

  18. In Vegan Virgin Valentine, Mara Valentine has a somewhat perfect life She s an honors student, going to Yale, a perfect daughter and planning on entering Yale as a second year student But then comes her niece Vivienne Vail Valentine or V and she comes and changes her life At first Mara hates V for fooling around with her ex boyfriend Travis Hart, smoking behind her parents back and giving herself a bad reputation at school But as the book goes on you can see how V changes Mara s life also for th [...]

  19. Mara s one of those girls, the ones who seem to be effortlessly at the top of everything Vying for the top ranking in school, a list of extracurriculars as long as her arm, a job she likes, doting parents She s passionate about her veganism She has her Ivy League acceptance in hand and plans to finish university a year early And then along comes her just barely younger than Mara niece, and things change.I read this largely for the fact that it had vegan in the title, and I was curious to see how [...]

  20. Vegan Virgin Valentine is a book written by Carolyn Mackler, and its about Mara Valentine, who is a good girl She gets good grades, shes a strict vegan, and shes running against her womanizing ex boyfriend for valedictorian She even got into Yale Shes all her parents could have ever wanted, and everything was going perfectly until she got the news from her parents that her sixteen year old neice, V, was coming to live with her She wasn t exactly V s biggest fan, and she didn t want her to come a [...]

  21. Mara is in high school and she is a very goo student She takes extra curricular things, college classes, and sports Her life is basically going well But then her cousin,V, comes and she doesn t really have a good relationship with her V is the type of girl that can just really get any guy she wants So Mara sees that and gets a boyfriend but she keeps it on the down low When this happens it creates other not so great things to happen, which I m going to leave for you to read and you to find out C [...]

  22. Craptastic And don t make Vegan the first word in your title unless you re prepared to get a whole S storm of disgust from actual vegans who picked up the book excited about a vegan protagonist, only to read about a hypocritical, egotistical, completely oblivious bint Yes, I used the word bint For the first time In all of it s contextual glory Also, she s not vegan, by any stretch of the term It wasn t just the vegan thing the title was awful, the story was unimaginative, cliched sorry, not sure [...]

  23. I found this book very interesting and good It s about a girl named Mara who has to learn to live with her niece who just moved with her Mara s niece, V is only a couple of years younger Mara is a girl is gets great grades, but V is very rebellious V starts to make big impacts on Mara I like Mara as a character because I felt that she learned how to become a stronger person in the book.I thought V was being a little selfish in the book She should think before she acts I recommend this book to mo [...]

  24. The book im reading is Vegan Virgin Valentine this book is really good I feel really comfortable about reading this book Even though This girl is an straight A student I like it.I think that I m going to like this book, I think that it s going to be a good one I made a good choice I m in chapter 5 and I m liking it What I hace read it s that this girl is having problems with V Vegan and her mom She don t want that V stay in her house In conclusion I really recommend this book, specially to girls [...]

  25. I like the books Carolyn Mackler writes a lot Her characters have real depth and she doesn t fall into a lot of the cliche and unrealistic ideas of teenage girls that plague young adult fiction However, the way this book trivialized veganism really bothered me The main character seems to identify herself as an ethical vegan at the beginning of the book, but as the story goes on it becomes clear that her vegan diet is just the symptom of some sort of bigger, unhealthy control problem Finally, at [...]

  26. Mara is the seemingly perfect child Perfect grades and on her way to Yale in the fall, but things start to change when Mara s bad to the bone, I don t care niece who s also the same age as her comes to stay with her family Mara begins to rethink her future as a whole and wonders if not sticking on the path that she though was meant for her is the right thing to do This book was ok It wasn t the greatest thing I ve read, but it also wasn t the worst I also read it in about a day so it s not a cha [...]

  27. Vegan Virgin Valentine is about Mara, the main character dealing with her niece coming to live with her Her niece is only one year younger than her but they are complete opposites Mara is the model student She is competing for valedictorian with her ex boyfriend Travis Hart This book is for people who like realistic fiction stories with some different stories Like substance abuse I really enjoyed this book because the characters were so defined The plot line was very different from any other boo [...]

  28. Mara Valentine isthat girlat school Straight A s, queen of extra curricular s and getting ready for Yale Things turn upside down when her neice, V, who is only around a year younger than her comes to live with Mara and go to her school V isthat other girl Fun, flirty,easy going, cheeky and also slightly troublesome V s arrival shakes things up and changes both their lives epic voice forever

  29. I always begin with huge expectations before reading a book, and because the blurb in this one was funny, I jumped into conclusions that this book would also be a fun and quirky read However, this book turned out to be a typical YA I wouldn t have minded it if it were executed well perfect girl meets imperfect boy and changes her life forever, and it was honestly so dull and flat The main character was lifeless and boring Yawn Nuffsaid.

  30. Granted, I am a 53 yr old woman reading a teen angst novel But I was not terribly impressed Mara s life was too perfect and her parents too clueless I just kept wondering how the typical teen could identify with Mara or V Give me a John Green teen novel anytimebut I ll pass on the V Valentine series.