Perfect Unlimited Perfect - by Kady Hunt - Perfect, Perfect What happens when a random rendezvous in a hotel room changes your life forever dp B BQGGEJMSEX LIES SECRETS DECEPTION Holden Danvers is the bad boy The guy everyone warns you not to fall in love wit

  • Title: Perfect
  • Author: Kady Hunt
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  • Page: 429
  • Format: Ebook


Unlimited Perfect - by Kady Hunt, Perfect, Kady Hunt, Perfect What happens when a random rendezvous in a hotel room changes your life forever dp B BQGGEJMSEX LIES SECRETS DECEPTION Holden Danvers is the bad boy The guy everyone warns you not to fall in love with At twenty two he is a trust fund baby rich enough to live his entire life without having to work and he uses that to his advantage Jamie CrawfWhat happens when a random rendezvous in a hot Unlimited Perfect - by Kady Hunt. Unlimited Perfect - by Kady Hunt - Perfect, Perfect What happens when a random rendezvous in a hotel room changes your life forever dp B BQGGEJMSEX LIES SECRETS DECEPTION Holden Danvers is the bad boy The guy everyone warns you not to fall in love wit

  • Unlimited Perfect - by Kady Hunt
    429Kady Hunt
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  1. I read a sample and I skimmed most of it this shit is all over the place Fuck noThe H has a relationship with a married woman this woman slap him in the face and she has sex with some oms too The h is trying to sleep with om when she meets the H they have sex when they supposedly been drugged and have sex they think they re with their significant other and when I mean significant other I mean the people who are they sleeping with so both of them are disgusting cheaters.

  2. Perfect The title alone can describe this story line Kady did an amazing job developing the characters in this novel The first third of the book you get to see just a little insight too everyone just enough of a blurb to keep your wheel turning and make you want The plot is fanatic You get the most delicious and evil twists and turns This story is ultimately admit Jamie and Holden, but there s so much than just them There s this hidden big picture that is the biggest of all surprises toward th [...]

  3. Kady Hunt is a new to me author as well as to the book world I received an arc in exchange for an honest review Hold on to your seats as this is a roller coaster ride of events and emotions that basically, are life Sometimes these feeling and events hit all at once and others, they build and then BAM That is exactly what happens in this book Friends, betrayal, lies, murder, drugs, mafia the whole crazy world in one story At first it seems like a random acct of events, in reality, it s a mind blo [...]

  4. This book has it all Drama, romance, suspense, even murder I was pleasantly surprised by how jaw dropping the plot twist was You will not see it coming I sure as hell didn t At first I thought this book was a romantic chic book, cool enough WRONG It s a crazy thrill ride waiting to be taken I can not wait to see what happens in book 2 I can t decide which character I love Jaime, Holden, Teagues, Daniel.

  5. I received an ARC of this book While this may not be the most realistic book out there, I read to escape the real world so I liked it This book has everything drama, romance, suspense, etc If you re looking for a crazy ride with multiple POV s, this book is for you Can t wait to see what happens to Holden and his friends in the next book.

  6. This author did an amazing job with this story The characters are well developed as well is the story line I was intrigued from the beginning and I just couldn t put it down There are some awesome twist and turns The biggest of course is towards the end of the book I can not wait for .Review done by Cat for Cat s Guilty Pleasure

  7. Perfect is a boy meets girl story about Holden and Jamie who meet in Las Vegas As the story unfolds Holden becomes a better person for having met Jamie I feel that Holden s growth could have been defined, but overall, I am happy I read this book.

  8. Jamie is the shy type of girl When she meets Holden things change One night in a hotel room with him Changes everything Hurricane readers book review gave me the book for my honest review

  9. Kady Hunt began this story by wading right into the thick of it The problem for me was that I felt like I started in the middle of a story, and I had a hard time making sense of what was going on for nearly the entire first half of the book There was just so much going on, I felt as though I couldn t even blink because if I did I d miss something important and then I d never figure out what exactly was happening.While I eventually got the gist of the plot, I m definitely not comfortable enough w [...]

  10. I m the type of reader who doesn t usually read synopsis because I want to be surprised by what a new book could give me When I volunteered to read and do a review for Perfect, I was just happy that I m receiving an advanced reader copy ARC , have a reason to post a review on my blog and at the same time, help an author to promote her book little did I know that Perfect will boggle my mind We sometimes encounter people, even perfect strangers, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow sud [...]

  11. Perfect Beautifully Broken Love Book 1 Kady HuntIn a world of lies, secrets and seduction, all you can hope for is beautifully broken love Holden Danvers is the bad boy The guy everyone warns you not to fall in love with At twenty two, he is a trust fund baby, rich enough to live his entire life without having to work and he uses that to his advantage Jamie Crawford can t even talk to men, let alone have one night stands At twenty, she s still a virgin and no one knows that because who would eve [...]

  12. Perfect by Kady Hunt can best be described as an onion On the surface it does not look that intricate But as you go deeper, you discover a multitude of layers I was grateful for this writing style because my initial impression was this is a superficial love story I was sorely mistaken.The story begins in a hotel in Las Vegas What is supposed to be a fun, relaxing weekend for the young, wealthy characters turns into a nightmare as the lives of each character are changed forever.HoldenHolden is ou [...]

  13. Sit back, relax and get ready to be taken on journey full of twists and turns as Holden Danvers and Jamie Crawford come to find out that what happens in Vegas might not stay in Vegas Ms Hunt devotes the first 20% or so of the story on character development You get multiple points of view, Holden, Jamie, Sebastian, Daniel, and Teague Once you get into the heart of this novel, you ll appreciate her thoroughness Each character brings something to the story you will be well connected and invested in [...]

  14. I don t even know where to start I really really enjoyed this book but I have been left in a complete and total mind mess I need the next book immediatelyThis book is full of secrets and lies, and I can t work out where one starts and another one ends Unlike most of the books I end up reading, Perfect actually follows a group of friends, so instead of having the PoV of just one or two main characters, this story actually features I ve read other books like this before and I haven t enjoyed it, [...]

  15. So I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book, don t want to give to much away as the book hadn t been released yetI love finding new authors to read who exceed expectations and Kady did this in spades What a book, thoroughly enjoyed it from the opening line to the last I loved the fact that each chapter it took you a few seconds to realise from whose perspective you were reading from, but as the book progressed you knew from the first few lines in the chapter and you fell in love with th [...]

  16. received an Arc for honest reviewHolden Denvers, is a trust fund bad boy, A week away in Vegas with his friends turns into a drug induced hook up, Fights amongst friends and sex with his married lover Holden is a douche, a complete and utter douche He s rude and thinks he s the manJamie Crawford, A twenty year old virgin is in Vegas with her co Worker who could be her Boyfriend if she lets him She s a shy doormat she was nice and a great character, she just didn t stand out I loved how much Hold [...]

  17. I really enjoyed this book It kept me on my feet and guessing what would happen next the best kind of books in my opinion.In Perfect, you have two main characters Jamie and Holden Holden is your typical spoiled rich kid.or is he And Jamie is someone who was unlucky in love and at the right place at the wrong time.Every chapter led to a new surprise and something different You start to think one thing and then find out, we are going to mess with your head and change it up And that s exactly what [...]

  18. I loved Prefect This is a must one click one.I was a little confused at the start of the book because it s told in many different POVs At first I wasn t sure who everyone was and how the went together It didn t take me long to figure out who everyone was and what their relationship to each other was Even though the switching of POVs in the beginning caused me a little confusion it also help me click with all the characters quicker Holden sucked me right into the book from the beginning He is kin [...]

  19. OMG OMG OMG Where do i start with this review This book compleately knocked me on my ass It contains so many emotions that i can t really put into words, YOU JUST HAVE TO READ IT for yourselves It begins a little confusing with the first couple of chapters, but it basically is just introducing the reader to all the characters, Holden, Jamie, Daniel, Teague and Mia are the main group of friends, with other people getting introduced as the story goes deeper The main plot twist will leave you as go [...]

  20. Reviewed for SJ BOOK BLOGGenre thriller Drama What s it about the story follows a group of friends as they visit Vegas, with deception and lies the group don t know who to trust even keeping secrets from each other.You will love this story if you like Revenge the TV show if you like drama The book to me felt like it was in 2 parts, the Vegas trip and then back home,The story was gripping and full of intrigue that had you dying to flip forward a few pages to find out what s going on but not darin [...]

  21. Perfect by Kady Hunt completely exceeded my expectations, what a wonderful book I found myself falling for and bonding with all the characters as a small portion of their back stories were revealed As Perfect progressed, I thought, oh no this is getting ugly and crazy Then I felt a small bit of relief, which was short lived, but in the most entertaining way I then settle in for what I think will be the conclusion of the story of Holden and Jamie.I was sooooo wrong and was hit with another unexpe [...]

  22. This wasn t your typical romance read The author certainly knows how to mix things up with debt novel For the first 10% I was very confused and will confess that I nearly gave up What you get it lots of POV s introducing each of the characters but there was no header at the top so you didn t know who s POV you were read and it really confused the hell out of me But I stuck with it and I am glad I did What a ride, you have the romance, suspense and lots of drama Once I figured out who was who I r [...]

  23. If it wasn t for work getting in the way, I would not have put this book down From the first page you are captivated by the story and wondering what is going to happen The book follows Holden and his friends chapters are different perspectives and the crazy Vegas trip that starts a very dramatic, can t turn the page fast enough , love triangle at every corner with a touch of family craziness story And it all starts with a Hashtag 4 5 stars I wanted from some of the characters and it dragged eve [...]

  24. a new author for me i wasn t disappointed.holden danvers is in vegas to let off some steam with his friends to forget his affair with a married woman , jamie crawford is there with her work mate alex who she is hoping will become something a night out ends up with them both being drugged ending up in same bed , each thinking the other is making love to the respective partners in their lives saying its a bit of a shock when morning comes they discover who they ve been in bed with is bit of under [...]

  25. This book is brilliant Kady Hunt has intricately woven together a master piece of surprising twists and turns So many times I was like OMG, is this book going THERE and then BAM, it went somewhere totally different It kept me on my toes, it kept me engaged in the story From the start of this book to the end, I had to know what was going to happen Were Jaime and Holden going to make it Were they going to overcome the issue and find a little slice of happiness perfection The book heavily features [...]

  26. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review This was my first book by Kady Hunt but it definitely won t be my last At first I wasn t crazy about how often she switched between so many different characters, but as the story evolved I found myself attached to all the characters I understood why they all needed to be heard This is a story of lust, mystery, loss, deceit, and so many different aspects The twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat This book took me in a totally di [...]

  27. I was given this book for an honest review.When I first started the book I had some trouble as it is written in 1st person and each chapter is a different person But once you learn the characters you know who s talking This book kept me on the edge of my seat, just when you think you know what s going on you get a new angle Very exciting, lots of surprises When it started I did not think it would end the way it did Good job Kady Hunt, I look forward to in this series Enough sex to keep you exci [...]

  28. Intriguing StoryThe overall story was good I didn t like how many different POVs there were nor the constant switch back and forth I liked the twists in the plot, but felt they should have been a little realistic and foreshadowed It seemed like there was just too much going on during scenes that weren t as important to the main plot of the book but that s probably due to the many povs The story begins a little slow, but if you hang in there you ll enjoy the overall book.

  29. This is a book that is definitely a must read I loved the suspense, the twists and turns, and feels this book gave me This story drew me in on the first page and I could not put it down until the very last page These characters are great, they are real and true to how I would expect them to be Ms Hunt definitely know how to write a story that will have you turning the pages and begging for .I received this copy through The Next Great Read Book Reviews for an honest review.

  30. I received a copy for honest review.The first couple of chapters did throw me a little, as there was a lot of back and forth between characters However, once the story got going, it was a page turner Or tapper for kindlers The characters are developed and the relationships convincing And the plottely unexpected and very well done Will be reading book 2